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81  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: We want you for InfoCoin Community on: October 23, 2014, 05:24:11 PM
82  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: - Alternative Blockchain Explorers on: October 21, 2014, 01:21:03 AM
Totally kick ass.  
Would like to see BOB

x-Day is Coming
83  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Lebowskis [LBW] - *Updated Client and Seednode* on: October 20, 2014, 12:59:07 AM

Yes, a complete revival is in the works now. There's a good bit of work ahead but LBW will be coming back, this time sans-fork.

How's about an update?
     I'm solo mining right now, with a GAW FURY @ 1.4MH/s and getting most of the blocks over a 48hr period. Prior to this latest effort to mine LBW, I have shared my interests with others whom also wish to know the future of the coin.  If you require any hosting resources, we'd be excited to help.
84  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Lebowskis [LBW] - *Updated Client and Seednode* on: October 13, 2014, 08:02:16 PM
Fired up my Lebowski client today, it synched up and my balance existed.
Looks like it's staking 467LBW and I appear to be making 0.1 'MINED' every 30 min or so -for some reason.

So I requested that add it to the vote list. 'cos I love RELIC/LEGACY MEME COINS
Paid Voting, ugh. I'm in for 10 votes.

    Address: 1AvkENumYnmC4Ttmw8hQWA9Ldw4Rhfrd65
    TxId: 0eff5c1e6df0e3b64b07a6e9a54037b59745803af21cf244d023c7498fbb3e4a

85  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: HARD FORK [BOB] DobbsCoin - DobbsShield FORK @ BLOCK 31597 on: September 17, 2014, 11:24:19 PM
Oh those drive-by multi-pools, their shordurpursavs are short indeed (and their salvation is so fleeting).


Blockchain forked...

Are you certain that we're on the blockchain of the good "Bob" and not the bad one?

Did you conduct any rituals to find out for sure?

Ah fuck it, I'll surf that bitch.

You'll always be on the chain with the Good "BOB" if you've chain matches the Official Explorer. That's one of the things I Love about (BOB). We're not held to the same False Standards as "The Community". Jehovah-1 is THE Central Authority.

But NO, we have not FORKED .. Not until Block 31597, when the re-target mechanism is altered, and NEW blocks created on through the WORMHOLE (v0.8.6.2) will no longer be accepted by your peers. We'll be re-targeting via DobbsShield - as of Block 31597.
86  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: HARD FORK [BOB] DobbsCoin - DobbsShield FORK @ BLOCK 31597 on: September 17, 2014, 10:18:17 PM
I just checked this FAQ ON SLACK

Here's a quote from it

Yes, my dear friend in "Bob", the Men from Planet X are on their way.
On July 5, 1998, 7:00am, the Rupture will occur, and all SubGenius
ministers will be whisked away to the great Pleasure Saucers, while the
Humans (a.k.a. Pinks, Normals, Kens/Barbies) will be left to FRY ON

How come all humans did not fry on earth on July 5, 1998, 7:00am?

     When July 5, 1998 arrived and no alien fleet appeared in the sky, members of the Church began citing a large number of conspiracy theories to explain why the predicted end of the world did not take place. The manual page of the ddate program claims that the Church "declared that it had got the year upside down" and that X-Day will actually take place in 8661. The most popular explanation for the failure of the prophecy in the Church is usually summarized with the statement, "the calendar is wrong and July 5th, 1998 has not really arrived yet." Because of this, the Church has held annual gatherings around July 5 of each year since 1998 to celebrate X-Day and greet the arrival of the anticipated alien "Sex Goddesses."

The YEARLY X-Day celebration has become well known in underground culture circles, especially in pagan communities. Of the various X-Day celebrations taking place, the largest and most popular each year was held at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, New York, but as of 2011 it has been scheduled for Wisteria Event Campground in Pomeroy, OH. Many underground rock bands have performed at X-Day, and the event has evolved into a festival similar to Burning Man, lasting for three to five days, with rock concerts, artistic events, bonfires, and parties taking place day and night.

