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1  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: 0.1 BTC DaDice Bounty Prediction on: April 27, 2015, 06:42:12 AM
Edited OP

Updated 27/04/2015 from 50 to 100 after successful completion of 50,000,000 Bounty :

We are giving everyone a chance to win with our #100,000,000 bounty!

All you need to do is predict on what day you think the 100,000,000th roll will happen.

Whoever posted the correct date first will win the 0.1 btc prize!

-   Prize will be sent to any btc address you give us, please supply your address in your post.
-   The prize will go to whoever posted the correct date first.
-   Only your first date will be considered as valid. If you change your mind and guess another day you will be doing it only for fun.
-   Winner will be announced on Bitcointalk.

There is a twist with this one. The Bounty for being the one to hit the roll starts at 1BTC and will drop every 24 hours by 0.025 BTC

The second twist is that the Prediction competition is ONLY open for 48 hours from the time of the initial post!

Good Luck, and Keep Rollin’!

Remember to also enter the competition on our FB page and Twitter (@DaDice1), where we will also be giving away 0.1 BTC to whoever predicts the correct date on that platform.

May 29

Btc: 1DDj6qUbCNbfaS7rmcue8RAYCWNAd3UTpn
2  Economy / Gambling / Re: DirectBet – LIVE Sportsbook & Racebook. Rated # 1 by Bitcointalk Members ! on: April 26, 2015, 03:23:42 AM
Any cliffs on why you assume its a scam?

Many times, they will offer only one side of a bet. They also offer odds that aren't "real". They are completely inflated. Take for example the tennis match above where they offered -1667 on the favorite and +250 on the underdog. Bet365 was offering +300 / -475 on the same match. Directbet uses the same odds provider as Bet365. But, they are able to adjust the odds based on the amount of money they have on each bet in order to ensure a profit. As mentioned above, many times they will even stop offering one side of a match and pigeon hole bettors into betting on the side that is advantageous for DirectBet. No, us bettors don't have to take that selection, but a lot of people's the gambler's nature.

DirectBet is an unlicensed shop, which is why they can get away with this.

Directbet is not fair on the costumer
3  Economy / Services / Re: (YoBit.Net) Signature Competition - 0.25 BTC Reward on: April 26, 2015, 03:12:10 AM

Here are my designs for Signature Competition:

Good luck to all!

Best regards.

I like this designs. It all good
4  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: DirectBet Basketball Prediction Game *** Win Free Bets ! *** Free to Enter ! on: April 26, 2015, 01:57:59 AM
Memphis 89
Portland 102
5  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: DirectBet Ice Hockey Prediction Game *** Win Free Bets ! *** Free to Enter ! on: April 26, 2015, 01:57:42 AM
Vancouver 3
Calgary 2
6  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: DirectBet Soccer Prediction Game *** Win Free Bets ! *** Free to Enter ! on: April 26, 2015, 01:57:24 AM
Manchester City 3v2 Aston Villa

Congratulations tom555 for winning 10 mBTC free bet.

Please follow the instructions in the opening post to claim your free bet.

congrats bro Smiley
7  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: ▓ ★☆★777Coin★☆★ ▓ ★Full Range of Games★ ▓ ★Provably Fair★ ▓ ★Free mBTC!★ ▓ on: April 26, 2015, 01:56:20 AM
username: dznuts85
8  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: dznuts85 ------------------------------------- cheater on: April 25, 2015, 12:41:24 AM

To WHO did u pay, give us UID of member u paid to. U keep avoiding this .
U paid 0.02 BTC for full member account ? That's quite low, and now u know why ..


I pay to dznuts after he give password
9  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: dznuts85 ------------------------------------- cheater on: April 24, 2015, 10:20:51 PM
This the txid of i pay to him
10  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: dznuts85 ------------------------------------- cheater on: April 24, 2015, 02:15:55 PM
I buy this account and now with red trust. Sad

Yes sure. When did you buy it? From whom? What thread was is sold on?
I guess this means (regardless of it being true or a scammer's excuse) OP won't get his coins back.

