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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 23.0 [Torrent]
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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [announce] Namecoin - a distributed naming system based on Bitcoin on: February 28, 2022, 12:28:21 PM
Probably cuz your using Windows 10 OS?

No, really just download the Wallet and Blockchain, the Namecoin Blockchain is only 6 GB currently...........

Bitcoin Blockchain size is something like 300 GB or more IDK

Or you just wanting Electrum for the 13 Word Backup?

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Tidecoin: Post-Quantum Security Bitcoin | PoW only | CPU friendly algo on: February 28, 2022, 12:25:29 PM

The Devs for Arielcoin seem like a take over team..............Tidecoin developer "Satoshi Anon" probably developed Arielcoin work too for most of the code..............But Tidecoin Developer is too high level Whitepaper to be the same team as the take over team...........but I could be wrong about their association, but I think they are not related............

But thanks for noticing the Drama..........

I think the whole Putin turning into the new Stalin wanting to murder all the "Nazis" makes things a lot more

Tidecoin.Exchange Russian hosting has had Tidecoin Withdrawls suspended for me for last couple days.......but allow Dogecoin withdraws.............even when setting up new accounts it's the same so I wonder a little!

I really wish Russia would not start War against me, but I am your friend trying to be nice for long time and let you have WWII even with all your atrocities...........but I am not violent, I am oppressed you want to Genocide "Nazis"...........I AM GERMAN........................and yes being a GERMAN does mean I am a technical "NAZI" but I did not kill Russians nor was I fighting Russians during WWI and WWII.......................

Finland is an Awesome country, so FUCK U least we know the score now! 

You have the largest land mass on earth?  Why can't you develop it instead to try to mass murder "NAZIS"? 

Do you know how hard it's gonna be for your country now? 

There are "NAZIS" everywhere because that definition is any White person on earth now! 

Yes, bring your Chi-Com Army with you too!  WE ARE WAITING
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] ArielCoin: strong quantum-resistant security on: February 24, 2022, 01:19:01 PM
Cryptographers like the NSA contractors developed these encryption standards..........these are just Crypto Currency Devs........

The problem is they are likely packaging Malware with their "work"..........

The Google Hook is still in the code and I am not going to compile it using "Depends" folder as that is just a Google Container that installs and builds it.............meaning it's NOT open source........


And I don't recommend anyone run this code unless they plan to re-install their OS in the next few weeks/months

It's focus is GPU miners, but it looks like your the same Devs for Tidecoin which makes me understand why the Founder jumped ship............Probably a disagreement in real work versus Malware work..........

To be honest your White paper is very poor, but your idea of using KaPow with CRYSTALS-Dilithium is expert.........but no point to bother with this shit coin as no good exchange is gonna list it with Malware Hooks.............

It's technically illegal to have a Pre-mine anyway, for Tax purposes..........I understand that probably doesn't matter, but it sucks that your team is the one running Tidecoin.....................

I am glad I saw the writing on the wall with Tidecoin when they tried to blow smoke up my ass that Signatures worked inside the wallet............I still got a stash of it but I got out with my investment back.......but likely others did not will not!

I guess if Scammers are in control of the Quantum-Gates for the next Round we all better hope someone honest Returns to Develop a real PQ-E coin!

The Tidecoin Whitepaper is expertly done, so if your team Whitepaper here is what to expect I am not hopeful for Tidecoin anymore............but I am even so whatever...........your "team" will hurt more than me as I am even and your team probably holds a lot more Tidecoin than me so............your just hurting yourselves

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: -- The Riddle of the Twin Brothers - Who Were, Are and Will Rule the World! on: February 23, 2022, 01:28:20 PM

Moons seem to always go to all the wrong people though.........who actually puts in high Ask price unless they are scammers and "Know" it's coming?

No moon I have seen has benefited good people unless by accident or as a side result of benefiting bad peoples schemes.........

I agree though this thread is perfect to blow off steam to act normal throughout the day elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!! 
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] ArielCoin: strong quantum-resistant security on: February 23, 2022, 01:10:39 PM
As promising as this project might seem, the Wallet Doesn't Compile from Github so I am unsure what hack software they are using to throw these projects together..........Arowanacoin doesn't compile either...........

Tidecoin is the first and ONLY PQ-E coin that compiles...........

This project has good sounding potential points........but......

In file included from ./qt/paymentrequestplus.h:10,
                 from ./qt/paymentserver.h:40,
                 from qt/bitcoin.cpp:26:
./qt/paymentrequest.pb.h: In member function ‘void payments::Output::clear_amount()’:
./qt/paymentrequest.pb.h:769:13: error: ‘GOOGLE_ULONGLONG’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘GOOGLE_DLOG’?
  769 |   amount_ = GOOGLE_ULONGLONG(0);
      |             ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |             GOOGLE_DLOG
./qt/paymentrequest.pb.h: In member function ‘void payments::PaymentDetails::clear_time()’:
./qt/paymentrequest.pb.h:979:11: error: ‘GOOGLE_ULONGLONG’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘GOOGLE_DLOG’?
  979 |   time_ = GOOGLE_ULONGLONG(0);
      |           ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |           GOOGLE_DLOG
./qt/paymentrequest.pb.h: In member function ‘void payments::PaymentDetails::clear_expires()’:
./qt/paymentrequest.pb.h:1003:14: error: ‘GOOGLE_ULONGLONG’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘GOOGLE_DLOG’?
 1003 |   expires_ = GOOGLE_ULONGLONG(0);
      |              ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |              GOOGLE_DLOG
make[2]: *** [Makefile:12347: qt/libbitcoinqt_a-bitcoin.o] Error 1

This is where it fails compiling...............I don't know what this is exactly yet............But it looks like some Google Hook linked to Payment Address Generation which could hook the whole process back to Google IDK..............I have not done much looking yet.......................