A more recent theory suggests that the X-ists did indeed come to Earth on July 5, 1998 as foretold by "Bob," but through one of the most pervasive Conspiracy coverups, Earth and Mars were switched, and the "Earth" we know is actually Mars. And thus, as there was nobody on the True Earth at the time of their arrival, there was nobody there to witness the Rupture.
87  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Feathercoin on: August 21, 2014, 09:34:38 PM
Feathercoin is to LiteCoin what Dobbscoin is to Bitcoin!

lulz, were truer words ever spoken?

88  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: It has come to my attention, that everyone here is retarded. (except me) on: August 21, 2014, 09:12:29 PM
That goes double for me. People just want to perpetuate the ponzi..,
Make a new coin every week, dump it.. and repeat; rather than honor creative
projects that stick to the fundamental concepts of the BitCoin dream.

And speaking about Retarded!  j/k I LOVE this stupid creation.
I mean, if you're going to be stupid.. Take it SERIOUSLY!!
The stupider it looks, the more important it probably is.

The ONLY Crypto-Currency accepted on the Pleasure Saucers.
"BOB" brings a NEW DESTINY for the abnormal. (BOB) comes to JUSTIFY our sins;
to UNMASK the Conspiracy, and to get us back the SLACK they stole away!

When two or three are gathered in my name, and I am not there; do you not feel my hands in your pockets? - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

Then you've come to the right place.
 FACEBOOK: The Dobbscoin Conspiracy


 Spin Game:


 21 Mil Total Coins / ZERO PREMINE  

WE KNOW: Dobbscoin is NOT one of those "Pre-mined as much in the Genesis Block as are created the first six months", 'mega coins'
like people seem to want.. and it's not some misspelled Japanese animal meme that everyone told you *YOU NEED*
..and it's not one of the coins that got created by TheCabal of exchange developers
and exchange developers friends that your allowed to want so much..

It's an honest to goodness, unattractive to pumping and dumping, long term,
good faith crypto currency, people always pretend that they allegedly want.

Avoid False Prophets, Cultivate appropriate Slack.


     (BOB) Dobbscoin is the Officially Approved crypto-currency of the Church of the SubGenius, a TWENTY+ Year old UFO 'parody religion/SEX Cult' that targets many better known belief systems. The Church of the SubGenius teaches a complex belief system that focuses on the clip-art Deity, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, and shines the light upon A Global Conspiracy bent on stealing your Slack. Of course, what 'religion'/Cult would be complete without UFO's, ..tons of SEX and a grand Armageddon scenario.  More: Wikipedia

"BOB" Dobbs in the Media
  • The Church of the SubGenius has been featured in: Playboy, WIRED, Rolling Stone, and preformed hundreds of successful Live Night Club Shows. "BOB" even has Nationally Distributed Video ARISE (Polygram). Not to mention "BOB" is endorsed by most major Counterculture Heroes and Subculture artists.
  • The Band 'SUBLIME' (1), shipped a 23 track '40 OZ OUNCES TO FREEDOM' CD through Skunk Records - with a Dobbshead on it.
  • The Band 'DEVO' (2) is SubGenius as fuck! (see below)
  • Negativland: You may have never heard of Negativland, but you've probably heard clips of their stuff as bumper music on late night programs such as Ground Zero w/Clyde Lewis.
Famous SubGenii include:
  • Robert Anton Wilson(3): "Pope BOB" was an ordained minister in the Church of the SubGenius, wrote for and was featured in the Three Fisted Tales of "BOB" book, and also featured "BOB" in The Illumanatus Trilogy; one of the many books he authored himself.
  • Patrick Volkerding(4) of Slackware Linux: 'Slackware' -duh
  • Timothy Leary,
  • Ken Kesey,
  • PeeWee Herman (click for image),
  • Wierd Al,
  • R. Crumb (Subculture Comics: Fritz the Cat/WEIRDO), drew & wrote for "BOB".
  • Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller IS a PAID Minister/Member of The Church of the SubGenius.
  • Jello Biafra to name just a few
More about Famous SubGenius

The Church of the SubGenius even has three weekly Syndicated Radio Shows, in 15 Markets.
WCSB Cleveland, WREK Atlanta & KPFA Berkeley, Ca, as well as countless of minor broadcast networks.

