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Author Topic: Short stories! Post yours here!  (Read 209 times)
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June 01, 2015, 12:21:52 AM


Back in July it was 89 degrees on a friday afternoon the phone rang, I was hot sweating and tired after a long day. i picked up the phone and looked at the caller I.D. it showed the caller as "Unknown" as i do with all calls that aren't listed on my I.D. i quickly hit END it stopped the ringer from making anymore noise.

Later that day i just got back from Wal-Mart, had to pick up some tissue and some cat food for my 3 year old tabby. She gets grumpy when she doesn't get fed just like me. I popped open a can of Whitefish platter for her and sat down at my small kitchen table with a nice cold beer. I'm trying to relax and Slowly recoup after a day at the mill. Tabby finished her meal and ran off no doubt to take a nap on my bed as usual. (Sounds like something i would like to do) The phone rang again and i picked it up once again looking at the I.D.  Once again it showed "Unknown" quick as i seen it i clicked "End" to stop the noise from ruining my afternoon. I sipped my Cold beer and went into the living room and started to watch some T.V.  Switching channels i finally stopped on a gameshow. (You know the kind,Looks simple as hell but you couldn't do it on a dare)

My body jumped as i woke up realizing i had slept through the show and i fell asleep for nearly 45 minutes. I caught my senses and took a sip of beer and the phone rang again. Thinking to myself who could be calling this late at night i once again looked at the I.D. once again it said "Unknown" Hit End and it stopped. Fucking bill collectors calling this late at night. (I Said to myself)

I just about dragged my ass upstairs with no energy i pulled back the blankets and crawled into bed, Tabby right there trying to get under the blankets with me. she never could sleep alone. she always wanted to be close to me. Damn cat!

In the morning, Woke up slightly confused and thought today was payday (Thursday) when in fact it was Wednesday. Made plans to go to the store and get my weekly steak after work then i realized the date when the weather forecaster shit on my parade and announced it was wednesday. I could have choked him if i got my hands on him! He has a lot of balls taking my steak dinner away from me...I smiled when i realized how much i miscalculated what day it was and looking forward to my Medium Rare steak.

My job is unrewarding and i pack aluminum after it has been anodized (basically taking shiny aluminum and making it dull) I pick up piece after piece packing it wrapped i paper and putting into a box 10 hours a day 50 hours a week with no thanks. Wednesday is no different from thursday with the exception of a paycheck on thursday.

wednesday was pretty much routine i'm packing metal and wrapp..(Intterupted)  Police came to the floor came walking over to me asked me if i was David Brown??  I said yes, but i paid my fine last month (referring to my speeding ticket).

the officer didn't budge with his facial expression he said you need to come with us. My mind had started racing as i walked with the officer as to what laws i may have broken......I couldn't think of anything at all!! It was driving me crazy!

We got to the police station and i followed the officer into a small room. My heart started racing as i seen a table with a form on it it in the shape of a person. The room was cold and the smell was indescribable.(smelled like old meat) The officer asked do you have family members? I answered yes! I have a sister why? (My mind was already racing and it wasn't good) The officer said is her name Jessica? Yes Jessica is my sister as tears poured from my eyes.

The officer said We have a person matching your sisters description we need you to I.D. her. My body collapsed and i hit the floor. I woke up and it felt like hours later when it was only seconds later. the officer asked me if i was ok and if i could continue. I almost couldn't answer but i replied yes. The officer pulled back the sheet.....I became sick i started throwing up and fell to my knees. Jessica was laying there on the table with holes in her and she was grey.

Several officers carried me...No, almost dragging my limp body out of the room. My sister laid on the table lifeless. I sat in a chair slumped on the table with a full cup of coffee in front of me that the officers gave me. Questions were being asked and it sounded like a drunken vision nothing made sense...Their words were merging and i couldn't make out the meanings. It seemed like hours of noise. The officers brought me home and i stumbled into the house. I climbed the stairs and crawled into bed. Tabby (like clockwork) crawled into bed with me and for some reason started to rub her face on mine. This was the only comfort i found after this whole ordeal.

