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Author Topic: Best wallet for keep bitcoin SAFE  (Read 6726 times)
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March 24, 2016, 05:13:54 PM

Every wallet is a good wallet to keep Bitcoin safe. There are no known vulnerabilities in the most widely used wallets. Things just depend on how you protect yourself and how much you get used to the wallet you use. No point in using an extremely secure wallet in a compromised security or using a very secure wallet that you don't know how to operate in order to fully secure it or a wallet you don't find handy to use.

I'm obviously already excluding web wallets, for reasons stated above Roll Eyes

Maybe its time you stop using web wallets and try desktop wallets such as Electrum, which are much safer than any web wallet. Actually this has been suggested a lot but no body seem to listen.

I don't get this either... What is everybody's fascination with web wallets. I can understand if people want to keep $20-$50 in BTC on an android wallet in case they have the chance to buy a hamburger with bitcoins or something. But other than that, all your coins should be securely stored (IMHO)

OP: the two safest options are paper wallets and hardware wallets (and maybe offline wallets), followed by desktop wallets (like core, multibit HD, electrum).
Web wallets are not safe, no mather which one you chose!

Oh people will start to listen... After they lose some BTC using a web wallet! The only way to safely store your balance is in a wallet you can put your hand on. I.E. a desktop wallet, harware wallet, or paper wallet.

I'm still a noob and trying to get up to speed. I've been using Armory with a paper backup. I'm searching around for a new wallet as it seems as if Armory may be having troubles. (I want to full research things before the proverbial sh!t hits the fan.) Am I missing the point about using a wallet like Armory?  I thought that worked as a cold storage and that all you needed to do was to keep the blockchain up to date by running it once a week or so?

I also don't get it what's so good about web wallets when you have better and as fast wallets where you store keys yourself Cheesy

As for Armory, it is a really, really good wallet software, but it is a bit advanced (I assume you're a new user, since you state you're a noob). Despite this, it's not impossible to start with Armory. You just have to try it and read about it. It may have a steeper learning curve but if you master Armory you're pretty much ready to use Bitcoin securely.

It works as cold storage if you have it on an offline computer and a watch-only wallet on an online computer.

I like also they have cold storage.

They do, if you have a spare iDevice that you don't connect to the Internet, lol Smiley

for online wallet i used blockchain with enabling 2factor authentication by telephone number . never lost bitcoin or get hacked or freezed .

This is not correct. 2FA on a web wallet doesn't guarantee you won't get your funds freezed.
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May 06, 2016, 09:09:37 AM

IF you really want to keep your coins safe you need to use a hardware wallet.
Nothing is more safe than that.. maybe a paper wallet in a safe, encoded.

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June 27, 2016, 06:43:19 PM

Trezor, ledger hardware wallet and Cryptosteel to protect and secure your private key or mnemic words to restore your wallet
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December 24, 2017, 01:24:59 AM

There are conceptually two broad categories of the wallets you are looking for.

1. Online wallets: In these wallets it needs you to connect to the internet and then save your stakes. However, you need to essentially keep your “private keys” secure to safeguard your hard earned BTC. A few to recommend would be Exodus, Electrum, Coinomi, Jaxx etc.

2. Offline wallets: On the other hand, in offline wallets, they are not just hardware wallets. Practically any wallet that never needs to connects to the internet to interact falls under this category. However, technically the moment you connect to the internet they no longer remain “Offline”. Here you just need to download the link and install it. A few to recommend would be Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin paper wallet, Ledger, Nano S, Trezor, Electrum, etc.

Now it is you who has to decide which one to choose. But generally as long as you can keep your private keys secure you could use either one.
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