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Author Topic: [ANN] DNN - Decentralized News Network  (Read 8041 times)
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May 16, 2017, 12:19:59 PM
Last edit: August 26, 2018, 09:20:03 PM by DNN

State of dApps - Decentralized News Network


Official Token Address - 0x9d9832d1beb29cc949d75d61415fd00279f84dc2


DNN, or Decentralized News Network, is a political news platform, combining news creation with decentralized networks to deliver unbiased
and credible content - and the chance to be rewarded for contributions.

DNN will harness the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain to allow for an infrastructure that can never be infiltrated or taken down, regardless
of how concentrated an attack is. Since computing power will not be consolidated, DNN will not suffer from having a single point of failure -
something that exposes most companies when their security is compromised.

DNN’s core purpose is to present political news in as unbiased a view as possible, free of any corrupt incentives or hidden agendas that plague
most news corporations.

DNN’s news will focus exclusively on the balanced and factual observation of current affairs, rather than opinion and propaganda.

Decentralized - DNN harnesses the power of the Ethereum blockchain to allow for a fully decentralized network that can never be hacked
into, taken down, or censored.

  • Censorship Resistant
    Content published to DNN is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring immunity from any efforts to suppress writer content.
  • No Central Authority
    DNN relies on consensus amongst content reviewers, rather than a central authority, to determine what should be published.
  • Permanent Content
    DNN's content is persisted across community-managed servers, so that each retains copies of everything.

Factual - DNN presents news in a thoroughly accurate way, combining the openness and freedom of blogs with the formal fact-checking
of news organizations.

  • Robust Review System
    An extensive review process allows for fact-checkers to validate writer submitted content for overall accuracy and legitimacy.
  • Comprehensive Guidelines
    DNN's guidelines and content policies direct reviewers on how to vet articles before they get published to the network.
  • Reviewer Feedback
    Reviewers can interact with writers by attaching notes to articles, which contain feedback on how to better organize content.

Collaborative - DNN involves readers, writers, reviewers, and publishers providing key contributions that make up the underlying functions
and structure of the network.

  • DNN Tokens
    Activity on the network is driven by its currency called DNN, which are distributed in proportion to a contributor's effort.
  • Incentivized Collaboration
    All users on DNN are rewarded for their collective actions, thus establishing a community that thrives on incentives.
  • Interchangeable Roles
    Users can seamlessly switch between reader, writer, and reviewer roles in a fluid and open environment.


DNN will focus exclusively on factual and thorough perspectives of current political affairs, while rewarding all parties involved.

Our mission is to create political news content that is both empowering for its readers, as well as representative of the integrity of its writers. We
aspire to become the most trusted and democratic political news alternative to mainstream media.


Simply put, writers produce and submit content, which is inspected for accuracy by a randomized set of reviewers on the network. Articles
deemed acceptable enough (as per DNN’s guidelines) will be published to the network and made available to readers.

DNN Workflow

Each participant on DNN is rewarded for their contribution, in the form of DNN tokens. Writers, reviewers, readers and publishers all earn reward
for contributing to the network.

DNN is comprised of four types of actors that each have key roles and contributions that together, make up the underlying functions and
framework of the network.

Writers, or reporters, are individuals who submit political content in the form of articles. Whether the individual is a freelance journalist,
casual blogger, or an average consumer of global news, he or she can contribute to the DNN.

However, since anyone can submit articles to DNN, getting published is not guaranteed. To increase the chance of getting published writers
should ensure that they closely comply with the DNN content guidelines to mitigate the chance of reviewers rejecting their piece due to Infractions.

The DNN content guidelines are a set of agreed-upon best practices for constructing political pieces that are both comprehensive in scope and that
convey the facts clearly and concisely. Articles that are submitted to DNN go through a series of stages before being submitted. See picture below.

Article Stages

Reviewers, or editors, read and vote upon submitted articles before an article is available for public consumption on the DNN’s article feed. The
review process includes basic tasks such as noting grammatical errors, pointing out inaccuracies and questionable statements, as well as content

Most important, however, is that reviewers ensure articles adhere to the DNN content guidelines.

Reviewers do not have the ability to modify articles, but rather can accept (i.e. vote to have content published) or reject (i.e. vote to prevent
content from being published) any written piece. To make sure that no single reviewer has the final say on whether or not an article should be
publicly incorporated into the network, the network will assign seven random reviewers to validate the article. The seven reviewers are chosen in a
process called the Review Selection Bid, as seen in the pic below.

