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August 31, 2015, 12:30:27 AM *
News: New! Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: 0.11.0 [Torrent]
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 on: Today at 12:29:36 AM 
Started by Sunderland - Last post by MadeinCoin

Lain kali misal ngak pake jasa escrow liat dulu akun nya min 1/2 dari nilai pasaran akun nya boleh di pinjemin
Kek ane srmalam beli akun disini buat temen ane krna ane rasa murah ane beli aja tanpa escrow yg jual juga sering komen ama ane

kalau ane gini, misal dia pengen escrow dia yang bayar fee nya
misal dia gak pengen escrow karena males fee nya maka dia yang harus nyerahin dulu passwordnya, setelah kita ganti passwordnya, Secret Question dan alamat emailnya, baru kita berani kirim bitcoinnya.
dia walau jr member tapi selasa nanti udah member kok.
Secret question perlu ya gan walau email + pasword sudah di ganti ?
Tanda akun nya aktifin secret wuestion apa ya ?

 on: Today at 12:29:03 AM 
Started by turtlehurricane - Last post by canth
That is a positive scenario we are all hoping for, should BIP 101 succeed.  The concern is what % of clients XT will represent in this scenario.  If it is large, then you can only wonder what new "features" will be in it, given Hearn's clear bias for centralized trust-based systems.

Based on Hearn's previous proposals, and his complete control over XT, potential features include:

- Automatic updates
- Redlists
- Blacklists
- Whitelists
- Coin tainting

You can insert anything in "Xyz developer might introduce [insert here] in the future. It's a strawman argument and it's a waste of everyone's time discussing what someone might do with FOSS since we can all vote with our feet BEFORE that has any effect. It is not possible to force anyone to run specific client code as long as there are alternatives, which there will be. If you're worried about fungibility then please, let's work on useful things like stealth addresses or built-in mixing or gmaxwell's privacy features based on ring signatures.

I assure you that any sort of coin address lists included in a bitcoin wallet software as you've suggested will not happen or they will be soundly rejected by the community. Devs are going to leave the policing up to the coinbases and chainalysises of the world. There's absolutely no reason to include those features in the wallets - users don't want it, miners don't want it and law enforcement doesn't need it.

For the record, I'd jump ship if any of the above happened.

It isn't completely theoretical when you consider his previous proposals.  He has proposed repeatedly putting central trust-based control into Bitcoin, and he has complete irrevocable control over XT.   Yes, it is possible he won't do all this bad stuff in XT.  But, you have to consider how he could do this BEFORE he does it in order to avoid it, because control is a sneaky thing that can creap in over time.  

Here is a possible plan that could create an irreversible situation, one where you cannot just escape by quitting using XT:

1. Obtains a critical mass of clients.  Let's say 75% of miners are running XT code.
2. Introduces automatic updates for "security reasons".  This will help relieve the pesky decision making progress with upgrades.
3. Introduces ability to identify XT clients.
4. Puts in DoS code based on blacklists and prioritization that are distributed and signed by XT nodes, giving a higher priority to XT connections.  This effectively de-prioritizes non-XT nodes.  Can also easily adds non-XT nodes to lower priority lists (blacklists).  He already put the code into XT, with documented plans to make it utilize more node coordination.  Clearly, the only nodes that are candidates for doing this coordination today are XT nodes, as Core rejected this proposal.  
5. In order to "combat crime", introduces coin tainting (another one of his famous ideas) that can revoke the wealth of those who object, with a negative bias towards non-conforming (non-XT) nodes.

Now, people wake up and realize this is bad stuff.  What happens when you use a non-XT client?  At this point, it is too late to undo.  Technically, you can accomplish all of this without changing the Bitcoin protocol, although this would presumably require different chains and protocols.  With 75% critical mass, however, one could just as easily change the consensus protocol to make it more irreversible.  He's already proved he is willing to do that.  

Yes, there is theory here, as we are talking about a possible future.  Yet, given past proposals to add centralized control to Bitcoin, and his completely control over XT, this is not out of the realm of possibility.  The core risk of Mike's previous proposals which he has become known for is the introduction of central control and trust to our decentralized trust-less Bitcoin.  So, the better question is why would he not use XT to implement his vision?

"2. Introduces automatic updates for "security reasons".  This will help relieve the pesky decision making progress with upgrades."

Dude...I stopped reading after this. If any developer were to attempt to introduce auto-updates, it'll get rejected right off the bat.

 on: Today at 12:28:40 AM 
Started by cryptocoiner - Last post by BADecker
I thought maybe this topic was going to talk about ground beef, like here


 on: Today at 12:28:22 AM 
Started by Stunna - Last post by waterpile

I just lost trying to make back my 0.5 Sad(( now im rlly sad

my mind is feeble and stupid. God punish me

Just deal with the consequences, don't risk what you can't afford to lose.

 on: Today at 12:28:00 AM 
Started by Enzyme - Last post by dollarneed
I do everything just to grow my Bitcoins like by trading and gambling and participation in giveaways and also playing with no deposit bonuses.Gambling is my main source of growing Bitcoins.

