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Author Topic: CROWDSALE by Cryptobank Revolutionary financial system based on the blockchain  (Read 992 times)
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May 18, 2017, 10:08:00 AM

Cryptobank launches crowdsale next generation

We created unique and fully transparent crowdsale system using innovative decentralized solutions. It's safe to say that over the history of crowdfunding, this level of transparency can provide not every project. Our team is sure that using of such system for control share of the business, can ensure the honest conduct of business and interaction between investors. Also, they can transfer of privileges from one investor to another. Such level of transparency is the future of financing innovation and decentralized projects.

When will Cryptobank begin operate?

Cryptobank and payment service started on March 10, 2017. Since the start of the project, users have had the opportunity to register, comment and make suggestions. Players will take first profit after June 10, 2017.

Cryptobank is rather new solution. What's the uniqueness of project?

Cryptobank is the first blockchain-project creates for different group of players, including Russian and Chinese, as well as with a wide range of scalability in any country. At the moment, there is no project in the Internet space that, with the help of decentralization and Master Token, solves the problem of investors transparent rewards.
The goal of this project is to give a chance all users to transfer and store their funds without fear of blockages, and with minimal commissions to fix their funds in a stable, non-volatile cryptocurrency.
Third, its decentralized system associated with the traditional centralized. So, users can use (virtual debit) cards to cash, while maintaining the privacy and anonymity, which is even much higher than it is among Bitcoin users.
Fourth, it is a supernational decentralized platform supportes all countries where there is Internet.

What is the cryptobank reward system built on?

Master Token Cryptobank owner is a person or group of people own their coins in their CBMT wallet, acting as the co-founders of the project "". "" co-founders, having one or more Master Token on their CBMT accounts, can claim a share of the profits received from payment of commissions provided by Cryptobank services. 1. Master Token grants the right to take profit a share of 0.1% Cryptobank provides the following commercial services:
1) The commission for confirmation of transactions in the CBD, CBE, CBR, CBY would be established by voting of investors. At the moment, the commission is 0.02 coins per byte.
2) Commission for the issue of cards. (First time for marketing purposes, we want to cancel this commission to motivate new customers).
3) Withdrawal cash comission is 3%.
4) Recharge cards and other online payments. Card reissuance. Delivery service card.
5) One of the promising services, will be the crypto exchange (readiness of 50%). The amount of transaction commission would be chosen based on the average commission value on the major exchanges. On average, its size will be 0.02% of the transaction amount (again, everything depends on the choice of investors: fight for the market or quickly repel investments).
6) Peer-to-peer (P2P) credit exchange (readiness 20%). In this case, our service will act as an intermediary. Like a cryptocurrency exchange, a percentage of the transaction will be charged, the same as 0.02% of the loan amount (discussed by voting of investors).
7) Visa transfer, SEPA, wire transfer, WesternUnion at the commission of 1-5% depending on the operator.
Cool Since we are the only holders of the coins, we have to inflate the rate (the coin not depreciated) when performing operations on exchange at our partner sites or on the official website. We will be able to vary the exchange rate from 1-5% in different ways on our partner exchanges, which we will also need to create by using part of the funds collected from the sale of Master Token. Such exchanges can register as representations in any region to investors owning 10 Master Token. The availability of these exchanges is at the level of 60%. Here is the link - HYPERLINK "".
9) Additional services - 2-8% of the amount (various services, such as mobile phone replenishment, iTunes cards, Google, Amazon, gift certificates, etc.)
10) On request we can also add any cryptocurrency exchange, or to issue additional Fiat currency in digital format, such as the Japanese yen, while utilizing our technology of antievolutionist. Due to these features we have the ability to expand in all countries, while providing customers with 100% safety funds are not able to provide any bank.
11) CBMT address with 10 Master Token, can create masternodes. Masternode is a network node that serves as an intermediary for transferring CBD, CBE, CBR, CBY coins from the cryptobank backup storage to other network participants who will use the "exchange of coins" service.
 Note: replacement coins is a feature can be used by any member of the network subject to the availability of masternode. A network member who wants to replace his coins must go to the "replacement coins" tab on the site or in the client application, where they will see 4 tabs with request to receive wallets of types CBD, CBE, CBR, CBY. Create the wallet, you will be asked to press the "send coins" tab and then you will be given a field for entering a wallet or several wallet that will be replaced with "exchangeable coins" instead of your coins sent to the masternodes, paying the percentage for the service set masternode as a mediator. Because we have a motivation to dynamics the development of the project, to run masternode first, according to the rules of crowdsale, need to have 10 Master tokens, to start the second - 20, and third - 30 CBMT and so on.

