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The New York Times front page story refers to this forum thread.  But what kind of "Drug Lord" orders fake IDs to his home or posts his own email address to an online forum?

See http://www.bitcoinwednesday.com/the-legacy-of-silk-road-part-4/

Quote from: pikapay on December 26, 2015, 12:07:05 PM

posts his own email address to an online forum?

We use our real email IDs on a dozen websites, slip-ups as these are bound to happen. He simply must never have imagined how big his creation would get... or when this specific thread would pin-point his email ID.

Heck he even deleted the post and the account, which was the best thing to do. The only reason Gary Alford was able to get the deleted account's details was because he was able to show his official badge and make bitcointalk's admins do the talking.

Being in that same thread though, is unreal!

Those caught in the link will become the informants to pass information about the next link, and everything will collapse. I expect any product that can not be delivered can immediately create these negative feelings. The opposite also happened, in which a day or a week later, the BTC I collected was less than I paid for coffee. There will be a lot of pedestrians, each receiving clear, and many packets are moved around between points or are transported by vehicle from one place to another. Packets will not have distinct identity traits, and they will continue to hold in the stream regardless of whether the load means going somewhere. The cars will be cars with predictable routes, city buses, cars of everyday people etc.


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