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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: There is a code that allows PayPal to freeze your crypto assets. on: Today at 05:10:16 PM
What you said in your last sentence is the correct way to do it. Don't trust any exchange. Use them for that purpose only. An "exchange".
Remember "Not your keys, not your coins." Let's not forget that, please.
Whatever coins we hold, let's look for a wallet that supports it first because that's the only security we can have from all these scams that are happening left and right. Without that, we are prone to anything.
But, how will you use them if you don't trust them? And an exchange has different purposes or functions which can include trapping our funds for a certain period time to gain a return. Not all exchanges are centralized but there are also decentralized. However I think they still has a risk so we should be careful. Same goes to the crypto wallets. Having our own keys is not the only security that we can have but we have others too like setting up a 2FA, and so on.. We need to do them as well to have an extra layer of security.

The worst case scenario that I am imagining is your asset suddenly gone in Paypal or any exchange and they can still prove that you don't really have anything in their wallet. That will be fucked up because we cannot fight a battle against big companies like that.
That's indeed worse, and it's not different from scamming already. Aren't they afraid with that? If they continue like this, many people will soon not use their service anymore.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: Today at 02:11:33 PM
I hope so but rodrygo seems still to be the primary choice by ancellotti even though joselu was available and this is good. I was seeing that in the previous season if ancellotti was always prioritizing the old talents to play. Kroos and modric seem get less regular time to play and i do like that caused by they were aged even though they were good. I would like to see all of young talented players were filling real madrid. I hope madrid will get a new striker in winter. The club really needs one striker who can carry like benzema in the past.
I hope madrid will able to find someone who was suitable enough in filling the position as a striker. I'm feeling nostalgic for the time when Madrid played without any losses, and they were flawless in their performance.
That reminds me of the era when madrid won three times UCL in a row. It's the best moment i have remembered it in my mind.
Carlos Ancelotti is having his last season here at Real Madrid with his current team is doing impressive, and he doesn't need to do any big changes because in next season with new coach we can expect better things which will help this team for having good results.

Kroos and Modric are surely now having last time because they already give their best with most chances things will be completely change after end of Ancelotti era, and they will be also had their new destination, but one thing is surely as we have rumors we will not have Son Heung-Min in this team in near future.

There is no doubt Real Madrid still looking for good striker and things will be clear in summer 2024 because then we will have the good number of changes and this will be a good chance for them but who is coming it's still not clear even many feeling they have deal with Mbappé which is also not clear.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: Today at 10:53:10 AM
PSG will not sell Mbappé for a high price, even if they extend the contract for another year. Mbappé seems to have determined that his next stop will be Madrid. He turned down many offers from big clubs. Continuing to prolong this transfer will cause damage to both sides, but the one who will suffer the most is probably PSG. They could lose Mbappé entirely without getting any money.
That's right, Madrid is the beneficiary, and PSG has to sell Mbappé to them at a cheap price. Madrid is the one who decides. They can buy Mbappé, and Haaland is also a suitable name for them to spend money on. If PSG keeps the transfer price tight, Madrid is ready to find another player.
It would be very funny if PSG sold Mbappe at a cheap price, Mbappe's previous value was more than 200 million how could he be left at a cheap price now? besides that do you think with Mbappe's contract extension by PSG they will not benefit? don't be too naive in this case because even if Mbappe's goal is to leave but with the previous contract extension it indicates that PSG does not want to lose their money. Even if in the end PSG will also not be too long in the fry from the price issue but still he will be one of the most expensive transfers in the end.
Even right now nothing is clear about Kylian Mbappé contract with PSG, but one thing is sure his tenure is going to end in 2024 with this trigger is only in hands of Mbappé that can he want to extend his contract or not with PSG can't do anything which is really miserable right now but things will be clear in near future because 31 July 2024 is last date, so hopefully things will be cleared by both parties but most chances we will have new destination for the star player with where he is going it is not clear Real Madrid or Liverpool both are strong candidates for him, but financially Liverpool is surely much better because they are also ready for this all.

If we have him as free agent then surely things will be interesting because Real Madrid wants him as free agent but again if we have something special then surely most chances Liverpool is going to spend huge amount for him.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: September 30, 2023, 07:41:29 PM
Liverpool with 9 players is defending really good and they even had a shot on target so maybe im crazy but if a good counter attack is made they can score. But i really hope that Tottenham scores soon because i really need them badly to win this match. Who knows how much additional time we will see aswell.
No striker, no attacking midfielder, no winger, that's Liverpool's lineup when they have to play with 9 players. They played with defenders and defensive midfielders because Klopp planned to maintain a draw until the end of the match.

