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Author Topic: VideoCards4Sale, Los Angeles,CA  (Read 3030 times)
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June 12, 2011, 12:01:07 PM

I live in Los Angeles and run a small IT consulting company on my own. I have worked with several other firms in the LA Area but working for myself has been great because I get to do other things with my time, like bitcoin and girlfriend.

Everyone in the mining forum is constantly talking about video cards!

The 5000s are about to be gone and the 6000 counterparts are starting to go on sale at many retailers. supposedly the 7000s are coming in the fall so the time to buy 6000s will be when the 7000s hit the shelves at retailers. most likely by black friday.

I have a resale license and a business so I could purchase any video card my distributor has in stock and ship to you.

the distributor is a BIG one hundred thousand square foot warehouse in the city of industry. these guys are HUGE!

ill take BTC as forms of payment, but you will have to wait until i can exchange it for USD to get the card(s).

insurance is required for all shipments and will be calculated and added on to your order after we have made contact through PM.

please post here if you are interested with any of their video cards.
i have a spreadsheet with their most up to date prices and availability. ( will update soon)

their prices are usually cheaper then newegg and i can drive down there and pick them up and ship them SAME DAY payment clears. Ill go with whatever shipping method you prefer. I can even deliver it myself if your in los angeles area. shipping costs will be added on.

no international orders (yet)

give me a call/txt if you are interested

Also, I am willing to build custom mining rigs if anyone is interested. I just graduated college with an associates in electronics and i got my microsoft certified professional certification when i was 16. i passed my comptia A+ exam when i was 13. i am very good at getting the best price on mining computers. ill post some pictures of my rig soon.

sebdude - 818 450 6705

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June 12, 2011, 12:03:11 PM

Current list of cards. Yes i know, it needs to get cleaned up a bit... excuse the mess. im a newb ya kno!

if it says call, most likely out of stock. i can check on which next shipment is. if its a 5000s series its most likely gone and not coming back if it says call. i know all 5900 and 5800 are gone.


