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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: 18% of US students own coding money, according to Coinbase. almost girls are als on: August 30, 2018, 06:36:52 AM
The majority of US students want to take a pre-codec and blockchain technology course.18% of students own pre-coded

According to a recent nationwide survey of 675 students co-authored with Qriously, 18% of students said they owned encrypted assets, one in four said they would definitely attend the course. about pre-coding or blockchain.

David Yermack, chief financial officer at the University of New York's Stern School of Business, said such courses would greatly benefit students. The number of students enrolled in the blockchain course has increased almost sixfold in the past four years, the report said.

According to him, such sudden increase is due to:

"The process is going well, so most financial data will move to blockchain-based organizations. Students will benefit greatly through this field study. "

Another review also shows that one of the top 50 universities in the world will be targeted for pre-coding and blockchain courses. Of the top 50 US universities, ranked by US News and World Report, 42% provided at least one course on coding and blockchain related research, while 22% provided more than one course. The survey noted the growing interest of students in this course. 47% of students in social sciences and 34% of students in computer science and engineering said they were interested in studying coding.

It accounts for less than 1% of the total worldwide encoding

This news came after CTO Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, made comparisons that only 8% of Americans own pre-coding and accounts for less than 1% of the total encoding worldwide. Up to 63% of adults own a smartphone. However, this has generated a wave of questions from tweets that doubt the accuracy of extrapolating the future rate of ownership of codewords from current data.

Putting aside the term coding money, it is encouraging to see the take up of crypto-based study in the Uni's. I wonder however, how bleeding edge the courses taught will be, with such a rapid change in the crypto space all the time.
2  Economy / Economics / Re: What are your plans for the next 5 years in Finance? on: August 27, 2018, 07:24:34 AM
I want to have "Passive Income"
I will raise capital to build a business that can provide me with passive income, so in my old age I do not need to work to earn money, how about you?
do you have an idea to build a business that can provide passive income with minimal capital?

ETFs & Stocks. Save more than you spend...

Invest slowly over time and build your portfolio, re-invest all profits. Once the compounding occurs, pull a small regular amount out and then increase this over time.

Think of something small it will cover at first, like a phone bill, then passivley cover all your expenses
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Your Experience with Bitcoin Fees? on: August 27, 2018, 07:17:53 AM
I just did a transaction where I paid 1 cent in fees and it confirmed on the next block. Not only that but the next block came within half a minute of me doing my transaction.

The whole thing was almost implausibly good.

Generally, I always worry about fees but they never amounted to much in my experience of bitcoin. I don't do anything special. I use the latest stable version of bitcoin core and let it calculate the fees for me, I just use default settings.

According to bitinfocharts the average is $1, but my transaction of 160 something bytes only took 0.01 cents.

According to I should have paid 4 satoshis per byte, amounting to 0.04 cents.

I remember back in Christmas last year when the market was going crazy, the only way to move bitcoin relativley quickly was to pay more in fees, something like $15 - 20 would cover it fairly quickly <10 min.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: It can still happen again on: August 23, 2018, 09:57:39 PM
I was just thinking and imagining the bull run that happen toward the end of last year when the crypto market became a cake of enjoyment for everyone. The story is on the contrary now. I am wondering and disturbed that can it ever happen again? My wallet coins are reducing in value daily. I am not completely sure if it can happen again.... somehow I still have little believe it may. Do you think it will happen again?

Yes it will happen again, but when..  who knows. Average your way into positions over time and you will be ok. Remove emotion and don't play with money you need for everyday life.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Cardano will destroy Ethereum! on: August 23, 2018, 09:55:02 PM
This is a good article that explains why Cardano will surpass Ethereum!
I think by holding both it is probably a safer bet than saying one will destroy the other. Cardano is still no where near as widely known as eth.
6  Economy / Economics / Re: No threads on the ETN? on: August 23, 2018, 06:38:26 AM
The first line in that Bloomberg article sums up everything pretty nice, no need to read it all...

If you want to buy Bitcoin without actually buying Bitcoin
Grin Grin

The same way you can buy gold and when the times comes you realize that you can't make even an engagement ring from the ten kilos of paper gold you have in your safe.

And a second paragraph made me really laugh:

Unlike exchange-traded funds, ETNs are debt instruments that are backed by their issuers -- often a bank -- rather than a pool of assets and often focus on esoteric strategies that don’t easily fit in a fund.

That definitely convinced me to go all.....the way to the right corner and close that page  Grin
Who writes this stuff?

Esoteric!! Oh boy, I haven't had that good of a laugh at Bloomberg in a long time. Those fools are just writing fluff in hopes that some dumb fool feels the need to purchase their $5000 a month "news" platform.

ETN is exactly what the market does not need. That's just another step closer to a fractional reserve type currency where they just sell the air you breathe and call it an asset. Useless.