All seven reviewers are completely unaware of one another’s identities; they vote and leave feedback in complete isolation to avoid groupthink or
any form of collusion.

Reviewer Selection Bid

Readers are news consumers. Readers can comment, add notes, share, upvote, bookmark articles of interest, and denote articles they deem

Unlike readers on traditional news platforms, readers on DNN play an active role in helping to shape the news they read, which includes participating
in Reader Suggestions whereby article topics are put forward by you, the news consumer.

Unlike readers, reviewers, and writers who are human actors of the network, publishers are server nodes which act as a proxy between human users
and the DNN network residing on the Ethereum blockchain.

Specialized open source software consisting of the complete DNN user-interface and network interface, is bundled and installed on each publisher.
One important point of note here is that publishers do not​ possess any article or user data, but instead, read from and execute commands to the DNN

Apart from communicating with DNN’s network, publishers communicate with one another through a peer-to-peer protocol that makes use of the same
cryptography behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Using this peer-to-peer protocol, publishers are able to relay details about their state to nearby node hosts.

The main purpose for publishers is to provide an attack resistant transport for the DNN software, rather than host the DNN software on a centralized
server, which introduces a significant point of failure.

Storing DNN’s software on a decentralized network also allows the community to run and manage it without the need for an external facilitator or
trusted intermediary.

Publishers Nodes

The Review Process
Before an article can be published to the network, it must first undergo a careful review to ensure that it is factual and abides by the DNN content
guidelines. Each reviewer is required to place a bid to review the article they are interested in. The first seven reviewers from the pool with the
highest bids are selected to review the article. During the review period, reviewers are able to provide written feedback and vote to reject or
accept the article into the network.

The actions performed by each reviewer are completely unknown to the other reviewers and more than 50 percent of the reviewers must approve
the article in order for it be added into the network. If the reviewers choose to reject the article, the writer has the option of submitting the article
again after making any suggested changes, in which case, a new set reviewers will be assigned. The diagram below shows a complete overview of
the review process.

Article Publish Flow


The central payout unit of the platform is called DNN. The DNN is divisible by up to 18 decimal places and can be obtained in the following two ways:

  • Buy it directly from an exchange
  • Earn it by contributing to the network

Writers, reviewers, and publishers are capable of earning DNN at the conclusion of the review process. The review process is considered to be finished
when each reviewer has voted. The amount of DNN a user ​can earn is determined by the types of contributions they make to the network, (and in the
case of reviewers, how many DNN they bid during the reviewer selection bid).

The payout of tokens is structured in a way that rewards the actions that ensure the articles in the feed remain as factual as possible and consistent
with the platform’s Content Guidelines.

DNN are used for a variety of things within the DNN network.

Writers use DNN to pay for the Writer Fee associated with submitting their article to the network. Once an article has been accepted, writers can earn
DNN through the engagement generated by their article.

Reviewers earn DNN by determining whether an article should be accepted or rejected by the network.

Publishers earn DNN by hosting nodes on the network. Each time a review has completed, a small portion of tokens will be evenly distributed to each
publisher node proportional to how many tokens the publisher node holds.


DNN's network will be built using Ethereum smart contracts, IPFS (eventually Swarm or Filecoin), and ZeroNet.

Smart Contracts
When it comes to Ethereum, smart contracts written in Solidity are used to persist verified and accepted articles, in turn creating a published article
feed. DNN will utilize smart contracts to facilitate the entire review process and payouts.

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)
IPFS is a complete peer to peer network that allows for the storage and retrieval of hypermedia. Since the amount of gas required to store articles
becomes less cost-efficient as the platform scales, only a reference to the article is stored within Ethereum (i.e. a IPFS hash pointer to the article).
The hash pointer used for the article will be a reference to its complete contents in IPFS.

DNN ensures availability of its web application through the use of ZeroNet, though with slight variations. ZeroNet is a completely decentralized and
censorship-resistant network built using the same cryptographic structure as Bitcoin and the technology of BitTorrent.

One thing to note is that the DNN is completely separate from the the DNN blockchain network. Like BitTorrent, ZeroNet works by seeding data — in
this case the DNN web application — to hosting nodes that are interested in using the data.

