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Author Topic: [Now Open] $1400 for >1.1MH/s Litecoin Miner -- Vorksholk's Mining Solutions  (Read 685 times)
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April 13, 2013, 04:48:24 AM

Take the stress, work, and time out of Litecoin mining!
-Prebuilt machine works out-of-the-box
-No messing with thread-concurrencies, different mining programs, and shader/memory clocks
-Use our simple interface
-Components carefully chosen to work and mine well together
-Friendly Windows environment
-Hardware pre-stress-tested, don't worry about infancy failures!

Introduction Video

Note: units are loud, as fans are spinning very fast! Keep this in mind while buying. You will want an area to run the unit where people aren't trying to work or sleep. Smiley

Vorksholk's Mining Solutions aims to make your entry into litecoin mining as easy as possible.
>You buy a unit
>Your unit is assembled and tested
>Your unit arrives at your door
>You unpack your miner, plug in the included mouse+keyboard, plus a monitor (not included), and boot up the machine
>Setup program will automatically launch, and guide you through everything you need to do  
>Your miner is running at over 1.1MH/s (assuming reasonable ambient temperature), to the pool of your choice

How easy is that?

We have just started, and therefore are taking orders on this forum thread. The price will be $1400 plus shipping to your location. As well, additional configuration options are available, some at an increased cost.

Miner specs:
$1400 + shipping:

-Intel Celeron G530 (LGA 1155)
-Motherboard with 2 or more PCIe Ports
-850W PSU (80+ Silver or GOLD)
-64GB SSD (high reliability) or 250GB Magnetic (high capacity) <--- you get to choose!
-Windows 8
-Wifi and Ethernet connectivity
-CD/DVD Drive
>Non-stock thermal paste (Likely Antec Formula 7 NanoDiamond) on stock fan

Easy-to-remove side panel for extreme ventilation (strongly suggested!):

"Make it Game" option: $300-$500 addon price
$300 Gaming package:
Intel i5-3570k Processor
120GB SSD or 2TB Magnetic (Your choice)

$500 Gaming package:
Intel i7-3770K Processor

7950s come CrossFire'd together (unless you specifically refuse this)
Free installs of the games that come with your GPUs, if any (currently, you would get a copy of Crysis 3, and a copy of Bioshock Infinite already on the machine, as well as an extra copy of both games to give to a friend).
The Make It Game option not only makes this system usable for two purposes to you (mine and game), it increases the resale value of the machine.

Approximate Shipping Time:
Since I do not know if there will be demand for this service, for the start of the service your hardware will be ordered when you purchase. Between shipping time from our supplier(s) to us and our 7-day testing program, your miner will likely ship around 10-12 days (weekends included) from the date of purchase. If you would like to forgo the 7-day testing period, you would receive your product much faster at a nominal fee.

7-day Testing Period:
During this testing period, your device runs for 7 days straight for two reasons:
1.) subsidize the cost of production
2.) test your hardware to protect against infancy failure
For an additional $30, we can point the miners at a worker of yours (on a pool of your choice) for 7 days. As well, for $30 you can bypass the testing period (although we still insist on a 24-hour), and get your product much quicker!

We don't provide any warranty ourselves on the machines we sell, however many of the components come with manufacturer warranties. You will need to open the box to send items back. We will guarantee that when the product leaves us, it works great.

What's in the box?
Upon receiving your miner, the box will contain five items.
>OEM Reinstall DVD
>Instruction Pamphlet

How do I order?
Currently, we are doing this on an unsure basis, so we are selling products through the forums. To put in an order, just put a reply on this thread or PM me. If you want special configuration options, we can work that out on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to know how much shipping would cost, it would be coming from the southern United States. Contact us for a guaranteed shipping price!

If this business grows, we will make ebay listings. If it grows further, we will make a website with probably WHMCS or something similar.

1.) Who is this geared towards?
This product is geared towards two distinct sets of people: those new to mining who don't want to mess with building their own system and finding perfect settings, and those who don't want to be bothered with it and want quick deployment.

2.) Why are you doing this?
I (often referred to as "we" as this is a business) see this as a two-fold advantage: increasing network mining power while making money. We make a small amount of money on the actual unit, as well as some extra subsidy through our 7-day tests. Done in an efficient manner, the per-hour pay would be good.

3.) Do you support purchase in cryptocurrencies?
We currently do not support purchase in crypto currencies as with recent fluctuations time from purchase to conversion to USD (we have to buy parts in USD, unless starts carrying all of the items we need) might fall short. However, we do plan to implement a system in the future for this payment option.

4.) What miner program does the miner come setup with?
It comes setup with out own custom configuration creator (which guides you through pools, pool information, etc.), and runs cgminer at its core.

5.) Can I order a system with three GPUs?
Due to concerns running three cards in one case (heat dissipation, spacing), we do not currently sell three GPU systems. However, this is not out of the question for the future.

6.) Can I order a system with one GPU?
Certainly! However, it is much less economical for you. Our standard miner with 2 GPUs gives 1.1MH/s for $1400, a 1-GPU system would run at ~550kH/s and would cost $1100.