The Atari - ST (5)
At the time the Atari ST started shipping, a limited set of GEM fonts were included within the ROMs. These fonts featured the standard 8x8 pixel graphical character set for the ST (the main in-ROM "font" for GEM, and text-mode TOS operations in color modes) and contains a recognizable facsimile of the face of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, (the figurehead of the Church of the Subgenius).

The FACT is.. (BOB) DobbsCoin is about Slack,
It's about FIGHTING The Conspiracy, and it's about getting BACK what THEY Stole away.
And if we just so happen to 'Survive The Great Cataclysms Through UFO Transport, while taking control through liberated weirdness by tapping our secret 'Abnormality Potential. ..then FUCK YES, I'll have TWO.

(1): 40 OZ OUNCES TO FREEDOM' CD initially/ltd. released with a Dobbshead on it. (no shit)(link1) (link2) (link3).
(2): Devo actively embraced the Church of the SubGenius in concert (source: Wikipedia). Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO produced the audio for The Bobacatto, and you can watch him HERE speaking on The Conspiracy, the life-changing power of "BOB" and Slack. (source: ARISE The SubGenius Movie : Polygram Video).
(3): Wilson also joined the Church of the SubGenius, who referred to him as Pope Bob. He contributed to their literature, including the book Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob", and shared a stage with their founder, Rev. Ivan Stang on several occasions Winterstar-01 & Austin, TX. Wilson also founded the Guns and Dope Party, and its corresponding Burning Man theme camp. See also: Historia Discordia
(4): Patrick Volkerding, the software engineer known as the founder and maintainer of Slackware Linux distro, is a SubGenius. The use of the word Slack in "Slackware" is a homage to J. R. "Bob" Dobbs: "I'll admit that it was SubGenius inspired. In fact, back in the 2.0 through 3.0 days we used to print a dobbshead on each CD." -Patrick Volkerding.
(5)Atari ST: Atari ST BASIC had a dobbshead easter egg (image)
89  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][BOB] DobbsCoin (BOB) The Currency of the Econocalypse on: August 19, 2014, 07:16:27 PM
what is this?

What is what?   THIS?

Quote from: a god damned dictionary
'THIS' this/T͟His
pronoun: this; pronoun: these

    1. used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced.
    "is this person too dumb to read the previous post before asking a question?"
        used to introduce someone or something.
        "this is the official crypto-currency of a UFO/Sex Cult"
        referring to the nearer of two things close to the speaker (the other, if specified, being identified by “that”).
        "this is the only crypto-currency accepted on the pleasure saucers.. come X-Day"

    2. referring to a specific thing or situation just mentioned in a post just before this PINKBOY posted his dumbass question.
    "Slack is what this is about"

determiner: this; determiner: these

    1. Used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced.
    "don't get Slack bafore X-Day and you will die in a planetary carpet bombing, like this guy"

    2. Referring to a specific thing or situation just mentioned.
    "there was a post just above your stupid ass question, detailing this whole motherfucker"

    3. Used with periods of time related to the present.
    "If you don't get 'Right with "BOB" before this X-Day, you will die in a fire"

    4. Informal: Used (chiefly in narrative) to refer to a person or thing previously unspecified.
    "I turned around, and there this big ass pile of sex fell right in my lap, now that "BOB" Loves Me"

adverb: this

    1. To the degree or extent indicated.
    "they can't handle a coin with this much Slack"

I hope that clears all THIS up for you.
Remember.. When you see the pleasure ships landing, cut front to back, not left to right
- when slitting your own wrists, 'Cos It'll be too late to get a ticket.
90  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][BOB] DobbsCoin (BOB) The Currency of the Econocalypse on: August 13, 2014, 06:16:18 PM
I'm just curious as to why you think this coin is immune to pumping and dumping?  Great comments otherwise, interesting coin!