I have never seen this error before!

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Tidecoin: Post-Quantum Security Bitcoin | PoW only | CPU friendly algo on: February 20, 2022, 11:48:53 AM


After some various attacks against my setup...........this solution should work for at least a little while......

You should probably use at least a VPN for this Tutorial

IPFS Client to upload Encrypted Wallet.dat

Create Nexus Username/Login

You will need a couple coins as making a address have a name is 1 Nexus around .30 cents currently, this is where the CID download link will be stored for Tidecoin Wallet.dat file............

Honestly it's just a lot easier to use Nexus Address for the password Generation for the Wallet.dat Encryption also, just add some easy random Characters to the Nexus Address to make it "Quantum" Secure for future........CTRL V to paste

This is how to Encrypt Your Tidecoin Wallet.dat file........Backup to Home Folder OpenSSL only works under the home folder by default..........this is where the renamed TIDE.dat is REQUIRED to be located........there will be an error if it's not correct before asking for encryption password 2 times.................

Open Command Line Terminal


openssl enc -e -pbkdf2 -chacha20 -md sha512 -in /home/Computer-Name-Here/TIDE.dat -out /home/Computer-Name-Here/TIDE.dat.enc


openssl enc -d -pbkdf2 -chacha20 -md sha512 -in /home/Computer-Name-Here/TIDE.dat.enc -out /home/Computer-Name-Here/TIDE.dat

In fact it would be good to Create a Nexus Address with these OpenSSL Instructions saved also just switch the -d and -e for decrypt and encryption.........................

So Nexus is the keystone, Either use Namecoin Password/Pin or Memorize your login.........

Anything uploaded to IPFS should be encrypted using OpenSSL

Using this method should last you a Lifetime and IPFS uses Sha-256 CID Hashes so it's something to keep in mind, but as long as you keep your CID private it might be left alone...........

This is the Only method that I have a high confidence in backing up Physical Wallet.dat files

Nexus is a good place to store XMR Monero Seed Phrases ect............but it costs 1 Nexus each backup

It's probably best to learn this now as Nexus is cheap doing this later might cost a lot more as it will always cost 1 Nexus.....
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Tidecoin: Post-Quantum Security Bitcoin | PoW only | CPU friendly algo on: February 19, 2022, 12:16:25 AM

Tidecoin Pools List

SRB-Multi Miner

./SRBMiner-MULTI --param-n 1048576 --param-r 128 --quiet --disable-gpu --algorithm yespowertide --pool --wallet  --password


./cpuminer -a yespowertide --param-n 1048576 --param-r 128 --quiet -o stratum+tcp:// -u  -p
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Tidecoin: Post-Quantum Security Bitcoin | PoW only | CPU friendly algo on: February 15, 2022, 09:43:14 PM

I applied to it's probably the best exchange on the internet........simple to use.......but being

hosted in Russia is probably the biggest advantage Tidecoin has over every other coin as Russia has no exchanges hosted in

Russia except Tidecoin...........

Russia is the Future

But it would not hurt to have more people apply to TradeOgre as they don't require 2-Factor to withdraw, 2-Factor ties a phone GPS to a Blockchain address
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: -- The Riddle of the Twin Brothers - Who Were, Are and Will Rule the World! on: February 11, 2022, 09:59:56 AM

English March of the Volunteer Trucks Lyrics:

"March of the Volunteer Trucks"

Arise, you who refuse to be slaves!
With our flesh and blood,
Let us build a New Great Wall!
As the World faces its Greatest Peril
From each Truck the urgent call to action comes Forth.
Arise! Arise! Arise!
Millions of but one Heart
Millions of but one Mind
Braving the enemies’ Fire! March on!
Braving the enemies’ Fire! March on!
March on! March, March on!
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Tidecoin: Post-Quantum Security Bitcoin | PoW only | CPU friendly algo on: February 08, 2022, 06:20:48 AM
Github AI coding assistance

And I second the SRB Multi-Miner working much faster............

16 Core AMD 3950x 5950x went from 15 KH to around 22 KH undervolted 0.94 Volts 3.5 GHZ

Just by changing miners..........however I have 2 16 Core AMD Chips that are actually worse using SRB Multi-Miner lower than the 15 KH using Plant-Opt Miner

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Tidecoin: Post-Quantum Security Bitcoin | PoW only | CPU friendly algo on: February 01, 2022, 09:37:17 AM

Realistically Bitcoin has spent untold hours computer programming to hardly get anything in return.............Bitcoin is tied to a massive ASIC infrastructure across the World and the complications to alter it is vast................

Mostly developments are psychological................should I do work to impress someone or should I try to be productive with other things if there is no work to be done?

