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Author Topic: not fare and scam the player who win the game  (Read 1998 times)
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September 18, 2017, 04:51:22 PM

Bitsler won't ban if you weren't farming , especially with the your wagered record
they won't even bother scamming such a small account , so yeah you were farming by depositing doge and withdrawing faucet + your deposit
you broke the rules there , that's exactly what farming means

Why have a faucet if you are not allowed to take the money out ?
Yeah scam site. Roll Eyes
I believe you can access so enter here and read rules, it's very easy and such questions won't be asked.
Ohh, Bitsler is scam? Really? And can you tell me who was scammed? No one? Then just don't write lies.....
I don't say this because I promote them here, this website is really popular and if there was something wrong, it was always fixed. Baryom puts a lot of job in support and it's unfair to call them scammers when no one was scammed.

I never understood the rules of these gambling sites. We allow you to do things, but if you do them we will ban you and take your coins.

I see this on many platforms.

Multiple accounts, bonus issues, this faucet thing, double spend attempts...

There are ways to prevent all of this, and yet they don't.

They can detect multiple accounts, but they allow you to make them.  
They allow you to wager without having deposited funds in the account to wager with (so double spending is possible)
This faucet farm thing I dont really get, but why have it if it can be abused unless its to honey pot players in to getting caught up in it?

With all this stuff, I would never gamble with any of these sites... too many ways the house can screw you over and you have no recourse.

Here is faucet to test how dice works, it's not ultimate profit source. For example you are new and want to test how things work, try faucet and you will learn how to play. If you lose money and want a little fun, try faucets. But if you only play with faucets and want to get profit from it, then you deserve what you get finally, locking withdraw. It's said in rules that faucet won't be used for that.

So shut off the faucet and give them bitsler coins to play with to get the hang of it. When they want to play for real then they deposit. If you dont want people to only make profit off faucets dont give them the means... this is simple.

Dopnt get me wrong, I dont think you scammed this person, rather I dont know the rules of the casino well enough to judge it, but if this is an issue why would the casino allow it at all? Remove the ways people can cheat the system and they cant do it anymore. Allowing them to cheat the system for the sole purpose of taking the coins afterwards seems... sketchy
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September 18, 2017, 06:24:07 PM

Had the similar problem. When I went in "cash" this way I did not realise that broke the rules of the site. Even after have a look through the rules I still believe that the situation is not covered. Think it is worst to make a specific addition to the rules regarding that as the current provision is not evident enough for getting clear understanding of rules violation. Don't get me wrong, it is not a complaint, but the view of a player who had not any intention to make a violation. Believe this step only makes bitsler more transparent and credible.    


Because a picture is worth a thousand words :

You made 2 withdrawals from the free btc without any deposits. Bitsler is a gambling website, it is not a faucet website. The idea of a gambling website is that a player and the owner of the casino both take risks, and the luckier win the coins. If you don't take any risks to make money, you are not following the rules. Keep that logic in mind. But it is really important to understand that we let a lot of players withdraw from the faucet every single day.
e.g a player played with his deposit and lost. He win back from the faucet why playing like an human (I am reviewing the bets before taking my decision obviously) in the next weeks, I will never block his withdrawals from the faucet.


Dear Baryom,

1) Thank you for your reply and the picture. It remains only to confirm that I see the same on my screen. Actually, I explicitly said that I had similar situation and had no intention to deny that. I appreciate that the site took a loss on itself. Hope you can cover at least partially that with my referral deposits (even though it is only one).
2) My original post was about transparency and credibility of bitsler and the approach how you can enhance them. Just double-checked "terms & conditions" section on the site (btw, it's quit short and it took just a minute). In my opinion, the only relevant provision is “14.1 Only for earnings from faucets, we reserve the right not to authorize withdrawals.” That's all. The logic that you describe above is not a part of terms & conditions. This is exactly what I mean. Your logic is not self-evident. Point it out among terms and it becomes evident to all others. I believe community will appreciate in a good way this approach.

Again, please do not consider my posts as the complaint or accusation, it is not about that. it was probably inconsiderate to post my original message in this topic as I do not thing in any way that you are scam. I just found the post where a person described a situation that, in my opinion, is similar to my own. This is why I decided to leave my original message. Now I think that it would be more appropriate to make a separate topic.

If we revert to my case, I still have some satoshis on my bitsler account. Should I loss all of them and make a deposit to be considered as an honest player from your point of view? Or I can make a contribution now and continue to play without risk of being banned? What’s your view on referral commissions: is it fair to make profit on them or it is farming as well?

Thank you in advanced!

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December 12, 2017, 11:33:03 AM

they should make a statement about their faucet clearly to avoid missunderstanding in the future
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September 18, 2018, 08:09:53 PM

hello guy, i will advise you please don,t waste your money with bitsler or any other gambling website because all casino games using an pro algorithm
Well, you're not wrong. They do use a provably fair algorithm and it is a statistical loss whenever you place a bet. At Bitsler the best you'll have is a 0.99 ev return.
However, they aren't scams outright. They don't cheat you of your money using some unfair means.

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