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Author Topic: This is your Tomatocage, and welcome to him.  (Read 1752 times)
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May 25, 2013, 02:53:42 PM

Well.  I had quite a little dust-up with that maggot Tomatocage yesterday.  Here:;all

...and I find that there are no circumstances under which I have an interest in continuing my participation on this forum:  for two reasons.

Firstly, I find the moderation as regards this incident to be beyond appalling.  I can't think of a reputable site on the internet where the kind of unfounded, base, and obviously (check timestamps) unresearched accusations Tomatocage has made would be allowed.  Any decent site would have instantly and permanently banned anyone who did what Tomatocage has done to me, and the others he has accused.  There may be those who believe that it somehow upholds Libertarian values to defend or approve (tacitly or otherwise) of those who yell "Fire" in a crowded theater, or who commit the foulest libel and/or slander.  On the grounds of 'freedom', that would be?  I am not in that group.

That said, I think the decision by the moderators to leave the thread up was correct.  Because...

...secondly, things cannot be unseen, can they?  I, and the others, have been accused in such a way and by someone with such a high post count, that there will always be that lingering question about us.  This is the purest McCarthyism, something about which I know a great deal.

I will be 60 years old in June, and I have seen some seriously unjust, nasty shit in my day.  There aren't too many on the forum who can really get that, I don't believe.  The sixties weren't beanbag, as they say.  But for all the sixties; all the tear gas, beatings and jail time, I'm a piker - a rank amateur.

My father - a WWII Marine who became a good and tolerably well-known artist - was a teacher in California during the McCarthy years.  He fought McCarthy and his loyalty oaths with everything he could bring to bear; which was a lot.  Or enough, anyway.  He kept an entire segment of the California State University system from signing those oaths.  It cost him his job and his credentials - he was blackballed, and never taught again.  Teaching was the only thing he enjoyed, aside from his art.  He never regretted any of it to his dying day.  One of the last things I said to him was how proud he had made me.

So when I see pieces of crap like Tomatocage waving their sheets of paper over their heads, and proclaiming:  "I have here in my hand a list of 205—a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department." - or perhaps, instead, proclaiming:  "All these users gave favorable replies, and all are new users. I'd be careful for possible scams from these guys in the future."...  Well, I know that one.  It's really fucking close to my heart, every minute of every day.  Some days in my life its been the only thing that's gotten me out of bed in the morning.

Yeah.  Fuck you, Tomatocage.  I know you.  I know who you are and I know what you want.  You want power.  You want the deference of those who are better than you - and you have no way to get it other than through inspiring fear.  You want this:


Scam from me?!?   You are way wrong tomatocage.    If there is/was a virus on this site it was not detected by me because I was surfing via Ipad.

Infact I always report virus/scams to moderators.  If they look at my profile they will verify!


...which you got from Singlebyte - one of those you accused without thought, without research, and without even the faintest idea of what justice actually is.  And how magnanimously and judicially you removed his name from your sheet of paper.

You want people begging you to please, PLEASE... NO! Not me!  It was him!  I'll do what you want and I'll say what you want only please not me!

Yeah.  I know you, you worthless chunk of human offal.

But it doesn't matter, because there will always be those lingering doubts about me, and the others, won't there?  We will never know who still holds those doubts, will we?  That's the goal, right?

Good job.  You're a success, Tomatocage.  A goddamn Libertarian twinkle-toed god, you are.

Rot in hell.


For the bitcoin wealth I have accumulated I would like to publicly express my enduring gratitude to Satoshi (of course); to Gavin and his fine stable of unruly developers; to MagicalTux; to Vladimir for keeping me on track back in the early days - and then the dark days - of 2011; and to Atlas, the Supernode, Matthew, the Pizza Guy and The Woman With the Bitcoin Tattoo - for their amazing combination of devotion to the cause and unintentional comic relief.  And many more I could name - but this ain't an award ceremony.  A toast to you all.

I will continue to donate both publicly and privately to those I see promoting the cause.  I will continue to seek out ways to buy the stuff I need and want with bitcoin, to support this brilliant idea.  And I will continue my efforts to bring new users aboard - but somewhere other than here I reckon.

As for you, Tomatocage - I wish you everything in life that you have earned.  You may take offense at some of the things I have said to you and about you.  I hope so - that was certainly my intent.  But I notice that you have a certain pride in what are purportedly your mad internet skillz.  I am not a complicated man, and don't really have too many secrets; certainly none here - and I doubt I'd be terribly difficult to find.  Look at my posting history.  I have been pretty transparent.  But there are a few things which should be read carefully, and considered well.  I suppose that if you wanted to find me in meatspace and cause me some kind of grief, you could.

I would advise against that.

So long all.

email:  blackholed

thread:  locked

flame:  off


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