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Question: Would you donate bitcoins?

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Author Topic: Bitcoin Care Foundation  (Read 1048 times)
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June 05, 2011, 07:51:03 AM

Hi everyone,

after using and installing Bitcoin I asked myself if it would not be a great idea to setup a Bitcoin Care Foundation?

The care foundation hooks up with some companies that exchange the bitcoins into products and services where we can help the world with. That can be international companies but also very local companies.

For example
- Food
- Clothes
- Medical care
- Teaching programs
- Green energy certificates
- Anti CO2 campaigns
- Animal care
- Forest care
- Research against cancer/HIV

People can donate bitcoins to help directly.

We will have less banking fees and therefore will be able to help more with less.

Anyone can send us bitcoins from all over the world.

People just can mine bitcoins and therefore donate it in a very easy way.

The foundation could ask people & companies to share processor power, share a part of the mining grid. Think about you could say your grid pushes to green energy?

Also with the use of Bitcoin we can make it very transparent who we are helping and who is helping (if they want to).

The foundation can tell the people in one currency how much is being donated and how much is exchanged into services/products. It would be very comparable and open foundation.

In return:
When a mining grid or individual supports you will be add to our donation list. You can select where you want your bitcoins to be used for. The foundation wil place the received bitcoins into the seperate projects. When we donate to a project we wil inform, make video's, tell about Bitcoin and tell about the people who are supporting all over the world.

I know trust will be very important. As startup I am already willing to donate.

It is just a wild idea, but I already made some preperations. Also by posting it onto the forum I hope to get some feedback or people that want to help.

I want to know is it a good idea or not and why?

Would you willing to donate bitcoins?

Any idea's how to create trust and maintain? I want people to know that there bitcoins are really donated to help.

Would like to help setting up the foundation?

Do you have some comments or questions?

Thank you in advance.
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June 05, 2011, 08:03:40 AM

You can select where you want your bitcoins to be used for.

I already select what my money is used for.

I think your goal is too broad to achieve. Can you give an example of how you can better deliver donors value to people who want to consume it than the donors themselves? Maybe you could find the people who can't manage on their own and let potential donors know about them.

Generally I see A--->ORGANIZATION--->B with ORGANIZATION not providing anything but a guess at what B wants (which B necessarily disagrees with or they would give money straight to B) and a bunch of heartwrenching commercials directed toward A. I bet if you find some kind of P2P solution a lot of people here would be interested, but I doubt another ORGANIZATION will get much traction.

Hope that's helpful.

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June 05, 2011, 11:29:50 AM


thank you for your comment.

In the current donor/care models you sometimes see misuse or invalid use.

In first instance I also thought why not send the bitcoins directly to the company that can care or to the people in need, directly P2P. But:

a.  We never know who is on the other side of the line. People could misuse the system.
b.  p2p only works when the other side also has the possibility to receive the donor.

In the bitcoin care organisation. We ask you in what you would like donate. We look if we can find trustful partners and check if the bitcoins that would or are going to be donated are being donated in a good way directly.

You will always need a second cooperation that will check if your bitcoins are invested in a good way. In a short term future a more direct model should be possible. See it as when you want to buy something with your bitcoins at the moment. Because of the fact Bitcoin is around for very short time, you will need a middleman, so that both sides have a foundation to trust on.

When this trust foundation exists, a p2p to the direct care foundation should be possible. And even more direct.

For example let's look at a current situation Japan:

1 We collect using a commercial in our country (costs)
2 then we(people) send money to an national organisation (often a smaller local organisation)
3 This organisation sends the money to an internatioal organisation (costs)
4 Then this international organisations sends the money to the country in need (costs)
5 Then the money is delivered to local care organisations (costs)
6 Then money is transfered in to goods and services (costs)
7 Then finally the people who are in need get the help

Now Japan is still very transparant, but I also know about some care transfers where more then half of the donated money is gone before the receiver gets it.

What if bitcoin care foundation would be an international organisation that as a presence in each country to check whether the money is spend in a good wat? We could send alsmost direcly and remove a lot of steps and clearances:

1. You send to bitcoin care. We do not need commercials, we have news
2. you select where it should be transferred to.
3. Bitcoin care checkups if they know trustfull partner
4. The trustfull partners get bitcoins (or money)
5. the partner directly helps the people in need.

Costs are reduced. No clearances needed.

So i do not want to created another organisation I want to create a more direct model. The problem is, that in first instance that will be hard (knowledge and relations have to be build), but I am sure that with more support this should be possible.

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