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Re: Should I Use Emergency funds or Sell my Assets ?
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Re: What would you do in this situation? Invest or save?
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Re: Women are more economical than men.
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Re: Buy the DIP, and HODL!
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Re: You can't meet all your needs/desires at once, even if you spend all your salary
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4  Economy / Economics / Re: You can't meet all your needs/desires at once, even if you spend all your salary on: October 11, 2023, 11:31:07 AM
Human desires are of course very diverse and we will not be satisfied if we only spend our salary. If we had an income of $1 billion per year, we might spend it and we would not be able to fulfill all our desires, so the $1 billion is gone and many of our desires have not been achieved.

That is a huge amount of income and I think only an ungrateful human being would say that amount is still small. Because if someone with an income of that size still says that it is not enough to make their wishes come true, this shows that that person is someone who is very greedy with money so he is never grateful for what he has got.

Because other people won't even be able to earn that much money in a year or more, so only greedy people will say that that much money is not enough even though you say that every human being's desires are very diverse. But I think with that amount of money it wouldn't be possible to say it wasn't enough unless someone continued to want to make a spaceship which would cost a lot. So gratitude is the final key for every human being who has achieved anything through his efforts and patience so far.
5  Economy / Speculation / Re: Buy the DIP, and HODL! on: October 10, 2023, 03:08:30 PM
that's the whole brain behind buying the DIP and HODL.  Though impatience might creep in when there is a a sudden increase or some sort of market fluctuation and the tendency to sell it might seems the only option, if you are able to ignore the fluctuation and wait patiently your asset will yield something very reasonable with time

Patience is something that must be present in applying the concept of DIP and HODL purchases because this concept really leads to patience in holding assets for the long term. So there is no need to be affected by market fluctuations and momentary price increases which are always seen in the market and especially in Bitcoin, so people who want to apply the concept of DIP and HODL purchases must really be able to ignore market fluctuations and momentary price increases for the sake of can carry out the concept quite consistently even though sometimes everyone can't forget the market and keeps checking the price of Bitcoin in the market at all times. Even though that is also not really necessary when someone is implementing DIP and HODL purchases on an asset like Bitcoin.
6  Economy / Economics / Re: Women are more economical than men. on: October 09, 2023, 08:22:35 AM
I know that calculating the average income of men and women makes a big difference, but hearing that most women are good at saving is true and women dominate in this regard. Because usually every woman gets a salary or even if she is married, she is always obliged to save/invest 50%, 40% for family living needs, and so on, 10% for my emergency needs. Moreover, the role of women in the family is not only limited to mothers who are in charge of educating children but also managing daily finances and even several other strategic decisions related to financial matters.
On average, this is true because a woman who is married and has children will always make the most mature considerations possible when she wants to spend money on something. But there are also those who are only good at educating their children and are not good at managing finances so that such women never have emergency savings other than relying solely on money from their husbands. Because not all women can afford to make investments when they already have the task of educating their children and keeping their household from falling apart.

Women always think that men in general are often very careless when it comes to money. The majority of women in this part of the world are good at looking after their finances, because usually when men earn a lot, they always spend on useless expenses, such as luxury cars and compulsive purchases. So it's true as you said, women always spend money using feelings and thinking carefully.
I also agree that women really rely on their feelings when they want to spend money and this happens on average to every woman. But you also don't have to blame men who buy luxury cars when they already have a lot of money, because luxury is something that everyone needs to enjoy after they are tired of working to earn money. So there is nothing wrong with men buying luxury cars if they have more ability to do so, except for men who do not have more ability to make that happen. It is clear that such a man would be very wrong if he only cared about luxury and ignored the daily needs of himself and his family.
7  Economy / Economics / Re: What would you do in this situation? Invest or save? on: October 09, 2023, 07:59:34 AM
     The question is, where do you save your money or capital? In the bank or business? Is it faster to make a profit so that we can have savings for the future? Isn't it faster to have savings if we use our money for investments? Where are we going to get our savings? These are just a few of my questions.
This is a very common question and it is no longer a secret that money brought into investment will provide benefits to the owner of the money if the investment is good and profitable enough. Because everyone already knows after seeing more examples that saving money will not give them more money but only the amount they save. So the investment option at this time is still a pretty good choice because every year the number of people who become investors is also increasing because they know that investing is a good job to get profits from the money they have.