I don't mean to say that it can't be dumped by those who recognized (BOB) as a gold nugget, and accumulated sizable wealth (200k/300k BOB) early on; certainly I hope for Dobbs sake, they do actually.. And before X-Day if they wern't DUES PAID members of the Church, I might ad..

But by saying immune to pumping and dumping, I mean to suggest that -- the same TEN minute block time, 120 confirms on new mined blocks which BITCOIN shares.. coupled with its SCRYPT algorithm - and (BOB) being so quick to adjust it's difficulty upwards, make it's mere 7200 BOB/day payout unattractive to those who seek the instant 'coin-fountain' gratification which the pump n'dump community exploits so regularly; or otherwise what might be gained by throwing insane hash at a coin with the intention of holding short term before moving on to the next-big-profit opportunity. --- Not to mention it's rather obscure but Global communities fanatical pseudo religious UFO/SEX Cult meme-sake.

It seems that, as PROFIT is such the motivator in the flash-in-the-pan altcoin market.. (not that one can fault the desire for PROFIT), the OverPopulation seems HELL BENT on such opportunities which might double an 'investment' by placing their BTC on a target they believe will have a massive increase in price, within a short period of time.. before they make the attempt to get out, once it has done so (but before everyone else, who is doing the same thing).. hoping to move on attempting to repeat the great 'ponzi-shuffle' maneuver again as often as possible.

(BOB) Dobbscoin is a different played game, if you will. The SubGenius Community existed before the Internet was even public, long before BitCoin was 'a-thing'. It could even be said that SubGenii (those within the SubGenius Community) taught Al Gore EVERYTHING he knew about the Internet, as a LARGE population among the developers of the prehistory of the Internet were SubGenii. Suffice to say.. I mean that The RABID FERVOR of the SubGenius at large.. unlike the altcoin community, cares not so much for cashing it's (BOB) in for (BTC), as they're accumulating SLACK, in for form of (BOB) for a variety of reasons.. the most important that (BOB) Dobbscoin is THE ONLY crypto-currency to be accepted on the Pleasure Saucers, secondly they (the SubGenius community as a whole) aren't terribly interested alt.coins or for that matter, even BitCoins.. The Church of the SubGenius is a TWENTY YEAR Community who's not really interested in BitCoins for the most part, and especially NOT in altcoins other than (BOB). The majority of those who mine (BOB) do it because they are somewhat intrigued by the same concepts of non-centralized, internet payment systems that inspired (BOB)'s predecessor (BTC), have a spare GPU and don't have time for the ponzi-scam that is for the most part all other altcoins.

Granted, not all of them, but for the most part it's as simple as that.. really.
SURE. .. some smart cookie could swoop in and buy up 1/14th of all the (BOB)'s in existence by placing a 1 BTC buy wall at 1000 satoshi and the SubGenii who are interested in exchanging alt.coins for BTC would likely sell into it - not me personally. I am a SubGenius who recognizes a long term community meme and believe that Jahova-1 has arrangements for special seating on the Pleasure Saucers for those in the 1 Million BOB's CLUB. And there are, after all ONLY 1.4 Million of the ZERO PREMINE, currently available, out of the 21Million TOTAL (BOB) which will ever exist.

Again: (BOB) is different.. It's about Slack, and artistic creativity. Dobbscoin isn't about speculating on the next opportunity to loose your ass in a failed attempt at speculating in the alt.coin market. (BOB) is an actual subcultur community cryptocurrency, it's a niche.. It's meme... Though it may actually get you RICH, Dobbscoin is most certainly not for speculators!  - In fact, I don't even recommend anyone buying (BOB). BUT OF-COURSE, if they did - i wouldn't judge.

