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 on: Today at 12:24:55 PM 
Started by btcltcdigger - Last post by Loranblant

Campaign Participated: Facebook, Twitter and reddit
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Week 4 (24.09. - 30.09.)

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 on: Today at 12:24:55 PM 
Started by CathalG - Last post by haitran90
Week 14 (20/09 - 26/09)

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Spreadsheet: 710

 on: Today at 12:24:53 PM 
Started by Yaremi - Last post by acrylic
Хорошо успокаивает вот этот блогер, молодец
Где,как минимум-четыре монитора,хорошее кресло,дерзкий взгляд  Grin ? Не внушает доверия,еще столик этот дешманский-аля под IKEA,и блокнотик свой перекладывает постоянно.Нет,лучше уж Хамаху глянуть,общепризнанный эксперд,так сказать  Cheesy
В крайнем то видосе Хомаха всё чотко распедалил, говно грит этот ваш рипол и рост его ненастоящий. Я мониторы у него пересчитал - по-прежнему четыре, не продал ни одного пока что, значит нормально у него идут дела, молодцом держится парнишка. Так глядишь и до следующего буллрана на бреющем дотянет. Grin
дела у него неплохи, потому что не все чужие бабки еще просрал. я думаю что хомаху ждет та-же судьба что и того блогера, который руки на себя наложил, после того как проеб@k всё депо вкладчиков.

 on: Today at 12:24:53 PM 
Started by btcltcdigger - Last post by CrnaSupa
Do we need to go through KYC and paticipate in sale to be able to use Dealjoy cashback app?

That is an interesting question, i presume whoever buys Deal tokens will be able to use app.

Means that we can shop only by using Deal tokens?

I think that you will get  DEAL tokens as cashback,and you will be able to pay for products and services using other currencies as well.

Yes as they said, top currencies will be supported.

 on: Today at 12:24:53 PM 
Started by tottong - Last post by Nivia1st
Mungkin sekarang sudah melewati angka $40 juta ya,Namun belum di update saja pada website nya,Jika pencapaian mereka terus bertambah bisa di katakan penghasilan para peserta bounty juga lumanyan besar.

untuk penghasilan bounty sih kayanya tidak ada perbedaannya gan berapapun hasil yang didapatkan mau sepi atau ramai, karena bounty pool sudah ditetapkan saat bounty baru dirilis. cek dibawah ini. 


BOUNTY CAMPAIGN : 6 000 000 IC  to be divided according to the stakes accumulated amongst selected participants.

Bounty campaign includes these categories:
Signature campaign (10%)
Translation (3%)
Facebook (2%)
Twitter (3%)
Article/blog (10%)
Youtube (4%)
Telegram (3%)
Referral (50%)
Bonus (10%)

tapi diluar dari itu semua, harapan untuk harga token IC lebih mahal dari ICO terbuka lebih, mungkin itu saja yang menjadi perbedaannya

 on: Today at 12:24:52 PM 
Started by Vangar - Last post by coinplus
Technically, analysis is the thing we need most to get satisfactory results in trading. Without analysis, we cannot trade well because of the consequences of a trader, so he must be able to make decisions that begin with a good analysis. A trader can never succeed when they cannot think well, so keep on adding knowledge and experience. One more point is that a trader who has a good experience will be able to avoid panic in every decision they make.
I would even say there is no better way to trading than the knowledge of technical analysis. A lot of people may say they do not trust in technical analysis, but that is simply because they either do not know what they are analyzing or the belief that with technical analysis, the market should just behave exactly as you want it. If things work that way, I guess we will all have been very rich by now. It is just like that in every market as TA will always be more of a guide and that is what it is.

I realize that for beginners like me when trading, if prices go down there is always a feeling of panic and want to always sell it even though I know that it will lose my capital, I have done it for a long time, and I arrived at the point where I analyzed the Display Chart Trade very seriously and very enthusiastically.
There will always be feelings of panic because beginners like you are not taking the time to learn or they have not taken the time out to practice as much as possible to gain some confidence with their strategy before the end up rushing into trading the market. That is always a lot of problem people will never stop facing because they are so much in the mind of trying to gamble their positions in the market, and that will always not come out well for them.

 on: Today at 12:24:44 PM 
Started by fxsurfer - Last post by fxsurfer

You are going a it off-topic, but are still wrong.

Even being involved in pyramid schemes can be valuable, althought in criminal way. In that case valuable is position, in which You have joined and which allows You to scam those other people, who lose money. Those positions have very high value for criminals, who are masterminds and early joiners into scheme.

Same goes for BTC scheme. What is most valuable in this scheme, is position of early miners, when "mining" could have called accordingly only because the mechanism of process was similar. Thore were essentially free "game coins", which also were valued accordingly 0,01 USD etc.