Hosting nodes, known as peers, download ("leech") and upload ("seed") the DNN web application between each other rather than through a
centralized server. Throughout the DNN, thousands of hosting nodes spread out across different geographical regions, containing complete copies of
the entire DNN web application and making it available to interested viewers.

In addition to the traditional BitTorrent approach, which requires users to install software in order to download data from the BitTorrent network, the
DNN application network can also be accessed simply through a standard web browser. Users have the option of connecting directly to public hosting
nodes or by navigating to DNN's domain and letting DNN find an available hosting node.

Anyone can become a hosting node if they download the DNN application directly from the DNN domain instead of viewing it through a web browser.
Once a user becomes a hosting node, they will automatically connect to nearby peers and begin to seed the DNN web application.


Interested in knowing more about the reward system as well as an in-depth details about DNN? Download our whitepaper draft at:



  Samit Singh, CEO and Cofounder -

Samit is an experienced web and mobile designer/product developer, who co-founded a messaging app startup called MiniChat, Inc., along with his partner Dondrey.

Together, they also created a video and photo app called Tack Video.He has 7+ years of startup experience, having worked at other startups before this. He follows UI/UX design, mobile technology, and emerging technology- especially all the unique ways in which we can explore social interaction and incentivized networks. This is what eventually led to his love of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Together, they also created a video and photo app called Tack Video.He has 7+ years of startup experience, having worked at other startups before this. He follows UI/UX design, mobile technology, and emerging technology- especially all the unique ways in which we can explore social interaction and incentivized networks. This is what eventually led to his love of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

  Dondrey Taylor, CTO and Cofounder -

Dondrey is a seasoned web and mobile full stack developer, who was the co-founder and CTO of MiniChat, Inc. He is also one of the creators of Tack Video. He holds a B.S. in Information Technology with a specialization in systems architecture. His passion for blockchain based services began from a love of neural networks.

Before creating DNN, he took part in building one of the top Ether mining farms, where he was tasked with building various types of mining rigs. He is currently working on DNN's front-end and back-end codebase (its Ethereum smart contracts) and implementing ways to distribute the DNN application between network nodes.

  Greg D'Alba, Former COO of CNN -
Greg was named the President of Global Partnerships following the merger of WME/IMG in 2014. He was responsible for global management, strategy and development of client services including consulting, strategy & activation, creative services, experiential marketing, strategic planning & valuation, talent ventures, sponsorship & naming rights, and shopper marketing. Greg created a holistic approach to leverage the WME/IMG assets worldwide.

Prior to his joining WME/IMG, Greg served as President & Chief Operating Officer of CNN for Turner Broadcasting Inc. D'Alba was responsible for all the cable news products and Turner’s digital ad revenue. He directed the marketing for the CNN portfolio of news networks and businesses including brand management of CNN/U.S., HLN, CNN Airport Network, and Under D'Alba’s leadership, CNN developed a fully integrated, multi-dimensional innovation marketing solutions program across the CNN platform.

  Charles Theiss, COO and Co-Founder @ VIDL NEWS CORP. -
Charles has more than thirty years of professional experience serving in key senior executive management positions and advisory roles with well-known legacy and digital media brands. He is an outside-the-box thinker who enjoys building new business models designed to help shape the future success of his clients. For the last sixteen years, he established a two tiered business consulting practice with a focus on integrated digital & tech solutions. These assignments range from a concentration on business development, strategic alliances and advertising sales solutions.

His client experience includes Fox Interactive Media, CBS Television Station Group, OK Magazine, Singularity University, WeatherNation, MAVTV, The Sportsnetwork, The College Board, Lucas Oil, The Fred Rogers Company, RightMedia, KlowdTV, Screenvision Cinema Network, Anthem Media, The Film Detective, V-Me Television, Real Savvy Moms, and others.

Serving as a senior executive with major media organizations, he launched the wireless platform “CNN Everywhere”, re-launched the CBS Television Station’s digital platform, developed Looksmart’s “Find Articles”, reorganized Lycos’ advertising sales organization, and re-launched the MavTV brand and network. At CNN, he served as Senior Vice President of television advertising sales and was promoted to manage CNN’s Digital advertising sales, business development and ad operations. He has held senior leadership positions with Terra Lycos, Looksmart, and FX overseeing their business development and advertising sales. He began his career working in the advertising agency business, moving into cable network affiliate relations and advertising sales at Group W Satellite Communications.

