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Author Topic: Bitcoin 12 as pruned Full Node on RaspberryPi2, OpenSuSE  (Read 710 times)
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March 04, 2016, 09:59:19 AM

This post shows the steps I did to have a RaspberryPi2 with OpenSuSE running "pruned" Bitcoin 12 as a Full Node.

this is not a howto for beginners Wink

RaspberryPi2 is an ARM architecture, so no precompiled packages exist. I wanted to realize a node with pruned Bitcoin 12 client.
I am a long time openSuSE user, so wanted to get this on the RPi2. At the beginning I had issues with the images from openSuSE Tumbleweed - see here:

… which were finally solved. So logged in as root, and created the user „bitcoind“.

As the Tumbleweed JeOS comes as a minimal install, I was prepared to do several updates with YaST or zypper. I started with the firewall, just to be on the save side. I only allowed ssh and port 8333 from internal network. I don’t want to go into details of all software packages, but you need/want firewall, lynx, git … After all was installed, my next issue was „git clone“:

   git clone -b 0.12

It gave me a hard time. Always this error message on SSL keys. All help messages to download certificates from your webbrowser and save as PEM… didn’t work for me. Maybe an issue on the ARM platform. So I took it from a working Linux box, were "git clone" was working. I copied into a subfolder called "bitcoin" to my RPi2.

The description on how to proceed is here:

I worked through it, and then went on with the "Bitcoin Core Deamon".

So before being able to start "bitcoind", we obvioulsy to compile the core deamon. You may find info here:

   less doc/
   less doc/

To be able to run through this cycle, you need again yast or zypper:
automake, libtool, gcc-c++, openssl, boost, libdbd4.8 devel (berkeley DB), make, boost-devel, libevent-devel, and maybe some more …

   ./configure --disable-wallet --without-gui
   make -j2

After approx. 2hours and 15min the compile was done.
When I start bitcoind, I can see with "du -h -s" in the .bitcoin directory, that "pruning" works.
I had added a line in the config file for 2Gig and later for 5 Gig, and it worked quite fine.

Things todo: create a separate user partition, and make root mounted readonly.

Happy bitcoining  Cool
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