What happen is the contrary. Liverpool's defense was forced to score their own goal due to high pressure from Tottenham. Joel Matip misanticipated the cross which led to Tottenham's winning goal at the end of the match. Finally, Liverpool, who seemed robbed by the referee, had to accept defeat at Tottenham today, plus 2 red cards.
Mostly weekends having too much drama and surprises, but today we have more than expectations with shocking defeat for the Manchester City as well but here in this match things were completely shocking because we have to accept Liverpool done good job but at the end Joel Matip done mistake, and now they are going to face consequences as well in coming matches double red card and own goal defeat is surely telling all story for this game but with this all Tottenham is also having one of the best start in years specially as they lost Harry Kane things were never been ideal and most were feeling they could be below than average but with this performance and situation now they are strong case for the top four which is surely interesting.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: BNB ? on: September 30, 2023, 05:26:14 PM
Binance and BNB have been affected by the SEC lawsuit, and it can easily be seen by looking at how considerably low BNB's price is compared to pre-lawsuit levels. Unfortunately, as supportive as I was of BNB in the past and trusted it by believing that it's a relatively safe investment, despite it being an exchange coin that others mentioned, I can no longer confidently claim the same. We can't do anything else but wait; the market is generally not in good shape, and the SEC lawsuit also played an important role in it. Hopefully, 2024 will be a better year.
You would think that lawsuit would affect it, but this legal fight could take years to come to any conclusion. So i don't think 2024 is the year we have any sort of resolution, or even progress on the lawsuit.
However we could have bullrun. As long as there's no withdrawal issues, or BUSD would go bust, i think BNB is doing just fine. I wouldn't count on bullrun, but i can't see any reason for it to radically dump either.
They are big but it can put a dent on them. Worse thing can only happen if they can not defend their selves anymore. Yes it can take a long time, take XRP case for example but many are glad that they remain to be a victor at the end. Even though it won't be solved completely,

I think the coin can still benefit from the positive happenings that are about to come so we can still invest on it now. In the case of BUSD, Binance already noticed that people should withdraw. But if they can't do it on the designated time, then they are in trouble. BUSD won't bust for now because it's not a volatile crypto but it may stop operating soon. Once all the people convert their token.
6  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What happened to Crypto Volatility..??? on: September 30, 2023, 05:49:23 AM
The market is no longer volatile as before because we're in the bear market and alot of individual are no longer active in the market trading Bitcoin by buying or selling but they are holding because soon the halving date will near and those who didn't hold their bitcoin will be regretting while those individuals that didn't sell their Bitcoin but was holding will make profits. When the bear market is over and the bull market comes then you'll see the market back in its volatility.
If we are talking about extreme volatility, then yes, the market isn't that volatile at the moment for a lot of reasons including market sentiment, not much news both positive and negative, and lower trading volumes of course, but volatility in general is still present because the prices of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are still moving up and down every single day no matter how small the movement is.

Most individual in the crypto market are holding and there aren't many individual buying because alot of money has been lot in the market for the last past years and those with money are waiting for the market to finish dumping then starts pumping before they will buy.
People are buying and selling but the volumes are relatively lower at the moment, and as soon as that starts going up, the market will start getting more pace and will start going up more and we probably have some time for that to happen right now.
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Are you on guard for any unexpected? on: September 29, 2023, 03:39:52 PM
For those people who hold bitcoins, this means nothing at all. This is a minor price change. People are waiting for a significant leap upward. And such changes have happened more than once over the past couple of years. Bitcoin may fall by 2-3 thousand. I don’t think anyone except scalpers cares much about this
There are more scalpers and short-term traders in the market than holders in my opinion, so this was most probably a great opportunity for a bigger part of the whole market and a lot of them must have missed it since it was sudden, or maybe those who are good with charts and technical analysis might have had an idea that this will happen and I wonder how much profit futures traders must have earned from this if they were longing Bitcoin just before it.

It will be interesting to see some stats and figures about how much profit traders got and how much money was liquidated just because of this. I'm pretty sure that a lot of traders must have been expecting the market to go down but it must have surprised them by this sudden drop in the price.
8  Economy / Speculation / Re: Take your eyes off from the fall in price on: September 28, 2023, 06:53:52 PM
As sort of experienced Bitcoiner (I don't like to brag about it), I always suggest young people or new Bitcoin investors be patient and never ever expect Bitcoin to make you thousands of dollars so quickly at this point. But, obviously, market price is cheap now. But this is also complicated. Price has room to go below these levels for sure because there is certain lack of demand from whales, big established investors. So being cautious is the best thing to do.
The hardest and most difficult part to explain about being a long term bitcoiner is the fact that I am not wealthy at all, I am not even rich, and by many high priced western nations I could be even considered poor, not so much in my nation of course.