63101   AT-545DR3   SAP 5450 1GB DDR3 PCX HDMI LP   $43.75
63102   AT-545/1GB   SAP 5450 1GB DDR2 PCX HDMI LP   $46.00
63106   AT-5550GB1   SAP 5550 1GB DDR2 PCX HDMI   CALL
63107   AT-5570GB   SAP 5570 1G DR3 PCX HDM/DVI LP   $60.00
63109   AT-5570GDP   SAP 5570 1G PCX DP DVI VGA DR3   $62.00
63120   AT-5670/51   SAP 5670 512M DDR5 PCX HDMI DP   $70.50
63122   AT-567VGA5   SAP 5670 512M DDR5 PCX HDMI VG   $69.50
63123   AT-567ULTM   SAP 5670 1GB DDR5 PCX ULTIMATE   CALL
63124   AT-567/1G   SAP 5670 1GB DDR5 PCX HDMI DVI   $84.00
63125   AT-567/DR3   SAP 5670 1GB DDR3 VGA HDMI DVI   $73.00
63127   AT-567/VGA   SAP 5670 1GB DDR3 HDMI DVI VGA   $70.50
63128   AT-5750/G   SAP 5750 1G PCX DR5 DVI/HDMI   $103.00
63129   AT-5750/GB   SAP 5750 1G PCX DR5 2DVI/HDMI   CALL
63130   AT-575VP/1   SAP 5750 1G PCX DR5 VAPOR-X 2D   $118.00
63131   AT-5770V3   SAP 5770 1G PCX DR5 2DVI/HDMI   $116.00
63134   AT-577FLEX   SAP 5770 FLEX 1G PCX DR5 4DSPL   $136.00
63135   AT-577VPX   SAP 5770 VAPOR-X 1G PCX DR5 2D   $123.00
63140   AT-587VPG   SAP 5870 PCX 1GB VAPOR-X   CALL
63145   AT-HD6450   SAP HD6450 1G DR3 DVI HDMI VGA   $50.00
63147   AT-HD6570   SAP HD6570 1G DR3 DVI HDMI VGA   $72.00
63150   AT-HD6670   SAP HD6670 1G DR5 DVI HDMI DP   $95.00
63155   AT-HD6750   SAP HD6750 1G DDR5 HDMI/DVI/DP   $105.00
63157   AT-HD6770   SAP HD6770 1G DDR5 HDMI/DVI/DP   $125.00
63161   AT-HD6790   SAP HD6790 1G DR5 2DVI HDMI DP   $143.00
63162   AT-6850/1G   SAP 6850 1G PCX DR5 2DV/HDM/DP   $168.00
63163   AT-6850TOX   SAP TOXIC 6850 1G DDR5 PCX   CALL
63164   AT-6870G-2   SAP 6870 1G PCX DR5 2DV/HDM/DP   $197.00
63165   AT-6870GB   SAP 6870 1G PCX DR5 2DV/HDM/DP   CALL
63166   AT-6950/2G   SAP 6950 2G GDDR5 PCIE HDMI   CALL
63167   AT-HD6950   SAP 6950 2G GDR5 HDMI 2DVI MDP   CALL
63168   AT-6970/2G   SAP 6970 2G GDDR5 PCIE HDMI   $360.00
63169   AT-6970/D5   SAP 6970 2G DDR5 HDMI MINIDP   CALL
63170   AT-HD6970   SAP 6970 2G DDR5 2DVI W/GAME   $364.00
63171   AT-HD6990   SAP 6990 4GB DDR5 2DVI 4EMINID   CALL
65848   AS-6970/DC   ASUS 6970 2GB DDR5 PCIE 2DVI   $380.00
65850   AS-6950/II   ASUS 6950 1GB DDR5 DVI 4DP   CALL
65851   AS-6950/DC   ASUS 6950 2GB DDR5 PCX HDMI   CALL
65854   AS-687/2DP   ASUS 6870 1GB GDDR5 2DP HDMI   CALL
65855   AS-6850DC   ASUS 6850 1GB DDR5 PCIE 2DVI   $175.00
65860   AS-6670/D5   ASUS 6670 1GB DDR5 DVI HDMI DP   $98.00
65865   AS-6570/D3   ASUS 6570 1GB DR3 VGA HDMI DVI   $80.00
65868   AS-EAH6450   ASUS 6450 1GB DDR3 PCIE DVI   CALL
65869   AS-EAH645D   ASUS 6450 DDR3 512MB PCIE DVI   $50.00
65876   AS-545S5D3   ASUS 5450 512MB DDR3 V/D/H   $36.50
65878   AS-5450SV2   ASUS 5450 1GB DDR3 PCX D/H LP   $46.50
65881   AS-5450/51   ASUS 5450 512 DDR2 PCX SILT LP   $36.00
64540   GA-R6990   GIGBYTE 6990 4GB PCX 4MINI-DP   CALL
64542   GA-R6970OC   GIGBYTE 6970 2GB 2DV HDMI DP   CALL
64546   GA-R6950OC   GIGBYTE 6950 1GB 2DVI DP HDMI   $255.00