ETF's are a bit closer to the real thing, but if you want to invest in something, why don't you just buy the damned thing instead of paying your broker $30 a quarter and $10 a trade? Brokers are dinosaurs that are ready for mass extinction.

Well they say your broker is usually broker then you... Have always been over priced and their time is up.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: HODL'ers sold 30BN$ of Bitcoin causing the crash on: August 23, 2018, 06:35:17 AM
Everyone in here seems to think that the crash is due to newbies panicking. Reality when you look at the hard data is that it is the HODL'ers who are selling and crashing the market.

Don't believe it? Check out the analysis for yourself:

When HODL'ers say "HODL HODL" they are either lying while they are selling. Or if you are truly HODL'ing then you simply being scammed by the other other HODL'ers who are busy selling to you.....

Yes I think HODL is almost a habitual thing nowdays. It is an overused term often with no context on why and when..
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: A company just patented Bitcoin transactions via SMS on: August 23, 2018, 06:33:02 AM
Talk about mainstream adoption, it reminds me of when BofA implemented the same thing. Good that they're working on making it more accessible to people, still have to go through the annoying 2-3 hours transaction speed though -.-

SMS is something everyone understands which is good. However banks are offering instant transaction times in my country, so the 2-3 hours definately needs to be reduced to ensure a point of difference, and the cost of transacting.
9  Economy / Economics / Re: how does devaluation of national currencies affect the crypto ecosystem? on: August 17, 2018, 12:17:43 PM
as per title how you recon the market is affected by individuals in countries like turkey, venesuella, brasil, argentina, russia, china, india (etc) which currently experience major currency devaluations against the dollar? normally it would be rather common practice to hold dollars as a hedge against the central bank's fiat denominations. though in countries like india they prefer gold. so now that an alternative is present how much buying pressure would it create to perhaps affect the bitcoin trend?

Traditionally when crap hits the fan, people go into the precious metals for stability and security until the currency market corrects.

It's possible with the growth of crypto in these emerging economies, the trend may be to go into crypto. due to the increasing ease of access  to convert Fiat to crypto.

But in saying that it is much more volatile than any precious metal..
10  Economy / Economics / Re: Build a Bank Of Bitcoin on: August 16, 2018, 06:51:02 AM
if i build a bank of bitcoin that operating like a traditional fiat money bank when people can save the money and get interest for their saving and also people can get a loan from my bank but the fiat money is change for bitcoin, the question is would you guys trust me to save your bitcoin on my bitcoin bank that i want to build ?

Isnt that the whole point of crypto, to 'not have banks' and a de-centralised eco system with no overheads or greedy overlords.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: Newbies panic & Old timers smile, when the Bitcoin price take a dip. on: August 16, 2018, 06:48:40 AM
Many new people on this forum are so focused on ranking up on this forum, with the visions of making tons of money from Bounty and Signature campaigns, but when it counts the most, they tend to drop the ball and they lose out on the biggest profits.

My advice to the newbies out there is to forget about Signature campaigns and Bounty campaigns and to concentrate on the things that will help you to make the biggest profits. You should acquire as much cheap bitcoins as you can, during a dip, because you will never know if that price will be the lowest price that Bitcoin would be sold for in many years.

In early 2017, the Bitcoin price was around $1000 and everyone was saying it was over valued, well they were wrong and most of the old timers just kept on buying more coins. The end result... The Bitcoin price went up to $19,000+ and we made huge profits.

So, please shift your focus on the Dip to something more positive. A dip in the price should be welcomed, because it gives newbies and old timers a opportunity to buy more cheap coins.  Cool

Buy the Dip and Sell on the Spike for the highest return on your investment. No Signature campaign or Bounty campaign can beat a 800%+ increase in the price.  Wink

Good advice and keep buying small amounts every month, it will build up big over time.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Whats your biggest mistake up to now on: August 14, 2018, 09:23:44 PM

I bought iotx , and sold it after two days. Unfortunetly next day it listed on binance , iotx moon . I have lost of oppertunity of 12000$

Thats biggest mistake done recently. Share your ones ?

Read all posts , you can undertand where  our weak points. Some too early sell , some too early buy.

From mistakes we can learn

Sold all my litecoin which I mined back in 2013 for pittance compared to what it mooned to in the end of 2017. Was worth about 500k. Oh well no point in dwelling on it, move on..

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Why am i here? on: August 14, 2018, 09:20:33 PM
Truth needs to be told.
If you ask so many people why they are on this forum, some may not outrightly admit to the fact.
Let us face the fact, majority of us are here to make money. How we then make it varies. Some through trading, bounty campaigns, mining, airdrop, investments and so on. Which means our primary aim is on making money.
Another thing now is how to acquire the knowledge.
Bitcointalk forum is a good place to acquire knowledge and that is why different people come up with different questions and some also have good suggestions to give.
Nonetheless, the whole thing boils down to making money.
Blockchain technology is a free space. So, gain the knowledge and make your money in a legit way.