     If I just put my money in the bank, I won't do that; my money will just sleep there for sure; it's 1% per year. I won't feel that. Instead of doing that, if I am here in the crypto space, I will use my capital here instead of any investment scheme or bank. At least here in the crypto business, I know the ecosystem that is happening here.
Use it if you already know more about the ecosystem through the crypto business and don't forget that you also have to understand the risks because often people who are too enthusiastic about the crypto business ignore the risks that can arise through the crypto business. Because you dare to seek profit through the crypto business you also have to be brave enough to face the risks involved, while saving money in the bank is clearly not for profit, other than just looking for security with very little risk.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: October 08, 2023, 04:40:19 PM

AC Milan's match yesterday was very dramatic. Just because AC Milan's single goal in the 87th minute made the match very tight, including Giroud having to act as an impromptu goalkeeper after Maignan received a red card.

Striker Giroud reluctantly had to become AC Milan's goalkeeper after Mike Maignan was sent off. At this time, AC Milan had used all 5 substitutions. However, Giroud showed that he has enough qualities to become a goalkeeper. Although he did not play to his strengths, the French striker completed his mission well. He even made a great save. Giroud faces Genoa player George Puscas. However, this striker bravely rushed in to save AC Milan from defeat.
MU fans even joke that he knows how to catch the ball better than Andre Onana.

Giroud has done everything he could so far for his team and he is definitely an effective and important palyer for AC Milan however he is getting old but I think they will extend his contract for a longer time.
Mike Maignan the goalkeeper of AC Milan made a dangerous move and even the CEO of Genoa started talking about his move he made in this game. Mike Maignan was about to even kill Caleb Ekuban because of the damage his done to his chest.

It was a very crucial situation that Maignan accidentally came out of the nest to save the goal, it's just that the collision occurred really beyond control. After examining the incident, of course Maignan had to receive punishment even though he was accidentally. And I don't think you need to do excessive steps to place Maignan as an object that must be blamed. The referee's decision is right and we return to football!

Yes, in that match Giroud is truly phenomenal he is able to do unusual tasks very perfectly. Maybe the experience will be very remembered by Giroud and he also shows as a man who is responsible in every condition.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 08, 2023, 04:25:53 PM
The comeback Liverpool got made me think they are going to end the game in a win against Brighton but it got me surprised how they ended the second half without a goal, Brighton later got an equalizer and sealed it till the end of the game, both teams did played well, neither out performed each other, Brighton was boosted after they scored an early goal against Liverpool.

It was so early they had to start forcing the attack so we'll on Liverpool and I taught Liverpool may likely not survive until Salah put up his outstanding performance and definitely got a goal from a penalty and a subsequent goal that got them ahead in the first half of the game, although before the game strated I expected Liverpool to win as they were my favorite aswell

Brighton did give Liverpool a hard time trying to keep up with their lead in the game, I got thinking could the home advantage be the reason Brighton was so brilliant today, although they have been brilliant most recently in their matches so it was a Fair one they got a draw as Liverpool did performed well, and Salah was really outstanding today and should be commended for that.
The two teams were both ambitious to win full points after they had failed to get numbers before. Liverpool that are seeded is unable to take advantage of the situation and one number of Amex Stadium is not the result they really want. Similarly, Brighton who also wants to return to the victory path after having experienced a setback, instead of wanting to win instead it must be able to receive just one point. I think the draw is a fairly fair result for both teams because when viewed from the struggle of the two teams in the field, the results are very reasonable. It's just that the Reds failed to stick tight to Tottenham who currently leads the standings.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 06, 2023, 05:27:34 PM
Erik Ten Hag's future with Manchester United began to falter over their failure in several matches, including in their matches in the Champions League which until the 2nd match they could not win. Naturally, supporters question whether ETH is a figure who deserves to be in the coaching chair or not, because he has not been able to create something that really brings fresh air. It may be true that last season he brought Manchester United to the Champions League this season, but that is not enough because there must be good progress between before and now.