  Randy Mitchell, Senior Product Manager -

Randy is a technology professional with product management, software development, UX and founding experience. He's led technology efforts across several verticals including Blockchain, SaaS, E-Commerce and Healthcare Innovation.

Most recently he served as the Product Lead for an ICO funded ($7.2MM) blockchain startup where he was instrumental in architecting and leading that startups Product Development team in delivering the core technology for their inaugural blockchain solution.

Additionally he’s served as a Blockchain Product Consultant/Advisor on several early stage blockchain projects and is an active part of the Blockchain Meetup Community where he helps to lead one of the nations largest blockchain meetups.

  Mališa Pušonja, R&D Lead -
 Mališa is Chief R&D engineer at Devana Labs, has been working on decentralized platforms for a while. Currently, his main focus is rapid prototyping and MVP development, especially in the context of blockchain/ethereum apps.

  He loves naming things that no one has named, because he believes that, when you do that you get new patterns and a whole new world. This is especially true in the context of MVP's in the building phase. His two favorite technical debt patterns are human-centric agile methodology™ and Product-Abstractness Continuum Fit. He loves to mix and match this with sacrificial architecture, Strangler patterns, Atwood’s Law, and Dietlzer’s law, in order to plan and execute the best MVP building phase possible.

  Andrej Cvoro, Ethereum Developer -
 Andrej is a freelance software developer with more than 10 years of coding experience and a great breadth of technical knowledge and skills. Generally passionate about innovative and leading edge technologies, his current primary focus is on decentralized technologies such as blockchain. He has been following Ethereum platform from its very inception and started doing Solidity development last year.

  Uros Radovanovic, Ethereum Developer -
 Uros is a software developer, working at Devana Labs. He works on various decentralized, secure email services, and is primarily focused in developing encrypted backends. He’s a strong believer in lifetime studying and the fact that anyone he meets knows something that he doesn’t, which means that every person can teach him something new. He is a Junior Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling champion. His big passions are free speech, information security, AI, and dogs.

  Justin Festa, Former Chief Digital Officer @ LittleThings -
Justin is a chief digital officer with years of experience running both product and revenue at LittleThings, the largest women's lifestyle URL on the web. He intimately understands the opportunities and challenges that come from running a platform that reaches millions of people per day.

Beyond his digital media experience Justin is a also a programmer who is fascinated by blockchains and believes adamantly in their potential. Festa is a graduate of Lehigh University with a dual major in Computer Science and Business.

  Matt Chwierut, Research Director @ Smith + Crown -
Matt Chwierut is the Research Director at Smith + Crown. He guides a research team in evaluating new cryptocurrency protocols, authoring briefing memos on key emerging topics, and reviewing countless white papers. His background includes research and consulting on emerging technologies, cross-sector innovations, and applied economics.

  Rebecca Rachmany, CEO @ DAO Leadership -
Grace (Rebecca) Rachmany is a serial entrepreneur and founder of two companies in the blockchain space: and DAO Leadership. She recently co-wrote and published So you've got a DAO: Leadership for the 21st Century. Formerly CEO of Gangly Sister, Tech-Tav, and Marketecht, Grace has held management positions in technology companies for over 25 years.

Grace mentors startups in developing economies and mentored at Swisscontact, Microsoft Ventures and Google. She holds an MBA from Kellogg Northwestern and is a graduate of Anthony Robbins' Business Mastery and Landmark's Team Management and Leadership Program.

  Mayank Banerjee, Co-Founder and CEO @ Compass News -
Mayank is the co-Founder and CEO of Compass News. Compass is an AI-driven curation platform, designed to offer an alternative to the echo chambers and fake news of social media. Compass is backed by some of the leading lights in the international media, including the ex-Editor of the Times and former CEO of the Guardian.

Before Compass, Mayank worked at KPMG and was also President of the Oxford Union, a debating society which counts 5 British Prime Ministers as alumni. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, and has experience living and working in India, China and Russia.

  Aly Madhavji, Founder and Former CEO @ Global DCX -
Aly Madhavji is the Founder and Former CEO of Global DCX, an innovative technology company launching secure digital currency exchanges across the globe starting in India. He is also an avid investor in early stage companies, digital currencies, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). He has served on various token advisory boards including Polymath and Jet8 and traditional advisory roles including the University of Toronto’s Governing Council. He is an internationally acclaimed author, publishing three books, including the award-winning book titled, “Your Guide to Succeed in University”, as part of the Succeed Series. He has lived and worked across 4 continents (North/South America, Europe, and Asia) with PwC, PayPal, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and INSEAD. He also holds the Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Chartered Investment Manager designations.

