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Author Topic: Chechnya and the road to power, or the revival of the empire by Putin  (Read 82 times)
Alik Bahshi
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July 17, 2017, 11:06:15 AM

Alik Bakhshi

Chechnya and the road to power, or the revival of the empire by Putin

"They burn villages, they have no protection,
  The enemy of the sons of the fatherland broken,
  And glow like a meteor eternal
  Playing in the clouds, scary eyes.
  As a beast of prey, in the humble abode
  Bursts bayonets winner;
  It kills old men and children,
  Innocent virgins and young mothers "
   "Two years have passed, everything boils war;
   Barren Caucasian tribes
   They feed on robbery and fraud;
   And in the heat of the day and at night mist
   Brave them for the terrible Russian. "

         "Ishmael - Bey" M.Y. Lermontov

    Since then, as the great poet wrote these lines, 170 years have passed, but time does not diminish their relevance against the background of today, the bloody events in the Caucasus. Military operations in Chechnya and Dagestan can be considered as yet another episode of Caucasian War. War, which led Russia in the 19th century and which flared up again in the late 20th century. The war in the Caucasus began not today and not yesterday, it started 200 years ago, when the Russian decided to take this paradise land. Note, not mountaineers (ie bandits, terrorists) came down from the mountains to the Russian plain, and the Russian came to him and not with bread and salt, and with superior quality and quantity of weapons, bringing death and destruction to the rebellious infidels. And the fact that the Russian classics are not exaggerated for the sake of the rhyme suggests no less eloquent message of imperial general AP Yermolov Alexander - in 1819 during the war in the Caucasus: "I made a march into the mountains, taking advantage of the general horror and fled, and destroyed several villages, all in the fields of bread and no one met on the way a person; to such an extent cleared the enemy. It was ordered to destroy the village, and, incidentally, broke a beautiful town of 800 houses, called Ulu Aya. Hence, with such haste we ran residents that left several infants children. Busting it was necessary as a monument to the punishment of the proud, and no one hitherto not pokorstvovavshegosya people; needed for the edification of all the nations, to whom some examples of horror convenient to impose curb. "(Notes AP Yermolov, while Georgia's control).
    Of all the colonial peoples of the Russian Empire in the Caucasus share fell greatest deprivation because of their love of freedom. Russian authorities already have perfectly understood that the desire for independence can only be destroyed with the people, so it was taken unprecedented in the history of the systematic physical destruction of Highlanders, which can be compared to the Holocaust of European Jewry. Condemned to hunger mountaineers, all fertile land Kuban and Terek were confiscated and distributed under the Cossack villages. Hence came the Kuban and Terek Cossacks, who now demand the revival of Cossack troops. Huge masses of mountaineers were taken forcibly from their homes to settle in the interior of Russia, or rather not to settle, and to death. What could be more eloquent than the following fact: In 1859, 159 people were sent to settle in Novouzensk County Samara province. A year later, he survived only 81 people left. (Central State Military History Archive. Moscow). In addition to the forced deportation of the Mountaineers and dumped by fraud, namely, under the pretext of pilgrimage to Mecca. According to the plan of the king's minister Milutin wishing to make a pilgrimage to Turkey transported free of charge, on the state hired steamships. In this way, it was removed from the Caucasus 500 thousand people. All of them were not destined to see the country, because the return they encountered bureaucratic difficulties harvested. Many of the pilgrimage passport proved overdue, and they had no choice but to accept Turkish citizenship. Those who passed through the red tape, guided stage, bypassing the Caucasus, Ural steppes to settle, arguing that if they return to their homes, they are waiting for the inevitable clashes with the Cossacks. The fact is that during the absence of the mountaineers land and their property confiscated in favor of the displaced in the Caucasus, the Don Cossacks. Even in Soviet times, the matter of the physical destruction of Highlanders continued, "the father of all nations," who ordered the Highlanders, like cattle, jam-packed trains were taken to Siberia and Kazakhstan. It is not difficult to guess what fate awaited them there. Moreover, this deportation Caucasian peoples Stalin carried the ball twice; before and during the Second World War.
    No matter how beautiful the ideology did not cover its aggressive nature of the Evil Empire, and it came to an end. Zavyaznuv eight years in another mountainous country, where the Kremlin ideologues would bring prosperity, plowing it breaks ground bombs and shells, Russia suffered a severe defeat. Afghan-bandit -dushman, -duh, in a word - a terrorist with a homemade gun and a donkey instead of armored defended their freedom, did not give to turn their country into another cotton appendage of the Russian Empire and the Kremlin has buried a long dream to go to the Indian Ocean. It had two tank crossing Pakistan and Russian soldiers would be rinsed footcloths in the waters of the Indian Ocean with a sense of international duty.