They should have been better this season with the list of players in but things aren't going as planned. The Manchester United job isn't an easy one. You have to be ready for whatever comes.
Erik Ten Hag deserves the backing of the club and I'm sure he will get that. Do not listen to whatever you bear regarding him being sacked. His Manchester United job should have been in doubts only if he didn't get them qualified for the Champions League and winning a trophy last season.

He will have to change patterns and drop some players who aren't doing enough for the onward movement of Manchester United. Supporters are not happy, but they should know in the past, Manchester United have seen worst than this and cane out strong.
I think Erik Ten Hag is still given time to improve Manchester United's condition. Even though he has not been able to bring United to a decent position, he has not received a harsh ultimatum at all. Erik Ten Hag must make the most of this time before management really makes a final decision. The match against Brentford must be a turning point for the Red Devils to return to winning ways, there is no reason to lose points again in that match. Therefore, I really agree that if the Dutch manager can overhaul the composition of his squad, especially in Onana's position, he should immediately be rested for a while.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 06, 2023, 09:28:34 AM

Well it is not the goalkeeper fault most of the times unless he concedes goals with shots from distance frequently which is not the case.Andre Onana shined really bright at Inter Milan and he surely is better for me as a goalkeeper compared to De Gea who had his time at Manchester United.

Manchester is weak this year in almost every sector from defense to attack and I agree the only one at fault this season is Ten Haag,he started doing well in the previous season when he just got Manchester United but this time he is not doing anything good so far.

I think a lot of people had really high expectations from Onana when he was brought in. As these expectations haven’t been met, they would be quick to lay all the fault on him whenever they concede a goal conveniently ignoring that it takes the whole team to either win or lose.

I know Onana has a lot of potential and even Ten Hag despite all the goals conceded, still has faith in him. I do think Onana is unjustly faulted for their losses. Would they also fault him for not doing enough in aiding to score goals to win games as well?
Man United do need to step up their game. Poor performance even in the EPL.
Onana's statistics while wearing the Inter uniform were quite impressive, so when he made a mistake that was quite fatal and repeated, it caused his mental decline. I also feel surprised that perhaps he has not been fully able to adapt to the Manchester United environment. I think that to improve his mentality, Erik Ten Hag should rest him for some time until he is really ready to play again.

The bad results that Manchester United always receive are not solely the result of Onana's mistakes, but it is true that almost all the players do not seem to be in top condition, especially in the back line which is hit by a crisis, making the defense very easy for opponents to penetrate. I think if Erik Ten Hag dares to reshuffle the team in the starting XI it might have a good influence on the team's development.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2023/24 Season on: October 06, 2023, 01:35:08 AM
Roma are doing really well in the Europa League at least. Because their start to the Serie A has been really worrying so far. But they are expected to make improvement no matter what. Therefore the Europa League is also very important for them. Mourinho must be still having nightmares about the finale in the previous season.
So far they have started the group stage really strongly. I think they would finish as the leader as well. The most difficult part will be after the group stage. We don't know what teams will be coming from the Champions League too. No matter what they must be aiming the title once again.
I would be very surprised if Mourinho did not make every effort to win the Europa League this year, especially after losing in the final last year, knowing the character of this man;) I think that such a relatively unsuccessful start in the Italian championship is a temporary phenomenon, given the composition of the team. Another question is that I still don't see Roma as a contender for the Scudetto, so Mourinho will still pay great attention to the Europa League and try to go as far as possible there, but then everything will depend on luck and the playoff grid. By the way, we can say that Mourinho has already done a good deed and revived Lukaku's career and made him believe in himself again, after the unfortunate events that have occurred in the player's career recently.
Jose Mourinho always has big ambitions in every competition, he continues to do something so that his team can achieve its targets. As Roma under Mourinho's control began to improve, but several problems emerged because he failed to fulfill his ambitions. This season he has to be patient because Gialloroasi's performance was chaotic when he started the season, but slowly he will return to make the team's performance better. I don't see anything better than the arrival of Lukaku, the Belgian's arrival in the squad will certainly really help Roma to continue running fast in the UEL, but this season the competition in the Europa League competition is very challenging.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 05, 2023, 05:55:07 PM
Manchester city have broken their bad losing streak and we all know what that actually means because they will be red hot wanting to gather as much point as they can and one thing about these two teams is that Manchester city always find a way to get the three point over arsenal although arsenal this time around is looking well structured and I think their squad is fully activated and not suffering from injury as the way they were during the two time clash between the two teams .
This is a fairly even match, both teams have almost the same quality of players. Interestingly, the style of play used by Arteta and Guardiola is not much different, they both apply a modern football scheme which really satisfies the audience. Arsenal has big ambitions to beat Manchester City, three points is a fixed price to be realized and I think Arteta has prepared a special strategy to be able to beat Guardiola's troops. I predict Arsenal will be able to win that match.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 05, 2023, 05:42:58 PM
Psg have really fallen out of place and if they continue like this then they might certainly have a big problem by the end of the season because even in their league one games it's a problem for them to actually secure a victory and I think its because of the lose they actually enquired by the start of season which is two players of very high caliber and influence to this team because I know that for sure if Messi and neymar were present in this game the whole scoreline would have been a lot more different.
I thought that after the change of coach PSG would get better, but under Enrique's control their condition was not so stable. I am surprised by the concept built by the French team, even though they have good finances so they can build a capable squad, but the results seen on the field are very sad. I wouldn't dare bet on PSG even though they have a chance to recover but I don't think this team will be able to achieve high achievements in the Champions League.

