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Author Topic: (ANN) NEULAUT LOGISTICS PLATFORM...secured blockchain-based supply chain project  (Read 685 times)
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September 12, 2017, 07:08:36 PM
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The Neulaut token, NUA is now listed on

Please accepted our warm greetings. We are delighted to share our project with all members of the cryptocurrency community. As the ever expanding scope of blockchain technology utilization continues to increase, the logistics and supply chain industry is one area that is poised to immensely benefit form this emerging economy.


Neulaut is a logistics platform, providing seamless end to end supply chain for goods and service using blockchain technology. The Neulaut token, NUA which is a negotiable digital asset, shall enable users of the platform to pay for freight and other related  services and to monitor goods as they progress along the shipping and delivery phase of the process, capturing payment uncertainties and helping business extract value for whatever they have invested. The platform uses the concept of space sharing, effectively matching owners of freight with shipping service providers globally. The paper work process is managed through smart contract and decentralised blockchain technology.The use of blockchain infrastructure will ensure layered security in confirmation and tracking of goods shipped through the platform, managing title documentation  and ownership permissions for the flow of goods and services across national entities and custom. With blockchain technology, the core system that underpins cryptocurrencies, computers of separately owned entities follow a cryptographic protocol to constantly validate updates to a commonly shared ledger. The importance of this decentralised system is that important information can be recorded in real time and since it is trustless, the platform does not require any one entity to be the controller of the value chain. Every participant in the platform has access to certain, irrefutable recorded information on the movement of goods and services. This eliminates the problems of errors of entry, and builds confidence in the intergrity of the database and enhances the process of  logistic accountability. The Neulaut system will engender trust amongst all participants. Blockchain is making logistics more efficient and transparent. Blockchain’s ability to act as a ledger makes it the perfect technology to facilitate shipment tracking, global contracts and payment processing throughout the logistics industry.Blockchain offers an end-to-end solution for companies that want to run leaner, more organized and more efficient operations.

A decentralized public ledger system that documents all changes to a record in real time, Blockchain can help make logistics companies more efficient via a public ledger system that records the motions of each shipping container. Armed with that data, companies can implement faster routes and eliminate unnecessary steps in the delivery process. Distributed and decentralized ledgers reduce bottlenecks and clerical errors, as well. Using smart contracts, retailers no longer need brokerages, lawyers or other third parties to complete tasks. Smart contracts enable retailers and logistics companies to enter binding agreements that will immediately dissolve if all agreed-upon stipulations aren't met. These ledger-based contracts increase transparency and profits while decreasing delivery time and costly errors. The logistic field is primed for a technological upgrade, and a distributed ledger is the next big thing thanks to its transparent recordings, reduced costs and efficient route information. Coupled with emerging technologies like big data and artificial intelligence, Blockchain could even increase the global GDP by 7%.