Of course, for Satoshi and other early miners "BTC scheme" was very valuable. But bitcoin - symbol/number/byte that is connected to the name of John Doe is not valuable because of that. This byte was just used as means to transfer value from pocket of John Doe to the pockets of Satoshi and early miners. Numbers couldn't provide them utility, which is why they used BTC scheme to get that utility in things they can eat, drink, wear, drive, sit on, enter into, please the aesthetic senses, legally enforce(fiat money), etc. Worthless numbers are left to people like you, who are as a result, forced to find value in valuelessness, by using a series of irrational excuses.

Precicely and that is BTCs value for Satoshi and early miners!

Now, there is not just Satoshi and early miners, but a group of relatively early miners, then mid-time miners and so on... For each of them BTC scheme scammed some money, therefore being valueable same was as to early miners, just in less amount.

No, that is NOT BTCs value but manipulation's value. If you were tricked to give million dollars to a scammer who sold you an empty box because you were convinced it contains an expensive diamond, that does not mean that emptiness in the box has value. It just means you've been scammed. Or in other words, scam was the thing that had value, and not the subject of the scam (emptiness).

Scamming object also has value according their scamming potential. Empty box with ALTCOIN logo on it and empty box with BTC logo on it have totally different scamming values, while BTC scams big time, many altcoins do very little.
In this case, scamming object is not bitcoin but computers that store blockchain, and in that regard bitcoin owners do not own these computers like box would be owned in mentioned diamond scam. So, in the diamond scam you would at least have the box that can provide you with some utility. It the Bitcoin scam you are left with useless numbers that can provide zero utility.

Not object, but subject.

As for (scamming) value, they both have value - each coin itself and hardware, that accounts coins. Why coin? Because You need to "hand over" something to get money from Greater Fool. Let it be digital code. In BTC case, it is well promoted, branded and pumped piece of code!

As we agreed few posts ago, value is subjective and therefore You can not tell, that BTC as an object has no value, because this statement is general. You may say, BTC has no value for You. If BTC as an object had no value universally, You could easily gather all BTCs into Your wallet for 1 dollar, because You would be paying more than, their value is.

Well, it is false information what is "handed over" to get money from Greater Fool, and it is this information what has value to scamers. Thus, it is not number (BTC) what is well promoted, branded and pumped, but false information that BTC has value.

Btw, I didn't say that value is subjective. I said that the degree of value is subjective.

Net realizable value is the bigger, the more coins You have, so it depends on their quantity as much as on deceived value for each.

If You agreed, that degree of value is subjective, then You basically agreed, that value is subjective. Because diminishing or growing degrees are at some point practically equal to zero or infinity at graph.

Graph is just a mathematical abstraction that cannot chage the utility of a thing. So, the appeal to the graph is just one of those irrational excuses.

 on: Today at 12:24:42 PM 
Started by S Brewery - Last post by Kriptomanka
А так громко начинали, презентации, конкурсы, открытие завода то в Беларусь то в Подмосковье, а в итоге нигде, да и для запуска пивоварни на арендованном помещении и оборудовании разве нужны ооочень большие деньги?

Покажите хоть один реальный пример из офлайн сектора?) Каждый инвестор знал на что подписывается, ведь изначально было понятно, к чему приведет все это.

Именно так. Наверное после циркониевого заводика всем давно должно было быть ясно, что крипта еще не скоро придет в офлайн сектор по крайней мере без убытков для инвесторов Smiley. Помню раньше и карьеры и соляные шахты городили, хоть поднять настроение можно было.

Ну почему же, есть сферы, где блокчейн и токенизаци очень даже применимы)) И просматривается лучик света в долгосрочной перспективе))
Просто конкретно в этой ICO кампании, изначально расчет был на баблосбор,  причем довольно наглым и кривым способом.

ну так мне тоже кажется что все еще впереди, просто тут начинают все быстрее быстрее из-за хайпа суету наводить, все боятся не успеть, и мы видим сейчас к чему это приводит, в дальнейшем думаю все будет совсем иначе
Боюсь, как бы в дальнейшем еще хуже не стало. Хайп это одно, а мертвая тишина , совсем другое. Поэтому скорее всего крафтового пива мы так и не дождемся.

 on: Today at 12:24:41 PM 
Started by BitcoinStuff - Last post by sambuddha
we will go back to 1 dollar soon.

and exchange will be released before end of Q3.

so when that is released, expect a huge jump in price (maybe 3-5 dollars, then higher once btc bull market kicks in).

it will be soon! buy when all others are selling.
Buying a half-dead project is already gambling, it's very unreasonable. The daily trading volume is very small - this coin is not needed by anyone. It will soon cost 1 cent.

 on: Today at 12:24:39 PM 
Started by newsilike - Last post by kimvanchinh
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