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Author Topic: Mr Garzik and Silk Road - the CBS interview  (Read 1861 times)
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June 08, 2011, 09:46:02 PM

Hello all,

I've been around for more than a year, and some recent events motivated me to create this account and open this topic.

The event in question was Mr Garzik interview on CBS news.

According to Mr Garzik, bitcoins are "fully traceable" and people behind Silk Road are "dumb kids".

First of all, what you claim, Mr Garzik, is simply false. Bitcoins are fully traceable? Really? Traceable to what, exactly? I challenge you to trace mine.
Please, don't spread lies! In the current state of things, it's really difficult to trace any of SR users, and you know this pretty well. Even if MtGox and other exchangers get attacked by governments and all their database is stolen, how would the government in question know which coins went to Silk Road, which didn't? Which excuse would they use to steal all data from exchanges? And even if they do steal all exchange data and then set themselves as fake silk road sellers in order to receive some coins, how much damage could they do before getting bad rep? Finally, even in this unlikely scenario, if the users of SR have the caution of making the coins jump one address only before sending them from the exchange withdraw address to SR, there is already plausible deniability.

Actually, I don't know why I'm saying all this. Mr Garzik obviously know it. What begs the question, why would he say those things in TV then?
The answer is: he is a frightened coward, particularly when compared to those he dares calling "dumb kids".

These "dumb kids" are simply making something heroic. Something that Mr Garzik obviously doesn't have the courage to do. They are not dumb at all. They know their risks and how to mitigate them. They are bravely lifting the middle finger to the criminals who want to enslave them. They are the pioneers of something great that might improve the life of millions. No, I'm not exaggerating. If you think I am, that's probably because you're a lucky person who has never been close to any victim of the war on drugs.

Mr Garzik, on the other hand, is completely frightened by the enslavers. So frightened, he even offers them his support in chasing those who dare resisting, by offering help to so-called "regulators"!

I understand Mr Garzik fears. I also have some of them - I'm definitely not as brave as SR folks. But at least I wouldn't go on TV, throw inaccurate claims on the air and call "dumb kids" those who deserve our deep respect.

Sincerely, Mr Garzik, your interview disgusted me. I've seen you doing great things for bitcoin before, so I honestly hope that this was a panic reaction that won't happen again. I hope that you redeem yourself by keep being a honest contributor to the project and by not throwing lies and flames towards those who do so great things for mankind. In the meanwhile, I would also hope that every freedom lover C++ programmer strictly revise any code done by Mr Garzik, since we should never trust someone that claims to be willing to work with a mafia - even if he only claimed that on his own defense.

PS: Before someone asks, no, I'm not affiliated to SR in any way. I don't even do drugs. I just recognize the great job they are doing.

PS2: If you are among those who really fear government reaction due to bitcoins being used to buy drugs, understand this: bitcoin being an annoyance to the DEAs and IRSes out there is nothing compared to the serious threat that bitcoin is to the entire central banking system. Bitcoin is indeed much greater than a way to buy drugs. When big governments out there understand this, then my friend, there is no whining and begging that will prevent "the regulators" from trying to ban bitcoin somehow. So, instead of bashing those who use bitcoins to circumvent state aggression, just leave them alone. Circumventing state aggression is the whole point of bitcoin anyway!
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June 08, 2011, 09:53:12 PM

When people start selling human beings or assassinations anonymously then a line is crossed.

He is not selling out by wanting to stamp down illegal activity. I don't endorse shutting down silkroad entirely, but if they are selling "harder" drugs then yes the DEA has every right to "go after them".

The only thing they'll need is pretty good luck because those sites are in the TOR network created by the US themselves. The privacy is pretty tight.

These operations can really be discovered only with undercover operatives at best. Online tracing through various nodes (note: also encrypted) is a pain in the ass. Even though statistical patterning (timestamps etc.) and cooperation of all the dozens of ISP's involved, it's nearly impossible to tie users to an identity.

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June 08, 2011, 09:54:14 PM

Trading Drugs isnt brave, its profiting of the misery of a third party.
I am sick and tired of this nonsensical yapping on how bitcoin is great because some idiots can get their reality escaping enablers from criminals easier.
Bitcoin is a great concept on the geopolitical stage, it is the monetary shift into the p2p centric digital age. There are many great things about it, getting drugs easier online certainly isnt a great sellingpoint.
Note: i am not for punishing drugusers, they are poor souls as it is. I am for punishing drugtraders, who are the only ones benefiting from SRM anyway, since there is no longer a physical cash trail to them.

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