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December 06, 2017, 03:10:10 PM


Scale the path of success with MCX!!


  We are at a very exciting as the blockchain technology unfolds throughout the world changing the way we transact, trade and store information. Opening a way
  for a new feature of trust and transparency. Empowering even the poorest of people from Africa to Asia, from Europe to America. MCX is proud of being a part of
  the dawning of this new age, as we spread the flame of freedom  LINKEDIN PROFILE


There have always been times when the world has needed technological innovations to make a lasting difference and change the conventional ways of the work structure. The global market is one place that always keeps changing. In different forms sometimes numbers, points, decimals. It is like a living organism constantly evolving and asking for newer and more stable technology to work on, that has the capability to bring balance and create a moderation in the ever-evolving and fluctuating market. The stock and the commodity market is one of the most unpredictable and fluctuating. This has the capacity to change the financial economies of the globe. All of us have noticed these events happening and affecting our lives in a way or the other. The need of the hour is to create such a system that has the innovative vision and technology to create a more stable and transparent market condition, a technology that has the prowess to change the complete way of conducting business transactions in a whole and break the conventional methods of exchange. Cryptocurrency is the answer to this problem and the technological advancements that we need are provided by not just a strong blockchain but also other major advancements that have been made in this industry by one revolutionary digital asset that is the MCX coin. Further, in this whitepaper, we shall study the unique way in which the MCX coin functions to tackle the problem of fluctuation in the market by providing smarter technology and by creating its own blockchain where other coins also can be traded in a stable atmosphere. We shall discuss why the MCX coin has the sheer capacity to take the responsibility to create a safer and stable market.

Introduction to MCX coin:

The MCX coin is one of the most revolutionary digital assets to hit the market. This is because of its sheer capacity to understand specific markets like the commodity market, stock market, Forex and so on. The MCX coin has the innovative technology to stabilize the ever-evolving, volatile and fluctuating market. The basic belief that MCX coin works on is building trust with the customers by providing them a stable platform to function on. We at MCX have made positive strides towards creating technology that is innovative and capable to make a lasting difference the way the multiple market function. Not just making it a leading cryptocurrency but also an agent in balancing the fluctuations in the commodity and stock markets.Creating a stronger blockchain is not the only advancement that MCX coin is going to introduce to the world. One of them is the system of volatility management. This system enables the MCX coin to control the sudden spikes and drops in the commodity and stock market. Making a positive advancement in creating a lesser fluctuating market, which will be topped with a very strong blockchain to make the transactions seamless and transparent. There are many more technological advancements that will be further discussed in detail about the possible changes that MCXcoin shall have on the present work structure and how MCX coin will rectify those problems with its innovative technology.

The problem with the market:

This question has been asked multiple times in the history of financial growth and transactions. The major problem stable market is stability. This is because the system that the market works on is volatile and unpredictable. No one knows when the stocks would go up or when they would plummet. This is one thing which makes the people skeptical about investing in the market. The system is on a platform but is bifurcated into a lot of other verticals. Where there is a probability of data loss and also a crash, consequences of which the world has faced during the past. Fluctuations hamper the functioning of the market. This is where people
and traders lose money and no one wants that. MCX coin offers a solution to counter these problems with the incorporation of a new system which is
stronger, more stable and has the capacity to regulate the fluctuations while
being a transparent platform where people can trade. Fluctuations occur just because of the misinterpretation of data and the way trading and transactions are done. This system is a problem cause of the regulations and the controlling body that makes the rules. This has loopholes which can be misused to make profits in a misleading manner. Making a thriving market crippled.

The solution provided By MCX coin:

MCX coin is a decentralized entity which means that it has no regulating authority making decisions or minting the coin, giving it the freedom to function like an autonomous entity working on a transparent structure. Your account with MCX coin does not come under any centralized or federal body. In turn, meaning that your account can never be frozen or shut down under any circumstances. The whole system is based on a one of a kind state of the art blockchain that has the capability to not just support the market but also provide a steady trading platform for other coins which can use the MCX blockchain one of the strongest and trusted. We offer volatility management and a hybrid coin that is one of the most important technological advancement made in the field of cryptocurrency.
This system gives you the freedom to trade with ease and gives your transactions the security against fraud and illegitimate exercises. MCX coin is quite capable of regulating itself according to the market fluctuations with the self-evolving algorithm that calculates the risks and works a solution accordingly.


