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June 02, 2023, 01:09:20 AM *
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 on: Today at 01:08:29 AM 
Started by Kakmakr - Last post by danherbias07
Now, the question is.... Will you still use a VPN, if it is not allowed by the ToS on the site. What will you do if they "block" your account and take your balance?
Probably not if against the TOS. I'd just wait to be back home where it's legal than risking the balance in my account. I am curious though for those who will change their permanent address to another country where it's not allowed. They would probably need to tell customer support for special treatment because of his sudden case as long as there is proof of the relocation or the other option is to withdraw all the amount from the old gambling site and look for something new that is allowed in the new place that they will live in.
Yeah, I'd pick those options that risk the money being locked and cannot get it back again. We have a lot of online gambling sites now so I think there will always be that one site that is not restricted to gambling in one country. That will be better than being inclined with a VPN.

 on: Today at 01:08:07 AM 
Started by david678345 - Last post by wxa7115
That is the main problem with scalping, scalping is execution heavy, meaning that unless you can apply whatever strategy you have created in a perfect manner and on the blink of an eye then there is no point on trying to trade in this way at all.

It is better that people start their journey as long term traders and then once they become successful they can transition to swing traders, this way they can minimize the number of trades they make while they give themselves a bigger margin of error when it comes to the execution of their trades.
scalping using a time frame below M15 is difficult to predict, due to wilder movements, at least using scalping, namely M15, for leverage trading, making transactions below M15 is not profitable because there is still a spread when we open a transaction. it is indeed difficult to do, but it is not impossible as long as we want to try, and if you have free time, scalping activities are very profitable and fun. indeed the profit taken is small, but you can make a large number of transactions, the smaller the time frame used, then we will see more opportunities
I am not so sure I would think of scalping as something fun, now earning money is without a doubt a good experience, however when it comes to scalping that money comes from hours of intense concentration in which you need to watch many different charts and make a trade as soon as the conditions to open a position are fulfilled.

This not only does not sound as fun at all, it is also incredibly stressing and this explains why even profitable traders eventually leave scalping behind as they cannot deal with the pressure to perform perfectly each and every time.

 on: Today at 01:07:05 AM 
Started by Royse777 - Last post by LDL
Ireland is a new team in test format but still their batting is extremely bad and disappointing,  on day 1 they end their first innings on 172 runs  and not a single player performed good .
England obviously will win this one easily but still ireland need to work alot on their batting.
Comparing Ireland's Test matches with England is rather absurd as England have played over 1060 Test matches where they have a record of winning 388 Test matches, losing 318 matches, and drawing 354 matches. If the England team has so many test matches in their basket then good performance is always expected from them.
On the other hand, Ireland team has only 6 test match experience in the basket. Ireland have lost six of their six matches. So it goes without saying how inexperienced this Ireland team is in Tests. However, these weak teams will become experienced teams once they play with strong teams like England and Australia.

 on: Today at 01:06:21 AM 
Started by noormcs5 - Last post by Fredomago
I think that will be the better options for Rolly Romero now, of course a Ryan Garcia fight will be a block for him and his camp. Eventhough Ryan has lost his fight against Tank Davis, he is still one of the most bankable star and that's why everyone is still wanting to fight him including Romero.

But I guess WBA did him a favor here by ordering a Davies mandatory fight. Ohara is a solid 140 lbs and his name could be one of those who might reign in this division in the future. So it make sense for the WBA to order Romero and see how tough he is before calling out other 140 lbs fighters including Ryan (yes, I think Ryan will move up to 140 lbs in his next fight).

I'd say WBA really did him a favor because he will be stagnant if ever he will wait for Garcia until he is ready because we know that Garcia might have to lay low first in the next couple of months before having a fight for himself which I think will be a tune-up first, so a fight with this Ohara Davis will really make Romero more ready and busy, on the other hand, he might have some opportunities down the road if he continue to be active.

Romero's camp should be prepared about what could happen next for Romero because after all, they are not that kind of beginners in this industry who should be informed about what could be the next and also, they are under Mayweather who is under Al Haymon's guidance. So they shouldn't be shocked about this mandatory fight as almost every boxer is and was having it even if they just have finished their fight recently. He should be grateful because he is still garnering some fights even after that controversial win he got.

Yeah right, and for sure with fight's coming they are making decent profits so they should be preparing just in case a mandatory will be ordered for him and he will be fighting before that fight against Garcia, we might see another fight for the kid a cherry pick one before taking the title match, or maybe they can push this one if the price is right. The organization and both camps will be negotiating if they will see the potential for more money to come.

 on: Today at 01:05:27 AM 
Started by Bureau - Last post by BADecker
There are those who think that nukes are fake. They think that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by tons and tons of TNT to fake the nuke story.

Ah, yes, the ever-thriving community of conspiracy theorists. It never ceases to amaze me how imaginative some can be in crafting alternative explanations for historical events.  Grin

I know you were probably being sarcastic, but if someone really thinks that nuclear weapons do not exist - how do we explain the existence of nuclear power plants and nuclear-powered generators? They are using nuclear reactions to generate a whole bunch of heat, which is then converted into electricity. And let us not forget about the Chernobyl disaster. So yeah, there is some real-world evidence that makes it pretty hard to deny the existence and impact of nuclear technology.

However, the question regarding if nukes are dangerous isn't sure. Why? Unless you are personally involved with nuke danger, and know for a fact by getting burned, how do you know that the whole thing isn't partially fake?

But if you have gotten burned by nukes personally, how do the rest of us know that you are telling the truth? Maybe you are paid by government to fake it.


 on: Today at 01:05:12 AM 
Started by OneNutS - Last post by Joken jo

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 on: Today at 01:04:51 AM 
Started by BrianH - Last post by larry_vw_1955

Its bloat that wouldn't have otherwise been there. Its not so much (right now) in the grand scheme of things, which is possibly one of the reasons why Core devs have been reluctant to rush out any changes, but the smaller the blockchain stays, the better. The less resources that are required to run a node, the better.
but if you think of bitcoin as a system that stores X amount of data every 10 minutes, X hasn't really changed with the introduction of ordinals has it?

You can see growth of the blockchain was relatively linear up until early February of this year, which is when the Ordinals fad really started to kick in, then it sped up since then:

Zooming out, blockchain size growth takes on more of an exponential quality but this probably isn't a good reason to hasten it.
that graph looks very linear to me even since february. yes the slope changed but only very small increase in slope of the line segment. so it doesn't appear to me that the blockchain is growing any faster than it was before ordinals came out. maybe a just a tiny bit more and i don't know why that would be but it doesn't seem out of control or anything. how could it be? bitcoin only allows X amount of data to be stored every 10 minutes or so...that hasn't changed ever i don't think.

 on: Today at 01:04:15 AM 
Started by BountyDetective - Last post by MadeMen
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 on: Today at 01:03:52 AM 
Started by BountyDetective - Last post by alexmasud8
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 on: Today at 01:01:24 AM 
Started by CriptoBull - Last post by babygun
Another meme promotional post. This is really bullshit, so it's best to avoid this coin. No matter how creative or original it really is, the meme's nature should be removed from the portfolio. In addition, I often see memes that have good ideas and advertise them heavily, or they are often delusional but do nothing. So it's best to stay away from them lest you lose money unjustly on these stupid coin memes.

While I agree with you, nowadays there seems to be a market for meme coins (some with more original names than other) and always people will invest in it as they think it will moon. You can make a profit out of it, if you invest in the very early stages and also know at what moment to sell. For me, it is too risky, but everybody wants to make profit.

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