Why we look forward to the successful development of the project Cryptobank?

All of the existing electronic funds transfer and banks work with customers centralised. There is no transparency, anonymity, not to mention decentralization. We propose a solution that will have the stability inherent in centralized financial institutions. The same time there is no central control on the blockchain network cryptobank. Users of cryptobank will benefit from using the system that provides instant money transfers with a minimum commission in fiat currencies - decentralized and anonymous. The blockchain algorithm and the decentralized system will provide completely safe and stable operation in every corner of our planet. This is positive respond to the development of the project make cryptobank more attractive, and Master Token more valuable.
In addition, we believe that every trader or even a standard user has a cryptocurrency, at least once, but there was a need to fix his capital in a stable currency without experiencing volatility, while retaining all the other advantages of cryptocurrency. For example, supranational management and ownership of assets through the personal control of a private key (which, as proven, can’t be hacked), as well as the anonymity provided by the masternodes.

How is issuance of Cryptobank coins?

 According to the algorithm, all cryptobank coins have already been released and frozen in cold storage wallets. The issue of coins into circulation will be implemented by a special anti-inflationary algorithm. Coins will be sent by masternodes. The reserve of cryptobank coins has already been created and could not change. There is: CBE is 1 trillion coins, CBD is 1.1 trillion coins, CBR is 65 trillion coins, CBY is 8 trillion coins. 100% issue of coins for the cryptobank reserve is a serious step necessary to:
1. Only central authority of Cryptobank could issue coins until their decentralization.
2. Only Cryptobank can control the initial exit price of each unit of Cryptobank tokens in a decentralized network in order to avoid the volatility of exchanges tickers.
3. Avoid different provocations and attempts related to fraudulent issue of coins by interested persons with a view to collapse the price of cryptobank tickers.
4. Nobody in the future could get extra coins and coins that have been released. Each user can view their quantity in reserves in cold stores of Cryptobank, as well as the quantity that is in circulation.
5. The number of coins is specially issued in such a way that even if someone wants to buy coins and then collapse the market or raise the price of capitalization, one will need trillions of dollars to do this, but even if there are such resources, this will not cause significant fluctuations in the prices for Cryptobank tickers. We call CBD, CBE, CBR, CBY "Cryptobank Tickers", and CBMT - Master Token Cryptobank.

Are there any bonuses?

 During crowdsale of Cryptobank plannes grand 1% of all cryptobank tokens or 10 tokens will be allocated for the promotion of the following activities:
1. Subscription advertising company on the forum - 3 CBMT, 1 CBMT reward for managing a subscription company and 2 CBMT on the computation of commissions for the placement of signatures Cryptobank.
2. Development of Cryptobank signatures on a competitive basis for Hero / Legendary Member, Sr. Member, Full Member, Member - 1 CBMT (development of the main pages of the site, development of logo design of tickers, promotional materials, banners and other...)
3. 6 CBMT will be reserved for developers engaged in the search for and removal of vulnerabilities in the client, blockchain and infrastructure. Your cooperation with cryptobank is a great way to make a contribution to the development of the project and get a stable and high profit, or sell your Master Token on the exchange at a good time at a high price.

What tokens would be sold during crowdfunding?