64550   GA-R687SO   GIGBYTE 6870 1G 2DVI/HDMI/2MDP   CALL
64551   GA-R687OC   GIGBYTE 6870 1GB PCX 2DVI DDR5   CALL
64553   GA-685OC1G   GIGBYTE 6850 1GB DR5 2DVI/HDMI   $166.00
64555   GA-6770S1G   GIGBYTE 6770 1GB DR5 DVIHDMIDP   $145.00
64556   GA-6770U1G   GIGBYTE 6770 1GB DR5 2DVI/H/DP   $128.00
64558   GA-R6750SL   GIGBYTE 6750 1GB DR5 700MHZ   $120.00
64559   GA-R6750OC   GIGBYTE 6750 1GB DR5 2D/H/VGA   $117.00
64560   GA-6670O1G   GIGBYTE 6670 1GB DR3 DVI HDMI   $87.00
64562   GA-6570O1G   GIGBYTE 6570 1GB DR3 DVI HDMI   $76.00
64564   GA-6450O1G   GIGBYTE 6450 1GB DR3 DVI HDMI   $54.00
64565   GA-6450/51   GIGBYTE 6450 512M DR3 DVI HDMI   CALL
64570   GA-5770SL   GIGBYTE 5770 1GB PCIE ULTRA   $137.00
64571   GA-5770SO1   GIGBYTE 5770 1GB PCIE ULTRA   $128.00
64573   GA-R575SL   GIGBYTE 5750 1GB PCIE DDR5   CALL
64574   GA-575OC1G   GIGBYTE 5750 OC 1GB PCIE DDR5   $112.00
64575   GA-R567OC   GIGBYTE 5670 1GB PCIE DDR5   $88.00
64576   GA-R567D3   GIGBYTE 5670 1G PCIE DDR3 DX11   $70.00
64577   GA-557OC1G   GIGBYTE 5570 OC 1GB PCIE DDR3   $64.00
64578   GA-5450GB   GIGBYTE 5450 1GB PCIE DDR3   CALL
64580   GA-545/512   GIGBYTE 5450 512M PCIE DDR3   $37.00
64581   GA-R545D2   GIGBYTE 5450 512M DDR2 2HDMI   $34.00
64766   GA-4350/51   GIGBYTE HD4350 512M PCIE LOW P   CALL
64766   GA-4550HM   GIGBYTE HD4550 128M PCIE LOW P   CALL
64766   GA-5770UDV   GIGBYTE 5770 1GB PCIE DDR5 UDV   CALL
64766   GA-583UD1G   GIGBYTE 5830 1GB PCIE  DDR5   CALL
64766   GA-585GBOC   GIGBYTE 5850 OC 1GB PCIE DDR5   CALL
64766   GA-5870UD   GIGBYTE 5870 1GB PCIE 2DVI HDM   CALL
64766   GA-6850/1G   GIGBYTE 6850 1GB PCX 2DVI/HDMI   CALL
64766   GA-R695/1G   GIGBYTE 6950 1G 2DVI HDMI 2MDP   CALL
64766   GA-R695D5   GIGBYTE 6950 2GB PCX 2DVI DDR5   CALL
64766   GA-R697DB   GIGBYTE 6970 2GB PCX 2DVI DDR5   CALL
64766   GA-R697OC2   GIGBYTE 6970 2GB PCX 900MHZ D5   CALL
64766   GA-R697OPN   GIGBYTE 6970 2GB DDR5 OPEN BOX   CALL
63270   HIS-697T2G   HIS 6970 TURBO 2GB D5 2DVI   CALL
63271   HIS-697/2G   HIS 6970 2GB DDR5 2DVI 2MINIDP   CALL
63275   HIS-695/IC   HIS 6950 2GB DDR5 2DVI 2MINIDP   CALL
63276   HIS-695/2G   HIS 6950 2GB DDR5 2DVI 2MINIDP   $266.00
63278   HIS-687/IC   HIS 6870 1GB ICEQ TB 2DVI   CALL
63279   HIS-687/1G   HIS 6870 1GB DDR5 2DVI PCIE   CALL
63280   HIS-685T1G   HIS 6850 ICEQ TB 1GB D5 2DVI   CALL
63281   HIS-685/1G   HIS 6850 1GB DDR5 2DVI PCIE   CALL
63284   HIS-657/1G   HIS 6570 1GB DR3 2DVI HDMI LP   $79.00
63285   HIS-667/1G   HIS 6670 1GB DR5 2DVI HDMI DP   CALL
63286   HIS-675/1G   HIS 6750 1GB DR5 2DVI HDMI DP   CALL
63287   HIS-679/1G   HIS 6790 1GB DR5 2DVI HDMI DP   CALL
63288   HIS-645/1G   HIS 6450 1GB DR3 DVI/HDMI PCIE   CALL
63289   HIS-587/1G   HIS 5870 1GB DDR5 2DVI PCX   CALL
63289   HIS-5870   HIS 5870 1GB DDR5 2DVI PCX   CALL
63290   HIS-5850GB   HIS 5850 1GB DDR5 2DVI PCX   CALL
