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21  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] BHIRED - The Future of Recruitment on: September 04, 2018, 09:43:14 AM
I've tested all the points of your idea and all is really very good!  Good luck guys!
22  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [Masternodes] GRAPHCOIN - Private, fast, sustainable currency for all. on: September 04, 2018, 09:42:17 AM
Looks like a decent project with potential. Joined the discord and been a fair amount of action. Excited to see this move to the next level. Hope that the ROI can live up to the envisaged goals. Good luck and keep up the good work.
23  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] Viral Token ICO Markeking Agency on: September 04, 2018, 09:39:00 AM
Excited about this project, I have been following closely since the swap process and now the road seems to be clean for growth! Waiting and cheering for each new achievement of the team, congratulations staff!
24  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]Clarity Project: Empowering Small Businesses Through Blockchain Technology on: September 04, 2018, 09:34:47 AM
I like the construction of this idea! Engaging design, blameless website, informed logo.  Good luck all.
25  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] DARAL (DRL) - Masternodes - Lighting Network - POS on: September 04, 2018, 09:33:01 AM
Interesting and innovative ideas. Being able to buy coins in the wallet is more secure, private, and easier than messing with an exchange. No need for expensive mining equipment or wasting energy. Masternode like rewards without the expense of a vps. Nice work. Good luck!
26  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Junson Ming Chan Coin - JMC Coin - 750% - 125% APR Proof Of Stake Coin on: September 04, 2018, 09:29:16 AM
Wonderful project. If the developers will be able to link all and add direct funding from Bank accounts then the project will have millions of users.Good luck!
27  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] The World of Mogwai - A blockchain experiment on: September 04, 2018, 09:28:09 AM
I have seen the wallet , good progress .Even the price has been increased , it is a promising project good luck
28  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Helix [HLIX] 3% PoW / 97% PoS hybrid with Masternodes on: September 04, 2018, 09:26:09 AM
a project with an interesting concept and will be very useful for its users. especially with a bounty campaign will certainly attract more investors and bounty hunter. hopefully the team can continue to develop innovations in order to compete with similar projects. good luck.
29  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Poolsar - decentralized service for pool administrators on: August 30, 2018, 04:09:51 PM
It should be high profile initial coin offering since two great project are backing it and is their joint venture. The concept of game sharing and content sharing of those application is like hitting in the bull's eye with the idea. It surely will take the whole gaming industry to new heights. Good luck!
30  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]Blockfreelancer - Decentralized Marketplace for freelancers. on: August 30, 2018, 04:06:54 PM
Great project with great goals. I really want to see a successfull project at the end of the ico. I want to browse and use a decentralized version of app store. Your product might recieve a lot of users in a leak of an eye. Good luck!
31  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] CRYPTOMAGZ - DECENTRALIZED OF CRYPTOCURRENCY on: August 30, 2018, 04:02:55 PM
What a cool game project. I love this project. The project has outstanding teams and this project has a bright future and a noble-purpose project.
Good luck for your project
32  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][ICO] MorLabs - Mortgage Token Sale on: August 30, 2018, 03:53:57 PM
We are waiting for a long time for Dim to hit in the market. Actually, that way seems better.  A lot of people getting interested and getting to know more about it. Once it hits the market, i believe we will see a huge pump within the first day! 
33  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] BOX - Enterprise-grade management system for crypto assets on: August 30, 2018, 03:46:48 PM
Great project and nice concept, I will follow and give a budget to join ico this project. Hope this project successful. Good luck dev.
34  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][Weekly Report] Kcash Weekly Report (August 20th-August 26th) on: August 30, 2018, 03:37:26 PM
I expect good luck for the idea. A rather interesting logo, apperceptive plan, very good plan. Good luck!
35  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [POW - CryptoNightLite v7] introducing Xaria Coin on: August 30, 2018, 03:23:26 PM
This project sounds interesting. We hope all of us will be able to assist in the development of the project. Let us all unite for the improvement of what we aim for. Do it for the better future. I think this will help a lot for us. I will do all my best to support this project. We are thankful for this project and I hope that it will know better and recognize.
36  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]🏃🎮🔥CAREPARROT-THE SMART HEALTH ECONOMY ON BLOCKCHAIN. SALE IS LIVE!🔥🏩🚀 on: August 30, 2018, 03:18:34 PM
This indeed is a very good project as an alternative for earning money! As a student myself, seeing projects like these give me joy and hope to earn extra money to help in my own way my family. I really do hope that this project will be the next big thing. Good luck!
37  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Vite ICO - Decentralized Event Creation And Promotion. on: August 30, 2018, 03:10:58 PM
This is my first time in the company. I hope that I can gain experience and be useful for the company. What better things from the company the better for us. I wish you all success.
38  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][ITO]KALA,The most accessible cryptocurrency ever made Symatri, CORE, REACH on: August 30, 2018, 03:08:47 PM
It sounds interesting and I can see this project with big potential .  I will follow this and will support this project soon.
39  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][ICO]PARKRES - Parking Reinvented - Parking over Blockchain on: August 30, 2018, 03:05:16 PM
It is very interesting to invest in this project, especially get big discount in pre-ICO so that investor will get benefit from this action.
Stay a few more days to that date, everyone will be happy to participate in this project. Hopefully it runs successfully. Good luck!
40  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] BitDraw- First Smart Lottery platform using Blockchain on: August 30, 2018, 03:01:21 PM
It sounds interesting and I can see this project with big potential .
I will follow this and will support this project soon . When is the campaign bounty available?
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