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Author Topic: Bitcoin+Mojo = improved file sharing ?  (Read 1668 times)

November 29, 2010, 04:32:26 AM

Could this be resurrected to use bitcoin as the tokens for a distributed file store? I think they made a mistake with bittorrent in that the market incentive was dropped. Essentially people can leech off you forever with no compensation.

Mojo was a digital cash currency that aimed to provide attack resistance and load balancing in a fully distributed and incentive-compatible way (see Agoric computing). Every pair of MojoNation nodes maintained a relative credit balance, with every EGTP request transferring some Mojo credit from the sender to the receiver. Once the absolute value of the debt between two nodes exceeded the size of a Mojo token, the side with the negative balance would transfer a token to the other, clearing out the debt. Because transferring a token was a relatively heavyweight event, tokens were worth 20,000 (?) Mojo. A MojoNation component called the token server acted as the mint, allowing MojoNation nodes to securely transfer Mojo.

In early versions of MojoNation, users were required to set prices for any services their node provided. Most users had no idea how to choose prices, so the Mojo layer was rewritten to use a second-price rolling auction. Each node maintained a queue of incoming requests that had not yet been processed, sorted by a bid field contained in each request. Requests were serviced in order, from highest to lowest bids. This shifted the burden of pricing decisions from servers to clients: each user could set a price he was willing to pay for services, and his node would offer that bid in outgoing requests. This scheme was intended to create a simple feedback loop: if the system is responding slowly, increase your bid and if the system is responding quickly, decrease it.

So if you want a faster download you could pay extra for it and people with fast connections are incentivised to seed content. Does someone feel like doing some hacking ?

The Bitcoin network protocol was designed to be extremely flexible. It can be used to create timed transactions, escrow transactions, multi-signature transactions, etc. The current features of the client only hint at what will be possible in the future.
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November 29, 2010, 07:57:13 AM

Thanks, never heard of such a system.

It might be easier to add bitcoin to eMule? (But it will not be able to store personal files.)

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November 29, 2010, 09:03:17 AM

I'm part of an open source project developing a secure, decentralized storage system. We just started accepting BitCoin donations along with PayPal and Flattr donations. I hope to add acceptance e-gold donations as well.

The donations are mostly used to defray the costs of running servers and to send special "thank you gifts" when people contribute to our project, such as when they find a security hole:

We actually have a long-term plan to integrate digital cash payments directly into the storage protocol. :-) Tahoe-LAFS is a grandson of a p2p file-sharing application named "Mojo Nation". (BitTorrent is another grandson of Mojo Nation, so Tahoe-LAFS and BitTorrent are first cousins.) Mojo Nation had blinded Chaumian ecash baked into the protocols. It was a great idea! :-) But it tried to do too many different things and it never worked right. :-( Nowadays Tahoe-LAFS tried to do fewer things: just the secure distributed storage part. It turns out even just that part takes a lot of careful engineering to make it work. But it does work, so now we have one solid component that we can build on. Hopefully in the future we can marry it to another solid component that does digital payments. :-)


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