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Author Topic: bmoney - fractal 3SAT web of certifiers with 3 way symmetric edges of boltzmann  (Read 396 times)
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September 06, 2015, 05:41:05 AM

Everything anyone would need to implement is defined here, and it is entirely just 3SAT and the unavoidable truth of math that the symmetric kind of neuralnets aka boltzmann statistics is true of the AND of, not just 2 things as in a normal pair but any size of AND which you need to talk about 3 things at once.

This should be very useful for any group of people who want to avoid gametheory failures between eachother such as "trajedy of the commons" or "prisoners dilemma" or voting against instead of for because others arent known to cooperate in that gametheory. Web of antitrust, not trust.

A decentralized and gametheory backed 3SAT solver (or searcher for larger agreement) should be a huge market for computing services. Google may want to sell 3SAT solving skill, for example, to whoever may certify a variable representing such a contract. b-money is possible but not a dependency. This is not a money system. Its better than money. Its gametheory. Defect and you're bankrupt.

The only calculation is the AND of any 3 certifiers including yourself. Only sets of 3 certifiers (nodes in the neural net) who have all certified that set of 3 with the same neural weight are included in the neural net. Every certifier has their own neural net which has the weights between those pairs of any 2 others which is also the weight between any 2 of those 3 because those 3 things are defined as the AND of those 3 certifiers so none can be counted if they have certified that someone else and you cant be on at the same time and you are on (so they must have lied since you are always on when you are using such a system.

Digital signatures are not regulated. Encryption is not implied by the use of a general computer (made of such 3SAT or neural calculations). NPComplete is not encryption, but it can be used to prove things about combinations of variables / certifiers without making any direct statements about them. Logic and proof languages are not normally used as a network protocol, but a thing does not become encryption just because its done online. It is out of my control what people may compute between eachother, except that I may be required to certify that weight as a certain scalar and I could score it low but others may then score me low because of that. Ironicly it may one day become that the network contains a homomorphic crypto algorithm and was never written by anyone instead only proven to exist, but that will not be my action, nor is anyone responsible for preventing others from operating a general computer before any wrong doing is claimed, as courts of USA say software counts as free speech.

The internet is a big computer, and we call it certifier networks.

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