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Author Topic: [ANN] Goodwill Protocol: A Foundation for Goodwill Economy. Launched!  (Read 466 times)
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September 13, 2017, 10:15:07 AM
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Goodwill Protocol: A Foundation for Goodwill Economy - Creating a Goodwill Economy of Unlimited Resource Availability through Smart Contracts

Abstract : we explore space age society and its Governance, to apply its structure to overcome deficiencies in current forms of economic models. Goodwill driven through monetary incentives for self interests is analyzed alongside goodwill driven through living in a society where the people inherently work for the global goodwill to improve and provide for the society. We further explore establishment of Goodwill Protocol to drive forward the momentum of goodwill in people working with global society to realize ideas, visions, and causes for mutual benefit

Current economic deficiencies, national security crisis, and deficient resource circulations in goods are largely caused by human mindset artificially, which was justified when the population was living in enclosed ecosystem, including that of terror sponsor nations. With Space Age transition, such limitations are no longer justifiable anywhere on this planet, or outer space. As part of Digital Currency efforts, various central banks are introducing Central Bank Digital Currency5 (CBDC) which aims to eradicate Money Laundering by terrorist networks, while efficiently circulating goods with digitally identifiable trackers. Central Banks aim to provide the bridge between legacy economy / currencies and digital currency infrastructure.

Blockchain, Smart Contract, and Digital Currencies provide digital means to establish trust in inherently trust-less environment. Human goodwill, as channeled through Goodwill Protocol, serve as a bridge and intermediary to materialize space age ideas, causes, and visions for those actively participating in space age development aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Goodwill Protocol serve as a way to digitally connect diversely disconnected population through common means of digital interaction using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Despite age-old failures in economic structures we as humanity have inherited, we aim to showcase human capability and global population’s will to overcome such deficiencies through innovative ideas, visions, and causes to go above and beyond the inherent limitations shown, to bring faith and trust back in the goodwill capability of the people to help each other in realizing the ideas, visions, and causes for the mutual benefit.

Through Goodwill Protocol ICO, we aim to motivate participants in forming public private partnerships to directly to foster participatory citizen engagement on governance and policy formation to create Goodwill Economy driven by the use of Goodwill Protocol and goodwill intentions of the participants to work for the benefit of all Goodwill Economy participants.

** We encourage good-will people to join on our vision and make the world better place to live **
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