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Author Topic: [GE] Greed Evolved • HiPOS & POW Hybrid • Inflation Blocking • Super Blocks!  (Read 20415 times)
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October 07, 2015, 12:22:04 PM

So GE changed to SWING ? Where's the new thread ?

Next time you can also use the search function, works pretty well  Smiley
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October 07, 2015, 03:01:15 PM


[] Come up with a name
[] Design the specs
[] Figure out if said specs are possible in theory (and if I can do it with my skillset)
[] Build the coin base
[] Initial proof of concept tests (make sure the new ideas work as intended)
[] Finalize coin
[] Final tests
[] Get assets from web designer (Wallet images, thread images, website images, promotional images)
[] Use assets to prepare wallet, thread, and website.
[] Create swap form
[] Pre-Ann
[] Launch

Alright guys. It's time!!

I've just finished the final tests. Everything is working as planned, and I have all the assets.

I will be posting the Pre-Ann shortly after this post. I'm going to give you all about a day to prep. The plan is to launch sometime sunday afternoon.

I've also decided to use my actual trading handle to help bring some authority to the project. The first two coins went well enough that I feel I no longer need to use an alternate handle.

I'll be putting up a link here shortly to the new thread.

Hope you guys didn't abandon ship, because it's go time.



This is a Pre-Ann. If you would like to get in on the ground floor you can acquire seed coins by holding [GE] Greed Evolved. We plan to launch Sunday afternoon.

Q: Who is the dev?
What's up! I'm _Crypto. I've got a few handles that I go by. On bitcointalk I'm MurderousKirk. In IRC I'm _Crypto. In slack I'm IAm_Crypto. On twitter I'm @CryptoPumpInfo, where I'm known for occasionally pointing out blatant pump and dumps still in the accumulation stage. I run the cryptocommunity slack group where 545+ users have sighed up and chat / lurk daily. The only coins I have made prior to this are Greed and GE.

Q: What is the max supply?
40 mil. But it will take quite some time to reach that.

Q: How can I get in contact with you?
The fastest way to reach me is with a DM on slack or twitter.

Q: Why did you use an alias?
I wanted to make sure that I didn't bring unnecessary drama into my slack group should I fail miserably given that I was still a novice dev. Now that I've got some experience under my belt and seen how mind blowingly supportive this community has turned out to be I feel safe using my actual trading handle. (Seriously, you guys are awesome.)

Q: How can I figure out what reward to expect?
So basically, POS rewards = 1% of the last 3 digits of the block count.
POW is the same, only there is a multiplier. It's factored by taking the number in the thousandth place and multiplying it by 10, and the result is the percentage of POS miners get.
I need to come up with a way to explain it better but the chart should help.
So for example, on block 8532:
POS reward = 5.32
POW reward = 80% of 5.32 = 4.256
The only deviation is when the thousandth place is 0. Rather than have miners earn nothing they earn 100%.

Q: What will the inflation rate look like?
The supply will inflate at a maximum rate of (roughly) 2500 coins per day, and 912,500 coins per year. (Keeping in mind that's the max, if every block was POS which it wont be)

I'll add more info here later.
So GE changed to SWING ? Where's the new thread ?

Just few posts before you ll find same

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October 07, 2015, 04:33:04 PM

Oh well damn it another damn swap.I was busy doing volunteer work and I didn't see this.Now im out another coin BAAH!!

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October 08, 2015, 05:06:18 AM

So GE changed to SWING ? Where's the new thread ?

You have not checked in in a while - Swing thread

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July 03, 2016, 01:38:36 AM

So hows that swing @ the playground coming along ? I heard some greedy teenagers came along and took it from the kids...

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November 07, 2016, 06:01:19 PM


GE / BTC Last: 0.00001300 24High: 0.00001410 24Low: 0.00000426

WOW...412 %

   ▄█████████▀▀      ▀▀█████████▄
  ▐███████▀      ▄▄      ▀███████▌
 ▐██████▀        ██        ▀██████▌
 ██████      ▄▄██████▄▄      ██████
▐█████     ▄████████████▄
██████    ▄██████████████▄
██████    ████████████████
██████    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
▐█████    ████████████████
 ██████  ██████████████████  ██████
 ▐██████▄                  ▄██████▌
  ▐███████▄              ▄███████▌
   ▀█████████▄▄      ▄▄█████████▀
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November 10, 2016, 08:38:59 AM

and pump on YOBIT ...

bot pump.. Huh +2238%

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November 10, 2016, 10:19:45 AM

it will be dump soon,sell your coin
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