63291   HIS-585F1G   HIS 5850 1GB DDR5 2DVI PCX   CALL
63292   HIS-5830GB   HIS 5830 1GB DDR5 2DVI PCX   CALL
63293   HIS-57701G   HIS 5770 1GB DDR5 DVI HD PCX R   CALL
63294   HIS-575Q1G   HIS 5750 1GB DDR5 PCX DVI/HDMI   CALL
63295   HIS-575/1G   HIS 5750 1GB DDR5 PCX DVI/HDMI   CALL
63296   HIS-575QS1   HIS 5750 1GB DDR5 DVI PCX   CALL
63297   HIS-5670/1   HIS 5670 1G DDR5 PCX ICEQ HDMI   $87.00
63298   HIS-567/51   HIS 5670 512 DDR5 PCX DVI/HDMI   CALL
63299   HIS-557H1G   HIS 5570 1G DDR3 LP DVI/HDMI   CALL
63300   HIS-557/1G   HIS 5570 1GB DDR3 HDMI PCX LP   CALL
63301   HIS-557HR1   HIS 5570 1GB DDR3 HDMI PCX LP   CALL
63303   HIS-555HS1   HIS 5550 1GB DDR2 HDMI PCX LP   CALL
63304   HIS-545/D3   HIS 5450 512MB DDR3 HDMI DVI   CALL
63305   HIS-545/1L   HIS 5450 1GB DDR3 DVI PCX LP   CALL
63306   HIS-545/1G   HIS 5450 1G DDR3 DVI HDMI PCX   $57.00
63308   HIS-545/51   HIS 5450 512MB DDR3 HDMI PCX   $40.00
64370   MSI-6990X2   MSI 6990X2 DDR5 4GB 4MINI-DP   CALL
64371   MSI-6970   MSI 6970 DDR5 2G 2DVI 2MINI-DP   CALL
64372   MSI-6970OC   MSI 6970 2G DDR5 OC   CALL
64373   MSI-697LIT   MSI 6970 DDR5 2GB 2DVI HDMI   CALL
64376   MSI-6950TF   MSI 6950 2GB DDR5 2DVI/HDMI   $299.00
64377   MSI-695/OC   MSI 6950 DDR5 2G OC 2MINI DP   $302.00
64378   MSI-6950   MSI 6950 2GB DDR5 2DVI-I HDMI   CALL
64380   MSI-68HAWK   MSI 6870 1GB DDR5 2DVI-I HDMI   CALL
64381   MSI-6870OC   MSI 6870 1GB DDR5 OC   CALL
64382   MSI-6870TF   MSI 6870 1GB DDR5 2DVI HDMI   $207.00
64385   MSI-685CYC   MSI 6850 DDR5 1GB 2DVI/HDMI/DP   $175.00
64386   MSI-685CYP   MSI 6850 DDR5 1GB 2DVI/HDMI/DP   $170.00
64387   MSI-6850/C   MSI 6850 1GB PCIE DDR5 OC   CALL
64388   MSI-6790/1   MSI 6790 1G DDR5 2MINI-DP 2DVI   $149.00
64389   MSI-677TF2   MSI 6770 1GB DDR5 DVI DP   CALL
64390   MSI-6670D5   MSI 6670 1GB DDR5 2DVI HDMI   CALL
64391   MSI-6570D3   MSI 6570 1GB DDR3 TURKS PRO LP   $79.00
64396   MSI-645/1G   MSI 6450 1G DDR3 LP HDMI/VGA/D   $56.00
64397   MSI-587LII   MSI 5870 DDR5 1GB 2DVI HDMI   CALL
64398   MSI-585TFR   MSI 5850 DDR5 1GB DVI HDMI   CALL
64399   MSI-57HAWK   MSI 5770 DDR5 1GB DVI/HDMI   CALL
64400   MSI-575M1G   MSI 5750 DDR5 1GB DVI/HDMI/VGA   CALL
64401   MSI-567CYC   MSI 5670 1GB PCIE CYCLONE   $92.00
64402   MSI-567P1G   MSI 5670 DDR5 1GB DVI/HDMI/DP   $89.00
64403   MSI-567/1G   MSI 5670 1GB PCIE   CALL
64404   MSI-567/51   MSI 5670 DDR5 512MB DVI/VGA   $77.00
64405   MSI-V5570   MSI HD5570 DDR2 1GB DVI/HDMI   $64.00
64406   MSI-5450/1   MSI 5450 DR3 1G LP FAN D/H/V   $42.75
63395   PC-3450/25   POWERCOLOR 3450 256M PCIE HDMI   CALL
63396   PC-345/51H   POWERCOLOR 3450 512M PCIE HDMI   $32.00
63400   PC-4350PX1   POWERCOLOR 4350 512MB PCIEX1   CALL
63401   PC-5450PX1   POWERCOLOR 5450 512MB PCIEX1   $72.00
63403   PC-465/1D3   POWERCOLOR 4650 1G DDR3 PCX HD   CALL
63410   PC-545/2GB   POWERCOLOR 5450 2GB DDR3 HDMI   $55.00
