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Author Topic: Re: NastyFans: The Bitcoin Enthusiast Fan Club (est. 2012)  (Read 1182 times)
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September 14, 2016, 09:20:59 PM

Greetings NastyFans,

I've been putting off making this post for a couple weeks now, hoping to find a good reason to avoid making it all together.  Unfortunately that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

OgNasty has been spreading malicious lies about me and refuses to provide any evidence or explanation.

Before I get into the details of what happened from my perspective here are some facts that I know to be true:
  • I have only ever contacted OgNasty from one single account.  This one.
  • I have no personal interest in any online casino or poker room.  My goal is to make a better future for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Poker.  
  • I have no affiliation with use "Games-Protect" or his services.  I have no relationship whatsoever with him outside of being members of the same forums (this one, and
  • I have never attempted to extort OgNasty, or anyone on this forum, in any way.
  • To my knowledge, before August 1st, I have had zero communication of any kind with OgNasty.
  • I posted every pm in THIS POST, including screen shots, only after OgNasty started telling other people that I was guilty of numerous crimes, most notably that I was an extortionist.  
  • Since August 12th, I have not attempted to contact OgNasty aside from posting in related threads about this issue.
The Lies:

recently I get a PM from OgNasty telling me I should remove my feedback because TwitchySeal is an extortionist. When I asked him for some more information, he basically refused and pressed on with what is arguably thinly veiled extortion of his own:
TwitchySeal has lost all credibility with me.  I have him set to ignore.  After all the lies and harassment from him, I am more likely to believe the opposite of what he says.  If anyone trustworthy had a legitimate first hand complaint, there was a time when I would have loved to have read it.  However, the only issue remaining for me is why Lutpin is lying and paying someone to harass me as well as starting threads and leaving negative trust while pretending to be the victim while he is clearly documented to be the aggressor.
Quote from: OgNasty
game-protect is an alt of TwitchySeal who also threatens and harasses gambling houses.  If you look at the trust or public statements I've made, that is all that I've alleged.  It is a symbiotic relationship.  Since TwitchySeal is obviously a nut, I went to Lutpin to try and resolve this.  Lutpin wouldn't communicate with me about it except to say he had nothing to do with it, which I believe is a documented public lie considering he was literally paying for the harassment to continue.

Whether they're on the same team with the same agenda, or they are the same person, makes little difference from my perspective.  It was all just harassment, and it was being funded by Lutpin.  Do I think Lutpin is literally TwitchySeal, no.  Do I think they have the same agenda and TwitchySeal is just paid to do the dirty work, yes.

A few things happened leading up to the OgNasty incident that are worth noting:

  • A staff member (Lauda) joined Betcoins signature campaign briefly, then left after myself and some others informed her of the situation. Reference
  • A default trust member (Lutpin) posted in Betcoins sig campaign thread said that at the end of the month he would "strongly consider leaving negative feedback to everyone who continues to advertise"
  • Their campaign manager quit.
  • Theymos rejected Betcoins Bid to advertise on the forum (and thanked me for pming him information about it)
  • They locked their campaign thread and opened a self-moderated thread.

When I saw their final post before locking the thread, I decided to pm OgNasty immediatly, assuming he was not aware of Betcoins history.

Betcoins final post in unmoderated sig campaign thread before locking:

First communications with OgNasty.  

I did not respond again to OgNasty until I found out that he was stating lies about me publicly.
I created this thread to defend myself.  OgNasty updated the negative feedback on me to include "Posts out of context edited PMs in an attempt to discredit forum members after failed extortion attempts. Uses alternate accounts to leave negative trust for members he disagrees with."
Despite the fact that I've posted screen shots and challenged him to prove me wrong, he refuses to elaborate or post the "real" pms.

(Again, I encourage anyone interested to read this post with our complete history of communication)

I learned after the fact that I wasn't the only one OgNasty was treating like shit.

