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Author Topic: [ANN] [ICO] AMPLE, Inc. Promoting Cosplayer Professionalism  (Read 270 times)
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November 04, 2017, 02:25:22 AM



The animation market in Japan exceeded 1.8 trillion yen in 2015 amidst a record-breaking pace of sales over
three consecutive years. The expanding market trend continues, putting annual value within reach of 2 trillion
Through the rapid penetration of VOD and other services future-forward, the distribution of Japanese animation
content abroad is expected to increase; in turn, this growth will fuel the population growth of cosplayers around
the globe. The cosplay and associated markets (enthusiastsʼ groups, cosplay apparel, maid and cosplay
services) have actually grown year on year to comprise a market today of 130 billion yen.

The portrait lighting function implemented on the iPhone8 (announced on September 13, 2017) and other
advances to mobile cameras as of late suggest that the creative activities of cosplayers will occur more and
more within an immediate armʼ s reach.

Alongside these recent trends described above, the cosplay platform AMPLE! launched in 2012 under the
mantle of bringing people all around the world together through cosplay and has grown to host 70,000 photos
posted by subscribers in 70 countries.
With the goal of evolving AMPLE! beyond a global cosplayer community through the introduction of AMPLE!
Coin (ACO), a proprietary cryptocurrency, funding will be instituted through an initial coin offering (ICO).

AMPLE! Ecosystem Structur

- Overview of AMPLE!

The platform service AMPLE! is for cosplayers worldwide, and currently such cosplayers using the services are
in Japan, North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, etc. The specialty site for cosplay posts emerged in October
2012 to enable free expression of worlds held among cosplayers from around the world, and has operated with
its purpose focused on compiling relatively high-quality cosplayer images.
Currenty, the citizenship of users are from 70 countries, and number of posts of photos has reached 70,000, and
the site continues to provide world-class cosplay images at high quality.

[AMPLE! Official site]

- Vision of AMPLE!

Turning “Cosplayer” into a profession.

To date, AMPLE! has operated its mission under the mantle of bringing people all around the world together through
 cosplay. The effort for the next few years will be to develop professional cosplayers.
Some cosplayers, in fact, have successfully turned their activities into a professional occupation; however, we believe
there is considerable room for growth across the entire industry in this regard. As Youtubers have gained professional
status, the entire cosplay market domain can be amplified to create a system to pay sufficient recompense that will
lead to as many occupational cosplayers as possible.

- Stage Progression of Taking Vision to Fruition

STAGE1 Provisioning a platform to create an economy around cosplayers globally
STAGE2 Cosplayers transform into content and go global
STAGE3 Mainstreaming professional cosplayers

STAGE1 Provisioning a platform to create an economy around cosplayers globally

The first course of action will be to provide tools that enable the 7,000 cosplayers currently registered to
respectively procure funds. Fans will discover their favorite cosplayers located throughout the world and lend
support with ACO, an easy wayto become a patron (supporter) of a particular cosplayer.

Cosplayers and fans connect virtually online as cosplayers express themselves freely on their own individual
stage. Patrons can spend ACO to support their favorite cosplayers in real time. Plans call for active patrons to
obtain exclusive offers from such cosplayers.

AMPLE! has previously instituted a loyalty program called AMPLE! Point System, whereby fans can send gifts to
their favorite cosplayers. The points in circulation through this loyalty program, however, have been limited in
usage for securing preferred publication space on AMPLE! The limitation has proven to be a bottleneck and a
challenge that has thwarted circulation growth.
What happened? In the past, monetary and legal hurdles impeded our desires to achieve a world that could
uphold our ideals. This ICO process will enable funding to clear these hurdles. As we learn from past mistakes,
the circulation of cryptocurrency ACO will support global, supportive transactions that will generate diverse
Moreover, as we strive to provide a world to enable free expression among cosplayers, those with particularly
individualistic expression will be provided with a system to facilitate funding that will generate even more
diverse expression.
When our ideal world is created, AMPLE! will have become the platform representing cosplayers in such a way
as to create an economy around cosplayers.