63413   PC-545/5D3   POWERCOLOR 5450 512M DDR3 PCIE   $32.00
63414   PC-5450/1G   POWERCOLOR 5450 1GB DDR3 PCIE   $42.00
63418   PC-557/1GB   POWERCOLOR 5570 1GB DDR3 PCIE   CALL
63420   PC-557HS1G   POWERCOLOR 5570 1GB DDR3 PCX   CALL
63421   PC-567D3/1   POWERCOLOR 5670 1GB DDR3 PCIE   CALL
63423   PC-567D3/2   POWERCOLOR 5670 2GB DDR3 PCIE   CALL
63435   PC-5750/1G   POWERCOLOR 5750 1GB PCIE HDMI   CALL
63438   PC-575N/1G   POWERCOLOR 5750 1GB PCIE GREEN   CALL
63440   PC-5770/OC   POWERCOLOR 5770 1GB PCIE OC   CALL
63441   PC-577/1GB   POWERCOLOR 5770 1GB PCIE PCS   $130.00
63442   PC-5770PCS   POWERCOLOR 5770 1GB PCIE PCS   $135.00
63443   PC-5770/5D   POWERCOLOR 5770 1G PCX EYE5 D5   $199.00
63445   PC-5850/1G   POWERCOLOR 5850 1GB PCIE 2DVI   CALL
63447   PC-645/DR3   POWERCOLOR HD6450 1GB DR3 HDMI   CALL
63448   PC-657GD3H   POWERCOLOR 6570 1GB DR3 650MHZ   CALL
63449   PC-667GD3H   POWERCOLOR 6670 1GB DR3 800MHZ   CALL
63450   PC-667GD5H   POWERCOLOR 6670 1GB DR5 800MHZ   CALL
63451   PC-675/DR5   POWERCOLOR 6750 1GB GDDR5   CALL
63453   PC-677/DR5   HD6770 1GB GDDR5   CALL
63454   PC-679D5DH   POWERCOLOR 6790 1GB DR5 840MHZ   CALL
63455   PC-6850/1G   POWERCOLOR 6850 1GB GDDR5 DP   CALL
63456   PC-6850/D5   POWERCOLOR 6850 1G DVI/HDMI/DP   $180.00
63457   PC-685D5DH   POWERCOLOR 6850 DDR5 775MHZ   CALL
63458   PC-6870/1G   POWERCOLOR 6870 1GB GDDR5 PCIE   CALL
63459   PC-687/1GB   POWERCOLOR 6870 1GB GDDR5 PCIE   CALL
63460   PC-687/PCS   POWERCOLOR 6870 1GB GDDR5 PCS   CALL
63461   PC-6950/1G   POWERCOLOR 6950 1GB GDDR5   CALL
63462   PC-695/2GB   POWERCOLOR 6950 2GB GDDR5   CALL
63464   PC-69502DH   POWERCOLOR 6950 2GB DR5 800MHZ   CALL
63465   PC-695P2HG   POWERCOLOR 6950 2GB DR5 880MHZ   CALL
63467   PC-697/2GB   POWERCOLOR 6970 2GB GDDR5   CALL
63468   PC-6970/2G   POWERCOLOR 6970 2GB GDDR5   CALL
63470   PC-697/PCS   POWERCOLOR 6970 2GB GDDR5   CALL
63471   PC-6990W4G   POWERCOLOR 6990 4GB GDDR5   CALL
63472   PC-6990/4G   POWERCOLOR 6990 4GB GDDR5   CALL
63478   PC-AG345/5   POWERCOLOR 3450 512MB AGP   $50.00
63483   PC-P435/51   POWERCOLOR 4350 PCI 512MB   CALL
63485   PC-545APSH   POWERCOLOR 5450 512M DR2 PCI   CALL
63490   PC-465LP51   POWERCOLOR 4650 512MB LP PCIE   CALL
63490   PC-467AGP1   POWERCOLOR AGP 4670 1GB PCS   CALL
63490   PC-5550/1G   POWERCOLOR 5550 1G DDR3 PCIE   CALL
63490   PC-5550/51   POWERCOLOR 5550 512M DDR3 PCIE   CALL
63490   PC-5570/51   POWERCOLOR 5570 512M DDR3 PCIE   CALL
63490   PC-567/1GB   POWERCOLOR 5670 1GB GDDR5   CALL
63490   PC-567/HV2   POWERCOLOR 5670 512M DDR5 DVI   CALL
63490   PC-5670/51   POWERCOLOR 5670 512M DDR5 PCIE   CALL
63490   PC-5670/D5   POWERCOLOR 5670 512M D5 PCX2.1   CALL
63490   PC-5870/2G   POWERCOLOR 5870 2GB PCIE DDR5   CALL
63490   PC-5870PCS   POWERCOLOR 5870 1GB PCIE PCS   CALL
63490   PC-5970GM   POWERCOLOR 5970 2GB PCIE 2DVI   CALL

