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1  Local / Pilipinas / Re: Mga term para sa newbie on: Today at 02:28:37 PM
Hi, mga boss alam ko madami na dito mga matatagal na sa crypto space, magtatanong lng sana ako ng mga iba pang terminology na d ko alam bilang isang newbie, sana mag mga sumagot...


dagdag ko nlng yung mga iba pa sa susunod thanks po mga boss

Mint - ito yung process na pagcreate ng token. Kung sa physical na coin ay gumagamit sila ng metals para gawing coin. Sa crypto naman ay smart contract ang gamit para gumawa ng coins at minting ang term sa proseso.

Vesting - Paraan ng pag unlock ng tokens. Karaniwan mo itong makikits sa mga new crypto project na bago palang magrerelease ng token sa public. Vesting is yung unlock plan nila para pakonti konti ang dagdag ng total supply.

Node - Mahirap ito idescribe sa tagalog since related ito sa blockchain. Pero jan sa mga node dumadaan yung mga transaction na napro2cess sa blockchain. Ito yung ďdotĒ na makikita mo sa mga blockchain graphics na pinagkokonekta ng mga lines.

Bridge - Ito ay isang protocol na ginagamit para makapag transfer ng token sa magkaibang blockchain.

Liquidity - Simple term dami ng cash(disposable assets) sa isang project.

Welcome sa forum. Actually, hindi mo kailangan kabisaduhan lahat ng isang bagsak lng. Matutunan mo dn yan gradually once palagi ka na nagbabasa sa mga crypto related articles or project. Welcome sa forum!
2  Economy / Gambling / Re: | The First WEB3 Casino on: Today at 02:20:35 PM
The mood is right, the party's on, looks like tonight I'll be betting alone with everyone.

Congrats everyone, every sportsbook player is lucky today because Metawin added a sportsbook on their website. This only means that amazing cashback, sportsbook promotions, giveaways and many other surprises awaits to everyone who will use Metawin to make bets.

Finally, We can recommend already Metawin for sportsbook recommendation thread. Given how quick they developed the website show the strength of this casino.

Iím very proud to be part of signature campaign of Metawin. Cheers everybody to the wonderful achievement of our beloved casino. So are we expecting Bitcointalk giveaways in the future like prediction thread on sports?  Wink
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Sweet Bonanza vs Gates of Olympus on: June 11, 2024, 06:30:53 PM
Based on multiple factors such as gameplay, interface, the look of the game, sounds, the frequency of bonus plays without buying feature, I would say Sweet Bonanza is better because I have played both, and I must say that it is pretty difficult to get free bonus feature in Gates of Olympus. You will exhaust your bankroll trying to get that bonus feature without having to buy it but you will barely get it in Gates of Olympus.

In Sweet Bonanza, it doesn't seem that hard. You start playing, you enjoy the gameplay and the sounds, and boom, you see the lollipops on your screen and you got a bonus round where you may get a good multiplier as well sometimes. I haven't gotten a lot of money from it, but I like it more, to be honest.

Entering bonus round is useless if you still didnít win any significant multiplier inside the bonus which is common on sweet bonanza while Gates sometime give an insane win if you are lucky enough to continuously accumulate multiplier until the end which you canít experience on sweets.

I believe the only advantage of sweet bonanza is itís very generous on multiplier per round but itís very to match it with decent win to multiply it.

Itís very hard to determine whatís better in terms of profitability but Gates has a slight advantage due to the mechanics of it bonus game.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Manny - Pacquiao VS Chihiro Suzuki Exhibition Match on: June 09, 2024, 05:12:49 PM
This fight is not an exhibition match but rather just a paid sparring matched. Manny is now pairing with active champion boxer which is not the typical matchup for a retired boxer doing an exhibition match.

I guess Japanese wants the satisfaction of beating one of greatest boxer of all time even though itís already passed on his prime. I believe Mayweather will to start to accept match like this since this will be the new norm for exhibition match since people is already tired on useless fight from influencers especially the Paul brothers.  Cheesy

I will bet with Pacman on this match considering the points mention by @acroman08. The peopleís champ still have a gas and killer punch for a short round match.
5  Economy / Gambling / Re: | The First WEB3 Casino on: June 09, 2024, 04:43:00 PM
If they have a condition before you can get that $100, then it is not similar to MetaWin since it's called a "giveaway." You don't put conditions on that to withdraw the funds. It should have simple rules just like what is stated in the post, and then the random winner will get a free $100 credited to their account, probably.

Youíre right, typically casino giveaways rewards comes with a rollover requirements before you can withdraw and most of the time itís an insane rollover requirements that makes it hard to complete.