PSG owners also seem to always pamper Mbappe. I think this is very dangerous because they only focus on one individual, which makes Mbappe carried away by a selfish attitude. Even though last season was an opportunity for PSG when they still had Neymar and Messi, internal problems made things complicated.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 04, 2023, 06:25:34 PM
Now changing of coach in any club is no big deal but here about Erik ten Hag we have to check few things he was impressive in last season but suddenly in this season he is awful which is surprising and Manchester United management can fire him any time but as things are going around for the change of ownership and other problems around this club I have feeling they need to give him time until December because after having this time maybe he changed his strategy, and we will be able to have better results from them in coming matches.

With this result they still have time for giving their best and allowing themselves for having spot into top four in Premier League and also jumped into Champions League next round, but they need to work out on their issues which are hurting them badly, and they are not able to perform as they needed to be in this season after spending huge amount of new players.
Despite getting unsatisfactory match results, I don't think Manchester United management will make any decisions in the near future. Erik Ten Hag will continue to be given the opportunity for the next half of the season or he could be fired if he is unable to get the Red Devils through to the 16th round of the UCL.

But I hope Manchester United will recover soon. It is not easy for any team when a storm of injuries approaches, but this situation makes the team's condition unstable, resulting in bad results. Apart from that, Ten Hag also has to evaluate his squad and he must have the courage to make firm decisions if there are players who fail to understand his instructions and also don't have a big contribution to the team.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 04, 2023, 06:16:25 PM
Dortmund vs AC Milan

If i am not mistaken both teams were never met before in this competition so this is their first met and for the first match Milan has gets unsatisfactory result because at home they only able to get draw result from Newcastle and Dortmund too is not so different because they just lose from PSG and this match will determine Dortmund position because if they lose again then their chances to qualified to knockout will be very slim even so with Milan that they should be able to collect 3 points from this match if they want to secured their position

Dortmund has several times met against Italian teams but they have poor results because in the last 10 meetings Dortmund have already lose 7 times but for this season at home Dortmund still unbeatable and besides that Milan performance is still unstable and regarding team conditions all of Milan players will be available today but Dortmund still unable to played Sabitzer because of injured and in my opinion this match have a potention to ended with draw result because the recent conditions from both teams is not so different and they are equally strong and this option has high odds @3.15 or for safe bet both teams to scores also good pick
According to historical records, Dortmund and Milan have met six times in various competitions in Europe. Their last meeting took place in 2003 at UCL. If you look at head-to-head, these two teams beat each other and the average results are quite balanced. Now these two teams will clash again. The duel between the two teams in the hell group will be interesting because both teams will both want to hunt for points to target qualifying for the knockout phase. Previously, Milan was only able to draw 0-0, while Dortmund suffered a 2-0 defeat to Paris SG. Of course Dortmund will do anything to get full points, because they still don't have any points and are still in 4th place in the group standings.