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [announce] Namecoin - a distributed naming system based on Bitcoin on: January 28, 2022, 10:23:57 PM

Yes, Quantum Key Exchange Algo's I understand this is what I was meaning and the only real transport encryption is Cha-Cha20 ATM which is already in browsers..............however websites linked with Cloud like to disable even that encryption standard so assuming anyone in the world who could possibly increase encryption and resources is not likely to advance it...........The world is still fighting the same fight Edward Snowden revealed.................the desire to weaken or backdoor all encryption standards.............

Quantum key TLS size would not be much bigger than traditional cryptography after compression..............

The Namecoin not being Quantum does not matter as it's only resolving the name...........not the data.........and Tor isn't likely to adopt Quantum Encryption anytime soon either but getting .bit readable websites like .onion away from Censorship is more important than PQ Encryption........for now...............

I view this as a long term strategy to force the issue of how the Quantum Computers can break things, which would force Bitcoin/Namecoin to adopt new Hardware/Algos...............As if websites .bit were using PQ-E they would attack Namecoin instead..........but if .bit websites take lazy approach they will just get attacked and people will think it's Op-Sec doing it........instead of Quantum Computers breaking it ect..........

Key Exchange:

The following quantum-safe algorithms from liboqs are supported (assuming they have been enabled in liboqs):

BIKE: bikel1, bikel3
CRYSTALS-Kyber: kyber512, kyber768, kyber1024, kyber90s512, kyber90s768, kyber90s1024
FrodoKEM: frodo640shake, frodo976aes, frodo976shake, frodo1344aes, frodo1344shake
HQC: hqc128, hqc192, hqc256†
NTRU: ntru_hps2048509, ntru_hps2048677, ntru_hps4096821, ntru_hps40961229, ntru_hrss701, ntru_hrss1373
NTRU-Prime: ntrulpr653, ntrulpr761, ntrulpr857, ntrulpr1277, sntrup653, sntrup761, sntrup857, sntrup1277
SABER: lightsaber, saber, firesaber
SIDH: sidhp434, sidhp503, sidhp610, sidhp751
SIKE: sikep434, sikep503, sikep610, sikep751

Open Quantum Safe Github is very interesting anyway................
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Tidecoin: Post-Quantum Security Bitcoin | PoW only | CPU friendly algo on: January 28, 2022, 01:27:55 AM
Is it possible to develop a security standard for cryptography that opposes quantum computing if you do not have such computers to calculate solutions?

Tidecoin uses Cryptography from NSA like developers, Falcon is not a scam game, it's foundation is upon Math Vectors........

