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Author Topic: Blockhain the Culture  (Read 140 times)
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September 02, 2017, 02:37:04 PM

So the idea is - To build a platform that finances culture, art and social movements / projects that normally can not get funded, or if they can get funded, they need to compromise too much, compromise the ethos or the basic idea of their project. Too try and start a revolution in grassroot movements and projects without need to compromise and get assfucked by the state or private entities
The situation in culture/art/social movements is like this ( in EU countries if nothing, presumably around the world also). There are 2 main ways in financing: 1.state funding and 2.private funding:
State funding a.k.a writing projects - This kind of funding implies that you need to spend more working hours, money and your life in writing shitty bureaucratic paperwork then actually work on your project. So for example if you want to build a community center for kids and young adults so they can learn new skills, hang out, build stuff ot what else that isnt taking drugs and be lost on the streets. You will spend 70 percent of your resources handling paperwork and describing in bureaucratic manner the way your project is great and it functions and the kids are not on the street, and bla bla bla. In reality you could have spent your time and resources completely on the kids and making a difference in the community by completely and 100 percent be present there where the change is happening. Another problem with state funding culture is that if your idea is in any kind of way revolutionary or progressive it will be rejected instantly. So for example here in Croatia where I am from. If i propose a project that develops critical thinking and learning kids about horizontal way of governing it will get rejected because it does not reflect the traditional values of the state and its to progressive ( dont want kids that think with their head Smiley )
But if you propose a project that learns kids about their national identity and the importance of a nation, army, parliamentary democracy, police, army,.... You will get funds.
The point is if your project is inside of the borders that the state designates as OK, then you will get funds if not inside of the structure they welcome you are automatically rejected. And you can love your country or not it doesnt matter. The reality is that states always represent traditionalistic values and block progress - especially in culture
Private funding - banks, college funds,.... The same problem as before - designated framework of your project- to progressive or thinking outside of the box - rejected
So the proposal is this. a)Build a platform that is completely funded by crypto - currencies. Few reasons :1) Anonnimity - if you want to stay anonymous 2) Transparency - every transaction is visible and you can see where the money went 3) Evading taxes - not that i say thats a good thing, but if a project needs 10k its better that 10 k goes directly to a project and not 8k and 2k to a tax office
b) Projects would need to be applied to the platform
c) The community votes who gets the money. Community being here the donors and people helping with work around the platform. The platform is not a standard crowdfunding site but it tries to build an online community that disscuses and thinks about the problems in the world with their collective heads and in a manner of concensus decides and helps projects around the world with crypto to get started
So we need to get a domain, make a design, rent a server, write somekind of elaborate plan for all of this in other words commit to this as a job. Im working as a cultural producer earning 300 euros a month and currently writing a shitty project for EU that will not make a difference. So i am asking you for money to get this started. Because i dont have funds or time to start doing this in a proper manner. If you think its a scam and I just want to collect money think like that its a legit way of reasoning. But seeing all this shitty ICOs funded i was thinking maybe somebody wants to donate to an idea that will have some real impact. So fuck it, lets try it.
But please if you like the idea (dont need to donate) spread it and maybe someone will contact and help or try to build it from scratch if he or she has the time and resources to do so.

decentralize the world Smiley
This are the donation adresess BTC : 367ovv7Y4N5X2Cm7gyGn5VmDdiuZ9yybnr
ETH : 0xF53d227E7B4A051AE1eC12697093B9899Cdee535

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