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September 20, 2017, 06:43:59 PM *
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 on: Today at 06:43:56 PM 
Started by Tap Project - Last post by ui_zakharchenko
Hi Tap Community! Here is the Tap Program Rewards sheet, please use the search  function (ctrl+f) to find your name/username/handle/facebook name or anything that has been used during the initial sign up sheet. You will see a total amount of TAP (TTT) in the far most column. This sheet is updated constantly but if there is something that is missing please be patient and check later. If it is still missing after a few days please use the inquiry submission form (in the first sheet). Thank you.

Why do not I have TTT for facebook? I made posts with hashtag #tapcoin

 on: Today at 06:43:52 PM 
Started by eli77 - Last post by Trela
Thanks for Bitcoins! People saw HOPE in our economy. Very Big Deep Impact!
Bitcoin is very popular today because it is the first crypto currency creating big impact in our economy and people will not forget its legacy in the world. Even in our community, Bitcoin became the main concern of the people. They started researching and studying about bitcoins. They are very willing to invest their resources for Bitcoins.
Bitcoin gives what we want and what we need. Bitcoin gives us not only a Hope but also an opportunity to have and make our own money. Bitcoin is everything that we need but if you does not use it properly its advantages it may become nonsense.

In fact that my government still not legalize bitcoin because of security reason so my people still able to use bitcoin but with their own risk.
IMO bitcoin really change my life and create oppurtunity for me to earn money from other side , unlike fiat side
Hope bitcoin getting advance and more people interest on it
It does not matter if our government does not legalize bitcoin, although we can not use bitcoin for legitimate payments but we can still sell bitcoins to get the money we needed. As you say bitcoin create the new opportunity to us to earn money which we can use to realize our dreams
Yes it does not matter if your govt not make legal bitcoin in your country. Actually this is good for you guys. You people no need to pay any extra tax to your govt for your transaction. Suppsoe if it becomes legal, you have to pay this is the rule. So before your govt putting the burden to your transaction, make money how much can be possible to selling your bitcoins and use that money.
Honestly, I hope Bitcoin can become legal than illegal as now. Because its value will increase before it stable price on the market. Of course, we need the value of Bitcoin increases than the ratio fees from government if that future will happen.

 on: Today at 06:43:50 PM 
Started by Allye - Last post by Allye
Melihat perkembangan negara-negara maju ,didukung dengan kemajuan IPTEK yang luar biasa.apa lagi sememenjak adanya Bitcoin sebagai mata uang digital.kelihatannya semakin bertambah maju negara yang melegalkan Bitcoin sebagai alat pembayaran.seperti halnya Negara epang.
Apakah mungkin jika nantinya di Indonesia Bitcoin di Legalkan bisa berdampak pada perekonomian yang lebih baik lagi ?
bagaimana pendapat mastah?

 on: Today at 06:43:47 PM 
Started by designer24 - Last post by designer24
Serious miners are not DESIGNED to be "carried around" - they're too power-hungry and need RELIABLE internet.

 If you insist on a "carry around" concept, your best bet will probably be the Futurebit Moonlander II once he gets more of those available for sale - it's based on a current-gen efficient mining chip (unlike ANYTHING ELSE of a "portable" nature right now), it's just that "stick" miners are ALWAYS expensive per hash.

 The first-generation Moonlander would be the next-best option (they are still profitable at low electric costs, though the cost per hash is of course high).

 Anything else that is at all portable is going to be a money LOSER except perhaps on FREE electric.

 Sidehack (Gekkoscience) has been talking about putting together some BitFury based gear based on THEIR current-gen mining chip, but hasn't gotten to it yet.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion.
But all Moonlander sticks are sold out including the first gen... it's not easy to find any of them.. do you know any store which has this in stock?

I sold my desktop a while ago and am doing all of my works on a laptop at multiple offices plus starbucks, libraries, etc. At this point, I can't invest way too much on mining rigs like some people do here with several 1080 GTX cards lol

 on: Today at 06:43:46 PM 
Started by Mostafiz - Last post by RichardBTC
sia and storj (both file sharing coins) have both taken a beating, but i think this type of coin has got a bright future.

Reminds me of the series that series with pied piper.

 on: Today at 06:43:46 PM 
Started by bontyw1276 - Last post by Andrey13101991
Голосую за встроенную пивную кегу и самогонный апарат вместо радиатора!
поддерживаю!!! Проехался литр нагнал))

 on: Today at 06:43:44 PM 
Started by philipma1957 - Last post by opies32765

I have followed the instructions here and im not getting the same results...Vega 56 with 64 bios. If i use 1012+1012 i see a hashrate of about 800 h/s but if i raise the intensity to anything above that i get 0 h/s. If i check pool side it shows 400 h/s

Am i missing something ?

-block chain drivers
-hbmm at max i have 16gb
-windows 10
-gpu min state 1050 P6
-gpu max state 1150 P7
-Mem at 950
-voltage at 1000 on both gpu and mem

I do have the 64 bios on the vega 56

Any help would be appreciated

No need to set HBCC slider do the max. Try to go for ~14gb position.
Also check if temps are ok.
With this settings you will run at the max possible gpu freq and voltage regardless what you've set. It is a blockchain driver bug.

Can you guys tell me what GPU frequncy you are using...and are you using both the state 6 and state 7 ? And how about voltage...i have so far gotten mine to mine at 1012+1012...tried at 1512+1512 and i het 0 H/s

Thanks in advance

 on: Today at 06:43:44 PM 
Started by iqt - Last post by orionluckyse7en
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 on: Today at 06:43:44 PM 
Started by alenevaa - Last post by First1by
Что и требовалось доказать, новость эффекта не дала , потому что она уже была замусолена

 on: Today at 06:43:41 PM 
Started by PHI1618 - Last post by Edw1ki
Ben olumlu algıladım konuşmasını.

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