So when you say you are a veteran, people ask why you are not rich, I have been here for 10 years, and I have made a lot of money and never worked in an office for the past 7 or so years, made all my income from bitcoin, that should be enough, but they expect someone who has been here for 10 years to be at least a millionaire if not more. So, it is really not something that matters all that much, but I do agree with what you said, and I think all the veteran bitcoiners would agree to that.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Should I invest in new projects. on: September 28, 2023, 06:02:30 PM
I have never heard of a project called DingDang Bubble. Investing in any new project is risky and in this bear market it is even more risky to invest in any new meme project. I think you should do more research before investing in this project. But yes, if the market condition is good, then such projects often turn into Gem.
People nowadays create tokens or projects with literally any name, lol. There is a bubble gum product here that is called Ding Dong Bubble, is this project is actually named Ding Dong then it is so hilarious, to be honest, and people also think that such projects can gain significant success. I would never invest in a project without a unique name and branding and simply copying the name and the branding of something existing and creating their own project with it.

And such projects barely provide any actual use case for the community other than fake promises of exponential growth and promises of products to be released in the future which never comes and investors keep hoping that things will get better over time but nothing actually happens and the projects keeps going down.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin kwoledge is not complete without bitcoin investment on: September 28, 2023, 04:02:49 PM
The purpose of Bitcoin is not to invest...
What makes us think that Bitcoin can't have more than one purposes? It can be used as a payment method when possible since it provides seamless and decentralized payments and it can also be used as an investment asset since it is volatile and can provide significant profits on investments.

But investing in Bitcoin allows you to deal with Bitcoin directly, through buying, selling, and transferring to the wallet, and these things will make you get to know Bitcoin more closely.
A person should learn everything about Bitcoin and the market before getting involved financially. After making investments, you might earn experience but to be able to do that in a good manner, you need knowledge beforehand.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: September 28, 2023, 11:22:50 AM
Girona is the surprise team in Laliga this season because the positive results they have achieved in every match have made them the leaders of the standings. I'm sure their players are quite happy, even this is like a big dream for them. But yes, they must be able to maintain their consistency throughout the season if they want to win the title or close the season in the top 4.

Indeed, Girona strength will be tested when they face big teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. If they are able to achieve maximum results, let's say a draw, then they will be like a wizard team this season because they can beat two big teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona. I hope they don't get too complacent just yet because this season is still quite long.
In the presence of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid they are at the top with no lost in first seven games is surely impressive start for them with last win against Villarreal is surely having amazing stuff and most chances they will keep things in coming weeks as well now in eight round they are going to face Real Madrid at home which is surely challenging match but with this current form and performance it's going to be entertaining game.

Real Madrid is trying to fight back after defeat against city rivals, and they are doing their best for staying at the top, but Girona is surely not easy opponent because their attack is impressive which is allowing this team for having impressive start of this season and enjoying this spot as well for the time being.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Only good coins are listed on top exchange? on: September 27, 2023, 08:46:45 PM
There are two key factors to grasp when pondering what distinguishes top exchanges. First, it's important to recognize that their success is attributed to their proficiency in the crypto industry and their ability to generate substantial trading volume. The status of being a top exchange is not solely dependent on the quality of the coins listed; instead, there are instances where top exchanges remove certain coins that no longer attract significant trading activity. Being listed on a top exchange enhances a coin's prospects for long-term success, a fact that has been substantiated over time.
Top exchanges also think about how user security is guaranteed and of course there will be guarantees on the balances they hold. Not just reliable marketing, accepting lots of altcoins but they have good standards and of course can be trusted as a top exchange. let's look at Binance, how they became the biggest and most popular today. they are constantly evolving with the latest security and not only that, they have strict rules for accepting new altcoins. they only accept projects that have a good future and unprecedented innovation.
I don't agree with that, I know that they strive to provide the best services for their customers but that is because they don't want them to leave and choose a different exchange, and when it comes to listing cryptocurrencies, if they actually looked at the future or innovations before listing them then I believe there would be no meme coins listed in Binance because meme coins don't really have any clear future nor they have any good innovation to offer.

