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Author Topic: Baikal Miner Review  (Read 1387 times)
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May 13, 2017, 09:31:18 AM
 #1 is a CROOK and a SCAM (s or no s, they are all BULLSHIT)

I have been ripped off from for $4676 and want you share my HORROR story so hopefully you don’t end up getting ripped off.  STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM BAIKALMINER.COM !!!  After weeks of research on Google and Youtube, I thought the Baikal Miner would be a good investment mining Dash coins at 300 MH/s using only 75 Watt of power.  Boy was I in for the biggest SCAM and RIPOFF and RIDE of my life!!!  After one month of Baikal Miner hustling and scamming me, he stole $4676 and I am now stuck with a defective Baikal Miner Cube.  I am now still SHOCK and SO DISGUSTED of these people!  This is why they don’t accept credit card or paypal.  Just bitcoin, dash or ethereum.  I don’t think there is any recourse or any way you can get the coins back from these people!

On April 11, 2017, I pulled the trigger and sent baikalminer 0.7216068 BTC which equals to $876.02 USD.  These people are very difficult to deal with and very slow to respond on email.  Worst, they only take bitcoin and they are located halfway around the world in China.   So this made me very concern.  8 days later on April 19, the unit arrived at my home.  I emailed Baikal on what power supply to use and they won’t recommend which power supply to buy or send me an ebay or Amazon link, they just said 12V 10A.  I searched on Google, Amazon and ebay and end up buying 3 power supply from Amazon and ebay.  The first P/S came home the end plug was too big and did not fit.  Then a couple days later the two P/S I ordered on ebay arrived and this one fit.  You would think spending $876 on a little box with a fan, heatsink and circuit board they would include a P/S.  The box did not come with any manuals so I had to google to find the CUBE.pdf manual and figured everything out myself.  When first powered up and log in with the default password baikal, the miner show down.  It looks like they still have their dash wallet address on there.  I setup an account on and and added my account and dash wallet address to the Baikal Pool page.  Doesn’t matter what I do, the miner still show down.

On April 24, 2017, I emailed  The following day, they email back ask me to skype them.

Thank you for your email.
Please contact us via skype in order to deal your business more effectively.
Our skype account: “baikalminer” (no more other letters or characters)
You can check the following link for your information:
We will take care of your request as soon as we get the message from skype.
Best regards,

On Skype, they did not offer any technical support or troubleshooting at all.  They kept on insisting I download and read the CUBE.pdf file.  Their support is shitty!  Then they wanted me to ship the unit back at my expense to repair it.  I wasn’t happy at all!!!  To make me happy, they offered a Quad unit at a discounted price.  The miner cube is $800 + $76 Shipping.  Total is $876.  Quad is 4 miner cube so $800 x 4 = $3200.  I already paid for the first miner cube so I just need to pay for the difference of $2326 and I have to ship the defective unit back.  I wasn’t happy paying more at a full price when I already received a defective unit.  So they offer 5% discount + free shipping + power cable at $2166 more + $876 I originally paid.

>4/25 Ok I will deduct the same so that you can pay the shipping price from your end for that cube.
>4/25 3196-870 = 2326$
>4/25 But you have to ship the product to us.
>4/25 Does it make you happy..
>4/25 Ok as this is our fault we give the 5% + free shipping and power cable = 3036- 870 = 2166

On April 27 and 30, 2017, I sent them $2150 to upgrade to a Quad Cube ($900 in ETH and $1250 in BTC).  As of this date, I have sent them

On May 1, 2017, they offer me two baikal quads for $2400 instead of instead of $3400 .

>5/1 Ok after lot of considerations in your case we feel like the fault is from our end only.
And to do the compensation for that if you are interested we ship out two baikal quads in which you have already paid for one and for the second one we give you 25% off + free power cables and shipping. So you have to pay 2400$ instead of 3400$ I this this makes you a happy customer.
What do you say.?
>5/1 This is only one time offer please don't consider this discount in future just to make sure you should be happy we are offering this and please post this any where in social media.
As people will start bargaining..
This offer for you also only once from next time please don't ask us as definitely we don't give any offers anymore.
Definitely you don't need to worry this time as I personally test the products which we are going to send you.

>5/2 Hello my friend we have received your payment
But we had an issue with our financial tem.
In the morning our jr accountant accepted that you can pay 1600$ later but from afternoon we had so many discussions and our Sr accountant is not agreeing for more than 1000$ credit to a customer and blaming me for giving such credit after 25% discount.
Some how I managed by telling that customer lost a lot because of the machine problem and managed to give you 1200$ or with huge extra offer.
Because we consider the money which we get before the shipping and after shipping we always will be having 50:50.

Case1) pay 1000$ and pay nothing except shipping the old product.
So here for second quad you will be getting 3400-1600 = 1800$ total to pay(800 already paid and balance 1000$). Close to 47% off on total for the second machine.

Case 2) pay 400$ now and remaining 1200$ after shipping.

This is just to make sure that it is fine at least we don't make profit but we should not lose money by selling.
We sell our products through out the world and you are an individual customer for us.
I hope you understand our Sr accountant concern.
Please think for a while and let me know which case suits well so that I will proceed and also please be hurry so that tomorrow morning hours I would like to ship them. Thanks.

On May 2, 5 and 6, 2017, I sent them a total of $1650 in BT and ETH.  After sending them the last payment, they said to me on skype “Hi my friend please contact us via email for the confirmation. thanks.” And this is when the HORROR begins.  I email them at and they just pay dumb and said they never received my $$$ BTC and ETH. 

05/02/17 Paid $800 BTC
05/05/17 Paid $550 ETH
05/06/17 FINAL payment $300 BTC and all other baikalminer web site and all of the baikalminer on skype are the SAME people.  They will hustle you in sending bitcoin, dash coins or Ethereum coins.  They will steal your coins and you cannot do anything about it like me!  I am very unlucky and very stupid to trust them!  DON’T buy anything from Baikal Miner or any other web site or anyone on Skype.  They are all the same people.  I will attached screen capture of my skype conversion with Baikal Mining and emails so you can read for yourself and share with families, friends, co-worker and the mining community.  I FEEL SO SICK INSIDE.  These people have stole $4676 of my hard earn money.  VERY VERY SAD!  Don’t know what else to do.


Baikal miner
No-306, xingyang road
Chengyang district
Qingdao city
China people's republic
Ph 17762022966
Email :

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May 13, 2017, 11:01:09 AM

you sure its the correct skype? and they never ever said they will provide power supply.. so its something that not right..

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May 13, 2017, 11:20:45 AM

+1 are you sure you are on correct baikal skype account ?
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May 13, 2017, 11:38:26 AM

yeahu got scammed by an imposter bro , the skype u have is the wong one


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