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Question: Should downloading verified Porn Torrents = Red Trust ?
Yes - 4 (33.3%)
No - 8 (66.7%)
Total Voters: 12

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Author Topic: [POLL] Downloading Porn Torrents = Red Trust ?  (Read 646 times)
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July 18, 2017, 07:19:15 AM

So i had this happen to me here.
I am curious what you all think.

First off let me explain that Torrent sites 99.99% post "ripped" content.
So what that means is the torrents are all sourced from commercial sources.
Which means they all have their age verified with picture ID and have blood tests.
They do ..because it's the law.

Then it boils down to what site you might be getting them from.
For example i got a negative rating here because of downloading from RarBG.
And that site *ONLY* posts verified commercial sourced torrents.
It also does not contain ANY child porn or other illegal types of porn either.

So ?

Should a guy here get a negative rating for admitting he downloaded porn ?
No ?
Well it sure as hell happened to me.

And the guy who did it has been trolling me for a year over it too calling me a pedophile.
Which is funny because i posted a link proving he was *possibly* one FIRST.
Oh and coincidentally the neg rating reference link he used was on a topic i made about piracy..
One of two i created where he showed up trolling me and arguing that "PIRACY IS WRONG"

..this is the type of bullshit i have to deal with here every day  Roll Eyes

Don't forget to vote, thanks. Smiley

FUD first & ask questions later™
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July 18, 2017, 11:15:36 AM

I don't think you/one should put a negative trust on someone just because he downloads child porn. This forum is just for BTC related talks so he should not be given a negative feedback for anything else than former related issues. In oneway or the other we all are indulge in some sort of social shit and are continuing to do so, if all that matter then we should involve spirituality , Morality , Human Values ..etc here to judge player.

One who listens rock music need not to be a wild man and nor the man who listen serene music to be a gentleman.
Conclusion: Negative trust should not be given.
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July 18, 2017, 11:03:59 PM

I don't think i would give a guy one for it myself even if it was confirmed.
I think it should be at least somewhat related to Bitcoin / crypto.

The thing is the guy attacked my trust rating in retaliation using it as an attack tool to damage my reputation in conjunction with spamming the info all over the site following me around for ages.

His proof was that i posted a topic here where i was showing the new peopel in porn.
I posted no graphic content at all but posted pics of the girls clothed and i made it perdfectly clear where i got the data.
Had he inquired about it he would have found the girls are of age and legal.
But he didn't care.. he was on a campaign to slander me.. so true or not didn't matter.
And the kicker was he is super ANTI-Piracy.. while i am not (i support file sharing)

This raises an interesting issue aside from some asshole being an idiot LOL
So far i have been a catch all for random whacked out excuses for a negative rating here.
In other words people have REALLY been reaching for anything they can think of to trash my rating.

I got 4 from Monero shills over a topic title before ROFL
Then i had Kluge send me a random rant about me being mentally ill and within 14 minutes a new account called "SpoetnikIsFucked" sent me a msg saying he was hiring a hitman to murder me.
What is weird is i never talked to the guy and there will be no trace of me even running into him on the web ever even once.
I barely knew who the guy was LOL

Then we have ole king shit himself.. VOD.
Well.. i made a crack at him about the people where he lives calling them Trailer Trash.
I thought he would take the joke well but he lost it big time.
He then went on and on trolling me and fishing for personal info and negging me multiple times.
In return.. i negged him after the fact.

So basically people are reaching on the "trust" issue.
Is a person who supports piracy untrustworthy ?
I support piracy because of the ideology and can not say quick & simple why.
But it is my belief that we have rights.. at least in some aspects to some degree.

Controversial ? hell yeah.. i get it.
But neg worthy ? naw i don't think so.

The reality is that guy did not neg me until way after he got mad at me over a joke.
He did it simply to attack me and punish me.
It had nothing at all to do with him finding out i was untrustworthy.
He did it simply to be an asshole.

I find it amusing the people who think they are the king's of the trust system here are the worst abusers of it.
I also asked the guy why he was trolling me way back and he kept calling me a whiner.
My point was is all he ever does is hang out in this section for half a decade lecturing people on the rules and morality and then butchers it to hell and back acting like colossal hypocrite !
The fucking nerve of the guy  Roll Eyes

I got this from the guy yesterday to go with the public comments he makes which are similar.
Oh and he PM'd me first.. i never talked privately with him before he sent that below.
Then he blocked me..

Re: Send me your address

I'll come visit you, you fat fuck.

Only I will bring the police you pehophile.

Re: Send me your address

You picked the wrong guy to fuck with arrogant little bitch.

By the way i have family a couple miles away who are patched Hell's Angels.
Want to come to my town and talk shit about being a pedo ?
My parents were bank robbers buddy LOL

You don't who you are dealing with.
People who say shit like that get beat to death.

Keep it up you fucking PC goof.

I will come to your town and call you a pedophile right to your face.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to beat your fat ass because I'll have the police there.

Send me your address, or shut up you reserve waste of shit.

He has made countless racist remarks calling me a fat Indian on welfare while being a pedophile.. saying my taxes were not paid etc.
That is why he said "reserve" in that quote.

I have told him many times to go fuck himself when he had demanded my name and address over the last year.
I also have told him my taxes have been paid in full all along.
I always file in time and pay in full if required.
I also told him i am in no way an "Indian" but white.
A lot of people in crypto know i am mainly Dutch heritage.
I also told him i found his racist remarks pretty insulting.
I am not bothered by it but his slurs about "Indians" is tasteless.

I also have no bloody idea who whispered in his ear about all the stuff i just mentioned.
And i have circumstantial evidence that suggests he was "told" the info above..
..then negged me for it all with out even bothering to check.. nor can he anyway.
He has no way to prove i am or not "on Welfare"
So how do you neg someone with something that can never be proven ?

Ask the guys in Cryptsy chat from 2013.. they will tell you yes..
He is Dutch and yes he has Biker family.
And no Bikers don't take being called a pedophile lightly either.
I grew up visiting my parents in jail for bank robbery and if you call someone that you get beat.

Further more i called him fat because he is.
I have a variety of pictures showing his weight.
It is not an attack so much as the truth and he can't stand it.
He is a fat little piggy  Cheesy

Well that is about enough for now  Grin

Big smiles on the 'reserve' today Cheesy  Grin  Cool

FUD first & ask questions later™
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