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Author Topic: Hello to everyone!There is no suitable headline yet, take a look and participate  (Read 89 times)
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October 06, 2017, 12:13:50 AM

Hello to everyone! For all this time here on forum, and now I`m a hero member, this is my first comment in meta section. I decided to open a new thread and to try to explain everything that I`m interested to know on one place. I think about some things for some time already, and in last few days of "cleaning forum", I shaped my thinking a little bit. All this made me to open this new topic.
The best way is to start with myself and my experience. I like to be sarcastic sometimes, you can see that in many of my posts, some people understand that some don`t, I say that cause I will be a bit sarcastic, I think I prove something with that to those who understand it in the right way. Let`s start from beginning.

*How many threads in bitcoin discussion section have headline: where did you hear first time about bitcoin? Count threads with headline that is just formulated in another way. Clear answer is too many!
-Friend told me about bitcoins, he gave me some basic explanation and he showed me how to open a wallet and couple faucets that he use, with explanation how can I use them. Everything else I learned on my own. My first mbtc`s from faucets went to casino. I started with 1 satoshi minimal bets, in casinos that have that minimal bet of course, in that time some casinos were expensive for me. I was active on many faucets, to not mention them all, many of them are dead now. When I wait for time to claim again I was constantly typing in google how to earn freebitcoin`s. To make this story a bit shorter, that is how I found out about bitcointalk, from here I learned many, many things, l would need days to wrote about all the things I learned here, about things I tried and experienced on this forum and with bitcoins generally.
So basically that is it! This is the last time that I speak about how I started and how I heard about bitcoins. Later I will explain why.
*How many similar threads we see everyday in every section of this forum? Some newbies come up constantly asking same questions over and over again, some other newbies comment them along with other high ranked members, like it`s the first time they see it, and that is going on and on.
*To go a little deeper and ask how many similar comments can be found here on forum? Can we give any answer on this question? Or it`s again too many?!

Now truth is that most of us are making comments in all this threads. Here I don`t wish to go in deep discussion about why people comment many nonsense`s and what they comment, that is a deep hole. People who are aware of how things work here knows about what is all about here. I don`t wish to discuss it, cause I wish to stay on track. Let`s not deal with what we did and how we did, and argue who is right and who is not, let`s see what is happening, and if its bad lets try to fix it.

Now we came on SMAS, couple of managers, forum moderators made SMAS and they have black list. I`m thinking that is something, they are fight against spam and people who comment something stupid or something copied just to be paid, at least someone is doing something.
Now that doesn`t touch me in a way of signature campaigns, but I wouldn`t like to be blacklisted. Do they give any kind of warning (or to address questions directly to them cause I hope some of them will try to answer on some of my questions). How can I know that I am not a spammer? Sometimes I really feel like I am. I am trying to be active on so many places, sometimes I read comments in some new/old topic and I can`t resist to correct someone and to add my own experience (that is just repeating myself, I know, but I feel like "they didn`t see first time, second time, that`s why I feel I`m a bit spammer). I think many of us here faces with same, to call it a problem, or confusions?

I`m now in fixed payment campaign, this situation when post number is going down cause of "cleaning forum" ( I call it like that ) doesn`t affect me much. But I wish to know more about what is happening, can someone give more elaborated answer about what is happening, why now, who is creator of this "cleaning", about criteria`s, and can we as members of this forum help in any way??

I wrote that this is the last time that I wrote about my introduction with bitcoin. Even thou I always tried to give unique and as much possible different comments (if some manager can take a look on my profile and give me honest opinion about my posts I will appreciate that very much) many times I saw myself as a spammer, I just went with a flaw ( I don`t wish this to sound as an excuse, it more honest explanation ).
I`m sick of repeating some facts, in some moments I feel like I wish to start criticize many bad things that I see. I don`t wish to be HYPOCRITE, first I know my flaws, I started with a little more then basic knowledge of English, I think I improved myself a lot in all this time, I am constantly learning, reading about so many things, everything is on English, I use different translators, I read about English when I don`t know how to say some things, here comes a little question am I a copy paste guy cause I stole many good sentences from other people? I read so much and I read about so many good things and I can`t wrote it better, that is how I`m learning some life facts and I use them in real life as I use them here.

I wrote a lot!!! I`m sure that many will not read all that I wrote, please just don`t pull something from context. I am open for every discussion in a peaceful way, tell me where I made a mistake, where I`m wrong...

I said that I shaped my thoughts in past few months and that works for many things, one of the things that I`m sure in is that we need to be open for everything and to be open for learning how to do things better. We improve ourselves every day in many different directions. Let`s be open to each other and let`s share our opinions. I gave some start, its maybe its too much for some people but I refuse to believe in too much, we can be open and share our experiences in better way, I believe that we can make better organization but that is not one man work, we all need to take a part!

Once again I don`t wish to be hypocrite, I`m earning from signature campaign and I wish to continue with that in the future, that is good source for income for me cause I use that money for bitcoin gambling, trading, and other bitcoin related things. I got a lot from my campaign and even more from using all that bitcoins and I know how much can mean bitcoins earned from campaigns, I know. One more question is can we make some system that will work for everyone, for newbies and people who earn from campaigns, for people who just wish to learn, to organize things better.

I will stop now, I need to force myself to stop cause I have so many ideas, so many plans, I said I can wrote for days about bitcoin and this forum and I really can, but I also wish to hear what is your opinion???
I saw some propositions in the past, I saw how some people react on that, can we unite? Most important is can we learn from each other, same like some of us do, but in some better way. If you see that I made some mistake in my English, correct me nicely and I will learn, don`t judge me or anyone. Simply can we agree what is good and what is bad and to try to work together and not independent?
I gave you so many things to think about it, let`s see what will happen and how many responses will I have? How many people will understand me and at least try to connect all what I said? How many people will try to work with me on any idea?


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