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June 12, 2011, 06:24:06 PM


6990 XFX for sale today $1000.

pm me.

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June 12, 2011, 09:05:09 PM

okay, there is no stock anywhere so i am changing my price on the 6990.

its on my store.

Infinite Solutions



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June 12, 2011, 09:44:01 PM

ill take 100 BTC For an XFX 6990.

or buy it on from my store.

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June 12, 2011, 09:49:33 PM

So basically $1500 in cash or $2000 worth in bitcoins?  Which translates to 2x retail for cash and nearly 3x retail for bitcoins.  Sounds like a good deal.

I drink it up!
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June 12, 2011, 10:22:20 PM

i dont care. good luck finding the card somewhere else that will ship nextday.

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June 13, 2011, 12:09:43 AM

i dont care. good luck finding the card somewhere else that will ship nextday.

You probably just lost a TON of prospects with that comment.
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June 13, 2011, 12:11:01 AM

he probably lost way more prospects with his price... words are nothign compared to the $$$

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June 13, 2011, 12:12:53 AM

i dont care. good luck finding the card somewhere else that will ship nextday.

Believe me I don't care either.  A 6990 for $1500 will pay for itself in what, like a year?  If that?

I drink it up!
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June 13, 2011, 12:18:32 AM

i dont care. good luck finding the card somewhere else that will ship nextday.

You probably just lost a TON of prospects with that comment.

or rather -1 prospect for sebdude420
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June 13, 2011, 12:25:24 AM

Yeah, the prices are pretty high. Not a good deal at all. Just a dude trying to make a quick buck off the craze.
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June 13, 2011, 02:01:04 AM

I see sellers on Amazon and ebay asking for these hilariously ridiculous prices and I really have to wonder if there are really people paying them these prices. *sigh*
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June 13, 2011, 02:08:28 AM

I'd be cautious buying from the OP.  Customer handling skills seem zero to none.  :-x
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June 13, 2011, 04:20:09 AM

Customer handling skills near 0... and prices that seem out of whack.. But then again, since our dollar rose here, a lot of that stuff is cheaper here now... Just hit or ncix, or any of the bigger online stores... cheaper, better service, warranties, support, etc. Besides, anyone who knows anything about the high end, knows that two 6970's will rock a 6990... plus you can spread the heat out in your case. Crap... buy a few 6950's and unlock them... ATM sale priced 5850s in triplicate will outdo a 6990... and last i checked.. for 1500, you could buy ten of them...

Please.. don't go buying a 6990 for 1500 when a couple 6970's will outshine it.

Happily mining at
If i've helped...
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June 13, 2011, 07:07:46 AM

when there are none available the price goes up. yea, im trying to make a quick buck on the craze so i can try to setup a more long-term mining project myself. there is a shortage and im trying to capitalize on it. if people want it that bad and buy it, is it my fault?

if your on this website, your trying to make money. instead of mining bitcoins i mined a 6990 today and i can exchange that for bitcoins/usd.

the demand has shot the price up. used ones sell for 1000 on ebay.

the demand has diminished the supplies.

you have to try to make a hustle wherever you can do it.

heres my ebay listing for the item. look my girlfriends holding it. Grin


Vince Torres
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June 13, 2011, 07:09:06 AM

I myself live in Los Angeles could we do a face to face trade? Bitcoins exchanged at the site of trade. .bit domain registrar. Register a new .bit domain for just $1!
BTC: 1LpKzg24NHmrxLZbnVphcstV3s7uA8cSnT
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June 13, 2011, 07:11:13 AM

I myself live in Los Angeles could we do a face to face trade? Bitcoins exchanged at the site of trade.

I'll come moderate and witness lol.
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June 13, 2011, 07:39:44 AM

What would be max reasonable price for 6690 in $us for you guys? Thing is there is plenty of 6690 in Europe but price is just not right.

I'm new to this whole thing and I was wondering if someone with knowledge could explain to me advantages of 6690 vs 6790

Here are my stats ( correct me if I'm wrong)

                                               6690                     6790
Watt                                        346                        150
Approx M-hash/sec                   670                        220
Approx US retail price               $770                      $140

3x 6790 gets you 660 M-hash/sec and uses 450 W $420, the difference in price would cover many months of extra Watt

What am I missing?  Because I'm thinking of building mining rig in Europe using 6790 and would like to hear opinions on it.

Thank you
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June 13, 2011, 07:46:12 AM

ill exchange in person. hit me up. and i dont mind spectators.

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