In the morning two detectives woke me up with loud knocking on my door. I offered them to come in after they showed their badges and said their names. I never caught their names i was in a zombie state. the detectives began questioning me about a guy named Steve. Yes , i know Steve that is jessicas boyfriend. They asked does he drive a 2012 Ford escort? I said yes it's grey. They then told me that Steve had come home got into an argument with Jessica (According to neighbors and loud arguments) Steve was seen forcing Jessica into the car around 3 P.M. Friday afternoon. They claimed witnesses seen the car speed off. They say they traced Jessicas Cellphones using Celltowers to locate the (Rough) area where the signals where being broadcasted to find the car and Jessicas body in the trunk. They Claim jessicas last 3 phone calls were to your number and they explained that because she was in the trunk of the car the cell phone tower picked up the signals for relay but could not identify the caller.

Jessica had been stabbed over 14 times by her abusive Boyfriend and tried to call me 3 times from the trunk of the car until her phone died.  I love you jessica! I will never ignore another call!

P.S. This is Fiction and this is my material not to be copied Otrkid70


The year was 1979 ...We lived in a ghetto housing complex in Worcester Ma. 
For The past week people had been talking and rumors have been going around. Earlier that week A man named Angel Luis Allende was in the back seat of a police car and Was shot in the face and killed while Handcuffed.

Rumors and anger were spreading as to why and how. People in groups were more prominent on the streets,Gatherings on almost every corner. Voices were heard getting louder and anger fueled it. Garbage Dumpsters which were on every block started smoking then there were visible flames. Sirens could be heard and fire engines arrived. Police arrived in force with Dozens of cars they wore all black with shield Batons and guns. The presence of police was overwhelming and calm was restored with only a few random people walking past my window yelling as they walked by. The following day Police were still present and the neighbors had said that we must Display Black draped out of our window today to show we support the victim. My father was working in what seemed around the clock to support us and my mother had no idea what to do.

Later that day Crowds of people could be heard all over the neighborhood and while the police were still present the crowds outnumbered them at least 20-1 A person threw a bottle filled with Gasoline at the blockade of police cars and the car was on fire. The crowd pushed forward as the police drew back. The police Substation which was located in this area was pillaged and burned to the ground. We heard lots of noise outside of our house and a window was broken my father had gone outside and there was a crowd, everyone was shouting and swearing about not having draped Black outside our windows.

More windows were broken and my Father came back in and locked the front door. Smoke started to fill the house and we all had to leave through the back door. My memories in the moments right after that have always been Black. The Day after we were in a shelter and my father told us the Apartment had burned to the ground. Someone had thrown a Malitov cocktail  (Bottle filled with gasoline) through the bathroom window. While we got out alive our 2 dogs and 2 cats were Burnt alive.

they called this event the Riot in Great Brook Valley 1979

I will never forget those days and today i think back and wonder what might have happened if we had draped a piece of black outside our window.

Here is the court case in the news.


 The alarm clock disturbed my dream, I was taking a train ride through western New York into Pennsylvania to see a football game. It brought me out of my slumber at 6:00 A.M.  As i slapped the clock and shut it off, Reality set in and My happiness was now reset the same why i reset the clock.

 I gathered my thoughts and tried to prepare for the daily grind, But things seemed different today. I didn't wake up as i usually do....I didn't need 4-5 cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes to get motivated like any other day. I was motivated and my energy level was high.  Everything seemed Exciting today and i'm still curious as to why. I had 1 cup of coffee and three cigarettes at the most and i was ready to take on the world. 6:45 came here and i was ready to leave. I grabbed my lunch and ran out the door. Fumbling through my pockets trying to lock the door i realized i forgot the keys. Ran back into the house grabbed the keys off the counter and without missing a beat closed the door and happened to get the right key on the first try.  I can see this Day going well already! I ran down the stairs and 3 flights later i was on the ground floor and through the front door.  On my street parking is a challenge and the night before i had lucked out and got a space about three spots down so, the trip to the car would be quick today no running 2-3 blocks for my car while trying not to be late for work.

My car starts right up and i'm off to work. Seems like it only took 7 minutes for the trip today but it actually took 11 doesn't matter i felt great and the sun was shining. When i got to work all spaces were taken so i tried to park on the street. I looked for a spot and nothing was around so i drove around the corner and i saw an open one. I pulled in and it almost seemed too easy..Spots on this street were highly sought after because the business district controlled this area and there was always some asshole ready to cut you off to get it. Briskly walked to my building and the day started.     Today was a great day I had made sales quota and beyond. I might actually see a 30% increase in my check this week. God Damn! things today are going great!   I leave the building and as i'm walking to my car i Remember parts of my dream from last night....The train i took was supposed to be to Pennsylvania to see a football game, but now i remember. I took the train to Philadelphia and got off downtown. I stopped at An Adult club.