91  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][BOB] DobbsCoin (BOB) The Currency of the Econocalypse on: August 11, 2014, 05:41:12 AM

92  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][BOB] DobbsCoin (BOB) The Currency of the Econocalypse on: August 11, 2014, 02:42:23 AM
Hmm reply to a user who goes by the handle 'iGotAIDS,  ok...

Diff stranded and dump central....hahaha No premine or nominal diff algorithm because this is a coingen shitclone of LTC.

Conspiracy FUD.
(BOB) Dobbscoin is a good natured LOONG TERM FUN Coin, built to BitCoin Standards.
Dedicated seednodes, and on it's ORIGIONAL BlockChain..

#1. No one denies the initial roots of this coin. It's creation suited its creator, and has since been picked up by members of it's GLOBAL SubGenius community; and as you can see, It's been cleaned up quite a bit since then. Corrected issues include: genblock abnormalities, it's getnetworkhashps was put back to work (funny how removed that). The possible coinmixing issues were dealt with new netmagic, checkpoints were re-enabled, The lack of a functional testnet was corrected and is working. Besides, being a direct fork of BitCoin, it's built to BitCoin standards - so it has commits dating back to 2009 - not some 'Initial Commit', 1 day POW - pump it/dump it/move on coin with no actual community.

As for COMMUNITY..  how many cryptocoins actually had a community that existed before BitCoin?  (BOB) Dobbscoin's community nearly predates the Internet. The meme it was based upon has an rich history in the sub-culture world, involving real-world people like Patrick Volkerding(1), Robert Anton Wilson, PeeWee Herman (click for image), Wierd Al, R. Crumb (Subculture Comics: Fritz the Cat/WEIRDO), Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller, and Jello Biafra to name just a few.

It is not the intention of (BOB) Dobbscoin to INNOVATE.. nor be an overnight speculative scam-coin, leaving bag holders crying as they run off to speculate on another flash in the pan - 'sell it for bitcoin before it tanks' shitcoin. It is (BOB) Dobbscoin's intention to be a FUN coin based on a clever meme, for use by it's fan base.

But yes..  the Diff did get stranded and there was a (minor 10-20k BOB) sell off. That happens when a coin gets listed someplace where people actually visit, and there's a 60x uptick in hashrate ..the difficulty jumps from 1.05 to 500, before the miner who wasted his money renting hash realizes that a well groomed coin isn't going to turn into a coin fountain (spewing coins into their pocket), and he goes off to try and exploit some other coin.

It was designed that way, and the WORMHOLE operated perfectly. (BOB) Dobbscoin adjusted to prevent the coin-fountain effect. The people who cashed in when it got listed were folks who had been following it and trading it in #Bittrex amongst themselves up to and after its listing. Not that it was much of a sell off, as anyone with any Slack recognizes this coin as a long term project worthy of holding, so they can exchange it in real life among it's community.

I'm pretty sure if you coulda premined you would have.

#2. Your belief - is irrelevant. The kid who commissioned the first generation (BOB) Dobbscoin, did it simply as a class requirement to choose an open source package, and choose to have coingen spit it out because someone had already chosen BitCoin. Not as a for profit scam. He didn't even release it into the 'community'.  Persons such as iGotAIDS are just the kind of trader we don't want being involved in this project.(BOB) Dobbscoin is a Global community of Sub-Culture enthusiasts.. If you aren't aware of the SubGenius MEME; by all means - please feel free to choke on your bowl of warm cawk.

I know.. its not one of those 'we premined as much in .00001 seconds' as exist in the six months since then.., 'mega coins' like you seem to want.. and its not some stupid Japanese meme of a misspelled animal that everyone told you *you need*.. and its not one of the coins that got created by the cabal of Cryptsy developers and Cryptsy developers friends that your allowed to want so much.. It's an honest to goodness.. immune to pumping and dumping.. long term good faith crypto currency like people always pretend that they allegedly want.

Either way, enjoy selling coins to yourself.