Money makes the world go round, we are all in it to make money. We go to work to make money. I certainly wouldn't be doing either if there wasn't money involved. Prefer to spend time with the family or go on a walk.

14  Economy / Speculation / Re: Is Bitcoin a bubble? on: August 14, 2018, 09:18:01 PM
Many people think that Bitcoin is like a bubble, so its price goes up rapidly to its peak and will plummet.
I do not think so. Bitcoin was born in 2008 but until 2013 new Bitcoins prices have increased to a few dollars per BTC and up to 2.3 years recently new BTC prices increased several hundred dollars a BTC. This route is too long to see the BTC as a "bubble" with its advantages.
Bitcoins are currencies as well as euros or dollars. They are only valid when dealing, buying goods through technology. If people do not accept do not want to use for trading, it does not have any value. What do you think if one day people do not want to use euro or dollar but want to use Bitcoin to buy goods? Bitcoin will rise in price, but will the euro or dollar fall?

Its a long term game for the Big Daddy of Crypto, just average your way into it over time, turn the market off, and you'll be fine.

15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Market News on: August 13, 2018, 06:42:29 AM
ETF Delay
By now I’m sure a lot of you would have felt the sting of the market’s overreaction to the SEC announcement of delaying the VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF decision. The ETF is backed by the Chicago Board of Exchange BZX Equities Exchange (CBOE) and has been praised by the cryptocurrency community for its efforts in attracting institutional investment into the budding blockchain industry.

The Commission explained that the Securities Exchange Act provides that it can extend the 45 days period from publication if it finds it “appropriate to designate a longer period” so it has sufficient time to consider the proposed rule change.

“Accordingly, the Commission, pursuant to Section 19(b)(2) of the Act designates September 30, 2018, as the date by which the Commission shall either approve or disapprove, or institute proceedings to determine whether to disapprove, the proposed rule change.”

This move by the SEC is a positive sign in the opinion of the CIM team as it shows that the SEC is seriously considering the ETF application. The gears of bureaucracy are grinding away, they only way they know how – slowly. The SEC could have disregarded VanEck-SolidX BTC ETF application and focused their valuable time elsewhere, but instead they chose to allot more time to this matter. Think about that before you decide to panic sell.

Prominent CNBC crypto commentator Brian Kelly said “If you’re selling today after this decision, it’s the wrong way to do crypto investing. There is more to this story than just an ETF, A little spoiler alert: On September 30th, they will likely postpone it again because the market’s not ready for it and the SEC hasn’t had all the answers to their questions yet.” One of the more lucid comments to come out of the CNBC studio.

Other Numbers
We recently reported on the decline in cryptocurrency spending noting that it had dropped over 80% in the past year. Today the DEA came out and announced a 90% drop in the usage of cryptocurrencies in illicit black market trades. This may very well just be the DEA tooting their own proverbial horn but it would certainly explain some of the decrease in crytpocurrency spending. If the numbers are assumed to be correct then there has actually been an increase in the usage of BTC and other cryptocurrencies in e-commerce.

OTC brokerage firms have said that although volumes are down in cryptocurrency order books, the OTC market is still flourishing. Some OTC desks have estimated that OTC volume makes up at least 50% of the daily cryptocurrency volume traded daily. One of the reasons traders use OTC brokers is the expediency they offer to execute a trade, paid for in the form of a seller’s discount.
A reasonable barometer on the sentiment of sellers can be the amount of discount they offer on their trades. In March of this year sellers were offering discounts in the order of 7-8%, indicating the urgency with which they needed to get rid of their BTC. At the moment the discount rate is sitting at about 2%, a stark improvement from the situation in March.

The current situation seems to be better than March however, we are still in a bearish market and the discount rate could very well rise again. As such we are approaching with caution.

In the likely situation of another ETF delay the current bear trend could linger around for a while like a bad smell. As previously stated we will be shorting strength and diversifying risk out of our portfolio by going long on BNB too.

More delays mean more people will hear the news of the ETF, which is probably a good thing in the long run.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin insurance. on: August 13, 2018, 06:39:11 AM
Hi I eagerly want to that is there any insurance company that offers services to protect investment in btc or any cryptocurrency. If you know please share.

Sounds like a great scam. Unless insurance premiums were a motza, I can't see it happening.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Suffers, Ripple Drops 5% as Crypto Market Continues Downward Trend on: August 10, 2018, 01:56:00 PM
The crypto market has lost $5 billion of its valuation overnight, as major digital assets including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash recorded slight losses in the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin and Ether, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, fell by around 1.5 percent, while Bitcoin Cash and Ripple declined by 2.5 percent and 5 percent respectively.