STAGE2 Cosplayers transform into content and go global

Registered cosplayers will provide live commerce services that enable a straight-forward global development of
their own content. Fans from around the world will gain convenient access to information about their favorite
cosplayers, and AMPLE! will spawn numerous small economies around such cosplayers with this service.
The platform exploiting the latest technology will allow cosplayers to be their own curator and introduce various
content and product as live video and VR video to their fans. Cosplayers to date have primarily performed in
physical space, but with the latest technology the breadth of expression and means of delivering the art have
enlarged. Consequently, cosplayers who couldnʼ t gain exposure previously have an opportunity to portray their
distinctive world and gain support from many more fans. The real-time connection afforded between adoring
fans and their favorite cosplayers will enable fans to purchase such content with ACO.

Provisioning a system to deliver content expediently and globally for all cosplayers wherever they reside in the
world will seed small economies centered on those cosplayers around the globe. We foresee communities
emerging with distinctive character tuned to each cosplayer in these economies, a world where cosplayers and
fans mutually support each other. This is the world we currently are contemplating.

This process will solidify the status of AMPLE! as a platform that can generate cosplayer economies.

STAGE3 Mainstreaming professional cosplayers

AMPLE! intends to provide comprehensive support to cosplayers active on the platform. Funds procured for
operations with take the form all efforts required in enhancing promotional activities and values for the entire
cosplay industry.
In the process of cosplayers engaging in activities on the platform described above, support functions will
become necessary. Consequently, AMPLE! intends to offer the following support to cosplayers worldwide

●Production and sales support of merchandise
DVDs, photobooks, and figures of cosplayers attaining a certain rating level within AMPLE! are produced for
sale on a global marketplace.

●Live event support
A system will be provided for live events to be held online through live streaming and VR technologies,
so that distinctive cosplayer worlds can be shared globally

●Phototaking event support
Joint phototaking parties with popular cosplayers will be held periodically around the world.

●Live-action anime
After entering into collaborative relationships with rights holders, popular animation content will be
produced as live action movies on a popular layer and streamed on VOD services.

●Stage performances
We will enter into collaborative relationships with rights holders and produce popular animation titles for
the stage. Effective utilization of AR and sensor technologies will produce a stage integrated with the
audience̶more than merely a platform.

●Assembling of idol groups
Selected members will form idol groups as part of establishing the “cosplay idol” genre and engage in
activities beyond the confines of particular countries

- Usage of Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency AMPLE! coin (ACO) to be issued at this time will undergo circulation along the entire stream
provided in the Stage Progression of Taking Vision to Fruition set forth above. ACO will be tendered across all
layers worldwide for direct support, product sales, and admissions to exclusive events, and applied to diverse
payment means in this space.

As shown in the figure, ACO is used chiefly among cosplayers and their supporting fans. We wish to enable
ubiquitous usage of ACO in the space as currency.
For this to happen, technical integration with other companiesʼ services without limitation to the AMPLE!
platform will take place, while an enormous application array will be provided to cosplayers and fans on the
AMPLE! platform.
As cosplayers circulate ACO across the platform that enables unfettered expressions of their own worlds, they
will enhance the quality of their creative activity, while strong ties between fans and their favorite cosplayers
become possible. By connecting cosplayers and fans spread out globally through cryptocurrency unconstrained
by national borders, the issuance of this cryptocurrency should contribute to enhancing the entire market, in our

This is a partial excerpt from the white paper
Go to the official site if you want to know more


The Premium Sale application amount exceeded 200 million yen.The application period for this premium sale
is 12:00 (JST) 10/28 (Sat) ~ 11:59 (JST) 11/4.

During our first Premium Sale held from 10/28-11/4 we have already amassed ¥100 million.
For our Pre Sale we plan to use that momentum to hit the ¥300 million.

=====Official Information======

[ICO official site (White paper)]
[AMPLE! Official site]
[Twitter account]

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