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Author Topic: Introduction and spreading the idea  (Read 827 times)
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July 01, 2011, 10:52:05 AM

Hi people,

in the last year I researched the fundamentals of the monetary and economic system. Driven on the one hand by personal interest, on the other hand by a some sense of freedom deeply ingrained in me. What I have found out, shocked me. It was even worse I have suspected before. I don't want to get into detail, I suppose that most of you know what I mean.

Then - some weeks ago - I discovered bitcoin. A friend of mine told me about. Based on my former researches it took me two minutes to "sense" the potential of bitcoin. A little bit more to understand it. Now I am totally fascinated and into it.

Now I am doing my share of building up the economic structures of freedom and also growing my personal wealth. I am mining a little bit with 350 MH/sec. I have an ebook about "how to approach and talk to girls and women anytime and anywhere" (Practical, useful and efficient knowledge and exercises straight to the point, mainly addressing the logical mind of intellectual orientated man.) in the pipeline. I want to sell it for bitcoins only.

I am thinking about other business ideas: Take an open source ego shooter and let the people compete with each other. Buying in with btc, cashing out more btc, if you are good. Basically the online poker room concept applied on ego shooter. The problem with this idea is cheating. It is easy to cheat with that open source shooters and I think, no one else implemented this until now exactly because of this. A solution could be to explicitly allow cheating. Some years ago a company was developing an ego shooter room, I did not hear of them anymore.

A killer application for bitcoin is IMO necessary for the breakthrough of bitcoin. This could be something like TOR. I personally do not trust TOR so much. Because it is mainly financed by the US military and for other reasons, too. A TOR-like network, where you pay for the quality of encryption and anonymity with BitCoin or - in analogy to NameCoin - with SafeCoin could be ways better and secure then TOR. Because it's driven by the monetary incentive of the network nodes. Should be more secure than nodes driven by military-financed idealists. The charme of this is that people only can enjoy real privacy in communicating over the internet by aquiring bitcoins or SafeCoins - because the system is based on that fuel.

So - I am more an intuitive thinker than a doer. If this ideas above inspire you to do some business, consider a donation:

If you see the potential of a SafeCoin-network and have the skill and motivation to set up the infrastructure, I would appreciate to be one of earliest adopters in mining SafeCoins - so please send me an email to goforit (at)

Wat I do also a lot is inform people about the existence of bitcoin - everywhere I go: I explained the concept to my tax accountant, ice cream sellers, bartenders, policemen, shop owners, ... and, of course, to my acquaitances. I am doing bitcoin PR in personal talk - 1 on 1 - and I am good in this. I have some experience as a dating couch - this clearly helps me to communicate the message in a way people understand it. For example explaining the basic qualities of currency and asymetric cryptography in maybe eight or ten understandable  sentences.

If you like that kind of real life, 1on1 bitcoin promotion and you think it is an substantial contribution to build up the bitcoin infrastructure, please also consider a donation to 19QiR9gyYxWaK99YUCfU5WjLK9shPtedVZ.

Thank you ...
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