Aly is a Schwarzman Scholar, holds a Master’s in Business Administration from INSEAD (Singapore and France), and a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction from the University of Toronto.

  Pietro Speroni di Fenizio, PhD, Mathematician & Researcher -
  Personal Site
Pietro Speroni di Fenizio is a researcher in complex systems. He holds a Ph.D. in bioinformatics, a master's in evolutionary and adaptive systems, and a degree in mathematics. In his research, he specialises in using algebra to understand complex systems and design the rules of complex systems to obtain specific emergent behaviours.

In the past, he first focused on artificial life and artificial chemistries and then on voting theory, e-participation, and consensus building, constantly aiming in developing tools that were mathematically fair to all participants. Some of those tools were then used by Italian institutions. More recently, his focus has shifted toward governance on the blockchain and how to build self-governing tools for DAOs.

  Dario D'Aprile, Former VP of Publishing @ National Geographic -
Dario is the founder of Human and Machine ltd, a customer experience and product strategy studio that helps teams to design and roll out innovative services. Dario implemented successful digital publishing programmes for National Geographic and News International, and brought early stage startups to profitability and international markets. His products and services have been used by over 800 million people worldwide: this has led to him receiving over 20 creative awards, including a W3 award and a Grammy.

  Richard Mills, PhD, Social Scientist @ University of Cambridge -
Richard Mills is a social scientist who studies peer production and online community governance. Richard is a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and Director of Research for the WikiRate project. He holds a PhD and Mres in Applied Social Statistics, as well as a Bsc and Msc in Psychology.

Richard's PhD research focuses on applying large scale data science techniques to understand how a platforms' structures and algorithms influences the characteristics of resources produced by user interactions on sites like Reddit and the Stack Exchange. Richard has created various detailed case studies outlining how user engagement through the design, structures, and algorithms of a platform, influences the kind of community-made resources it creates.

Since completing his PhD, Richard has been applying this knowledge to the design of, an open community platform which facilitates collaborative research to understand corporate impacts. Richard also works on the Whistle project, which is building an app to facilitate the reporting and verification of reports of human rights violations.

  Mossy Wittenberg, Editor @ KYC360 Global Technologies -
An alumnus of Cambridge University and the Schwarzman Scholarship at Tsinghua University, Mossy is passionate about using technology to improve public discourse. He was previously employee number one at, Editor at KYC360 Global Technologies and an intern and researcher at the BBC World Service.


07/10/2018 - Annoucement - Former CNN Executives to Join Decentralized News Network Team

04/09/2018 - Podcast - Joseph Farley Show

04/04/2018 - Quartz - Why everyone should care about blockchain—even if you don’t understand it.

02/27/2018 - Bloomberg - Websites That Pay Users With Blockchain Aim to Disrupt Facebook

01/01/2018 - Smith+Crown - Smith+Crown - Decentralized News Network

07/31/2017 - The Blockchain - Decentralized News Network Releases Project Roadmap

06/02/2017 - CoinTelegraph - Blockchain Companies Are Lining Up To Disrupt Global Covfefe

05/28/2017 - CryptoCoins News - Stopping Fake News: DNN Uses the Ethereum Blockchain for Factual Reporting

05/14/2017 - ETHNews - News By The People, For The People – DNN Will Operate On The Ethereum Blockchain

05/11/2017 - Bitsonline - Blockchain-Powered Truth in the Age of Fake News

05/02/2017 - CryptoCoins News - How an Unlikely New Jersey Duo Is Using the Ethereum Blockchain to Reshape Journalism

05/27/2017 - The Blockchain Show - 39: Decentralized News Network, DocLaunch, The Blockchain Store

05/27/2017 - A Blog About Nothing In Particular - Decentralized News Network Unveils Alpha Demo Platform, Faces Stiff Competition

05/27/2017 - Electronics Media - Decentralized News Network Unveils Alpha Demo Platform



We believe that DNN can be the next step to bringing integrity and independence back into the news,
so readers can all just focus on the bare facts, free of tampering and misdirection.