Itís very rare for me to see this same giveaway on social media without any requirements since casino usually stricter in there due to the possibility of multiple account abuse. Only on the casino game and rounds giveaways has same mechanics with Metawin promotion but most competitors on X has an insane requirements hidden on the promotion ToS.
6  Local / Pilipinas / Re: Bitcoin Fee Observer Thread in USD(sat/vB) on: June 09, 2024, 04:16:26 PM
Ang taas ng fee kaninang madaling araw na check ko, naghintay talaga ako na bumaba para maka pag withdraw, buti bumalik na sa normal.

Makikita natin dito

27 sat nalang ang high or $2.62 USD. Di masyadong mababa pero okay na rin compared sa fee ng $51 ...
Ano pa hinihintay ninyo? Transact na mga kabayan.

Umakyat ulit sya kabayan, kahit ako gusto ko din magwithdraw kaso $3 is too much haha gusto ko $1 pababa para naman may pangsnacks pa. Hayup talaga yang Rune at Ordinals yan sila yung may pakana kaya tumataas ang transaction fees masyadong nakakaepekto yan sa mga transactions na importante or yung maliliit lang pero pabor naman ito sa mga long term hodlers but yeah ipit nanaman. Haha

Yang 1.5$ fee na siguro ang lowest fee na maaasahan natin sa Bitcoin ngayon ang price ay halos naglalaro nlng malapit sa ATH. In satoshi kasi lagi ang fee kaya sobrang taas talaga sa fiat value kahit sa,e lang naman ito sa dating fee in sats value noong mababa pa ang fee sa fiat.

May kung anek2 na din kasi sa Bitcoin na feature ng mga shitcoin kaya sobrang indemand magtransact at nagkakaroon ng traffic sa mempool dahils sa inscription. Kaya mas better talaga na mag transact immediately kapaga tumutuntong ang fee below 2$ para makatipid.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is web3 casino the new trend for casinos? on: June 09, 2024, 03:44:59 PM
However, web3 casinos are permissionless, which means that the players aren't required to create an account and provide information.
How can such casino require KYC, if the player doesn't even have to create an account? This doesn't make any sense to me
Web3 looks permissionless to you because people that are using it can not register and do KYC. But in reality, the design can change with time in a way the Web3 gambling sites will tell their users to do KYC and have account registered. The benefit people are still getting is that there is no much regulatory pressure on web3 casinos.

Actually current web3 casino works the same like what you describe. They allow to link metamask wallet to the casino yet you still need to provide additional information such as email to have a safety feature to recover your account once you forgot your metamask seedphrase.

Also most of web3 casino still has KYC. Web3 is just being use to create an account but the casino account itself has their own wallet address which the casino controlled.
8  Economy / Speculation / Re: When will the bears take advantage? This bull run lasts so long on: June 08, 2024, 03:47:19 PM
What do you think, when will bears take advantage and start dominating the market? Is this bull run the major bull run that we will see till the next halving?

We might not see the same bear market before due to existence of ETF. We have the traditional market investors playing already in the crypto market that makes Bitcoin price less volatile which most of the altcoins follows in terms price trend.

Maybe can experience minor correction like 10% to 30% but not the same correction before that go as low as 50% due to volume being supplied by ETF. ETF investors purchased the dump made by crypto traders thatís itís always picking up whenever we hitting 60K support.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do not play slot machines-Proof inside on: June 08, 2024, 02:47:33 PM
I think you weren't expecting for that result in any hypothesis, so it's still hard to accept the fact you lost 9 times in a row at slots machine, even though you had bonus activated. These things do happen more often than we wish, but it's not enough proof to claim the game is rigged. Maybe it's time to stop buying those bonus rounds or to move yourself to another gambling games, because in fact, slots aren't better when compared to table games which you can have much more flexibility when making you own settings. Personally, slots always leave a bitter taste on my mouth after a while playing. Tongue

By loss means he get a profit lesser than the amount he used to purchase bonus buy. This is normal on slot games with high volatility. You can experience greater than 9 loss in a row either since thereís no exact measurement on the probability of winning in slot games.

He will manage to win at some point if he keeps playing since the RTP should be kick in. The OP is just too unlucky to experience the consecutive losses at the beginning of his game. Normally, I hit a massive multiplier after experiencing a terrible loss streak to balance/breakeven my game.

Slot games will just balance all the result close to its declared theoretical RTP as the game progresses.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Sweet Bonanza vs Gates of Olympus on: June 08, 2024, 01:29:20 PM
Does anyone know the theoretical percentual changes to win that jackpot? Because surely that was tested during the audit?
And bear in mind, that even in some lotteries, while changes are astronomically low, they are won by someone at some point.

I am actually amazed if they don't have to report the theoretical percentage to anywhere, because at least in EU, i think customer protection forces them to do that in somewhere with small print.

Thereís no information like that since slot games use RNG(Random Number Generator) to choose the result of each spin. Unlike lotteries that theres a combination and fixed number  of choices to win jackpot.