#3. I assure you, I will not be buying (BOB) Dobbscoins - because I can, and have been mining this formerly 'robot created shitcoin' since day three, and will continue to mine it until X-Day -- when the Space Ships, piloted by the Sex Goddess' land to take us all off this rock, before carpet-bombing your dumbass back to the stone-age. I also will not be selling them anywhere south of .00013013 BTC a piece.. as I plan to take all of my formerly robot created shitcoin off world with me, or else save them to trade for the 'Next Big Thing' that comes along.

"BOB" brings a NEW DESTINY for the abnormal, (BOB) comes to JUSTIFY your sins;
to UNMASK the Conspiracy, and to get us back the SLACK they stole away!

(BOB) Dobbscoin is The Official CryptoCurrency of the Church of the SubGenius, an American UFO and parody religion.

Feel FREE to help yourself out to some FREE SLACK :
And join us at the POOL.

(1) Patrick Volkerding, the software engineer known as the founder and maintainer of Slackware Linux distro, is a SubGenius. The use of the word Slack in "Slackware" is a homage to J. R. "Bob" Dobbs: "I'll admit that it was SubGenius inspired. In fact, back in the 2.0 through 3.0 days we used to print a dobbshead on each CD." -Patrick Volkerding.

93  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][BOB] DobbsCoin (BOB) The Currency of the Econocalypse on: June 07, 2014, 03:29:41 AM
From: The Ballad of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs
By Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger

Let me tell ya the story of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs
Bred of Man and Yeti, he walked with the gods
He wore a silly grin and he smoked a stupid pipe
He fought the conspiracy every day of his life..

First they laugh, then they ridicule..
Then you Blast the fuck off, and THEY all die in hell on earth come X-Day.
X-Day's a Commin, and the PINKS will be bummin'

Fuck'em if they cant take a joke.

94  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Necronomicon thread: Altcoins which are dead. on: May 22, 2014, 03:52:29 PM
     I'm personally butt-hurt over the term dead, when it still has a thriving private community.  Hell, the fact that Dobbscoin produces less than 8k BOBz/day, is itself a reason no one's willing to sell them under 600 - and explains why it's marketcap is "dead". Whether it began as a coingen or not means nothing about where it stands today. Dobbscoin may have been spawned a coingen, but It's a Gideon built masterpiece now, in all flavors, with a working testnet, & getnetworkhash functions, it's own zero premined genesis block, and still has its original blockchain, custom graphic wallets, and a dedicated community of Slackers mining and trading it amongst themselves: marketcap in USD be damned.  With a cap of only 21Mil coins - I'm still able to get 1500 per day (w/only 300KHs) and disseminate them among the community because it's a private community slackproject. It's not about volume, it's about Slack.

Just because some schmucks aren't able to mine several hundred thousand a day
just to dump on an ignorant speculating overpopulation.. does NOT mean a coin is dead.

Once you understand that Dobbscoin begain as a school project, mandating to be chosen because it was an EXISTING open source application to then be re-engineered, starting from scratch was not an option. Were it not for Matt Corallos coingen service, Dobbscoin wouldn't exist. It's prequalification aught not be a pre-requisition for it's demise.

If it weren't for (BOB) I'd not have learned to install debian..
If ya want commerce.. use Bitcoin (BTC).. if ya want Slack use (BOB) Dobbscoin.
Personally, I don't want to see anyone buying it.. but if they did - i wouldn't judge.
I'm holding the bag for "Bob", an my saq is ABSOLUTLY HUGE.  

Dobbscoin (BOB): The ONLY crypto-currency accepted on the Pleasure Saucers.
Give yourself to (Bob) freely, joyously, without an atom of restraint --NOW -- and your worries are over.

... it doesn't matter which of them was the original; this thread is only about which one is dead ...