Tidecoin Private Key Size

6YTbeSCuKiXZ1bwFoa99bqTzhXrmj4CuCicUspvwLCVAuyvVyhMwYn8zV9EX3md2rgsTz5QxsYeuqYv CG53BibkbnhRJQCWAABx3UjApv3mwJauYmESoWCY5W52xpG2jarCLexJXd89xZp1fcdiDr678akchw2 Xs1yRWaLih8Ccxz4wM28Pim5TP559zy4xppMbhGoDNUZ9nBAEVtbgx6EnjGntf2dLBY3J3ggHBoYn1F pzN6gT9JhJgqf537ZfimbWg2A9B7ZGLhbRsSjms7UWP1dN9W3FodY8P7nsqqkMR41hAgJwAUikmPPfL SvV98pdwtENTNmRNw7UjjiNjGHrb54aTCfUNtwtU4ELJ7F9VMf3qx13GGbRq5R2qKvXfdTjwrywSb2V oytQHYMhPVNAwtSuxrmrYWH8Wy64pd9UZBYtZH9B5GhkpdQJshVowPcERDaMakZJxdNYPSovt5cZ4iw FWVwLkwX7zHYW6RjEjz4UnQiYpKnHb8bkcgZTgeex39WjB2K1iL7d8jA512cyVtRn31NGQa2jtyyoqF 44Zg5sa87bztGrXz9cVV2yR5r1EfD749gMP8GbGp983bfciz9WnA38PAV6ZMFcFPuA5SeGfKs1yzVwe iBbP5v1PUCA9DpXrLBYWqEB7nK282eoNMaMbiJ7XbpVCP5rNWaggYwsh67Fr4ww47okE4aNENWkcido BwUKT2TKkHbgFQ2bLUCEGfYwQNLzFpNiKV1Po6J5RNHS7n4531G6oG759tVC5kRsG9qugPjgwoCbQvN LexoRLpDfRDV1yMWb9ToQJ4zd8TWn1VSHTfvE4aZtFFLa1xJTLrKSGus1SqomYA5jL12FBnP6kVgTmZ fpHgdv9RUMVy7DRTXfCBrBAmqWZyq8b2gmjvgtJGiD4QXRSdURYLenGENnmjNUCCc6uM6AdCnFdJPr9 Zhq2PyjRAyHNQ6BWyLNJUFPdYKx3JZvNSLkLt459GXQMQX7FRo4mkXsnCW243U6WEJyjaCfndAJRNeP zgQjKaB4pXf36aScBr6D1mkHVPVT49DK2ppmSTLLgpRkbBAKCBaEcoDeiwJdd1S5XcemvE3q8xvFc64 oNEFmswg7PcLzP8oCPZdhpeQ9fWTGf3vzbZTMiL81ZJtSeecaL4VVa11C4MPSc5bnNEb9bi2naUNEEZ 1o7ApvbmSKe6fPy1SqhinT4tZe1D8sPNqunkPHYNPYnd48wR6Q7LaxY3oeGzYsWB8QxoiE22fo5LouQ Fa2RPe3kptRNjaTveqL5MoW5jDiuQRg9PP8D6KSVvoyQbMjgMjLe2YiDSjBGbXPX9JLoxaxrAAhbSNE rUbcvYowMkcWs7qkmPLeiycERBP7awzwyqprvGwNwqEBjhTPhGVdQBVeMgJNoyhTkzzRo8MT22XZscr xBGdg9Vzeer1zJLdBXwRkYAnyGiZqpU5k5JJZvn8paur6ktAGGrWcGrUSHAkgt3AipQ3Kd42t7wuh6m HhYrKzoFwyKK9kv9KNUEiEXTx6s64c7ye7zFZFkwVWqEFTmeCcbVf8AuABsxUpLjGNRbmu1rqRpgmRa egs4KTit5UnSaKTeP9WFo6vEJJVgW6YtQrPBdA1W3j8qVHgJBUKo86dR7NPFDa6LFFPsDocxHVehwcL z8SaU9dCNtjCVebRKGsNpM1TNZgNVtyMoQY7uqnojYBLATt8rfi9TreuHPnv6kznHzZMj7XMKKnV1Me Lzs7hCT8HiDSvS9BFagMqF3ZTEfHa2UdAAoQSonxjdJMzYciCESJHpZquHRuQjept78HZagR1ebhbQg n4zJegsjZ6dy1DwLtCuBgsYUdg78nPTKXoVqgSHHeALJSGPAACakUXwvhixWRnF32mT6iLNg2boGqZQ Gw5LV94p3m1xUhCwvbsj4gzbJaPpZVXHwibbFf34BHjmoQGRHi5yTLnor2c2g26EQvHde7RTTgjRwZJ jFpMzdRopmxWBk9zriTogwBoKVvq14ghC7cBziLmuPY4T8HgF72xxMvMnBwk3dtthd1ADJXkjxNjRRP nzgdN6cnGCr6ydYAUbeAFuExhMRLmcDmL2bRC8YGCeu94DyQHmYc7khgw9cK9UxC2d2kdzF2p4LfAhF iqPsjjprC2mF6yxMcXXCNDCUNYHMjoPvu424zrpjQymDjXMYHTuLDePGpQNqyVMypuxNDtGuy4CzbUt NPSMLNjGTKdDE3K11tLjxRshb6n8HproRHvqCNYwpjWND8g8Se18hZG9CtVYythebXzvk4YQDRsY77p yaxNZyakSRkJBU3BzSzrc6w2Sp546kwGSGikCaacTMx19iCX2J7NCud18JHSZ8iNWKbEPrmQ1XH9jaR 3JjVC8FNkYTEx6Jrb855NSrZKksRYYfGdfayRB3awee3cjPJCNNk1i8JBgMGU7U3EJV4n3cRbRzhfaM zQ515ouT2Z429oJzRa9nVPwMj5YXx2CFaLw2dqw2D8waHPJ41ygxsaAs2co2AQ2jywnKt5TW1gVNrRk XdpFPLnXaJvaHpY9tpoqv3H9r4hiwaZZt4kcbQw455XxWpXfpnk9RHqdwMFNQSY1xVWnrJFKm88SQVZ JPSJ6qP6p56Uu1W9SEvfTBn55CQPwmPGqUmESrNW43hVHw9xjdJNDHhG8mwc1Z33QHetL8YNDosjVcs DqLGpzxunF9HLGXDmGfkm9gdEW7JAWdDh7cov23kwBE7nb4FveiyTSyYw9n5VbCScpEepENz4zE3PJW ewWRcVHvvug1Xo4z56Vvy8YTwnAKTTAEifwgdz1HJuqhbuxnEa6SyxXkGRgNoStqpo8DhcjR6DR1qJN Fue2x8AovJ3H68pBZ6ZgdCj8sYB7NJ9dNHxTXzMGjQnYw1CqGut5CdDn5qJxsQtSqaoGJjnZ2h1jjDR NQntRzJbLC4gxWxjLiwoUvKyLVzY7oyXZvSc6u1FeyR3LQegXUdKx7yAyyR1

Bitcoin Private Key Size


End of Discussion!

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: -- The Riddle of the Twin Brothers - Who Were, Are and Will Rule the World! on: January 27, 2022, 02:59:43 AM

I have not really considered until now the meaning of doing in secret and your Father who is in heaven will reward you meant........Jesus was speaking about Prayer...............

With blatant open prayer to Statues it's any wonder Jesus said this teaching to his disciples about Prayer! 

The Pharisees weren't even praying to Statues back then either as far as I know, they were just Praying in Public Displays like on a Street Corner except you can't just keep Driving by inside your sound dampening SUV...

Either way who are you trying to impress? 

The Chi-Com AI Social Credit Score? 

Well either way they gonna come smoke your ass anyway cuz they only like power...........and Jesus is their Capstone AND Millstone!

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [announce] Namecoin - a distributed naming system based on Bitcoin on: January 12, 2022, 01:57:46 AM

The most important thing for Namecoin is Tor Browser integration to simplify it's use for users........How is that progressing?  Have the Tor people moved on or are they still interested? 

Brave Browser might add resolver has there been any discussion with Brave Browser?

Considering one of founders of Mozilla just flipped out over them accepting Bitcoin donations making firefox stop accepting them will it affect Tor Firefox relationship from integrating Namecoin?