  A huge country with the world's largest army, armed with supersonic airplanes, powerful tanks, artillery of any caliber, the world's best with Kalashnikovs, homing missiles, and other electronic gadgets could not cope with the Afghan people. Afghanistan proved that last more than a piece that caused the suffering in internal diseases dragon indigestion. It turns out that the words of Alexander Nevsky "Who to us with a sword will perish by the sword" are valid not only on Russian soil.
   A failed military adventure in Afghanistan, had far-reaching political consequences. Undeclared shameful war laid bare the lies and hypocrisy, which rested Kremlin Communists of its citizens. It was impossible to solder together the truth to the dead, for some unknown reason, in zinc coffins, everything arrives in large quantities in response to the all-out war waged by the Soviet Union against the Afghan people. The first democratic reforms that Gorbachev was forced to introduce in order to make the civilized face of the Soviet system, so shaken up patchwork empire, that it started to break apart. Moscow has really tried to pour the blood of the pace of freedom - the events in Tbilisi, Riga, Vilnius and Baku, but aptly said, the architect of perestroika, Mikhail Gorbachev, that not knowing what'll happen, "the process has begun."
   The collapse of the Russian colonial empire did not end with independence the former Soviet republics, as seen in the example of Chechnya. But if freedom for the union republics cost a little blood, then Chechnya it cost 100,000 lives. As already known tradition, calling the Chechens bandits and people's militia forces, gangs, Russia once again unleashes a war in the Caucasus, on the grounds that it is primordially Russian territory and not to create a precedent for other nations conquered by it. Truth be told, does not give a reasonable explanation than, for example, differ in Chechnya or Dagestan, Azerbaijan and Moldova, received the status of independent states. Can someone answer the question: why Georgia had the status of a Union Republic and Ingushetia, Chechnya and Tuva are autonomous republics. How determined is the difference? Georgia itself seems to be asked to be part of Russia, at least, so says the legend by Moscow. Ukraine even signed the famous Treaty of Bohdan Khmelnytsky "Together Forever". Belarus, never knowing statehood, independence suddenly gets just a gift and still do not know what to do with it. The peoples of the Caucasus for hundreds of years fought against the Russian presence on their land are not awarded the privilege of freedom. Within two years of the war has been completely destroyed by oil-producing and oil-refining industry. The ruins of Grozny resemble Stalingrad during World War II, and erased from the face of the earth and Samashki Bamut different from the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, except that the scale of the devastation and lack of radiation. But as well as in Afghanistan, despite the fact that Russian troops were wholly owned operational space, they were defeated. Small half million people defied the empire, forced Moscow to begin peace negotiations that culminated Hasavyurtovsim agreement. Although Russia has not officially recognized the independence of Chechnya, the Chechen people actually by extreme deprivation gained independence.
    However, after the reshuffle of Prime Ministers, headed by the Russian government becomes a former KGB officer Vladimir Putin, who is one of the liberal-intellectual predecessors with its typical KGB employees protocol-gray appearance, and as soon became clear, rough, typical for repeat killers speech. What are the reasons for coming to power of such person - a kind of Russian version of Augusto Pinochet? But unlike the Chilean general who seized power himself, Putin still protege of Russian oligarchs who fear before the communist victory in the upcoming elections led to his return to power progressively degrades the patient to President Boris Yeltsin.
   Yeltsin, who considered himself the guarantor of the Constitution, which for the Russia- empty sound, in fact, is the guarantor of the financial health of the oligarchs. It was under Yeltsin symbiosis of power and money reaches its highest peak. The new government, which replaced the communists, provided an opportunity for easy dressing, so instantly corruption permeates all echelons of power. Money and power gain in these circumstances, Russia unlimited possibilities. For the money the oligarchs bought parliamentary seats in the State Duma and government positions. Berezovsky is the richest man in Russia, having Israeli citizenship, becoming secretary of the Security Council. However, later, when he was Secretary Berezovsky refused Israeli citizenship, but this fact only underlines the uniqueness of the situation. Can you imagine that in Israel the same position was held by a person, an ethnic Russian, and even with Russian citizenship. In Putin in traditional executive KGB officers saw the limp puppet oligarchs, which will allow them to further enrichment by the sale of raw material resources of the country without the creation of industrial enterprises. This trend in the economy could put Russia in the position of countries that are raw materials appendage of the West and Japan. Russia from the former dictatorship of the proletariat of the country could become a country of the dictatorship of the oligarchs. New nuvoroshi not associate their future with Russia. First of all, they had not seen in her homeland. All they have prepared the rear in Israel and in other countries, exporting their capital to the extent possible. Russia for them is the only means of enrichment. Putin, however, they just did not see the second part of his nature. As a true Chekist, he managed to hide their ambitious future intentions, implicated in a strong patriotism. Then the oligarchs did not anticipate the danger to their financial empire is Putin.
