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Author Topic: Max's Mine  (Read 519 times)
max in montreal
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September 15, 2012, 07:13:45 PM

I would like to propose a deal for anyone interested. In the past I have sold many bitcoins face to face, to people who do not mine. Many would like to start mining but cannot because of various reasons, but mostly because people do not want to spend the time an effort learning the simple skills it takes to start mining yourself at home. I would like to mine for you.

From what I have read and understood from pyramining is you supply them with some cash and they purchase the hardware. After x time you get all your cash back and a little extra. I think this is such a great idea I would like to do something similar.

My plan would be for an investor to suply the cash, I purchase the equipment and start mining. This equipment belongs to the investor until it is completely paid off, with some interest. All income goes to paying off the equipment first. Once done, this equipment now belongs to the investor AND me. We each own 1/2.

The difference in pyramining and what I am proposing is that the investor owns half of the equipment, so any other money made using this equipment is split 50/50.

The equipment I am looking at is FPGA miners. Yes I hear that asics are coming and will be so much faster, but I do not believe it until I see it. Every one is taking preorders, but nothing has ever been shown to actually exist, and here is my theory...

-convince everyone you have an asic miner
-get people to pre order or pre purhase
-price the prouct in $ but take payments in BTC
-block reward halves
-bitcoin value skyrockets
-announce that the project has failed
-return everyones $ via BTC

I may be wrong, but I have been purchasing a few FPGA miners, and will continue doing so.

So a quick recap on the plan:

-Invest about $450 and I purchase an FPGA miner
-Miner repays the investor plus interest
-Once equipment is paid off miner belongs to investor and me
-All other profits from that point on are split 50/50
-Right now the typical fpga miner hashing at 400 makes about $1.75 per day.
-price of electricity right now is a non issue

If someone is interested please post your comments and/or questions, or send me a PM.

Max in Montreal
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September 16, 2012, 02:20:26 AM

I like this idea,  was thinking of doing something like this but take in peoples unused hardware and run it for them at a cost say a 50/50 split.

I have access to a good chunk of 240volt amps free of charge Smiley

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