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Author Topic: MagicWish  (Read 310 times)
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October 23, 2017, 01:45:12 PM

Hello, here is the new project for Bitcoin to support adoption and understanding of philosophy of Bitcoin.
The project is targeting to introduce friendly manner of Bitcoin, value of long-term relationship with Bitcoin.
It shows how beneficiary can be to join Bitcoin.
It also addressing problem of present western population and trying help to cure disease called - life on debt.
Like many young people start live with extensive debts from college. Almost all agriculture is based on debt bank financial system and is no more independent. People are all the time dependent just to have place for living.
And this project also trying to rewoke original meaning of Bitcoin, Freedom and value.

What is MagicWish (project nickname)

MagicWish is app used to organize your savings and helps you to reach desired goals with Bitcoin.
It is like pre-paid goods with constantly rising worth of Bitcoin.

Basic mechanics:

- register on webfront client
- download cell phone app
- print out paper wallet from web client
- add product or personal target into app
- link to specific paper wallet (one wish one wallet)
- start sending coins to wallet
- reach the goal much earlier than with fiat money, thanks to Bitcoin constantly rising value
- buy product/finish goal

- young girl wish a new cell phone
- she add product in her app
- she shared her wich with family/social or in-app sharing
- she save some coins from part-time job
- her parents sent some coins to support her
- she (and maybe her ring) see progress in fiat
- one saves reach 95% of item value quickly, so seller can decide to give her discount to catch the trade

- a young boy wishes to have used car when he reaches 16
- he is saving money from part-time jobs, time to time
- with help of his family he reach the goal in 2 years he can buy a car for 50%

- or if you save 20 bugs monthly for last 3 years, your fund is now ...

The subject of savings can be anything, consumer goods, property fund, pension, college fund.
Commercial products are linked to database where companies or online shops should know what products are subject of savings.
They can create promotional campaigns based on real data. Or run campaigns like "Every year new TV/phone based on prepaid service".
App contains very attractive marketing data, but it is anonymous, safe and secure.
So no personal data will be mined.

This platform is also close to or related to another important project called "BIT Assistant". Simply web-based payment platform, to pay out Fiat bills with bitcoins, or send money to somebody by post, top up cell phones, etc. Wich is easy way to fix present problem, that most of business is not accepting bitcoins. It is very simple project, but many law limits have to be solved in every country. Generally it is not a financial service, it is like hired assistant to do your own job for you. Some of the features or sources will be shared with this project.

Marketing channels are obvious. Social media will be used on maximum level.
Other options are:
Listing services on search comparison engines
A shared banner marketing campaign using budget from marketed product.
On-Site advert on individual shop.

Budget and roadmap:


Economy and investment return:
Basic income in full mode is generated from "selling" goods and services where is the fee on the seller side.
Another marketing data income is planned.
First round targeted sales a month 1000 items each worth average 5 USD, generates 5000 USD in BTC a month.
(This is strictly theoretical, thanks to its absolutely new project does not exist even in Fiat world, hence there are no reliable data to use for expectations)
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