So, the very first thing that they think about is how they can get more profit and if they know that a certain coin or a token is being hyped heavily by the community, they go ahead and list it because they know that the token will be traded very well and that will bring them profit in the form of trading fees.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Could the rise and popularity of cryptocurrencies be a vivid example? on: September 27, 2023, 07:10:40 PM
For example, as the growth of the money supply outpaces the growth of the bitcoin supply, the price of bitcoin will rise.
It ain't that simple. We also need to see higher bitcoin demand for bitcoin's price to rise — because the scarcity itself is only half of the problem; the other half being demand. We can create as much scarce(or even far more scarcer) cryptocurrencies as we want but it would be pointless without demand.
That's the exact point. Bitcoin is so popular and in demand, because it was the very first cryptocurrency in the world and other cryptocurrencies were created following its success and rising popularity back in the day, and the whole thing is that it has had a very high demand for a very long time and that is the reason why it has such a high value, otherwise, any coin with a limited supply could become another Bitcoin but the demand can't match Bitcoin's demand.

Almost all the cryptocurrencies that were ever created basically aimed to become as good and famous as Bitcoin but they will always be alternative coins because Bitcoin is one and it's unique and that uniqueness is not only because it is completely decentralized but also because all other cryptocurrencies other than it are altcoins since Bitcoin was created before them all.
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: My first knowledge in Bitcoin/Bitcointalk on: September 27, 2023, 05:50:33 PM
In my curiousity to know more about bitcoin, he told me to register in bitcointalk so I will learn and know more from there. So if I make any mistake in any of my writing, please correct me. I am open to correction.
Well, your uncle has told you the basics, and you will need to learn the rest yourself. There is actually no rocket science in here unless you get into technical stuff about Bitcoin and blockchain technology which is not necessary unless you want to learn it just because you want to, everything else is easy to learn if you have an interest in it. If we talk about the forum, you should learn about the rules and stuff and understand what you should and shouldn't do in here.

When it comes to investments, make sure that you stay vigilant since there are a lot of scams in the industry and they usually target newbie investors and lure them into investing in their fake projects or exchanges that don't really exist but since you already know that Bitcoin isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, you should be safe from all that.
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Bitcoin trading and gambling on: September 25, 2023, 02:50:19 PM
It should be known to you that gambling and trading are different things in one word, even you can earn daily from trading if you can gain experience with good understanding of trading. It is possible to make good profit from trading and your money is guaranteed that no third party can withdraw your funds but profits may be more or less and losses may also occur but you will not lose your entire money. On the other hand play gambling where after placing a bet then if you lose then you lose the entire amount, and if you win then you can earn double money.
A lot of people actually compare gambling with trading because of futures trading which might have some similarities with gambling but it's still a lot different than gambling itself because futures trading can be profitable if someone has enough knowledge and experience about the market and how it moves because you make the trades based on your research and analysis and you don't lose the trades all the time if you are doing it that way.

Sports betting has more similarities with futures trading because when you are betting on a sports event, you need knowledge and experience about the sport and the teams involved in that match so that you can choose the side that has the highest chances of winning and you can win more if you are knowledgeable.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Quality over Quantity on: September 25, 2023, 01:51:15 PM
I do think that the problem with most newbies is that they often associate quantity = quality; which in fact is not always the case.

The more users that make their post longer, the more that readers would get very disinterested in reading their posts (though this is considered in a case-to-case basis). While posts may be long, I do agree with your statement that any thread should be at least concise and straight to the point to avoid any kind of spam or unnecessary information that are irrelevant to the post.
They will learn over time. We were all newbies at one point, and there were a lot of things that we didn't know, we obviously used to do a lot of things that we were not supposed to do that way, but as time went by, we learned everything little by little and today we are capable of discussing the mistakes of other newbies. So, the main issue is if they don't learn over time and keep doing that even when they get old even if their rank stays the same in here.

When you are learning and growing, your mistakes will mostly be ignored because people will see that you are at least progressing, but if you keep making the same mistakes again and again without showing any growth, that makes it difficult for people to ignore the mistakes you are making.
17  Economy / Speculation / Re: BITCOIN HALVING COUNTDOWN IS ON – WILL CRYPTO PRICES RISE? on: September 24, 2023, 06:06:15 PM
The significant excitement and anticipation among cryptocurrency investors was due to the positive trend that always comes with the Bitcoin halving effect but the 2024 halving market is not only anticipated only because of the halving. People also anticipated the BTC spot ETF approval, more institutional investor interest in BTC, and possible interest rate cuts. Besides, the former SEC Chairman also said the Bitcoin Spot ETF is inevitable.
After we combine this and other positive news that literally boosts the zeal of investors in BTC there's no other thing that can hinder people's anticipation of the coming BTC halving.
Halving is 228 days to go and we already witnessing an anticipation in the market. The investor is very much mature now and the price stability is mainly because no one is willing to sell his bitcoin at this point. We saw few fluctuations very recently but price didn't went down too much. Bitcoin price is very much on its way to recovery and may reach 30k very soon. It's very much obvious that current time is ideal for accumulating Bitcoin.
Well, there are always buyers and sellers in the market, it's just that the scale for those buys and sells is lower than what it requires to pump the market or make it dip. The halving is not a guaranteed indicator for the bull run, people expect the market to enter the bull run right after the halving which doesn't happen because the halving doesn't magically make the price go up and it depends on when people actually start demanding for Bitcoin so that sellers can start asking for a higher price.