"With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless." -- Satoshi
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May 16, 2017, 12:21:18 PM

Nice concept and ANN, will watch this and good luck with the project
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May 16, 2017, 12:27:19 PM

I am digging it.

Where do I sign up for updates?
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May 16, 2017, 12:29:20 PM
Last edit: May 16, 2017, 12:48:07 PM by TaShoKi

Do you need russian translation?
If you need, I'm ready.
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May 16, 2017, 12:31:34 PM

reserve for filipino translation.

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May 16, 2017, 12:36:01 PM

reserved translate on russian
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May 16, 2017, 12:38:56 PM

power of the Ethereum blockchain to allow for a fully decentralized network that can never be hacked
into, taken down, or censored

... but ethereum was hacked, taken down via spam attacks and accidental forks oh and that broken softfork , and the etheruem foundation with full centralized control over eth did censor stuff on it when it disliked the way someone used an app.

umm... this is awkward.
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May 16, 2017, 12:39:25 PM

Sounds good, so the publishing is PoS. Intrigued by the idea!
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May 16, 2017, 12:40:11 PM

Reserve for indonesia translator, If you needed it   Cheesy
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May 16, 2017, 12:57:22 PM

Good project
I am in, when you planning ICO?

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  ██  ░░▄█████████████▄░  ░██
   ██  ░░▄█████ ███▀█▄░░░ ██
    ██░▄███░░ █░█░  ░▀█▄ ██
     ████░░  ░░░  ░░░  ░██
      ████ ░░░  ░░░  ░███
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May 16, 2017, 01:07:50 PM

Reserve for Chinese translator, If you needed it Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
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May 16, 2017, 01:20:37 PM

It seems a good project, I will follow if there is an opportunity, especially for bounty program.
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May 16, 2017, 02:10:32 PM

 There are too many similar projects,STEEM,CreaiveChain and so on.
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May 16, 2017, 02:13:21 PM

going to keep an eye on this.
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May 16, 2017, 02:28:27 PM

Serbian language translation reserved.

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May 16, 2017, 02:29:53 PM

Im willing to do Vietnamese transation for the project. Send PM if im accepted, Thanks!
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May 16, 2017, 02:31:43 PM

Japanese translation reserved by me Cheesy
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May 16, 2017, 02:34:08 PM

another unique idea and the target audience is really well studied i guess i will take part of this project just wait for more information coming
from the dev and a little update from time to time to attract more readers and gather their attention to support your plan dev team good luck
and congrats in advance.   ▄████████████████████████████████████▄
   ██ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄            ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ██  ▄████▄
   ██ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ██████████ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ██  ██████
   ██ ██████████ ██      ██ ██████████ ██   ▀██▀
   ██ ██      ██ ██████  ██ ██      ██ ██    ██
   ██ ██████  ██ █████  ███ ██████  ██ ████▄ ██
   ██ █████  ███ ████  ████ █████  ███ ████████
   ██ ████  ████ ██████████ ████  ████ ████▀
   ██ ██████████ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ██████████ ██
   ██            ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀            ██ 
   ▀█████████▀ ▄████████████▄ ▀█████████▀
  ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄███  ██  ██  ███▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
█  ▄▀▄             █▀▀█▀▄▄
█  █▀█             █  ▐  ▐▌
█       ▄██▄       █  ▌  █
█     ▄██████▄     █  ▌ ▐▌
█    ██████████    █ ▐  █
█   ▐██████████▌   █ ▐ ▐▌
█    ▀▀██████▀▀    █ ▌ █
█     ▄▄▄██▄▄▄     █ ▌▐▌
█                  █▐ █
█                  █▐▐▌
█                  █▐█
▄█▀       ▐█▌       ▀█▄
██         ▐█▌         ██
████▄     ▄█████▄     ▄████
███▀    █████████████    ▀███
██       ███████████       ██
▀█▄       █████████       ▄█▀
▀█▄    ▄██▀▀▀▀▀▀▀██▄  ▄▄▄█▀
▀███████         ███████▀
▀█████▄       ▄█████▀
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May 16, 2017, 02:34:27 PM

If this project has any bounty I will do Hungarian translation.
Contact me now.

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May 16, 2017, 03:51:06 PM

I am digging it.

Where do I sign up for updates?

Hey BitsharesHero,

You can receive periodic updates by signing up on our landing page ( or joining the DNN slack (

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