Edit: According to seclog dznuts85's password was changed yesterday, presumably if the account was really sold it was then. However this thread was created before that.

He send pm if i want buy his account and i say yes and he give password and i give bitcoins
11  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: dznuts85 ------------------------------------- cheater on: April 24, 2015, 01:44:08 PM
I buy this account and now with red trust. Sad
12  Economy / Exchanges / Re: [ANN] | Exchange BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, GBP | Instantly Mine & Trade GH/s on: April 23, 2015, 09:06:51 AM
Withdrawal are taking hours now? or is it only on my account having some problems?
13  Economy / Lending / Re: Offering Loans [No Collateral] on: April 23, 2015, 04:51:19 AM
Hello , I am looking for a loan ASAP for mining rentals .

Loan Amount - .3
Repayment on  May 9 or sooner if able .

can be sent to   1Pj2DLSHJpZ7fr6XkWsKcbnFU79zT2kkWT

can you offer a valid collateral? if not i dont think someone is willing to lend you the amount you are asking.

Not right off , only thing i have is my bitcoin talk account . And I was going off of the no collateral required .
And I have had one other dealing where I bought from a seller on here , I sent to him and he sent to me a couple hours later when he got home .

Only thing is I use my account on a daily basis to keep up with the altcoins and post to others when I'm not working . I just dont get paid till then or I would contact wardrick to buy it from him again .

I believe your account's reputation isnt worth the loan amount you are asking. You need to have a valid collateral
14  Economy / Lending / Re: ★★★ Get Quick Loans For Your Needs, Neotox Fast Loans ★★★ on: April 23, 2015, 04:31:52 AM
Alright, understandable. Let's try smaller.
Amount: .01 BTC
Interest: 10%
Collateral: This account
Reason: Investing
Repayment Amount: .011 BTC
Repayment Date: 01/05/2015
BTC Address: 1CzhKQsGB6tmYrEKseG2VUemj1vrxGU6AW

Edit: Idk why someone put negative trust on my account.. I haven't done anything to earn that. However, no shit you should trade with extreme caution.. I'm a new user, how do you know I won't scam you? I mean.. I won't but thats just my word.. Anyway rant over.

because you just created your account here to ask for a loan. now GTFO man
15  Economy / Digital goods / Re: cheap BUY Member account ( Activity >= 112 ) or newly Full Member on: April 23, 2015, 03:24:08 AM
i sent you a PM Smiley
16  Economy / Digital goods / Re: [WTB] member account on: April 23, 2015, 03:17:18 AM
any ideas for how long this ponzi is already working? i want to try it though im afraid its already old

i you really want to try ponzis you can visit the investor based games section in the gambling
17  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Selling Starbucks Gift Card $ Any Site on: April 23, 2015, 03:07:41 AM
I've purchased from this guy before; walmart. Ordered online, item shipped and delivered with no problems. Wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

newbie vouching.. so what's new?
18  Economy / Services / Re: [] Earn Bitcoins by Posting | Signature Campaign on: April 23, 2015, 03:00:36 AM
Hey! I tried to sign up for the campaign and it said that no spots were available even though on the first post it said that all spots were available. I was just wondering what was up with that. Thanks! Smiley

New enrolments are now closed until further review of members.

Spots are still available if you are extremely active, just shoot me a PM.

New campaign to be launched in ~2 weeks
New enrolments closed for the time being

19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: BEST SOCCER/FOOTBALL BETS,INVEST OPTION IS AVAILABLE✔✔✔(W187/L43)INVEST NOW! on: April 23, 2015, 02:41:21 AM
i see you have the best picks here at the forum. i will try to follow your picks and hope i can win some good amount Smiley
20  Economy / Gambling / Re: Slow Profit Sports Betting System on: April 23, 2015, 02:40:05 AM
This method is using martingale.
There will still be instances where the results don't go to your favour.

you will only lose if you dont know who will be the winner. but if you have skills to know, you will definitely win unlike on dice sites
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