However, from what we've seen in the past, the market starts going up slowly after the halving or at least around that date, and we will see if the same thing happens this time or not. It is also possible that the market only starts going up after a few months from the halving event.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Should i invest in this project or not on: September 24, 2023, 05:30:45 PM
This is another thread you made (that I know of) and actually the context remains the same as before where you are just looking at a new project that is expecting a hype and pump there.
I'm not going to advise or discourage you because judging from your posts when you made the comment about observing I think you have researched more about the project you said but what you need to understand in this case remains only one that when you are ready to be in a project like this then it is not an investment but a gamble.
Even if you say big profits, it still does not cover the fact that profits are only obtained if you are lucky with what you choose because in the end things that smell about shitcoin or memecoin we all know what the end will be.
Do you really think that he has researched the project and then came here and created this thread and also other threads that he keeps creating in this or other sections of the forum? He is either a part of the project or has been paid to do this, it's a pure tactic to create some hype within the community and possibly get some investors out of the crowd that reads all these threads. However, I don't know if things like these actually work for these projects.

Have you ever invested in a project after reading a post from a newbie praising it in a public forum? I don't think people do that, and that is not how investments work. They need to understand that they will need to find another and a better way to market their project if they think it's a good project.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What does it take to play casino? on: September 24, 2023, 02:49:42 PM
That is why before we gamble at a casino, we have to allocate a certain amount of money to gamble. We must remember that the allocated money for gambling does not need to be used entirely because we also have to limit the money we use. We don't want to experience problems while gambling, so with the restrictions we apply, we will not use all the money and choose to leave the money to gamble another day. And with these restrictions, we can still enjoy gambling and return to the casino to gamble another day.
It makes it very difficult for a gambler to not spend everything if they have it in their balance already. So, if someone wants to spend a specific amount for one gambling session, they are supposed to only deposit that exact amount instead of making a large deposit thinking that they will spare some of it for later because most gamblers don't have enough self-control to be able to stop when they need to and they will probably spend the whole bankroll.

That's why, if I want to gamble only $50 for today, I will just deposit $50 so that if I lose that amount, my account balance will be zero and then I might get out of the casino. But if I deposit $100 and want to spend just $50, even if I lose the initial $50, I can gamble more since I see I have more balance and I might think that I will recover the money with it and then lose the remaining balance as well.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Is The Father After All on: September 23, 2023, 08:33:40 PM
Bitcoin is known as the king of cryptocurrencies. There are several reasons why Bitcoin is considered the king of cryptocurrencies. All other coins in the market are not dependent on themselves but are directly or indirectly dependent on Bitcoin. You must have realized by now that when the value of Bitcoin increases, all other coins increase in value, but when there is bad news in the Bitcoin market or the Bitcoin market begins to pray downwards, then all other coins in the market start going down. 

Bitcoin market green means all other coins in the market are positive, Bitcoin market red means the entire market is red. That's why people trust Bitcoin so much and invest in Bitcoin.
Because Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and the gateway for other currencies, other altcoins are fully dependent on Bitcoin, and if anything happens to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies will be affected in some way, and watching what is happening in the market, if anything happens in terms of news either good or bad news, its effect will be seen in the entire market. Despite the fact that the nature of Bitcoin has boosted its value, people still choose to deal with Bitcoin since it is safe and can withstand any type of obstacle as when compared to others that are susceptible.  and even for a very long time, bitcoin will continue to be king because the color will still be determined by the king.
Well, we can hope for Bitcoin to be the king forever, or at least until we are alive. However, the world keeps changing and so does the technology, it keeps getting advanced and even though we might think there can't be a better thing than Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the time will surely surprise us and the whole world might see a new innovation better than this. For now, it doesn't seem possible and we will keep saying Bitcoin is the king.

The reason why Bitcoin leads the charge is because whenever the market conditions start changing, people react very quickly with both Bitcoin and altcoins that they are holding. If they see the market is going up, they start buying both Bitcoin and altcoins, and the same happens when the market starts going down.
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