Hybrid technology:

 MCX coin is one of the very few coins that has the capability of incorporate the hybrid technology, This technology enable the MCX coin to work on both the principles of Proof of stake and proof of work. Making MCX coin a stable entity. Further their powerful blockchain will run the most complex transactions from
the financial markets and give them a transparent, secure and stable foothold. Powerful Blockchain: we offer the strongest blockchain in the business which has
the capacity to help other coins operate on the same blockchain. Being one of the most secure platforms for a cryptocurrency, Which is safe, secure and completely transparent. What makes this blockchain unique is the technology that handles POW and POS simultaneously making all the transactions seamless.

Volatility management:

High volatility is one the biggest disadvantages of cryptocurrencies. It hinders the growth of your digital asset from becoming a means of storage and exchange on the global market. Seasoned traders may get high profits from major exchange margins, yet the risks pertaining of fluctuations in the market scare even the seasoned users and this takes the businesses away from cryptocurrencies.


MCX coin in its time would be the most stable cryptocurrency. This is because of the unique features that have been incorporated like the volatility
management system, an ever evolving algorithm, strong blockchain and a hybrid coin.

Apart from all this the MCX coin has technologically designed threshold that will not let the price of the coin change or deviate drastically even if the market has great fluctuation. MCX also has a buffer of funds to invest and control its drastic fluctuation.

Debit card:

MCX coin will collaborate with visa and master card to create one of the first integrated cards, which will link your MCX wallet to your card, So that the MCX coin can be used as conventional currency to make payments.

Multi Wallet:

The MCX wallet has the functionality of integrating all your online wallets to one multi wallet, giving you the ease of access. This will create higher security
for the customer as all your transactions are made through one channel which is secured by a private key in turn showing the prowess of our advanced


One of the most important features of the MCX coin is the transaction method in the financial market. The system will be based on the MCX blockchain
which is an open network. Where everyone can view the transactions made by others, In turn making the transaction process transparent and accessible to all
for consideration. This will keep the markets transparent with no hidden loopholes to breed illegitimate practices.


 2016 Q3
- Birth of Idea.
- Assemble a Team of Software Developers.
- Assemble a Professional Team for handling operations & Partnership Meetings.

2016 Q4
- Idea for Universal Wallet
- R&D on problems related to Virtual Payment Wallet

2017 Q2
- Development of Blockchain to build a scalable Platform
- Legal Formalities

2017 Q3
- Planning Events & Seminars for awareness
- Whitepaper
- Investor meets

2017 Q4
- Launch of Token Sale through ICO
- Testing Integration of Multiple Wallets in MCX Wallet
- Arranging Events in different countries for Crypto Enthusiasts

2018 Q1
- Distribution of coins through ICO
- Listing of MCX Coins in different Exchanges

2018 Q2
- Promoting in different countries
- Collaborating with different Financial Market
- Integration of Physical Wallet

2018 Q4
- Occupying Majority of Financial Markets
- Collaborating with multiple wallets & providing a fully Integrated Wallet.

- Worldwide Expansion
- Improving blockchain to handle every financial sector transaction
- Developing a transformational Blockchain Platform that will Orchestrate the evolution and Integration of different financial transactions to the blockchain

Phases of ICO



1 MCX Token = $0.10

Total supply of Tokens = 1 Million



1 MCX Token = $0.25

Total supply of Tokens = 1 Million



1 MCX Token = $0.40

Total supply of Tokens = 2 Million



1 MCX Token = $0.50

Total supply of Tokens = 2 Million


  Name - MCX Coin.
  Symbol - MCX.
  Hybrid Algorithm - (POS/POW).
  Maximum supply (hard cap) - 40 Million MCX.
  Pre Mine Coins - 8 Million MCX.
  Available for ICO - 6 Million MCX.
  Emission rate - No new coins will ever be created.
  Accepted currencies - ETH & BTC only.
  ICO Starting from 5th October 2017 to 1st January 2018.
  Coin distribution - Contract will distribute coins/tokens instantly upon receiving ETH & BTC
  Exchangers - NovaExchange, Cryptopia, YoBit, Livecoin, C-Cex, coinexchange
  MCX Prediction Rate - $ 2.50 +
  Blocks - 2,62,800   
  Block Time (Seconds) - 150
  Block Rewards - 4
  POS Rewards - 12% Per@
  Halving Rate - 1,000,000
  Marketing Partner-




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January 05, 2018, 08:15:37 PM


When will MCXCOIN be listed and in which exchange?

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