The Neulaut Project combines blockchain with AI and IoT devices to automate traceability and instantaneously approve financial transactions in the shipping industry. Blockchain-enabled IoT devices give logistics companies better insights into environmental conditions and transfer-of-custody processes. As a result, businesses can securely and efficiently move their products all over the world. The Neulaut app will build a blockchain-backed logistics platform to support the shipping process from end-to-end. The platform will allow all parties on the chain to receive updated information on a container's whereabouts, as well as estimated arrival times, via encrypted public ledgers. The Neulaut Platform offers blockchain-enabled products that manage the production and shipment of of life saving supplies. The NUA tokens a will be the operational fuel for the logistics world. By locking into smart contracts and using the tokens, retailers ensure that they will provide a certain quantity of products to ship, and shipping companies set deadlines and quality standards for their shipping processes. The NUA tokens bring an element of trust to a sometimes trust-less process. The NUA tokens will provide liquidity and flexibility in the supply chain. The NUA tokens uses blockchain to help free up billions of dollars that are currently in limbo over payment disputes. With real-time auditing ledgers, smart contracts, payment disputes can be settled in seconds rather than days or weeks. The Neulaut project will ensure  increase transparency in the retail industry. In order to give consumers a better idea of its business practices,  retailers can document the origination of their products and showcase their supply chains on a ledger. The goal in using blockchain is to hold retailers accountable while helping members make higher-quality, more trustable products. Neulaut will enable the next generation of Value Internet of Things (VIoT). The platform  will combine blockchain-backed RFID chips with IoT devices to boost safety and efficiency, through the integration of ledger technology with supply chains for smart cities and agricultural IoT devices. In the area of automotive transportation, Neulaut will use the blockchain monitor the shipment of  cars all over the world. By employing the ledger technology, it reduce paper supply, quickens the payment process and makes the shipping process more secure. Neulaut Platform will enable blockchain for maritime logistics which will correct industry issues stemming from inefficiency as well as lack of trust and transparency. Neulaut ledger will use smart encrypted contracts and decentralized shipping tracking to quickly verify data in a way that protects it from cyber attacks and manipulation. The Neulaut blockchain-based software will focused on reducing physical and time waste, with personalized blockchain technologies into all aspects of the logistics process. Neulaut blockchain will combine a ledger and AI to give retailers, manufacturers and suppliers real-time insights into all of their local and global shipments. The platform will  allow shippers to automate monotonous workflows, predict bottlenecks or challenges in a logistics process and even get a real-time overview shipment activity.  This will eliminate wasteful payments throughout the traditional logistic value chain, letting s shippers automate processes and access real-time shipping information, allowing users to share permissioned information with select parties on a need-to-know-basis. The Neulaut platform will features an industry-first, blockchain-backed P2P marketplace for shipping and hauling. It will include everything from encrypted identity management to smart contracts and tokenized payments, all of which help to reduce friction and increase transparency in the P2P supply chain market. The platform  will let users access real-time product manufacturing quotes, lock into detail-oriented deals with factories and shippers via smart contracts and even track the product creation process.


The potential for efficiency and cost savings is very real in the usage of the Neulaut Platform. The platform will reduce cumbersome paperwork and time consumimg documentation. Every process will be electronically signed, and this signature is repeated and stored in all nodes of computers running the software on the logistics chain of all market participants which is verifiable and available to the public. The platform will provide an open record keeping that can be accessed by participants. Information harvested from the distributed ledger will be indisputable as this is repeated and stored on various other computer in the network. This system will seamlessly integrates into the existing custome structures of nations, treaties and maritime regulations which will make it smooth and effective to use.



This the instrument for authenticating the security of the logistics flow of goods and services. Every user of the Neulaut platform will attach the token as a signature to every value add, and in so doing will ensure security and monitoring. This serves as an indelible mark from an originating party to a receiving party. The completion of a process represents  the claiming of value of a participant's token in the pocess. It's a value add, value enhancement and value creation process. Smart contracts will define the rights of every participants regarding obligations in the shipping and goods delivery process. This is some way will eliminate the old shipping terms, like collection, ex works and the rest of today's standard shipping arrangments. Cryptographic signatures will ensure that any employee is help accountable for their contribution in the value chain, while at the same time protecting their identity. The Neulaut token, NUA will serve as the identity mark once it is signed and attached to each step of the logistic flow.Encryption ensures that the risk of hacking and compromise is reduced to the barest minimum, why at the same time protecting all interest parties by ensuring that all authorised personel and their contribution to the chain is thoroughly monitored. This will eliminate shoddiness, complacency and ensures optimal efficiency.


   Total Supply: Only 100 million token


The Neulaut Logistic platform shall be developed and delivered by October 2023. The alpha production and beta testing will be delivered before final launch of the platform. A full roadmap and work schedule for each phase of the development will be released on our website as work progresses.


    Source Code :







The Neulaut, NUA token is currently trading on Mercatox Exchange

Listing on other exchanges to be announced

1. Poloniex
2. Stex
3. Bittrex
4. Gatecoin
6. LIvecoin


This is ongoing. Please set up an account on Mercatox Exchange


Translations in this languages required.


Greek translation completed :

Thank you all

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