I kept walking faster because i was aggravated by my dream...and trying to remember what happened in it. As i got closer to my car i could see orange on my windshield. A ticket....a fucking $50 ticket for an Expired meter.  You must be kidding me $50 Ticket for a 25 cent meter?  I ripped the ticket up and threw it on the ground. when i threw the paper down i again had a brief flash of my dream with dollar bills being thrown on a half dressed woman while she was lying on her back naked with her legs open. I got into my car and started driving home. the trip home seemed to take forever traffic lights were all red. I started to think of what happened in my dream about the strip club and now i remember that i brought the girl into the back room and got a lap dance from her. She said she could please me like i have never been pleased before as she grinded her tits on my face but it would cost me, and if i wanted to she could come to my Apartment.   The light turned green and i was almost home, again i found myself fighting for a spot to park close to my apartment.  after 10 minutes of circling the block a car pulled out and i parked. I was only 4 blocks away from my apartment. In this area that is a great thing!.  Walking to my apartment i thought of the dream again and this time the stripper was in my apartment. We were On the sofa i was naked, and she was Riding me. she fucked me furiously and i came. I was exhausted and she lived up to what she claimed she would achieve earlier. she slowly got dressed and held out her hand and said $500. I said 500? she said yes, I told you i can i please you like never before but it would cost you!  I said get the fuck out of here any whore would cost me less than $100  she grabbed my pants off the floor and started searching the pockets. She said wheres the money. I once again told her i wouldn't give her $500. she jumped on me and started hitting me and scratching me in the face. I tried to counter her slaps but she was too fast and she got plenty of them in. she kept yelling pay me my fucking money you son of a bitch while hitting me.  I took many slaps and as she gouged my face with her nails i pushed her off me with force. she was a small woman and i think i used too much force she hit the coffee table and it shattered beneath her. She laid motionless and i could see blood. A fragment of glass had pierced her chest and she was dead.

 The alarm clock disturbed my dream, I was taking a train ride through western New York into Pennsylvania to see a football game.


At the age of just 16 I have seen more than i care to and Experienced more in life than that a person of 50. My home is the city of Worcester, Massachussetts
I have been roaming this city since the age of 5. Segregation of this city is an unwritten rule. We have Blacks and Hispanics who were segregated to the areas of the ghettos and run down areas of the City. The Whites had free Rein in the City With the Exception of Shrewsbury street which were primarily Italians and the Mafia.
Even though my skin color was white and an Italian Descent we found ourselves living in the Ghetto being the minority. Money always Dictated where you lived no matter what race you were, it's just a fact.
Spending time in the Ghetto we learned our "pecking order" and we seemed to fit into the area having the one thing everyone else here had in common being "Poor".
Me and my brother Bill always planned out our next adventure for the next day while we laid in our beds dreaming of better lives.
I remember we once set a large grassy field on fire just to see what would happen. This is the type of field where the grass was as tall as we were and for whatever reason we thought it would be a good idea just to watch it burn.
We set the field on fire and the smoke seemed to rise above the clouds. We heard Sirens (always heard these in the Ghetto nothing new) which we ignored and soon the fire trucks pulled up and the firemen asked what happened? Of course we lied
We said we don't know. We seen the fire and tried to put it out. The firemen told us to go home. We went to the field later that day just to look at our work. The entire field was gone a blackened mess and we were amazed by it.

We had done many things in the ghetto but the thing that sticks out in my mind the most was coming home from school one day i was in the kitchen and heard noises (Whimpering loudly) in the back yard. I opened the back door and on the nearby Block house
there was a bloody mess hanging by a rope. I got closer and realized it was a dog. skinned alive and still moving and whimpering. I have never seen a more horrific site since then in all my years. I have still not figured out why this happened but it will remain permanently burned in my
memory forever more Vivid that anything that is in my mind.