Meanwhile, Milan is also carrying out a mission to win points when they visit Germany. If you look at the squad he has brought, it is clear that Pioli has a high desire to bring points to Italy. However, the interesting thing in this match is Pulisic's return to Signal Iduna Park. Pulisic is a former Dortmund player and he will of course be welcomed by Dortmund fans.

So if you look at the results of the matches in their respective leagues, the strength of these two teams is quite balanced. I predict the match will end in a draw.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: October 04, 2023, 10:16:37 AM
regarding Real Madrid victory yesterday, it was fantastic when you saw Federico kick which was very hard and the contribution of Vinic and Bellingham appeared very strong. in the UCL match it seems that Real Madrid is a more worthy candidate even though Barcelona is also there.
Madrid looks better this season both in Laliga and UCL of course because several young players added to the main squad have a good influence on Madrid's performance. I admit that Ancelotti always has a good strategy for his team and really manages them so they can win. in every match, last night's match against Napoli also looked good even though they conceded two goals but Madrid was able to win the match.

Barcelona is still not convincing in the UCL matches this season and has a lot of homework to do in chasing the title, but they are still quite taken into account in Laliga, Xavi still has a lot to do to make Barcelona perform better, especially Lewandowski, a slightly older player whose performance may be a bit low. decreases from match to match so he cannot continue to be expected to be the main striker. it is important to add some other young players like Madrid did.

I don't think Real madrid is very strong.  Several weaknesses in their squad are quite visible. There is no experienced striker in the squad . The team depends on their midfielders . The team is especially  dependent on bellingham's performance. Bellingham did not play well against atletico madrid, as Madrid lost the match 3–1. Now,  if Bellingham suffers an injury, madrid's performance is likely to  deteriorate.

It is true that barcelona's performances are still somewhat erratic . Still  the team is strong enough. I say this because they have enough talented players in attack, midfield and defense. And if the players can adapt themselves well to Xavi's match tactics then Barcelona's performances will be more consistent and stronger.
Since the departure of Karim Benzema, Real Madrid really feels like they have lost a striker who had perfect character. Currently Madrid's shortcomings in this position are very clear, but Ancelotti always has a way to maximize the existing players. Joselu is predicted to be Benzema's successor but his performance is still very far from expectations but his presence can also be quite helpful. Bellingham is a midfielder but he was given freedom by Ancelotti so he was able to score goals in almost every match. However, I don't agree if he is always the main hope because this tactic will be very vulnerable and easy for opponents to read. This means that if there is a team that is able to turn off its movement then it will be very dangerous for the attack rate because they will not have other alternatives.

Meanwhile, I think Barcelona has fairly even strength even though sometimes it is very difficult to start the match. But I see that the Blaugrana squad this season is quite good and Xavi is certainly very ambitious to defend his title despite facing a serious challenge from Real Madrid.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 04, 2023, 06:48:30 AM
Manchester United actually didn't have a bad performance. They were very effective offensively throughout the match, but if there is a problem with something, it could be Casemiro's penalty and the red card he received. Everything in Galatasaray's favor became more evident after that red card. Before that, Galatasaray, which scored 2 goals with 2 counter attacks, found strong positions against ManU, which was missing. As a result, they scored the third goal and won the match. ETH may now need to be questioned in Manchester United.
In terms of play, Manchester United were indeed able to perform well and create dangerous attacks, but the carelessness of their own players made everything fall apart. Casemiro's red card gave Galatasaray more freedom, but Onana's poor performance was also the main cause of the defeat. Erik Ten Hag is really quite confused about the problems plaguing his team. I think Ten Hag must have the courage to make decisions for players who cannot make a big contribution to the team. Now Erik Ten Hag's fate is truly on the brink.

yes that's right, and this is a losing streak for the red devils, and Manchester United have lost 3 matches at home even though last season they were good at home, thus, they are currently also slumped in the middle of the table. the blunder made by Onana which forced Casemiro to violate the opposing player which eventually led to a penalty and Casemiro got a red card, fortunately the penalty execution from the Galatasaray team was off target but that still did not make it a victory for Manchester United.

