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Author Topic: Getting started with BTC investment strategies  (Read 174 times)
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August 07, 2017, 02:50:31 AM

Hey Bitcoin Forum,
I wanted to share with you all some of my own methods of investing BTC in a way that offers decent returns. This is by no means financial advice nor a set way of earning money. I am NOT a consultant of any sort. I am simply giving you a look into what I am doing and how it has been working for me. I'm open to questions and concerns as well as helping you join in on this.

First of all, there are no such things as 100% returns or risk-free investing. If you've ever read that and was told it's absolutely fool proof, then you have been lied to and should NOT invest with whatever that salesman is pitching to you. I've seen some shady salesmen scam thousands off a single person on the BTC market and there are hundreds of them in this market. And I know its easy to scam anyone online and a million times easier to get away with scamming people out of BTC than any fiat.

So, with that being said, please keep your guard up when it comes to great deals and promises. Stay vigilante. I want you to be secure online and offline.
If you are in need of buying Bitcoins, then use a real exchange company like Coinbase, Gemini, and Kraken. I currently use Coinbase and you can sign up for them here and get an extra $10 on your first purchase of $100 BTC by using my referral link. >> COINBASE LINK <<

You should then also get yourself your own BTC wallet. I personally recommend EXODUS because it offers multiple coin support. Meaning that if you want to store other coins than BTC you can do so with EXODUS.>> EXODUS LINK << Make sure you write down your 12 word passphrase somewhere safe and keep it private. NEVER, EVER NO MATTER WHO SAYS WHAT SHARE YOUR 12 WORD PASSPHRASE. This is your way of securing your wallet in case you ever get locked out or have your hard drive fail. You can use your information to reclaim your wallet. If you lose this information and cannot access your wallet, then you will never get your money back. You WILL be permanently locked out.

Now that you're squared away with prerequisites of having a way of buying BTC securely and having a secure wallet you can now officially spend your BTC. There are a lot of great ways of earning extra money from your BTC by investing it into other companies through their coin. For example: Stratis is an upcoming cryptocurrency company that has a great team that's developing a wallet that auto tumbles bitcoins so they stay 100% anonymous and decentralized. Buying 100 of their coin at $6.08 would cost you $608 but when the price of their coin goes up to, let's speculate, $11 and you decide to sell it. That means you'd have $1,100 from selling them all but only a $492 profit due to your initial investment.
Invested: $608 @ $6.08/Stratis
Received: 100 Stratis
Sold Stratis @: $11
Total BTC available: $1,100 BTC
Total Profit: $1,100 BTC - $608 BTC = $492 BTC

You could continue to rinse and repeat these types of trades. Your goal is always to buy low and sell high. This is what brokers do for you within the stock market and you can do it yourself in the crypto world. However, these trades can become extremely risky. No investment is bullet proof. Treat these types of trades with the utmost respect and reserve as you would when investing in any type of stock off wall street. Only invest money you are willing to lose because losses are inevitable when trading. The best advice I can give you is to hold your coin even when it drops below your buy in amount since these markets are highly volatile. Meaning that if you bought Stratis at $5 and it dropped down to $3.22. DO NOT SELL! Unless the company has disclosed its fallout there's no reason to short sell yourself. It can take some time to recoup from the drop but if the company is still working on its technologies and btc is still active, then its safe to assume that you should hold and wait to reach your buy in amount or past it. So if it jumps back up to $5, sell it all if you're scared it won't go up further or that you don't want to invest in that company anymore due to the wild ride. Otherwise, hold and watch it rise and fall countless times and wait for your 'perfect' moment to sell out. Just don't become over zealous and greedy. You can always make money when you have money, but when you lose all your money... Well, its hard to invest your $0, isn't it? Tongue

Moving on, here is something I personally love. Investment firms/companies that you can buy into for profits. Just like wall street brokers but instead of NASDAQ it's cryptocurrencies.

Instead of being the one who has to do the trading you can send your money to a trading firm account. I have been using Control-Finance now for over a month and the returns are constant! Granted, I do NOT make as much as I would had I done the trades myself but I really like to have the free time and being stress free. That's the price I pay for the convenience. I make 1.4% every day on my now $1097.48 investment. I started with only $644.72 and have been reinvesting my profits to grow my portfolio. I highly recommend Control-Finance due to a couple important reasons.
1) They're an actual company that exists in the real world office space in the UK. Not just online on a website.
2) Low entry point. Start with only $10 and grow your portfolio.
3) Their returns are good enough to make any real investor drool. I started with 1.1% ROI until I hit $1k invested. Now I earn 1.4% daily!
4) Minimum payout amount of $0.01! Most scam sites will tell you that you need at least $50+ before you can request a payout.
5) They have a phone number that has a real person behind it answering your questions. Unbelievable!
6) Easy website to navigate and use.

Sign up and invest with them today! Let me be your sponsor so you can rest assured that you have some type of support behind your actions. You can ask me about anything involving bitcoins. I recommend that you do write to me and ask your questions. If you're ready to join, then click on the link below. I look forward to helping you grow!

PS: I just reinvested my earnings from Control Finance and am now at $1111.20 invested!
PSS: I really wish the images would show...
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