I think that must be his angle he would bust a nut in a fat heifer if Namecoin got integrated into Firefox lol........

And the most important thing for Bitcoin is Merge Mining a Real World Utility

I am not gonna lie, It helped me greatly by them suppressing Namecoin so that I bought a boat of it with other Crypto Profits Early 2021............Namecoin is a gem amid a Sea of Shitcoins!

"Aye Captain Satoshi, a Sea of Shitcoins from Sea to Shiny Sea, Shitcoins everywhere"
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: -- The Riddle of the Twin Brothers - Who Were, Are and Will Rule the World! on: January 11, 2022, 03:23:51 AM
Nothing like suckling the tit of big tech censorship and big government dictatorship tech to promote decentralized tech......that fails when it gets tested like the tyrant times of today.............Keep promoting your Fag Flag Waving degenerate Anal Worshipping cults and gangs over wholesome Christians, keep hating Russia because it's building a Nation free for Christians secretly trying to generate the cloak of the cold war to hide your secret hatred towards Christians...........keep thinking your important by joining the Soro's organized hordes by opposing White Identity..............

Just think how far the New movement could go without being subject to Big Tech "Steering" committees which promote and benefit useful technologies using blockchain instead stupid things like Vaccine Kill Databases to ensure all their cattle get chipped and tracked.........

The only thing Molech Gates Soros MBS Epstein Mossad CIA will inherit after attacking Russia is eternal shame!

And Russia guarding the Gates in Syria will certainly cause your downfall!  Time is not on your side, the mass murder machine that got it's start inside Russia and Ukraine from Communist's just changed flags and political affiliations just as easily as they flip shitcoins and dump them onto the cattle and start anew.............

The Covid Scam DIVOC means Divide and Conquer!  It's the NWO great reset to re-establish Satan's reign over earth!

There is only 2 sides now.................the Vaxxed Cattle of Satan and those seeking to find God!

Just because no one has time to explain something as complicated as coding a Crypto-Currency from scratch and expect only those that can do that will escape is not reasonable to God, God has simplified the matters for those who Seek Him.........but the knowledge of God does not proceed from Big Religion either, it proceeds from the great stream of time and the historical perspective of human spiritual bondage with Christ and God...........

You might find that hard to believe or even download the partial Quantum State of the matter!  But just try downloading the images of your degenerate path of LGBTQ+ and I already know your ending in this Quantum State of being!

We Christians have already died a Million Million deaths for the preservation of Christs teaching and the knowledge of God?

Do you think we are going to stop Now?  Do you really think Forced Vaccination will work against God's People?

Do you think God is like Man that he would discard his people in favor of a Degenerate Race promoting LGBTQ+?
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: Nexus [NXS] - The TAO Framework Tritium, Amine, and Obsidian on: January 11, 2022, 03:10:35 AM

Only 2 of the top 100 Trust Nodes use Falcon Signatures and Public Keys to generate blocks securing Nexus

Nexus is NOT Quantum Secure as Promoted however it's easily done!

This can be fixed by finding .Nexus or if using Windows I don't know wherever, probably Bill Gates Basement is where your nexus.conf file is stored add the line


This activates Falcon Cryptography in Nexus and in the future it's all that is needed to upgrade cryptography

So after checking through the code the major flaw of Nexus is that each key is easily linked through Owner addresses tie into Sigchains transparently!

Tidecoin has a big edge this regard as each generated Falcon Private Key is not Related to a Master Signature Chain...........Nexus needs to Anonymize this aspect of the Signature Chain ASAP........

However Tidecoin is tied into 1 major exchange linked to Phone App to trade!  Phone is easy to GPS link to each Tidecoin Address!

Tidecoin major hole is the whole wallet encryption and where to store the wallet.dat file and that it's old satoshi code that will regenerate it's seed keys every 25 transactions which makes it even easier to lose your keys even if you have backups!

This data was obtained using the Nexus block explorer!

Nexus Sigchain Blockhash using Falcon signatures

fc9c3dbc1d488135636245291dfef8556c7f5638a1d2dc0c5472f4cef3d6b1cb0c29262109efa7f 2ed6c4ddedeb8690cdc6585af0f24d8954672ec479a95bcc74aff99b268e43a644263d7f6902b4e 2313d8edbb95ca6b6f2bd8bdd69e5f30c24647a69088533260e7961a0cbebfd106d8bf11d871cce 3c832d6001f73afaa68

