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Author Topic: Russian Empire in the outcome of the Olympic Games, or sport and politics  (Read 134 times)
Alik Bahshi
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August 27, 2016, 04:33:30 AM

Alik Bakhshi
Russian Empire in the outcome of the Olympic Games,
or sport and politics

       The famous slogan "sport out of politics" is true, but not in all cases. For example, in countries with a totalitarian regime, where without the participation of the state power does not function, no public organization, including sports, this slogan not only does not work, in fact, this slogan, in Russia, as came to light, hide behind the criminal case initiated by the authorities. Today, the real state of the sport in Russia reflects the slogan "victory at any cost." And this price was high. Because of the imposed top sports management, under the patronage of the Federal Security Service, the use of performance-enhancing drugs, some athletes lost the right to participate in the Olympic Games 2016. I note that the doping scandal that erupted just before the Olympic Games, has just begun and we must think of the consequences of his yet to come. In totalitarian Russia no government official would dare step and make without Putin's knowledge, so it is logical to assume that the doping of athletes on the eve of the 2014 Winter Olympics were fed on the direct orders of President Putin. Putin needed to strengthen its prestige before the planned military invasion of Russia in Ukraine.

   I want to boast, I still Russia foresaw aggression in 2005 in respect of Georgia and Ukraine in the article "A terrible charge for the roof of the Rose Revolution" (1), and in "Whose Crimea" article (2) for 2006, pointed directly to the inevitable Russian seizure of the Crimea. A year before the Russian attack on Ukraine in the article "Ukraine - a victim of the West's immorality against Russia" (3) I wrote:
Using the reluctance of numerous Russian population of Ukraine live in a democracy and separatist sentiments, Putin the pretext of protecting their rights may send troops and split Ukraine, putting the West with a fait accompli. The main question is how the West is ready to swallow this bitter pill? Of course, the war over Ukraine will not start, it is Putin understands perfectly, but what actions are likely to be followed by an economic nature, and so they are terrible for Russia? Wink Is West principles or surrender Ukraine as passed Chechnya, allowing Putin to severely crack down on Chechen people? Or continue to continue to buy Russian energy, preferring a purely pragmatic approach, without taking into account the fair words of Sakharov, that the most pragmatic approach is moral. Here one thing is clear, to the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia will not undertake the invasion of the Ukraine, in order not to repeat the failed 1980 Moscow Olympics year. Therefore, the Ukrainians should hurry to join the EU before the end of the Sochi Olympics.

The fact that Russia invaded Ukraine after the Olympics in Sochi, and not before, already points to a direct link politics and sports in Russia. Earlier, due to the dense Russian policy, it vzashey expelled from the G8. Now came the turn of the athletes. Involvement of Russian athletes in the circle of Putin's political ambitions, turned out for each of them a personal tragedy. Thrusting all Russian athletes and weight lifters from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Russia pointed out the place where it should be. It seems that soon Russia does not find a place in a decent society.
    Now I want to stay at a large-scale impact of the political situation in the Russian Empire in the sport as a whole.
    Russia after the Soviet Union has never been a winner at the Summer Olympics. Moreover, in the last two Olympics Russia did not rise above 4 th place. The main reason is that a large number of medals accounted for by the peoples of the former Soviet Union, got the opportunity with the disappearance of the USSR, independently participate in international sports competitions.

Table 1 Results of the 2016 Summer Olympics
Countries of the former USSR
bronze Total
  Russia           19 18 19   56
Uzbekistan    4 2 7   13
Kazakhstan   3 5 9   17
Ukraine          2 5 4   11
 Georgia         2 1 4   7
Azerbaijan    1 7 10   18
Belarus          1 4 4   9
Armenia        1 3 0   4
Tajikistan      1 0 0 1
Lithuania      0 1 3 4
Estonia          0 0 1 1
Moldova      0 0 1 1

table 2
Countries of the former USSR
bronze Total
Russia 19 18 19 56
Former Soviet republics
15 28 43 86

Due to the international sports competitions The world learned of the existence of the Kazakhs, Turkmen, Tajiks, Georgians, Azerbaijanis and other peoples, the athletes who, as the Soviet Union, Russian perceived. Even today, the athletes of the peoples have not yet gained their freedom at the Olympics are considered Russian. If the peoples of the Russian Empire, the Tatars, Chechens, Kabardians, Dagestan and others achieve independence, I'm afraid of the Russian Empire at the Olympics will not find a place in the top ten countries.

2.http: //
3.http: //

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