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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 23.0 [Torrent]
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October 26, 2017, 02:01:28 PM
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The Bolenum Project is planning a 1:1 swap. This will be implemented on

The Bolenum Exchange is now trading live. We are pleased to inform our community that the Bolenum Exchange is now trading live. Please register and trade. Our daily trade volum is about 5 BTC and growing.

The Bolenum Exchange is currently in discussions with a South African firm for buying up equity stake in the Bolenum Exchange. More updates shortly.

The Boleno BLN token is currently trading on



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The creation of cryptocurrency in 2009 was a technological revolution. In the
eight years since, cryptocurrency now accounts for over 40 billion dollars of newly
created wealth, not to mention the massive gains made in productivity, security, and
combatting the increased centralization of power in our world. Bitcoin was the first
cryptocurrency to be released but it was followed by myriad others.
One of these new coins, Ether, rose above the rest due to its superior design,
faster data processing speed, and its diversity of uses. Ethereum builds off of the
beauty of bitcoin's blockchain with a flexible, turing-complete language that supports
"smart contracts." Ethereum's smart contracts support the creation of tokens that can
run on its blockchain. These tokens can be used as their own currency with various
exchanges, or can act similar to shares in a company and can allow for voting rights,
provide dividends, or perform many other tasks and open a massive window of

Sadly, cryptocurrency has not been evenly adopted. Certain regions, particularly
the global south, have not tapped into this opportunity. That is the very issue that
Bolenum aims to address.

The Issue

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have not seen an even global
adoption. Certain regions, such as Asia, both eastern and western Europe, and North
America, have seen widespread adoption whereas the rest of the global south has not
adopted blockchain or cryptocurrency to the same degree. These regions, and in
particular the African continent, are missing out on the huge opportunity that
cryptocurrency presents for wealth building and supporting new and better technologies.
There are multiple roadblocks to African participation in cryptocurrency. The first
reason is a lack of publicity and knowledge around cryptocurrency. There is less
literature written in local languages and fewer people are aware of this technology.
Sadly, even for those who are aware it is difficult to get involved. That brings us to the
second issue, frequent difficulty with exchanging local fiat currencies for crypto. Many of
the largest exchanges do not accept African fiat currencies and some do not even allow
registration for citizens of many African nations. This lack of knowledge and lack of
access combines to form an almost insurmountable barrier for many. While some small
marketplaces have sprung up to attempt to increase access and allow a venue for
African fiat to be traded, they do not yet provide the scale or level of security and
convertibility that this market needs to be fully integrated into the cryptocurrency trading

This continent needs information and access, on a large scale and immediately --
and that is exactly what Bolenum aims to provide.

Our Solution

The Bolenum project will provide the first ethereum based token and exchange
system that is explicitly aimed at increasing African participation in cryptocurrency. The
main aspects of this project are the Boleno tokens, the innovative and secure exchange
system, and a flexible wallet system.

The Boleno Token

The Boleno token or BLN will serve as the currency of the Bolenum project.
These tokens act as a store of value and a secured payment instrument for
transactions. Using the Bolenum exchange, they will be exchangeable into local
African fiat currencies such as the Naira or foreign fiat currencies such as the US
dollar. The Boleno tokens will also be able to be traded on third party
cryptocurrency exchanges as well as the Bolenum exchange.

The Exchange System

The Boleno Exchange will combine the traditional exchange characteristics with
a marketplace twist where peer-to-peer trading as well as peer-to-central fiat
funding are available. Users will be able to withdraw Boleno into their fiat
currencies as well as buy Boleno directly with a wider range of African fiat
currencies than currently offered by any exchange. Traders are able to view
order books as well as historical performance data to be able to make informed
trade decisions. Boleno tokens will also be able to be traded on standard
exchanges as well. The Boleno BLN token is currently trading on

The Wallet System

Bolenum will provide a Bolenum wallet that is fully compatible with the Bolenum
exchange and that allows for easy withdrawal and purchase of tokens. Holders of
Boleno tokens can also use any wallet that supports Ethereum ERC20 contracts
which allows for flexibility for token holders to use whichever service they prefer

The Bolenum Exchange is currently under development. Beta version will be released on 15/12/2017. Some pictures of the Bolenum Exchange under development are shown below:

Please follow progress at





To join this group:


This announcement thread is locked currently as more updates will be posted soon...
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October 26, 2017, 02:01:57 PM

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