Tidecoin PrivKey

6YTbdUuEy7S9hTRYsuzagJf3ZjVba53g5dXk3c5v4GBVbNnoYzsvRX1dhzrVy8mx2ybZWPYP7NZC5Px tYcngMafq8sJ7ViBFQg4ELkYt58vXarUuKRpPmyvALcnCU5bizLU4FfWeyRBcJmv94X7DawQnBwo7ie mcbH5CGBGQLXKFF6PHG94hmX3NNKwPtdnsoFrEK9EiHVFPJNXTfvTc5carpYsLBwAA4VX3ygRJkGZgK jL5oRPA5Gek66p5rvSFGaiKZ7MrootgrYk2YvXQRUSSdKovHYT7Btz6AKGxWdgbae5LDrg13nNh4K87 vXn1zdmRWWMBf12adFq9o2LEE1MDMAV7iPvaLLMgGZeVEtNuCVQcQ6WcgCvoCMZxNAsTXkKkYhR49e5 ikHKiQo4717kPVmiiDqmeKdBQmKypCNJd9e8q2NqaFiRcGzy6fXjXM5ykGbQaXa9T8gscSwbyYk6LCc aAMDYxiaQFu2jPUXRBk6VU2U3SYALzYGQfb3jRQmAuTrJbEkgMDz2cL1XZkjfAPKv6UBm6GJNVunozd oX4Bv2Eo1mPrGCNKWRiGMagvnqtGjczvTrSoC3KBX6NRv8ysp4eR8wGMgncaotf2u7y6TxH3mXvygom A3adFAJDUpfhiJdKzcDuoXHxVC933bhCs7Ux9GNrTJ3TFSZjLtJWmDZneJxaS9N6UbtHtRc7FaWqBTn Ekix4TpaTkq5HbKzL7a6iuyz15H87HnyC7iTAU5ptnFEdcrpaS6e5hvhzUHSF1SJom42MuJD7dqVmm4 BcYPZeEVXRBNni7Lc47Zque78AL9hWJLXc4UaVhQchSonZrkKjMQrFXZAjoCYVABAbzLMuB3awCx33k 324iTQSL2UmAjRd3M3CYm6JtoCtfJmuACTeXCkfNntBUq9hqsLuua3vVJ2krzRcGC3YjQa7KvSMZgHw 8rFhJi9miVvueJkp7JcfHcBxTaR7gxWTFCqexR5o8RmNS1F3Rf29sXjaXzkzJrbafUmvRJuyGACBQPR sTRuecp4sJMJFCSpRAZdZYfoGCdTHECaePuEd5EAHbJNAeXE1dPKiYYBvKYXsjJ3ePJNtNyif2fKnuB yCD6NfSWfpHBjDRDQoG8Fv9SBh67DANnDuG4yDWsd5uiPap6aTrnWJURWYVCoRHSFCUWrJWvhseNwqR eUyAsufe5gQWHf1iVPftjXQ4DBpgnFhsGvtkZdKvzv55YAwtwnTmro6JxARca7YMehVbPpdAiom956Z z2bXTH7ugPfLjHUcTxvniAjut77czTJFXffa2Z7dKrrenNwmcdtW6X926Q3FfxZHiqPPoH1XFe521B9 jRzqHm6UVVQzAtArss4mW3rBSVBTCRWht8iddwEasex8c4dWBvZ2oqiwBwjGRAjU1ceGyX5V5Swqd7y pPNXUhT3wZoSfsmDopwy4LSD4WJPvGThqpjSW8AXycpwZuixNtBy29wY5kV837WcE8u2DmGCo7NX2c2 bN8kij5GRDaJAVCYKNu6Wpq5r7wLL7YRaKLgePLdcgUKinodqFfYEFrDJKYrvfPMEH8nbgZKVBF2LkR AHJpvgyy4dAAfhqknLRWvoDqKzdowQk89i1QS45dS8A8SmM5hafqUkirysJ1T3JB2XezpWR19u3v53X ghuMuV5BsDpC7prKj2Uvhxevb2qB6hGs9rswZwDG7vp874wpx1YLJxokgRJZLeMnGpTDe7Q31jACfDV ANXqh3uZzsDH7B4tVVzh3p4oX1K67f7Q2n8EkC1bPjkRGTWrizGq1PQeEepuR2p3uCiNFZRbxuNuXeT TrSLbFfC77oqNvs7hZLjLbJpDZ2RiZiYseBbDxHhEENYq5wymcokYFZ1Lr7x98zyRewPxnfuF4kTNPp PsrLP6x6LCvzyie5AxnGWZ9gzZHDFbf7Cu2bsLQsZ1hfghDX4m9p9iiwZNivLUxk5Err9mBqEapF6UR tjiKsuaRikVbQ7bJAii58eTw22HHQXichadZpvPiJydz4giNRATGSEe6AJczbMvK4W5VWrJ6XDcyotJ 7Y8qwC988NXtDmEZVctQvFZ8kWAqi1yS1VjaWwEMuQGfv62uhKU7wVSTfoRQqACymLuRRzzYU2xA5sX Xt5Ez7L2hi32HArLbwdeKNmr2ptFJ1oojrbkxLwxvAJXrCoihfnxfJ3yfCzHnJmSmnor65ct7taQpHF HTmmAxwTSoGzVGaYuLMPwcHFsWj9jg8NkGcAyP896EitiHLZTbsYdspAGFLHBEXFEy7QcBFkiNswsB2 Qf1P9NiuruYzabTXZv4GCycFCAjPQkmv1Me3rNj9DUUuUczMY1wegJUuMmb2aaTUw4myYE1pE73kwsm ZsBhFzXUYhdkEkcB9TNc2oEiMt8KnCNsJacB8Y16vSvaEJPypJEMwSysBHhS2uycwJeShu5TTP5FMjC GqJ9PYnJFaU3TBVGPwkFPo5SxJWHWAZof2FHbobCjpunXicVYBpxr4CYStLMzekrxtkRvHvDLxHcnVx LDQChs5cmTuG9ZJMEVGthNxH45hukZscB2yVQjMjLFLhP8YenXJSTDLXn38RtTyNGqe2GB8FFVCJho7 7T5jji69axrVLRVa2GGytkhQES77y9HCuw2wdvFW99AkD46rmDSMNSYngbpNicbE5zsHHDt9yeV18iJ J3DMxLnZaTuYXxT7rxyzBpWa8YFHEGbqiw1DHHTSej5H1FTPSbvTY8Apfhi28n9xgrjyEnuCb2D6v7U i1PY5SriEGwYNZjf5CZyMS2TWiEmUNQ9pP6cPYyrJPsKzYJsu4HRuNm4JwUZMfM4kWXCcerehf82DkL mCaz8tn4jqWprBumMgF5rw5k4LwAzQZmwCsmtUPZdoPyPrdZiHE8EAFQGc1vJvGb2NPGujKigV8ugpp tFBfUB7L6HTvXs1npjTCFitR1P98UHbGkRoVPeSETYX9cA5BhPxvWWjhQe1Q