7.) Do custom orders take longer?
During the start of this program all configurations will have the hardware for them purchased when a user pays us, so all unit configurations (unless you need a special item that is out of stock with our suppliers) will take around the same amount of time. If demand increases to the point where we pre-buy hardware and your machine is already well into the 7-day testing period by the time you purchase it, regular orders will be filled much faster than Gaming upgrades or custom parts (AMD CPUs, extra RAM, etc.)

8.) Can this mine other Alt Currencies?
The mining program the computer ships with supports all Scrypt currencies: Currently Novacoin and Litecoin. The unit also supports mining SHA256-based currencies (Bitcoin, PPCoin, Terracoin, etc.)  but you will have to download and set up your own miner for those. Smiley

9.) What kind of support does the miner come with?
We will offer PM-based and e-mail-based support to help you get your miner setup, but do not provide help in doing anything but setting up the miner to mine litecoins.

10.) What factors will affect the speed of this machine?
These machines are designed to run at 1.1MH/s OR BETTER when in a room with adequate cooling (ambient temperature is 72C, case fans are not blocked by anything, dust is kept to a minimum). As part of the included instruction booklet, we recommend that you remove one of the panels on the case (very easy, two thumb screws) and just prop it to the side. This will greatly increase airflow to the GPUs, and will improve mining speed.

11.) Are there discounts for bulk orders?
Since we operate on fairly low margins there isn't all that much room for discounts. However, on bulk orders (more than two machines), you will get $25 off each miner.

12.) How much bandwidth does one of these miners use?
Actually, miners are very low bandwidth. On a standard consumer DSL line a few of these units would have no problem running!

13.) Can I get an alternate OS?
If you want Windows 7, just specify when you place an order, they are the same price. Smiley

We are not going to support linux at this time, as many people are having trouble getting appropriate hash rates on Linux for Scrypt Mining.

14.) Can I send you guys my Windows license and have you install that?
Due to our use of pre-configured images, we do not plan to support individuals using their own licenses.  

15.) Can I have an x with two y's and a z?
We are more than happy to meet your needs with flexible systems, from NVidia setups (just gaming) to larger capacity SSDs to built-in Blu-Ray players to shipping with gaming peripherals, we can make a custom system for you. Just ask, and we'll give you a quote.

16.) What payment system do you use?
Currently we will be using PayPal (I know, I know...) as our suppliers accept PayPal, and its the way for us to provide products at the cheapest prices possible.

17.) How much would it cost me to build an identical system myself?
To build an equivalent system on Newegg would cost you right around $1330. We feel our pricing is very reasonable.

18.) Can I resell these machines?
Yes, the Windows license is OEM for system builders, so you are free to resell the unit at a later point in time if you so choose. If you are considering this, you may want to take a look at the gaming upgrades, they would make the system much more tantalizing to potential buyers if it can game.

19.) What stops someone from buying a machine from you, then posting your program online for other people to use without purchase of your product?
We vehemently stand against using any kind of DRM. The custom program is a very specific program targeted at 2x7950 setups with specs exactly as we set up. We have no problem at all with people digging through our source code and redistributing. In fact, once units start shipping we will likely post a download link to the program for people who reinstall their OSes. The main work we put in (aside from the actual physical build) is fine-tuning the cards, which this software does NOT do. We simply find the optimal values, then set our miner to use those on that machine specifically. Your miner will come with a little card on which is printed the optimal values we found your hardware to run at, in case you ever need to reconfigure our software (if you reinstall the OS, etc.)

20.) What stops someone from buying a unit from you, seeing the exact hardware you use, and selling identical systems?
There is nothing we can do to stop this, and we wouldn't care if someone decided to do it anyhow. A lot of the work is in getting good optimized settings on a per-card or per-rig basis, and commercial competition is never a bad thing! If someone tried to undercut us they would either have to take ridiculously small margins or use lower-grade hardware, which we refuse to do.

21.) What games could the rig play if upgraded with your $300 gaming package?
With the gaming packages, the rig would be capable of playing most any game on the market at max or near-max graphics.
It has two 7950s working in unison, with a great gaming CPU, gaming-quality RAM, a great motherboard, and a SSD (if you choose that route) for great loading speeds. Don't try to play while mining however, it won't be too fun!

22.) Why should I trust you?
I'm a well-established forum member, and have done software development in the past for mining programs (check out EasyLTC, cgEasy, and AutoSolo). If you don't trust me, just don't order Smiley

23.) How many orders are you accepting at a time?  
Since we are just starting, we are going to limit the program to three units. Once we build these three units, ensure that our price point works, that our shipping is not flawed, and that our machines can rank up to the guaranteed rates, we will open up to many more orders. Orders will be filled on a first-come--first-serve basis, except for special orders which will be pushed behind while waiting for product arrival, then will get priority through the building process.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them below or PM them to me!      

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April 13, 2013, 10:38:53 PM

Added introduction video to OP:

Introduction Video

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April 23, 2013, 12:17:18 PM

what is the power usage of this system (in watt)?
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