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Author Topic: Re: Verifing account of GLBSE discussion  (Read 286 times)
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October 12, 2012, 07:07:55 PM

damnit. i must have just missed the processing period.

i got the login screen but after putting in my email and payout address i got a 404.

now the front page says:

Update:we are currently unable to process account closures, and will inform our users when this service resumes.

OK, you've got my attention.  I'll gladly take any brainstorming from people on what can be done with my electric bill, my ID and a picture of me with the date, my login & e-mail...

#1) Seriously, what could happen?  

#2) And what can I do about it now?

I'm pretty sure the answer to #1 is not too much (fingers crossed).

but I'm even more sure the answer to #2 is nothing...

gah, I guess this had to happen sooner or later.  Perhaps I should cancel or put a hold on my credit lines?  Any other ideas?

Nefario has enough to open an online bank account in your name. Plus hand your pic over to the grand jury.

Thank you for your thoughts & comments.

So Nefario can open an online bank account in my name.  This would show up on my credit report; so I can call the credit agency and have them lock down my credit line, so that only unlocking it would allow a new line of credit to be opened.  This costs $5 or something to turn on and off I think (based on what a co-worker told me).

However, say I don't do this, then what?  I guess he could open the account and try to over draft it and then peace out?  Then this would make me look bad and hit my credit as a default?  Hopefully, no institution would let more than $1,000 ish go like this.  I'll be making enough with bitcoins that I won't have to worry about silly fiat credit lines anyway... at least that's the plan for now.

Anything I'm missing?

As for the stock portfolio account in a country I don't know existed; not sure what other issues could happen with that.  Seems like people keep offshore accounts and don't go to jail all the time.  However, if someone were to link me with the account in the next 2 years (that's when my license will expire), there should be a trail of where the money came from.  Good thing I'm not involved with online anonymous digital currency/commodities that could have gotten the money there untraceable...

heh, oh well.  I'm not too worried of the risk just yet.  Perhaps, I'll lock my credit report since I don't need credit.  I've already got my house mortgage refinanced & won't be needing any additional debt anytime soon.
You are never liable for any theft from your credit card company. Even if someone has all the information necessary, if ultimately if it wasn't you, you are not liable. And in most cases you don't really have to prove that it wasn't you, they have to prove it was you. (Camera, voice recognition, signature, address and/or pick up etc etc)

Right, so having my utility bill and license and picture of me with my e-mail/login/date could potentially help someone not me "prove" or provide the "proof" that the credit card company needs.

Regardless, it may show up as a "ding" on my "credit report/score" and I don't know what the implications of that would be.  
YOU file a claim for fraud. Regardless of the information or documentation they had, once you file a claim, why would he "prove" them anything? Bottom line, card/info stolen and fraudulent charges are made, you file a claim, you get your money back. Your credit is unaffected. The stories you hear about peoples credit getting ruined is when someone basically steals your whole identity and uses it a while and opens lines of credits and loans under your identity. After a while your credit will be ruined and that's how you will learn about it, and again, you file a claim, and then its restored. The worst it can be is slightly inconvenient, probably even a little less inconvenient than worrying about it and crying about an harmless situation.

Well, it is a bit more serious than that. My gf had fraud done, actually the credit card company warned her and blocked her credit card. Lots of automatic payments on it... they all didn't get through... mortgage too late.... and that is what affects your credit rating....

Was a lot of hassle to get everything back in order... not to mention you get a new card, you have to re-file your new number with all the automatic payments

Just wanted to get in on the pyramid
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