Nexus Falcon Public Key

0982369204b06fc46e92cf84d24b6fbf42f251d9205f9d781bc152693b4dc0bca7b6619e92e147a 52527a1113ef31b03c2c88fcabf9284503a40e97ff417169649700c8a8a80f0189a47e39585c386 cd7d3669601cb488f751cd8cb4219ee7318ae48d513d758485540914bc02f85f441d40e893991ad 029b53c4e975e69ec3f4177a032c7fa45d09697a629db92f54c786810fba9096ef38add4030ac5b 883fca87460642c4da96e293360f88c2debfb432da5add8b7232ac66fa3ac82ba5c87b12434b335 2442e1a939b60114e0823d30720433c412a8568bc780621b1a316cb19c5df6add024598f08691c0 86f437f94917ce837793bc42c38914c3a4baa257c40dedb18c3fe3c9ee077345481324caf774a93 1417b6822b106f38437a4437fb96ed5aa9943619e29743f89f95e4e8c9a4d0f7f9a2a1eab3811d7 3a514561e8162c4968b3e7d7c137365a8c9a15210269657447460c619c0cc18453120bbb3df0698 6cb25938cbbd7c14179a2ea61ba671f6ebcdead92d9ed24b786a7e3df17f501acf8d0ee60095b6d b5930555069cdac67bd04f3db9fdd9574d691fba952692695fde94d26e345506969dcad798722bf 14e6174009be6c94b3adff6e34d764ce4ddb8da944caba18360d3cd8b6929dab39fdea57ef9b8f2 b8a5fe73a1f29398a5bf66d5bc73ea646c2e9a9b036a83556c8df336f54573b0f1b7d72688ca3da 8c4f68341f302154b191e2fcf8f1427c67e5702a9dae2da2a43a2a75c2b112307871c1eca04ae4e 1b53f206cb9c9131426e1c271f06d042395906a220610c3c53332b2cdc8ee67b27720cf46f6c04c 8ba89b0a2657aa1a39ef84f6de6c611c81e7069d1b5169bd7875587e925cce5a361605bc9eb7d0e 3c9d593a599455e217a7eaebb74226a454394d2d6c858043cac95331edb848655cdc5edd144a6f5 5eab15aed859a04c7a795cc17424e270669418951ab299c85c3274e1d230bbad1b438e1a31d49fd 308324cc9a40fc79309c526c9441a72218908606139bffd4b7bcbe07c819ef846269139ab8c868b 475ab872193ff305cf4c6c626a402a12ecb0ee3fe712d43014b90b5711a4479be66db052cd8a7a9 e3baab411e17f21aa821bc3e467d69bf696a0321bcea4b21ddc9763e291c99601b0ac6cd470b8d1 61aa6895d0199e6c1039befbd3dc181304fbeb27a2e1b8cd3042d4c91e4bae5a18b418d1305ee26 a4fa93a92ddc2b559074b5854f853b11d7770e448681c863f2241a83

Nexus Falcon Signature

5917392fad324c1865d1c1ad7eaa5ec7d44f8504868bce0d1238a28175b450a761d7589ec1b5ced 4af0130f7f24fdff57fb1efdffcecd02f0370d41140140a8f72019f26eefffefd70340b6fb40130 a9f2e08419ee3400afe6084fa8f330930f51c0053fd10250f8fde0a6fc6f5c07407d0f6187f4e10 b0b0175f6207002403affff99fb6f9c0600b1fe50ebf2e0550f7e570fb0d8090f74ff9ff1f87efe 07b01bf49134fe7ff1fd2120e92ff80bf07a01afc0096e54ed0f3cfda044000fe8fdc01906cfc3e ddffdf0a09af03ef21470b601d045fcfeb603afbefc80780a001a09a02ffc601413ef3c01bf77f9 1f5600b09df1602019e06efd402c0bafbf04a0ccfb30ea1520b4fba08b083ff3fb5036014f39191 f6507defbf2c05cf6cfc5feffce08ffdafeefeffdbf98fa109400af8ff8afe4f3bfc2fef04bfe9f e601607f147ed9f14e5e01d09019014a022ee801306f1570d2f9fee4f06f0700607404904f093fa f071f93111fb701a02df5305fe8e09bf2afe91ef14afb40090bfecafdafa303403409002502f1d8 f6d02a1a1fae024f6af06038024f9bf1319df5cfa10651110b6f98134f7a25ffe3f7803af3aebdf adf7c0ef171060fef04be9af3dfc718807d072fea022175fcc0820f4ee4e69f16fa7ff7019f08ec c11208ffdbf26eb8f5fed8fc7075fdb0c1f7303fef400efd60a3f69050f5efbb085f3a076fcf034 eebff5fc90bc0d5fa404a027f36f5802ef02fc1fbef10138f6cf8ef8809008a0320eff42f930b2e f901e0c1f39f76fbdff50c30570b4069fb601208712ff650a600110bfeb08b0a500901c0f5023fb c04bf77010fc9fdd012ff8ffaf500faf95faefc70480d0012f15f0113301a0b8efafb60daf9bf9b 0e5f5412a08af55f0af410e5f61046f3d137f8614c01601bfb1efc0860b104e06dfa4fe6fc2fb61 44fa513e03b090f82016151eeb0da00cf5f040036fd9fda0bbff1f12f79095084047f7a027f15e2 b0a70feefa0520900c4019054fcb046f87144046006f670ad0b71c3025e88f65f7e09ffa00a7f15 fce03e0210e3142f60e9802ff91fa7f300270b9ffc00e07214a03a043f6b07ceec011017fdefe50 2d0d00f108f073eb800f0def261b3072ee806b