When i was 12 we eventually found ourselves in the area of Shrewsbury street (Italians and Mafia) Me and my brother found ourselves doing even more adventures and dangerous things. We lived near an inconspicuois building which had multiple rooms but one caught our attention the most. The room had no curtains or drapes and only had a desk with a chair and a single phone in it.
It was early 1980's and it had alot of buttons on it so we thought it would be worth some money. That night we pried the window open and went inside searched the desk. We found nothing it. We took the phone and ran home.
2 days had gone by and we had a phone with no way of turning it into cash. Young and stupid we didn't know what we had done.
A loud pounding on the door and my father opened it. The man said your 2 boys took something of mine and i want it back now. The guy didn't seem mad at all but he wanted the phone back. My father came in and confronted us and we were scared as hell (Dad Whipped ass with a belt) we gave him the phone and he gave the man the phone.
The man took the phone and said you have to teach them boys some respect. My Father beat our ever living asses with a belt. Come to find out the guys was a bookie with Pre-Programmed numbers on the phone.

At 16 we found ourselves back in the "Seedy" part of town King Street. A notorius drug and prostitution area. The Billboard sign on the corner of Piedmont Street and Main street Read "Aids and Heapatitus B have NOT yet been controlled in the Piedmont area"  No Bullshit google it if you don't believe me.
We stayed there and met a guy named Raul he was Puerto Rican and a drug dealer. He seemed like a decent sorth of guy but his skinny wife showed a different side.

Raul always had a stack of cash and used to pay me to go to the dunkin donuts to get him Eclairs. He always bought a dozen, He threw me a $20 bill and told me to keep the change.
I always made time for Eclair runs so i could earn som cash. Raul was always thankfull....I guess he was just suiting me up for bigger things.

Raul asked me to give a guy a package and he would pay me $50 i thought nothing of it and said Yes. The guy came knocking at my door and i gave him the Small brown bag and he gave me an envelope which was sealed and was wide.
I knew what was happening when i could see the envelope was in the shape of a stack of cash. I collected my $50 easy as hell.

Things got busier and i found myself sliding grams of coke and heroin under the door and $20 bills sliding back under without ever seeing faces.
Soon People were in my house shooting up with heroin and coke. I have seen a man drop his pants and shoot  a heroin needle in his cock because his veins in his arms collapsed and he needed a fix. a prostitute who was absolutely gorgeous
Started stripping in front of me...She was looking for a free fix. Her body was incredible and my cock was hard as iron. I resisted and she never got her fix.

Raul came to my door and asked if i would go over to an address and collect a debt for him with some of a few guys. Raul has always been generous to me and has never said no to me so i did the same and agreed to it.
 I found myself in a car with 2 Peurto Ricans who wer conversating back in fourth in spanish and i managed to make out a few words here and there but not enough to tell a story.
We pulled into this area near a store and my 2 Compadres got out and started walking towards a building. I got out and caught up with them staying behind them. They knocked on the door and it opened.
The man at the door was spanish and once again i do not know what they were saying. My 2 compadres stepped into the house and i followed.

After what seemed to be 5 minutes of Loud conversation in spanish one of my "Friends" reached into his lower back area and pulled a gun out. It was a reolver Maybe a 38.? The guy who answered the door dropped to his knees and started getting louder and crying. I remember "Por favor no esta Muerto" or something like this.
My "Friend" pulled the trigger. The man was hit in the chest and was still moving and Groaning. My friends went into the house and were looking all over tearing shit apart.
The guy on the floor stopped making noises and stopped moving. My "Friends" had found something and rushed out with me following.
We stopped at Rauls and gave him what was found. Raul Closed the door.

A few days later i heard a loud banging at the door and then the door was Broken in. I heard "Police we have a seach warrant " over and over again as i starred at guns.

This story belongs to Otrkid70 "fiction" or "Non fiction"


 I was in the bathroom taking care of business and i got the feeling that i was not alone. an eerie feeling that someone was in the room with me. I discovered on today that my new floor in my bathroom held a mystery. As i looked down i noticed a man in the Random Pattern on the floor tiles. The man had a receeding hairline a strong looking chiseled chin and a medium nose with a large tip. His eyes were closed and his head slightly propped up at an angle. He seemed at peace then i realized the man must be in a coffin. He is not a family member but i have seen him before but i can't place his face. Perhaps it was in some random dream? His name seems to be a short name maybe 3-4 letters long maybe it's a nickname. The man rests on my floor peacefully and since he never bothers me i respectfully step over the tile being careful not to disturb him in his eternal sleep. Some people might get the scared or creeped out by the image but there is no reason for me to do the same. I actually feel comforted that the image is there wether it be coincidence or just my imagination. I have no problems sharing space with such a peaceful image. For now the Man will rest upon my floor and maybe when it is my time, i will be resting on the floor or a wall in a random image peacefully resting.