Before you win how much did you lose in gambling? I see most of people lose their money there.
Participating inn giveaways yeah is a great idea too but it happen not often.
I was playing time to time on sports games.I didn't lose much before overall was balance.Bitcoin showed me to play other type of gambling like casino.Till now my journey of gambling with Bitcoin went very good and don't what will be in future.

you're a lucky person,
so far i always losed my bitcoin on gambling, if i win actually its not profit and worthed with the balance that i loosed,
so i think gambling is the bad method that i've ever know,but for you maybe its a best method

As far as i know most of people lose their money in gambling. It is just a very very little percentage that win or at least get their money what invested there(which is better than losing). So i don't prefer anyone to get in the gambling world.

Yup agreed,thats why i'll never recomend my friends to invest their money on the gambling site,
for me its such a lucky,and i think there is no people getting rich on gambling i mean this rich is about your statisfaction and your hapily about your own money not how much money that you have Smiley

 on: Today at 12:27:22 AM 
Started by turtlehurricane - Last post by canth
Wow, this is fucked up and props to turtlehurricane for disclosing this Very important piece of information!

I have not read the whole thread yet, don't hate, I just came here after seeing BayAreaCoin's signature. Had to post to follow along with it in my subscribed threads and so I can catch up and read through what I've missed. Damn, drama on BitcoinTalk is so time consuming with 2 kids sometimes, but I always love to follow along and "be in the know"!

I'll spare you from reading. (if you have time, go ahead though.)

By sowing more disinformation?

In case Bitcoin XT node comes under DDOS attack and connections get filled it will decrease priority of IP-adresses of known TOR exit nodes, thus dropping them in favor of non TOR connections. You can disable this feature if you think it's not a good idea or even use client that doesn't contain it (BIP 101 only).

And how do you stop other nodes from using the feature against you? Turning it off stops your node from deprioritising others, not others from deprioritising you. This is an elementary logical fallacy; you cannot control the behaviour of other nodes, only your own.

The code doesn't compromise your privacy. If you run a node your IP address is visible on the clearnet anyway (how do you think other peers connect to you) and if you are behind a proxy or using TOR this code won't run.

Does a hardcoded list of permissible TOR exit nodes compromise privacy? Can I get a "hell yes"? (link to the XT relevant code, conveniently, is a few posts above)

More importantly it compromises trust as it necessarily introduces a third-party who manages this list.

Yep, now the Tor network can spend your bitcoin. Lookout! Cheesy

 on: Today at 12:26:52 AM 
Started by Muhammed Zakir - Last post by miragecash
14 percent of the bitcoins you loan out don't come back to you. At least that's according to your 2nd post in this thread. You keep a running tally of loans, defaulted loans, and money returned.

I cannot figure out PGP email. Would you use bitmessage instead for communication? What is your bitmessage address?

Bitmessage is a free encrypted communication method. It protects privacy better than PGP and is easier to use. I have tried for many days to figure out how to use PGP email but cannot figure it out. You, sir, are very smart. Fun fact: those people who used "Silk Road" for illegal transactions, 1/3 did not encrypt emails either and many went to jail, because they cannot figure it out. It is too hard to use.

the disadvanage of bitmessage is that messages get deleted by the system if you do not check your messages every 2 days or so. for your privacy, the messages not only are encrypted but also self destruct after a couple of days, even if you haven't read it yet.

I can use Bitmessage or OTR. I am more keen towards OTR. I can't access computer for 1-3 days from now! I will post after that.

btw, I just calculated your default ratio. It is 14% !!!

No wonder credit card companies charge 17-25%  interest. Deadbeats.

Maybe they should mail you collateral, like watches & stuff. LOL.

Default ratio? I did not understand what you meant by that.

Thank you!

 on: Today at 12:26:26 AM 
Started by jonson234 - Last post by jonson234
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 on: Today at 12:26:17 AM 
Started by -Lux- - Last post by coinableS
Living in southern California almost everyone has an earthquake kit and water. It would just be stupid not to. They even tell you on the radio and TV commercials to have an earthquake kit. So I'm prepped in that way, but I'm not stock piling on bullets and canned food.
well you should man... people think im crazy but im just well in knowledge

Well I am an avid hiker and very knowledgeable of most of the local flora. I trained myself to recognize edible plants and useful medical herbs that naturally grow out here. I have a get home bag in my car, and I know how to get off the main roads and get to the trails and back country. If something went down the roads would the most dangerous places to be with all the "normal people" who are freaking out.  If you haven't read it already, you should read "One Second After" and "Patriots". The first is about an EMP and how people tried to survive, the second was about a socio-economic collapse followed by a foreign occupation. Again, I don't really prep in that manner of stock piling, but I wouldn't say I'm not prepared either  Wink

 on: Today at 12:26:15 AM 
Started by murderouskirk - Last post by Vagnavs

I'm shooting for 6 - 12 PM est sometime.

[] Build the primary Seed Node
[] Create a fresh genesis block
[] Make sure it mines and builds on the seed node
[] Nurse the chain with a few blocks to keep it alive, and give a decent heads up to miners.
Upload the code to pool ops / wallets
Prep for swap requests
Open up swap form

Swing is ready and alive!

This is a two hour notice till launch!

At 9PM EST I will:

Release the source code
Release the wallets
Open up the swap form and begin processing swaps

If any pools want to begin setup now please speak up!

So it can be mined with SHA 256? If I read things correct.. Should be interesting to see what how much TH's is thrown at this coin

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