In the period of crowdsale would be sold all kinds of Cryptobank tickers in fiat: Russian ruble, US dollar, Euro, Chinese yuan and Master Tokens (CBMT). It should also be noted that the ICO itself is directly for sale Master Token that gives privileges to investors in the form of generating profit from all revenues Cryptobank, as well as providing the ability to create masternode. The release of 1000 Master Token is scheduled under the ticker CBMT. The essence of them is that the owner of one such token is entitled to receive a share in 0.1% of all listed types earning Cryptobank. If the owner has 10 of Tokens this type, he will be able to create masternode, operator where you can earn up to 5% in the "replacement coins" service.

When is the release of cryptobank token to the exchange platforms?

 In the third quarter of 2017, we plan to launch our own crypto exchange. The output of tokens in the open sale to the exchange depends directly on the desire of the crypto exchanges to work with our system. As we have already noted a certain interest from the cryptocurrency exchanges in the conduct of the preliminary negotiations about the implementation of cryptobank on their sites, there is a real chance to get a support for our coins. But we can’t give guarantees on the listing at the leading sites, in spite of the planned active negotiations.

Why did the cryptobank team decide to conduct the crowdsdale simultaneously with the mining?

 Crowdsale is held to ensure the widest possible distribution of Master Token Cryptobank in order to attract as many users as possible on the platform, interested in the development of the payment network and planned infrastructure in general. Mining is needed to maintain the network infrastructure and confirmation of the transaction, and because the issue of coins is completed, to confirm transactions and collect commissions. In addition, crowdsale is a good way to attract investors and make them interested in the project and making a profit on the rights of the co-owners of the company.

What amount is planned to rise during crowdfunding?

In general, crowdsale will be held until the project sells 1000 Master Token.

Why does project sell Master Token?

The project is developing and will continue to operate regardless of the number of Master Token sold, but the dynamics of development can be more intensive if we can attract investors to our project. We need funds for the dynamic development of the project. The closer we approach the goal - the more will be able to create unique tools, apps, and the more stable will be the infrastructure of web applications, the more interesting will our marketing solutions. In addition, we want to patent our innovative solution. And other funds received from the sale of the Master Token will be a fundamental resource Cryptobank on correspondent accounts in correspondent banks for additional "financial assistance" values and assets cryptobank in global marketing and to maintain prices on tickers. Crowdfunding ends when all the Master Token will be sold, which you can then buy / sell on our crypto exchange.
How can I get Cryptobank tokens?

Wishing to buy the Master Token will need to click the link "" and choose in the left payment currency: USD, EUR, RUR, CNY or Bitcoin, and in the right corner CBMT. The price of each token is $ 1000. Further, if you pay by Bitcoins, you must complete the contact information and after the payment by card or Bank transfer will need to pass the verification. In the case of the Bitcoins payment you will need to simply enter your wallet CBMT, contact information, and make the payment, after which a CBMT will automatically return to the account specified by you in the wallet address. Within crowdsale will be accepted bitcoins. Currently, the residents of almost all countries have the opportunity to buy bitcoins, thanks to such platform, as and others. Also there is an opportunity to make payment by using a bank card or bank transfer in any currency, Paypal (but this will require an additional verification procedure). You can always request an alternative payment method, which don't provide our site. Please contact us at The site contains instructions that will help users to implement purchase tokens Cryptobank, as well as the terms and conditions of the user agreement.

By what principle will the tokens credit to the players of the crowdsdale?

Users that own the Master Token in their CBMT wallet automatically become co-owners of the company. 1 token with a value of $ 1000 makes it possible to receive a share of 0.1% of the profit from the income received by the project and all its applications throughout the entire project automatically.

What is the algorithm for the owners of the Master Token will receive the reward?

 For compensation the investor needs in the tab partners to log in to your personal account, then the system will prompt you to enter the address CBMT wallet that stores the Master Token and to conduct a kind of confirmation process of possession of the account. After, the system confirms that you are indeed the legal owner of this wallet, your partner account will become active 4 fields to enter the CBD, CBE, CBR, CBY wallets that will be coming to the accrual of coins 1 time in 24 hours.