You are never alone even when you think you are.


So many days have gone by, Wasted, without me noticing the subtle changes. I find myself waking up and Mad at the world for no reason. things are about to change...   Anger level (10%)

It's raining out and it only adds to my Depression. I Have to walk to my car with a an umbrella to avoid getting wet. This pisses me off. Fucking nature! (I think to myself) God truly hates me as he is pissing down on me in revenge for my sinful life.
My day is fucked from the beginning.   Anger level (20%)

I find reasons to hate everything during the day to pass my time. If you happen to take too long in the line ordering coffee i often find myself asking (CAN'T YOU JUST ORDER A FUCKING COFFEE WITHOUT THE BULLSHIT??).  the guy in front of me is undecided about what flavor he wants. Hmmmm Mocha Latte or the newest flavor Pumpkin .(It's fall)   I want to punch this cocksucker in the back of the head out of RAGE and say....Order the FUCKING Coffee you COCKSUCKER! Anger level (40%)

Rage is in the blood. Every ignorant cocksucker seems out to fuck with me today!

After i get my coffee (Which is just a normal coffee...Regular.Not some fucking Bullshit Fad coffee) I leave the store. I walk down the street to my car and i have to deal with a guy who sits just a few doors down everyday asking for money....He has all his motor functions and seems quite capable of getting a job. He antagonizies me for a third straight day. He steps in front of me with his Bullshit speech and says he is a homeless VET and needs help throwing his cup in front of me asking for change. As the guy Jams this cup in front of me my first reaction is to take the cup and smash his face in until he stops moving. I know he is a lying fuck and NEVER served for any government or war. As i pass him i think to myself...Would the world miss such a pathetic piece of shit if were to slaughter him with the cup he begged me with?   Beating him to death with that cup....These thoughts brought a smile to my face.     Anger level (75%)

See a pattern with the anger level?

I get to work and my Boss is in the mood he is always in.....(100 % Cocksucker,Break your balls cause i'm an asshole mood)
He taunts me daily. He almost seemingly targets is not the day i think to myself.
He demands the impossible and asks me to Focus on accounts that are "Hot" and to make them priorities. I work in an industry where TIME is important and to "Focus" on hot accounts take time.    I can't just "Focus" on an account and make it happen without skipping vital steps that would hinder the customer.  (Asshole Anger level just sent me above 100%)

I went home.

My safe was opened and i  took out my 3 Assault rifles. I have an AK-47, Ar-15 and a Savage Assault Shotgun. I loaded them all. In my safe i took out my my 2 of my 7 pistols.  I chose a 9MM and a 45. Caliber.

I have had enough shit...i went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror and seen a soldier. It was not me. I have become a Vigilante, a Terrorist... It seemed normal.

I left my house and went to the coffee shop. My Ak-47 Was around my shoulder and neck...When i entered into the shop i spun it around and it was in my hands as if it were staged......I opened fire. I hit the person last line first. He dropped as though he were a stage prop. The ammo continued..Customers dropped as they were hit. The coffee shop went silent.

When i left i felt a sense of Vindication. My mind was set and the goal was in Reach.

I seen the same cocksucker who threw his cup i my face and said he was a veteran. I slammed him against the wall and pulled my  9MM out out.....Without a single word being said i slaughtered him. I put a bullet directly is his face.

I continued on hearing sirens in the background. I started running. I knew it was only a matter of time before my description was broadcast over the police radio.
I headed to my job. My boss when he saw me started to say something when i opened fire on him.  I hit him twice with my pistol...Once  in the chest and one in the stomach.  he dropped down and was motionless.

I walked into the bathroom.. I looked into the mirror and looked at myself.
As i looked into the mirror i seen a Man... a Normal Man. The Rage inside of me say otherwise.

I put the pistol to my head and pulled the trigger.

The anger is gone... This is not Me.
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