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Author Topic: [ANN][RAFFLE] Enter for a chance to win shares in the MLAF security!  (Read 559 times)
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September 11, 2012, 05:05:35 PM

First, this raffle has originated on the Microcash forum (see here.)

About a month ago I created a security on Cryptostocks for investment in future Microcash adventures. Tickets for this raffle are being sold in Solidcoins (which will become Microcash Dollars in the near future) but the security is listed in BTC so that a large pool of SLC/MCD can be purchased over time.

I know this is Bitcointalk but if any of you have Solidcoins laying around, this is an opportunity to invest them in a Bitcoin investment associated with Solidcoin/Microcash.  

If you are not interested in the security or Microcash, you can always sell your shares for bitcoins over at Cryptostocks.  The original raffle details are listed below.  Please message me or respond if you would like to obtain a deposit address.

Associated Links

Original Microcash Forum Raffle Thread
BitcoinTalk MLAF Release Page
CryptoStocks Security Page


Shares of the MLAF
(You must have a valid account so that I can transfer these these shares to your account.)

First Prize: 50 MLAF Shares
Second Prize: 25 MLAF Shares
Third: 10 MLAF Shares
Fourth: 10 MLAF Shares
Fifth: 10 MLAF Shares
Sixth: 5 MLAF Shares
Seventh: 5 MLAF Shares
Eighth: 5 MLAF Shares
Ninth: 5 MLAF Shares


Each ticket cost 50 SLC. If you would like to purchase a ticket, or tickets, send me a PM or respond to this message. I am going to create a special Solidcoin wallet for this raffle. When you respond, I will create a new receipt address for you and I'll send it to you via PM in the forum. So be looking for it.

In order to purchase a ticket, all you have to do is deposit as many SLC into your address as you desire, in 50 SLC increments. Please note, you will have to pay the TX fees. You can deposit partial amounts in this address (i.e. 25 SLC). You will receive 1 ticket as soon as the full 50 SLC is deposited for the next ticket purchase. Partial ticket purchases will not be refunded at the end of the raffle and will be considered donations.

For each 50 SLC you deposit, you will get 1 ticket. Ticket numbers will be assigned in sequential order as their TXs are processed by the Solidcoin block chain and their values will range from 0 to 255 (or 00 to ff in hex). Ticket assignments will be posted on this site and the total raffle is limited to 256 tickets.

All sales are fina, however, I will refund individuals who try to purchase tickets after the last ticket has been purchased but before I get a chance to update this post.

In other words you don't need to worry about someone buying a ticket before you, if there are only one or two left.  If I don't update this post, reflecting the end of the raffle, your deposits will be refunded.



The block hash of the final ticket purchased will be used to determine the winning tickets.

First prize will go to the holder of the ticket with the same two hex digits at that end of the hash. Second prize will go to the ticket with the same hex value as the byte that is second from the end, and so one. If any ticket number appears twice, the second appearance of the ticket within the sequence of bytes will be "thrown out", and the next byte will be evaluated for the next prize. This doesn't mean that you can't win multiple times. Instead, it just means that each individual ticket can win only once.

Here is an example hash and how the winners would be derived from this hash. (Spaces added between 2-byte pairs.)

00001c55b778d7b0a3f6023692b86c8ea48a1f588090 e1 94 ff a1 56 a1 05 2d 08 31

#1 Ticket 31 - 50 Shares
#2 Ticket 08 - 25 Shares
#3 Ticket 2d - 10 Shares
#4 Ticket 05 - 10 shares
#5 Ticket a1 - 10 Shares
#6 Ticket 56 - 5 Shares
#7 Ticket a1 (Already won, bytes discarded and next one selected)
   Ticket ff - 5 Shares
#8 Ticket 94 - 5 Shares
#9 Ticket e1 - 5 Shares


The pricing of these tickets is contingent on the current trading rate over at Vircurex. If there are any significant swings in price (up or down), I will re-adjust the price of these tickets for new purchasers.

This is a personal raffle and the MLAF is not holding, nor "supporting" this raffle. I, RLH, will be buying these shares with my personal Cryptostock account.

Please post any questions and get the word out to all who are interested! Have fun and play responsibly!

Updated on Sept 12, 2012

Ticket Holder Addresses
Luceo: sQLTDvctr8XRYwe9vuDWghpaJ4WzyESabA

Tix# Owner
00 Luceo
01 Luceo
02 Luceo
03 Luceo
04 Luceo
05 Luceo

Thank you!

A Personal Quote on BTT from 2011:
"I'd be willing to make a moderate "investment" if the value of the BTC went below $2.00.  Otherwise I'll just have to live with my 5 BTC and be happy. :/"  ...sigh.  If only I knew.
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September 12, 2012, 01:06:08 PM

6 tickets sold!

A Personal Quote on BTT from 2011:
"I'd be willing to make a moderate "investment" if the value of the BTC went below $2.00.  Otherwise I'll just have to live with my 5 BTC and be happy. :/"  ...sigh.  If only I knew.
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