Would payments to users be carried out in CBE, CBD, CBR, CBY?

Payments to users will be implemented in Fiat cryptobank tokens that you can exchange for bitcoins or withdraw to card. Payments to users would be made from the date of sale ( 30 ) Master Token.

When is the registration for new users?

10 March 2017 has been successful test the online wallet and now everyone can use anonymous services Cryptobank, hold assets and to transfer the coins and issuing cards through our partners reference to the blockchain wallet.

As planned to ensure the availability and reliability of the network? How will be solved the question of blockages?

 Cryptobank is a decentralized platform, which will initially be supported in all countries. Such decentralization will ensure the sustainability of the network to attacks, and blocking on the part of providers. The website will display the data from the decentralised platform, that is, data on blockchain E, D, R, Y and to enable users to interact through the online wallet or the block explorer. Since the system is decentralized and the website Cryptobank does not fall under any current law on the lock, violations in the operation of the system in the near future is not expected. If for any reason the site will be blocked, then the issue of providing access by users of the platform will be solved by creating mirrors of the site (example, In addition, after conducting an in-depth audit of all the source codes and algorithms will be started the process of getting MITM license (which will also need funds raised during crowdfunding). Then will be released in public access applications for the leading operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux, Andoird, iOS), as well as source code will be available for everyone to explore. Using such an application, the user will be able to access the network regardless of site blocking and without the need to have any technical knowledge.

What actions should I do to buy Master Token?

When logging on to the site, user automatically goes to the page with the sections blockexplorer, wallet, merchant. To start the user will need to create a wallet CBMT (Cryptobank Master Token) by clicking on the link "" to save public address and private key. Next, we can proceed to the CBMT. wallet. So, follow the link cryptobank located in the left menu to select the currency in which payment is to be effected. In the right corner select the CBMT, and in the field below enter the generated wallet CBMT and move on to the next step of the payment. Note: the wallet address CBMT always begins with the character "T" (TDGCGGELyeMCw2VqthECpDqRZR8ZbAAKci) If you intend to make payment through a bitcoin transfer, you do not have to fill in accurate information (personal data), it is enough to enter your e-mail address. But in the case of payment methods such as Bank transfer, visa, mastercard or paypal will require additional verification.
Now, owners CBMT can manage their own assets clicking this link
Note: because CBMT assets are particularly valuable, we recommend transferring token to set zero Commission. In this case will not confirmation.

How to create masternode?

Create masternode is not an automated process, the responsibility for which is borne by the team Cryptobank. Investors who own 10 CBMT can apply for the establishment of masternode. To do this, send an email to
Subject matter: creating the masternode
Message text: Here is my address with my CMBT assets. I ask to queue and send conditions.
Note: the number of CBMT must equal the number displayed on the website in the "registered masternode". To that number add one and multiply by ten (+1*10).
So, if value = 0 then to create the necessary masternode 10 Master Token, if the value = 1 to create the following masternode in your wallet you must have 20 CMBT.

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May 18, 2017, 10:10:29 AM

Good luck for this project Shocked
Maybe I will invest some btc

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May 18, 2017, 10:13:21 AM

Bounty of ICO will be held?
Reserve for transaltor local indonesia Smiley
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May 18, 2017, 10:16:04 AM

Reserving Hindi translation if needed.

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May 18, 2017, 10:17:09 AM

Excellent project, but add some graphics

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May 18, 2017, 10:22:54 AM

nice project, waiting for bounty  Smiley

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May 18, 2017, 10:25:38 AM

Good luck for the project, waiting for some Escrow to be announced

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May 18, 2017, 12:56:57 PM

you expect people to pay 1k on the information of this??

1. escrow?

2. team?

sICO starts on 24th of November
Bringing Copy-Trading Platform to the crypto currency market.
They trade - you profit.

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May 18, 2017, 01:35:49 PM

Any bounty for social madia like facebook or twitter dav? We help you to promote this coins for crowdfunding succesfull looking forward for it

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