In my opinion this is a big mistake to let David De Gea leave Manchester United. to catch points and add points Manchester United must win in the upcoming match unfortunately now this club is ranked 10th in the primary league of course this is not a good ranking, and Erik ten Hag's future is a question mark. However, what is there to say that Erik Ten Hag is on the edge he feels quite confident his position remains safe.
Manchester United is in big trouble, it seems difficult for them to get out of their downturn. Not only is the crisis of players experiencing injuries but the crisis of self-confidence is also another problem that must be considered.

Yes, Erik Ten Hag's mistake was when he threw De Gea out of the squad and replaced him with Onana. Onana was brave enough to be brought to Old Trafford because of his impressive performance with Inter, but unfortunately for United he always made mistakes that were detrimental to his team. Not only Onana, several other players must also be evaluated for the good of the team. I don't know how long Erik Ten Hag will stay at Old Trafford, if he doesn't get better maybe he will soon be asked to leave because the club has spent a lot of money to build the squad.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 03, 2023, 02:19:54 PM
Wilfred Zaha was there to help his side achieve three points, Man United fans will be glad to see one of the old boys back at Old Trafford.
Sme Changes needs to be made, this is not the time to beef, but the time to come together, both the fans, players, manager and staffs it will bring out the best in them.
I think that the main concern shall be on the wingers. Antony has been coming back and i hope he will able to play against galatasaray. Manchester united needs three points.
Missing it will be lowering the chance of united to go to the playoff stage. Let's wait to see what kind of line up that will be used by ten hag.
Manchester United will benefit from playing in their own public, so there is no reason that Manchester United should get points in tonight's match, even though Galatasaray has reliable attackers and midfielders who are very good at providing mature passes such as Hakim Ziyech, Dries Mertens, and many more of course Manchester United must be wary of this player otherwise there will be concerns that it will endanger Manchester United's goal.
Now Old Trafford is no longer haunted by opponents so there is no longer any guarantee that Manchester United will always win if they play in front of their own supporters. But for Erik Ten Hag he has to do something and be able to bring Manchester United back to victory. If you look at their opponent, Galatasaray, it seems that it is not so easy for the Red Devils to party, currently the Turkish representatives have brought in a number of top European players and they could be a real threat. With several mainstay players still injured, of course Erik Ten Hag has to rack his brains in compiling the starting XI, but he must carry the burden in order to deliver another victory for the Red Devils.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: October 03, 2023, 02:01:58 PM
Girona doesn't meet-up the match and standards for Real Madrid. They showcased their capacity for play in the early minutes of the first half, exerting pressure on Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti's squad responded, as Girona was unable to hold onto their territory when Real Madrid propagated for goal. Who is the league champion now? All eyes focused on Real Madrid, who remained the most outstanding despite their overwhelming advantage. Girona is a developing club that will take longer than predicted before the team has a potential to score a thrilling victory against Los Blancos.
Even though Girona lost to Madrid, I still feel Girona played an extraordinary game. It doesn't matter if you lose because in that match the Girona players never stopped trying to attack even though it ended in failure. For Madrid itself, being at the top of the standings is still not completely safe. The reason is, the gap with Barcelona is small so that in the next few matches the two will alternate positions.

Saying who will win until the end will be very difficult to say at this time. Madrid needs to show consistency in addition to its preparations for the UCL. Considering that several mainstay defenders have experienced problems due to injuries. Ancelotti definitely rotates many of his players, including Camavinga and Tchouaméni, who in my opinion can really be used in several positions, including playing as a defender.
Girona was able to make a breakthrough at the start of this season and their performance really surprised many people. But it must be admitted that Girona's quality is still far behind that of Real Madrid and Barcelona, so it is difficult for him to continue to lead at the top of the standings. I do not deny the struggle of the Girona players and I hope they can continue to show collective play and continue to win matches. Girona must dream big to be able to play in the Champions League next season and I think that is very realistic rather than thinking about the chance of winning La Liga.
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