I disagree. It is important to differentiate whether the coingen coin died or the hand-crafted coin died.
95  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [RE-ANN][BOB] DobbsCoin Developers Technicall Re-Introduction LAUNCH THREAD on: May 10, 2014, 09:37:44 PM
Why's everyone gotta shit in the soup.
A kid cant have a project that a buncha choads have to stir their dick into.

If I were to venture a guess, it seems more like known trolls are just waiting around on forums to dogpile on new alts with off topic/classic ms-directive trash talk, in an effort to disparage something with an actual history, so that friends of exchange coin-devs have more opportunity to troll on about whatever shitcoin they are pumping thisweek. But that's just me.

(BOB) Dobbscoin isn't a pump and dump. If you look at the two exchanges who are hosting it, there's less than 5% of the existing (BOB) even available.. and you could pick them all up from the dopes who are stupid enough to sell them for less than a single BTC.. so call it a scam all you wish - but you'd be smart to do some research into the back story of this meme and evaluate it's merit on your own.

At least it is again a very active person Cheesy I think this guy was smart... They create a lot of users in bitcointalk a few weeks ago, and now using those one by one to release a coin. The scammers are getting smarter Cheesy
yeah they create user months before creating scam-coin, in this way they look more legit lmao

'Hero Member' Amph, ...totoy, iGotAIDS, delion19..
What's the SCAM about a private community having it's own crypto-currency? And why would you bother to be so quick to take a dump in this thread?

Maybe it's not your thing, but why do you give even bother to post off topic nonsense, make false accusations based on zero intelligence regarding the project - and refuse give us even the slightest courtesy of removing it when contacted privately about it? When a user contacted AMPH, requesting his explanation of his initial comment 'release the colorcoin client first' - AMPH claimed it was an unintentional cross post, but claimed to be too busy to delete it, siting that it was already quoted later, so 'what would be the point'..   The point is, that you ruined prime post real-estate creating off topic posts that your esteemed friends then made false accusations in reply to.. and what the fuck do you mean 'yeah they create user months before creating scam-coin, in this way they look more legit lmao' - who created what, when and why? It's not a scam coin, its just a private organizations clone crypto currency, no ones trying to get you involved anyway - what the fuck do you care what someone else does -'lmao' at you for being such a chump ass douche.

The (BOB) Dobbscoin that this thread announces, is the 'Official crypto-currency of The Church of the SubGenius.
The only SCAM is you running around shitting on other projects.

You should delete yout bogus message, so it doesn't FUD up this space.
Regardless, if Ya don't want to play - fuck off.
96  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] DOBBSCOIN on: April 26, 2014, 07:48:58 PM
Thanks to everyone who was been patiently chunking away at 10min blocks,
taking anywhere between TWO to EIGHTY Hours.. =)
An extra special thanks to x_slacks and ME, for implementing the changes in
the updated wallet versions. ALOT HAS CHANGED, so FUCK YOU IF YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSED.

As you know, DobbsCoin began as a private release COINGEN MESS,
which was commissioned as a kids first computer sciences class project,
because using BITCOIN source would have been fucking boring.

It was not meant to be released into the wild. I had other plans tho..
Much to his surprise when BitCoin Bob returned from class the day after,
to find it listed on
For more info on the backstory, please visit - moving on.  

  • Now running with a customized KGW we're calling "Bobs Wormhole"
  • "Bobs Wormhole" Tuned for a 10 minute block target.
  • Faster reacting and hopefully more resistant to multi-pools.
  • Several fixes for known KGW issues (redonkulogging error & timeworp fix)
  • OpenSSL has been upgraded to 1.0.1g, just to be safe - even tho the Bitcoin source
    we're based on was not vulnerable to The Conspiracy's HeartBleed backdoor.
  • A complete rework of the IMAGE & ICON set, cos that's super important for a
    crypto-currency paying homage to a Texas UFO Death Cult. All sorts'a wicked,
    bad ass shit that no one else's doing.. like spinning dobbsheads - A slew of Pipes
    and other wonderfully entertaining gimcracks.
  • Hardcoded seed/test-net node info, so no more pinks cry'n for .conf assistance.

