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Author Topic: Story and project idea  (Read 190 times)
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October 14, 2017, 07:32:02 PM

Hey Anyone reading this. It’s my story and I would like feedback negative or positive.  I posted pieces of it before but well…

My name is Jeff.  At the moment I am working very hard to get involved with the whole crypto community.  I should have been involved earlier but here is the thing. I am a recovering alcoholic.  I loved computers ever since I touched my first one (either a tandy or commodore 64, I had both).  Programming was and still is my dream.  I tried the systems way of education but that failed miserably. I let an illness go unchecked for many years. I want to benefit others that have suffered like me but I’ll get back to that.  I KNEW how world-changing bitcoin would be and is back in 2013.  In the deadly grip of alcohol though I did nothing but the faucet.  Losing family, friends and my own self almost killed me but now I have hope.  Being clean and excited about these revolutionary developments in crypto and the potential of blockchain technology I am building a life from the ground up at 33years old.  Programming is a passion of mine so much that I know I can be of use to the digital world.   Strangely enough addiction is a disease the human race suffers from and denial causes major problems.  Addictions do not have to be drugs or alcohol.  They can be good or bad but we thrive on the things that make us feel good.  I have been to 2 rehabs in the United States and one in Mexico for  5 months.  In that 5 months something happened. You see, I don’t speak Spanish.  I lived there for good reasons around good friends and family. They watched me kill myself with alcohol and I don’t know why but because of the rehab waiting list here and prices I agreed to goto an Anexo (google anexo rehab) and that was insane.  Unlike here you CANNOT leave. Always hungry, beat if you broke rules, etc.  They told family and friends that you will say anything to leave so they wouldn’t believe people.  Long story short I was in my own head for 5 months just thinking. I couldn't understand anything(although I understandmore now!) Living life on life’s terms was hard for me but now it is not.  I don’t want to be a sob story and really want nothing from anybody. I want to help people and I always have.  Problem is nowadays nobody believes that because it is all about the almighty dollar.  Of course writing this I am not saying the things correctly but I am excited so I have a goal and that is to make a token for Recovering addicts.

First goal (2-4 weeks) Design a simple website to explain the what is it and mission plan to help addicts in recovery integrate into regular society after getting clean.   It can be used in rehabs everywhere as a part of the program and carry on after completion of a rehab program.  The relapse rate of addicts is EXTREMELY high and I am an example of that. 1 out of 12 adults are estimated to suffer from alcoholism and about the same for other substances I believe. I have been hospitalized many times for alcohol withdrawal and have had life-threatening seizures.  It can help family and others learn sooo much more about the ones who are suffering and spread awareness of the problem.  Integrating into normal society is very difficult and there are many psychological and mental aspects to it.   It would be a community of ones that share a common goal of sobriety and having our own economy to give a little joy to an otherwise dark life with the light so far down the tunnel most of us can’t even see it, but we stay sober. 
Second Goal –  Find other recovering addicts/alcoholics that believe this could be a huge asset in the community.
All the other goals include fundraising and spreading the work to make the project a reality. 
With my experience with people of all ages and races that suffer from the same plague I know I can do something with my computer knowledge to make something that is exciting. 
Now though I am stuck working nights at a factory to get by.  Losing all loved ones because of a problem I did not take care of hurts bad.   It does, however, give me a new perspective on life and things that really matter.  Money is not on that list.  Of course I would love to benefit from all the ICOs and great things happening but helping others brings more joy.  I even thought of opening a rehab center myself but that can’t happen with who I am. No bank account, no degrees.  It’s just me.  Finding value as a person is important and for a bad sufferer it seems impossible to have any value as a human.  Suicidal thoughts are always coming in and out and it cannot be explained fully to those who have not suffered. 

Well that’s just my idea.  If you read this entirely hopefully it wasn’t a waste of time!
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