Nexus Blockhash Non-Falcon

fce4d18d30b8e46b9d06fd9b0d9186273c6c9332c31a8aebfd598b3bb6bea0a5ba769194a1a047f 273772049211eef99ae9356d69d58a27b793c0d1570f74077e9885cedff3d6f218d64024c28ed32 fc0e3c3842267880d0b9b2b0b9433c6e2ffbaeeb0461c3fce57125902ed2ee781381c112493cb27 c2a87e968409ec29c4f

Nexus Non-Falcon Public Key

0289e36fb348f0b0e9abb4cf9a789b8a8da6fdbab79e65ec8970c7c48971548cb1260e03eaa6b7a c44ab99f7e390900b27c12a647cd533973011ddc250c6e16ebe

Nexus Non-Falcon Signature

308184024014207faf5e02e4dda0281805d22a298a796b58981e719bf3a1a240086a44c2dfc1096 ddf2e695bb6aff8988e619974835f8ca0194873fc885ebf0a66b21344bb024044d2743780b45811 d45a7b867396ac1e5bfa8bd7f857deb6b23c2e132367f86e31fabf6c2164a86e9477c4e8ec0318e 81c7c203fa6cd4cff63dd4356bce9e3a2

So here you see the Blockhash is the same keccak-512 I think hash and Falcon signatures start out with 59........and Non-Falcon signatures start out with 30............

Tidecoin signature function does not work, but it's easy to verify Tidecoin keys using dumpprivkey that it uses falcon for the critical Private keys!

While staking Nexus it generates a new Public Key and Signature Keypair however the address owner needs some anonymization of other Addresses generated by a Sigchain!
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [announce] Namecoin - a distributed naming system based on Bitcoin on: January 03, 2022, 07:47:26 PM

As far as I understand Post-Quantum Encryption could be included into Namecoin .bit websites..............however it requires the User And the Website to both have the capability.......of which all web browsers do not include any PQ-Encryption

This would be a good idea to implement and would be the fast track to securing the internet! 

It's simple and easy for a website to generate a PQ-Encryption SSL certificate using Namecoin right now as the resolver however we need to get a Tor Browser Module that communicates with the Website PQ-Encryption........most all the work is done already except the Tor browser module..............

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: -- The Riddle of the Twin Brothers - Who Were, Are and Will Rule the World! on: December 08, 2021, 10:57:46 PM

Sorry to hear Vlad,

Ivermectin would have saved his life and many others...............the Fake Jews are however running their Degenerate Race War Empire from Jerusalem just as Hitler predicted............but maybe others were right and he was a Rothschild bastard too?  It doesn't matter at this point as the Immune system of the non-devil worshipers is being eradicated!

They just murdered the German/Austrian Doctor after he blew the whistle on the Carbon Razor blades in the vaccines using Frequency being Graphene Hydroxide.............of course in Israel they give everyone Placebo Vaccines to encourage their race of degenerates that they will inherit the earth and be able to upgrade their devil race with the women genetic stock of the Aryans who are likely from the real Israelites...............

They obviously don't fear the Chinese or the Russians coming to destroy their degenerate race orchestrating genocide against the best of humanity, because their main targets are the U.S. Military and European Soccer players..............the Russian vaccines as far as I know aren't destroying the hearts of people, but they might still have the "Mark of the Beast" in them too.........probably anyway..........

It's hard to be so tough in life, but then not be strong enough to counter the wicked tactic of their Bio-Warfare programs........but Ivermectin and simple Rainforest Herbs would heal the World!

The devil Software Viruses infecting all Electronics to destroy people causing mass suicides and their control over the Economies ect.............but Jesus said this would be the state of the World before Armies surround Jerusalem and the end of this age, and his Second Coming!  

Not that I want to push for that, but at this point it's either us or them, so the sooner we destroy the seed of Satan the better off we all will be................

20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Tidecoin: Post-Quantum Security Bitcoin | PoW only | CPU friendly algo on: December 08, 2021, 12:39:35 AM


for all options using Rplant miner

CTRL + ALT + T to open new terminal

cd cpuminer-opt-linux

for list of commands


./cpuminer-sse2 --help

I am testing --param-n 1048576 --param-r 128

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