In slot games, thereís a lot of possibility and itís very hard to determine the actual percentage of hitting the jackpot unless they will disclose the source code. Slot provider usually just have an RTP computation since it can be determined with fixed number of spins unlike Jackpot that thereís no telling when you will hit it.

The mechanics of slot is just too complicated to determine the exact probability of hitting jackpot.
11  Economy / Gambling / Re: Potential Match Fixing involving Finnish teams FC Futura and Ilves-Kissat on: June 08, 2024, 07:00:17 AM
I don't understand, are they backing out of their own decision to leave this matter to a mediator in the first place ?

To simply put your issue in summary. They didnít plan to pay even with this mediator shenanigans since they already have a verdict on your case regardless of the result.

By simply judging their action about permanently ban you due to the match fixed which they assumed. This casino doesnít have plan to negotiate this but rather they are just finding a way to finally get a support. They failed to gain it using forum mediator so they will just keep looking for other mediators to delay this issue until everyone forgotten already.

@Efialtis feedback is the only good move here and will serve as receipt about this casino action.
12  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎉 Rounder Casino 2.0 is LIVE! 🎰 $100K Twitch Bounties, Huge Promos & More 🚀 on: June 08, 2024, 06:41:29 AM
Wait, isn't Twitch block gambling related streaming? why you're promoting streamers to gamble on twitch? Huh

I know there are still many gambling streamers in twitch, but they're just lucky enough to not get banned. If twitch still not accept gambling streamers, they're just waiting their turn to get banned. Other casinos already use other streaming sites that aren't popular but accept gambling.
Not really at all, you can check in the search box and just type 'gambling' and you'd see streamers freely stream their gambling games.

It's probably just a first strike but they're not that strict at all anymore after that wave of announcement about doing such against gambling streamers.

Twitch prohibit streaming of gambling websites that include slots, roulette, or dice games from unlicensed operators, specifically identifying four sites:;;; and

This update to policy was posted last October. Full details on the article below,

I think those streamers is gambling with license operators which Twitch allowed.
13  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Appears Hacked - Monthly Prize Money Stolen From Multiple Users on: June 07, 2024, 03:11:26 PM
The writing was on the wall and we posted about it 3 months ago, and yet, there are still bad-sses who attack us for being responsive to users and running 20 legitimate faucets for over 7 years (we started in 2017 and in 2013).

So let's say it again - the writing WAS ON THE WALL !

Hopefully someone would finally listen. It's not about just fixing a code, it's about getting control of your faucet.

They can't do it in the current structure, it's impossible.

The sign of them of collapsing is now getting clearer. Their lack of personnel despite they have lots of users using their service is one factor why the casino management will collapse just like this.

Iím not a faucet user anymore so I canít relate to the details about their faucet but one thing is for sure that this casino never prepared for this kind of issue. Worst is the founder mismanaged the Bitcoin funds that result to this unimproved service even they are existing for a long time.

If the OP of this thread didn't happen to check if the address is one of their deposit (and honestly, why would he?) it might be worth checking it out. If the deposit was indeed made to his own wallet this indicate a fuck up of the automatic system they employ, and not fraud/scam/hack.

Again the OP is high rank and known for being involved on many business. I doubt that he will be overlooked the address that he used in the past.
14  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Appears Hacked - Monthly Prize Money Stolen From Multiple Users on: June 07, 2024, 02:31:44 PM
I haven't searched deep in this thread, but are the addresses where the BTC were sent somehow one of your deposit addresses? The OP doesn't mention this detail, I think something fucky is going on, but not actually a scam.

Itís pretty obvious that the new address used is from unknown wallet address or else this will not be an issue at all since they will still receive their Bitcoin on their other wallet address.

The address use is from a hacker since I remember some of the victim track it and goes to unknown address that is not related to their withdrawal history. I believe the hacker manage to inject malware to players computer or on the side which never clear since the admin of the casino never answer this issue.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: NBA 2023-2024 betting on: June 07, 2024, 12:54:17 PM
Yes, this is the finals so both teams will play their best cards here, I mean both coaches will play and execute the best game play that they ever designed, this is the best time for everyone to jive in and make it worth when given the chance to play, today's game is more on how Boston prepared for their tight defense it's only Luka who play big but his support unable to outsmart the tight defense of Boston's specialist, they need to adjust and find the best way to rotate the ball and find the open man.

Aside from what you mention about Dallas mistakes on game 1. Kyrie Irving not contributing what is expected to him is one of the main factor why game 1 is one-side all throughout the game. He didnít even manage to score a 3 while he doesnít contribute much to lessen Luka burden while Celtics players are all monster and has a high potential to score thatís why itís very hard to guard them compared to Dallas that only Luka is creating points.