Stellar, IOTA, and NEO, three large cryptocurrencies which recorded decent gains against both Bitcoin and the US dollar in the past week, have demonstrated large losses over the past two days, falling by 5 percent, 14 percent, and 7 percent.
Low Volume Was the Issue

Yesterday, on August 6, CCN reported that regardless of Bitcoin’s continued losses and the likelihood of an immediate corrective rally, the Bitcoin price was more likely to fall due to the abrupt drop in the volume of the cryptocurrency market.

“However, in the past several hours, the price of Bitcoin and Ether have started to drop once again, testing $7,100 and $410. If the volume fails to recover in the next 12 hours, Bitcoin and Ether will likely breach the $7,000 and $400 levels in a similar way as they did on August 5,” the CCN report read.

In the past 24 hours, the volume of BTC and ETH has not improved at all, both in the $3.8 billion and $1.3 billion region. The volume of Tether (USDT) has remained stable at the $2.3 billion mark, signifying that the overall demand for crypto has declined in the past several days and market activity has subsided.

From here, if the volume of BTC fails to pick up and rebound to $4 to $5 billion in the next few days, a drop to mid-$6,000 is inevitable, which may play into to the prediction offered by BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes last month. But, based on the one-day price chart of Bitcoin, if BTC finds a way to rebound to $7,200 to $7,300 in the next 12 hours, it could avoid a further decline to mid-$6,000.

In late July, Hayes said that BTC will likely test support levels in the $5,000 to $6,000 region before initiating a major rally, as it needs to flatten out and demonstrate some stability before climbing to previous highs.

“I don’t actually think we’ve seen the worst. I would like to see us test $5,000 to really see if we put a bottom in. But come back in Q3, Q4, I think is when the party is going to start again,” said Hayes.
Tokens Bleeding Out

According to CoinMarketCap, the dominance index of BTC still remains relatively high at 47.6 percent, and given the poor performance of tokens and small market cap cryptocurrencies over the past week, it can be said that investors are avoiding high-risk and high-volatility trades due to the uncertainty in the market.

Throughout August, it is unlikely that tokens will see similar recoveries and upward movements they experienced throughout June and July, unless BTC and ETH can rebound back to $8,000 and $480, which is also less probable.

Featured image from Shutterstock. Charts from TradingView.

Its all a guessing game, all we can do is follow the facts and try to make sense of it all, and hope we get it right. I've given up trying to work it out, and just keep averaging into positions over time.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Do you sell 100% of your holdings when in profit or hodl? on: August 09, 2018, 11:30:55 AM
Lets take the following example. You buy BTC at 6k and it goes up to 8K. Do you sell 100% of it or do you sell 75% and keep 25% in BTC.

What are your opinions / tactics?

For the shorter term trades I would usually do the 90 / 10 split. 90% sell 10% hold, but it really depends on the coin, this mainly applies to something I think will have long term prospects, rather than quick in and out.

19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Peak get lower and lower, and dips get worse on: August 09, 2018, 11:27:47 AM
Peak - 16 Dec: 20.000$

Dip - 30 Dec: 12.600$

Peak - 6 Jan: 17.100$

Dip - 5 Feb: 6.900$

Peak - 4 Mar: 11.500$

Dip - 7 Apr: 6.600$

Peak - 5 May: 9.800$

Dip - 28 Jun: 5.800$

Peak - 24 Jul: 8.400$

Now we are at 6.200 going down to the next even deeper dip

This is the long and slow death of Bitcoin as there are not really anyone new who wants to use it (let's face it, there is no use at all, only "investment"), and as current Bitcoin-believers are slowly becoming fewer and fewer, the price will continue this long slow death-spiral

Swings and Roundabouts. The big ATH had to come crashing down, it probably has more to go. But Bitcoin is still the backbone, and only real coin that the man on the street knows about. For me, this is enough.

20  Economy / Economics / Re: Global financial crisis on: August 07, 2018, 11:37:26 AM
I'm expecting a new crisis to arise in the next 4-6 years, i think what's happening in the loan and reposition industry creates a pathological state.
Banks are still feeling too safe for what they're doing, their mistakes will sooner or later bring on a decline.
Also considering austrian cycle theory, i'd say we're in the boom. Soon gold and solid cryptos might be the go-to when it comes to keeping your money safe.

How long do you guys think we have until we face the next crisis?

Its a guessing game. No Idea, but one thing we do know, it will happen, and it will happen big.
People are in more debt then ever before because credit is so cheap, and when crap hits the fan, hopefully the money flows out of traditional markets into the crypto space for those trying to make up losses.
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