It's still Intentionally WORTHLESS..
But come X-Day, if you aren't holding a bag of BOBz - You WILL BE SORRY..


Feel FREE to help yourself out to some FREE SLACK:

It's US versus THEM.
Are you gonna FRY in HELL ON EARTH... alongside the PINK BOYS...
Or will you pull the wool over your OWN eyes...
and ACCEPT "BOB" into your mind?


97  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Lebowskis [LBW] - *Updated Client and Seednode* on: April 15, 2014, 09:35:05 PM
Decent little rise in price on coins-e   Get mining people, do it for Donnie!!!

You must be on the good CRAC!  I WISH there was anyplace that gave a shit about Lebowskis.
Hasen't been a working coin pair at coins-e for LBW in FOREVER.

Quote from: coins-e
The coin pair is under maintanance.

Don't tease me bruh..
98  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [WTS] 3 USED 7950s (2 MSI, 1 Powercolor) & 2 powered PCI-e risers - 2mhash on: April 13, 2014, 09:11:27 PM
I would need proof they're real and handle this with escrow only but that's an interesting deal
I could come up with receipts showing they come from reputable refinery/mints, but the only real way to know is to hold one, get used to how it feels, sounds.. tastes.. It's not like gold where there's much to be gained by faking it.  Unless it was some kinda 'Franklin Mint' thing.. or a copy of a famous numismatic coin. Id stay away from any of that noise anyhow.  

Trust is earned, as well as lent. Eventually.
I'm in no hurry to part with Silver, but if you covered the cost of an intermediary shipper, Id consider that.
I suppose this persons going to benchmark/test them video cards..
I don't want to git no worn out Chinese knock offs!!  =p

I got me a single gridseed to hash my fav. meme/shitcoin.
It'll do till I need something to build/mine a test creation.

99  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: [FireMine] Share Buyback Thread on: April 10, 2014, 03:24:11 PM
Quote from: threadlink=topic=504448.msg6154834#msg6154834 date=1397129021
Someone: What about DIGIMINE?
Seth: You'll have to contact the owner, I only deal with things linked to my account on Cryptostocks, not others.

I still require refund for MINECO & DIGIMINE
MINECO:  4526

PM Sent

Seems CryptoStocks removed all your scams from the lists of shares I own.
People wont be able to see how many shares they had now w/o personal records.
I have/had 4000 bought at 0.0001  HALF A BITCOIN.

4000 ALTSWAP Shares was worth nearly $350 when I bought into the project you failed to secure properly.
100  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [WTS] 3 USED 7950s (2 MSI, 1 Powercolor) & 2 powered PCI-e risers - 2mhash on: April 10, 2014, 04:49:57 AM
[23:36] <+EndCiv> i would pick out TEN really cool .999 silver rounds out if youd trade away one 7950
[23:36] <+EndCiv> i think the silvers worth hella lot more than that, but its a market rate

[23:29] <+EndCiv>
[23:30] <+EndCiv> Nevada rancher's land surrounded by heavily-armed federal agents
[23:30] <@syntaks> EndCiv: weren't we talking about the GPUs before?
[23:30] <+EndCiv> uhhu
[23:30] <+EndCiv> i was sad because i was so ill informed
[23:31] <+EndCiv> hash and seed and cores and mobos
[23:32] <+EndCiv> i need a mobo and a powersuply and a hard drive and a single gpu for testmining
[23:33] <+EndCiv> prolly gonna buy a gridseed, then buy a machine i can add a gpu to
[23:36] <+EndCiv> i would pick ten really cool .999 silver rounds out if youd trade away one 7950
[23:36] <+EndCiv> i think the silvers worth hella lot more than that, but its a market rate
[23:37] <+EndCiv> untouched/in countainers
[23:37] <+EndCiv> we each cover our own shipping
[23:37] <+EndCiv> ill post an offer

[23:37] <+EndCiv>
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