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Author Topic: compiling CGminer on MAC OSX  (Read 2462 times)
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April 09, 2013, 10:10:49 PM

I found this link about compiling CG Miner on Mac osx. Does CGminer work with LTC?
is GPU mining more efficient? I read a variety of Hash rates that don't seem consistent.

I managed to get cgminer 2.7.x compiled and working on Mac OS X Lion. Here’s how:

Install Xcode.

Install MacPorts

Open a terminal window, and run this command:
sudo port selfupdate

Here’s my list of installed packages in MacPorts:
sudo port installed
The following ports are currently installed:
autoconf @2.69_0 (active)
automake @1.12.2_0 (active)
binutils @2.21_0 (active)
boost @1.50.0_0+no_single+no_static (active)
bzip2 @1.0.6_0 (active)
curl @7.26.0_0+ssl
curl @7.27.0_1+ssl (active)
curl-ca-bundle @7.26.0_0
curl-ca-bundle @7.27.0_0 (active)
cyrus-sasl2 @2.1.25_1+kerberos (active)
db48 @4.8.30_0 (active)
flex @2.5.37_0 (active)
gdbm @1.10_1
gdbm @1.10_2 (active)
gettext @ (active)
glib2 @2.32.4_0 (active)
gnutls @2.12.19_0 (active)
gperf @3.0.4_2 (active)
help2man @1.40.10_0 (active)
icu @4.8.1_0 (active)
jansson @2.3_0 (active)
jpeg @8d_0 (active)
kerberos5 @1.7.2_0 (active)
libffi @3.0.11_0 (active)
libgcrypt @1.5.0_0 (active)
libgpg-error @1.10_0 (active)
libiconv @1.14_0 (active)
libidn @1.25_0 (active)
libpng @1.4.12_0 (active)
libtasn1 @2.11_0 (active)
lzo2 @2.05_1 (active)
m4 @1.4.16_0 (active)
miniupnpc @1.6_0 (active)
ncurses @5.9_1 (active)
openssl @1.0.1c_0 (active)
ossp-uuid @1.6.2_0 (active)
p5-locale-gettext @1.50.0_7 (active)
p5.12-locale-gettext @1.50.0_7 (active)
perl5 @5.12.4_0+perl5_12 (active)
perl5.12 @5.12.4_0
perl5.12 @5.12.4_1 (active)
pkgconfig @0.27_0 (active)
pv @1.3.4_0 (active)
qemu @1.0.1_0+target_i386+target_x86_64 (active)
qrencode @3.1.1_1 (active)
readline @6.2.000_0 (active)
texinfo @4.13_2 (active)
xz @5.0.4_0 (active)
yasm @1.2.0_0 (active)
zlib @1.2.7_0 (active)

You probably don’t need all of those, but it won’t hurt to install all of them. The alternative is to install them one at a time as you get errors when you compile cgminer later. To install each package run this command:
sudo port install package-name-goes-here

Okay, now you’re ready to compile. Run the following commands:
cd ~
mkdir Build
cd Build
git clone
cd cgminer
./configure --enable-scrypt
sudo make install

Now you should able to run cgminer from a terminal window any time you want. Run this command to see the options available:
cgminer --help

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April 10, 2013, 01:02:25 PM

The same can be achieved using brew instead of macports.
Beware that ADL support is broken.
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May 21, 2013, 09:55:33 PM

Been working on getting CGminer installed on Lion using homebrew myself thru some of these 10.8 guides and have almost figured it out. Maybe they can help :

At the moment working for Lion i have found is : Bitminter Java Client, GuiMiner using OpenCL miner, CPUminer using a shell script to launch, and MacMiner but only the CPUminer option. I cannot get CGminer, BGminer, Diablo or Reaper to work for some odd errors like segmentation fault 11's,yadda yadda. I have a Radeon 5770 working and a older Radeon XT1900 I installed which shows in system profiler but unable to show up on any working Miners I have. Hoping to get Cgminer or BGminer up and running which may help recognize the XT1900 so please do let us know if you find a solution for 10.7 Lion. Been at it for a week with constant trial and error with going back and forth between Macports and Homebrew. All the guides for mining seems to be for Mountain Lion or 10.6 so us lion kids are left a little unsupported. Finally ended up uninstalling Macports and stuck with homebrew which seems to be the way to go. I was pulling some files out of system /usr folders to fix errors I was getting but ended up crashing the OS and having to rebuild it via OSX system restore disk. So just be careful in what you end up throwing down in the terminal but with much trial, error and dedication we will make it happen Smiley
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