I believe game 2 will be the same scenario since itís very hard to adjust with that kind of overwhelming defeat. I believe this game will be the type that both team will win on home then the deciding factor will be game 5 to 7.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: With is the minimum post require to earn a merit on: June 07, 2024, 12:18:08 PM
For reference, you can use this thread to have a general overview about merit system in the forum

Merit can be earned if a user with shareable merit sent it to you based on their preferences. Itís either your post doesnít meet everyone preference or itís not visible to user with available merit to share. You can use merit source thread to report post that you think it deserves a merit.

Some merit thread:

@Filippone Merit Thread:
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What is the role of home/away matches? on: June 07, 2024, 11:17:07 AM
One of the main factors in this analysis is home or away matches. Depending on where the team plays - at home or away, the probability of winning or losing can change by a certain amount. What do you think is the role of home/away matches? If this probability were expressed in numbers, what would it look like? Is playing at home or away a major factor for analysis or a secondary one?
 I once came across the opinion of one analyst who considered this to be the main factor in predicting the outcome of a match. He considered everything else to be secondary. What do you think?

Home court advantage is indeed impactful if the game is close match or the home team stats is not that very compared to away team. Crowd support is proven can boost morale of players thatís why this factor is always being considered on every bet.

The only time this factor is useless is when the home team is at the bottom of rank while the enemy team is on the top rank which makes the home team heavily underdog. Besides match like this usually have less supporter since they knew that the team they are supporting will just resulted to lose.

But in normal matches, home court advantage provides huge factor on winning probability of the home team. Itís very hard to play with the crowd consistently booing you.  Cheesy
18  Economy / Gambling / Re: ✨ BITCASINO - Elevate Your Gameplay 💎 #1 VIP Crypto Casino ✈️ on: June 06, 2024, 05:39:44 PM
Does someone own here the illusive maneki neko cats NFT here? Bitcasino has something for you.

They give 5k bonus for the holders and that's huge. This is really good reward to be given to those holders  and to lucky for them to have those NFT's.

Link for that post

Let's see if there's a forum member here are lucky to avail this generous bonus given by the management.

Iím not updated with NFT anymore but doing some research makes me knew that the initial mint cost for this NFT is 1.88BNN which is around +1000$ but the after mint market price is surely higher than the mint cost so I canít imagine how much it will cost to purchase this NFT now.

I notice that Bitcasino is rewarding NFT holders and sometimes rewards NFT too on some of their promotion. Itís nice to see Bitcasino having this kind of random giveaway to a certain NFT brand to promote holding of limited collection NFT. What a lucky user to own one of this NFT for receiving 5K bonus no string attached?  Shocked
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: I have made another revelation. on: June 06, 2024, 05:13:41 PM

I am just giving users the platform to make money, all of the money is coming from you guys, and you are winning each others money.

If this is just a PvP casino in which the house takes a small fee from the volume of wager of All gamblers. Why on earth would you call this to be an unlimited money generator or even use such a red-flag name for this project?

When someone tell me they have found something called "Unlimited money generator" immediately believe it is a scam, and assuming I was gullible enough to believe there is such a thing, when I would deposit money on Unlimited money generator and could still lose all my money to other gamblers.
you don't understand the issue, do you?

The answer is because is invented a ďsystemĒ that let you still have a 100% profit and have a house edge at the same time which a serious gambler will easily notice how wrong is this system by promising both 100% profit in a gambling game not to mention that this is a PVP game which means itís either you will use or the other player to generate money for this service.

Whatís more surprising is the OP is still thinking that forum users can easily believed on obvious scheme like this like we are on 2015 which ponzi is still popular here.  Cheesy
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Online gambling increases computer education. on: June 06, 2024, 03:22:25 PM
Every person is eager to learn something new to keep pace with the times. However, nowadays, we see that most of the people are more interested in computer education to enjoy various job opportunities. Nowadays most of the work is done through online due to which people are taking up computer education. Moreover, as mobile phones have become more popular in the present era, older people are using mobile instead of taking computer education. Moreover, people don't give much importance to computer for gambling but mostly give importance to mobile because it can be taken anywhere and play gambling. Although all the work can be done with computer and very easily, but people do most of the gambling on mobile because of the convenience of carrying it everywhere. And I think more people use mobiles now than computers to gamble, and it's more accessible and convenient.

Definitely agree on this since we have seniors on our ancestral house that doesnít wanna learn computer despite they are known for playing traditional gambling games. They just use mobile phones to contact their friends to gamble at house but never use desktop or mobile phone to gamble since they donít enjoy online gambling because they preferred gambling companionship experience rather than playing online that typically only gives entertainment through profit.

Iím surprised that the older people in OP country is willing to learn computer just to gamble because itís very hard to motivate older people to learn new technology especially for this gambling reason.
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