     No doubt that in Russia quite a lot of opponents to let Chechnya, even among intellectuals, Putin, in order to enlist the support of the people in the upcoming presidential elections, is betting on a new war with Chechnya. To this end, immediately after the arrival of Putin's nationalist government in the war afoot in Dagestan. Suddenly remembered about the rebellious Wahhabis who for two years did not submit to Moscow's protégés in Makhachkala. The Wahhabis were supplied with weapons from the Chechen Republic and supported by volunteers there the note is not an official Grozny. But in Russian it was enough to start a war in Chechnya. Slips accusations towards Georgia and Azerbaijan through the territory of which the military aid to Chechnya comes possible. So, if necessary, neither Georgia nor Azerbaijan are not immune from attack of the Kremlin politicians. I remember a similar situation: Afghan guerrillas have camps in Pakistan, but the Russian did not dare to bomb the territory of a neutral state. Or another example. Volunteers from the Russian war in Bosnia on the side of their co-religionists, but the Bosnians are not declared for this war Russia.
    In addition, very opportunely explode houses in Moscow itself. Against Chechen nationwide inflated real hysteria. Immediately, literally in the first hours after the terrorist attacks, catching dozens of Chechens involved in them, find hundreds of kilograms of hexogen. However, in the Ryazan FSB had a puncture; residents of the home, who allegedly wanted to blow up terrorists, found that regular sugar instead was hexogen in the bags. To smooth his mistake, FSB explains that it was a test of vigilance. Russian investigative authorities did not disclose any of a series of high-profile assassinations, such as, Kholodov's killing me, Listeva, Starovoitova, suddenly showing such quickness. All of this looks, at least, strange. Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov, denied any involvement in the bombings of Grozny, a reason mentioned Berezovsky's name, underlining the danger of this man, as in Chechnya, and Russia. Somehow Maskhadov longer believe, moreover, that has long been known Berezovsky connection with Chechen criminals.
    Occupied Chechnya, Putin, of course, the Chechen problem has not decided on the contrary Russia regained the bleeding wound that brings suffering to both peoples, but Putin looked triumphant, a sort of collector of "Russian land", which allowed him to enter as such in the Kremlin gates . From this point you can start the countdown for the oligarchs, freedom of speech and generally Western-style democracy, for all it's bad for the Russian Empire, which Putin wants to preserve and even restore to its former borders. In the four years of his presidency, Putin succeeded in many things: arranging the persecution of the oligarchs, Putin has deprived them of the opportunity to influence the policy of the Kremlin, in fact, the oligarchs took away what they held in Russia, and most importantly the media were in the hands of the president. Putin actually gradually eliminated the freedom of expression in the media. Television has become as a liar, overregulated and uninteresting as it was under the Communists, and it clearly showed coverage of events related to the "Nord-Ost". Freedom of speech, the collapse of the totalitarian communist regime, it turns out, prevents the expert on "soak in the toilet", as well as unexpectedly revealed "circumcision", fought successfully against international terrorism and extremism. Using television, Putin turns Duma elections a farce and now, securing an absolute majority in parliament, he can change the constitution. It is noteworthy that this is the absolute majority in the Duma of the pro-presidential party "Unity", which has no any program and that not less noticeable, the president is not a member. It is important to note that instead of victims fiasco Democrats, for the soul which is nothing other than ambition, in the current Duma deputies sit on openly nationalist parties. In the current political situation, it is hard to believe President Putin's assurances that the forthcoming elections will be the last for him, because they may be the last at all. All this is very reminiscent of the situation in which Hitler came to power in Germany.
    Global democracy must understand that Russia was a prison of nations, and it remains to this day, and the coming to power of people like Putin, shows a trend towards the revival of the former greatness of the Soviet Union. Restoration of the totalitarian regime in Russia, once again put the world on the brink of a nuclear threat. West ignoring to what is happening in Chechnya unleashes Russian Nazis and finds the greatest danger to the world. Lermontov lines may become relevant not only for the peoples of the Caucasus:
                    "Do not wait for Russian troop,
                      Before guests delicious blood? "
                           "Hadji Abrek" M.Y.Lermontov
  Russian poet of the 19th century was much more democracy than the current president of Russia.

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