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Author Topic: Konichua  (Read 1179 times)
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September 11, 2012, 08:13:42 AM



Basically, stole my 2BTC. Scammer tag requested please.

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« Sent to: AndyRossy on: September 10, 2012, 04:31:42 PM »
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Hey man, I'm on skype with my friend and he can do that for you.
If you send me 2 BTC I'll send that to him and give you his skype
1dannye firstbits

Skype convo:  (Nothing since, was 15hours+ ago)

[18:11:48] Andrew Ross: Hey
[18:12:06] Andrew Ross: there?
[18:20:23] Danny Carter: hello
[18:20:41] Andrew Ross: alright, what does your friend need to set it up? I am running nginx on ispconfig
[18:21:22] Danny Carter: I really don't know, you can ask when you have paid Smiley
[18:21:49] Andrew Ross: he got refs?
[18:21:52] Andrew Ross: or done this before etc?
[18:22:29] Danny Carter: Yeah, he works at a computer repair shop Smiley
[18:22:39] Danny Carter: He writes code for me sometimes too
[18:22:49] Danny Carter: repair + help*
[18:23:27] Andrew Ross: has he installed ABE on nginx before?
[18:23:35] Andrew Ross: or worked with nginx etc?
[18:23:48] Danny Carter: Let me ask him
[18:24:49] Danny Carter: copy his reply
[18:24:55] Danny Carter: ill copy his reply*
[18:25:37] Danny Carter: Yeah I do, I specialise in servers and nginx
[18:26:53] Andrew Ross: ok can you add him to this chat, and give me a BTC address, i'll send first / type any root commands he needs ran etc, will set him up with a ssh account, a folder pointing to the ispconfig webserver folder, and run any root commands he wants me to
[18:26:55] Andrew Ross: lmk if this is OK?
[18:27:57] Danny Carter: okay
[18:29:10] Danny Carter: he said he will be a few mins, needs to brb :/
[18:29:32] Andrew Ross: ok when he's back i'll add him here, then gimme the bTC addr i'll set him up a space with all he should need
[18:29:34] Andrew Ross: and a login etc
[18:29:46] Danny Carter: okay
[18:29:59] Danny Carter: ill give you the addy first, you dont have to pay til i add him
[18:30:32] Danny Carter: 1DannyEt9d9uzC6wH8SmFoqL2NPBf5kqYA
[18:34:54] Andrew Ross: kk
[18:35:00] Andrew Ross: vanity user alert xD
[18:35:10] Danny Carter: Cheesy
[18:36:53] * Danny Carter created a group chat with (staffganion).
[18:41:01] Andrew Ross: i just ripped off for 2BTC? ^^
[18:41:12] Andrew Ross: if so i'll fire out a double spend
[18:41:30] Danny Carter: no?
[18:41:36] Andrew Ross: you guys both just left
[18:41:38] Andrew Ross: the convo?
[18:41:38] Danny Carter: I left because I was no longer needed
[18:41:42] Andrew Ross: he left too?
[18:41:44] Danny Carter: wtf he left?
[18:41:47] Andrew Ross: right.
[18:41:52] Danny Carter: aw shit
[18:41:56] Andrew Ross: errr
[18:42:02] Andrew Ross: whats happening?
[18:42:15] Danny Carter: ill get him to rejoin, one sec
[18:42:25] Andrew Ross: ok.
[18:44:51] Andrew Ross: ...
[18:45:00] Danny Carter: hes being a dick :/
[18:45:07] Danny Carter: hes refused to do it
[18:45:13] Andrew Ross: xD
[18:45:16] Danny Carter: :/
[18:45:31] Danny Carter: as soon as I get 6 confirms my satoshi client will let me send back to you
[18:45:39] Danny Carter: sorry about this :/
[18:48:30] Andrew Ross: ok.
[18:57:02] Andrew Ross: ***DELETED*** plz do before +1hour30 seems stupid to lose all rep over 2BTC and kinda annoying for me >.<
[18:57:29] Danny Carter: yeah I wouldnt lose all rep for that

Personal Information removed as user has paid back after further email communication.
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September 11, 2012, 10:43:07 AM

I emailed him a link to this thread, the reply:

Oh and also, my name is not Danny Carter.
Nor am I a schoolboy.

Its all there, black and white, clear as crystal. You get, nothing! You lose! Good
day sir!

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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 00:44:22
To: <>
Subject: Re:

Alt facebook account*

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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 00:43:50
To: <>
Subject: Re:

Nice, you found my alt.
I set it up for credibility that I am a real person.
Also when you get my ip that's a proxy too, through my friends ip.
I got a total of around 23.5 on this sock, not too bad eh?
The email also will not lead to anything, another alt.

-----Original Message-----
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 08:46:41
To: <>

Please can you mark as Scammer.
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September 11, 2012, 12:51:30 PM

After further email conversation, user has sent me back funds.

Have removed his personal information from here, as he no longer owes me funds. 

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