Around the same time I sent my first message Lutpin also sent one for the same reason.
Games-Protect also left him negative feedback.

GamesProtect has since posted his history of pms with OgNasty.  It's clear to me from the evidence available that there has not been any extortion attempt made against OgNasty by anyone and OgNasty is the only one guilty of making inappropriate threats.

Before hearing Games-Protects side of the story, I had assumed that Games-Protect got in contact with OgNasty with a "Remove your signature-or-else" type of message because of what he said here:

It turns out, this is not the case.  Games-Protect simply left him negative feedback - which is anyones right to do.  OgNasty was the one who reached out to Games-Protect with threats:

Screen shots of all games-protect/OgNasty pms: (he sent them to me recently after I asked.  I am not him, again, for the record):

I think the current state of Bitcoin Poker and Gambling is pathetic and over-run by sites that think an aggressive affiliate model and solid history of processing cashouts makes them exempt from all other business or human ethical standards.  They treat players like shit
For more than a year now, I've been putting a lot of effort into attempting to hold many of these sites accountable for their actions and have helped many players get paid close to BTC100 that they were entitled to but otherwise would not of received without asking for anything in return. (Example Issues From: DirectBet, FortuneJack, Betcoin)

I get attacked daily by management, affiliates and campaign members of casinos that I call out - which is to be expected.  OgNastys behavior, as one of the most respected/trusted members on this forum  should be held to a higher standard, in my opinion.  By fabricating an extortion attempt, he's giving every casino that I try and hold accountable a defense based on total lies.  For example, just recently the forum rep from left me the following feedback after I left in neg feedback for doxxing and trolling a player that complained about not being paid:

User   Date   Risked BTC amount   Reference   Comments -2: -1 / +0   2016-09-12   3.00000000      TwitchySeal supports extortion and scam does not support conclusions, as well as the reasonableness of not damage the reputation on the forum

I realize this post will probably result in being accused of even more harassment, trolling, spamming etc...but I don't see any other option other than just accepting the way I've been treated and moving on.

I'm posting this here in the Nasty Fan club because I figure most of you are reasonable people that OgN respects.  I hope you all will read this and share your opinion with him either privately or publicly. I also assume some of you have been told things about me that you believe to be true that are not.

I intend to continue bringing attention to this issue until OgNasty chooses to hold himself accountable for his unethical behavior or he is held accountable by the community.  

If anyone has any questions or doubts the validity of any of my claims, I'm perfectly willing to cooperate with any sort of investigation.   (I've offered to hand my account over to trusted member to verify the pms I've posted are genuine and complete.)


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February 07, 2017, 12:44:26 AM

Guess I'll remind everyone what OgNasty said before becoming sig campaign manager for a gambling site on this forum and also's forums:

I have made my comments about signature campaigns publicly known.  I'm not going to go back searching through threads to try and find my comments or waste any more time explaining why giving a user negative feedback for who won their auction is ridiculous, or waste my time pointing out that they bought my signature and anyone is welcome to do so.  If you choose who is trustworthy by who spends the most on advertising, you have a long hard life ahead of you.  Take some responsibility and let other people be responsible for who they choose to gamble with.  I couldn't care less. As far as I'm concerned all gambling sites are scams that prey on people's addictions. Trying to say that I deserve negative feedback because of which scam won my auction is once again ridiculous.

I've been extremely vocal that I think signature campaigns are evil.  I've done everything I can to bring a stop to them.  I've even made proposals to limit them to extremes.  I also think that gambling is evil and do not support or condone it in any way, nor do I participate.

We are all adults here.  Everyone knows it is a paid signature.  Easy for you to say to give the money back, but unless you want to put your money where your mouth is, please spare me the lectures.

Advertising participants are wanted to help spread the word about's services.  This thread has been created to establish and transparently manage those advertisements.


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January 05, 2018, 09:52:47 AM

wow.. amazing how the forum treasurer acts like such a prick

really is a shame

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