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Author Topic: Do you really believe Satoshi is real??  (Read 4922 times)
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July 04, 2011, 04:23:41 PM

I think Satoshi is an individual person. He writes with a consistent style. I doubt he's American, since he sometimes uses British spelling.

if im understanding that right.. he could literally prove who he is by using his private key to a sign a message and send it via the client(?) to everyone!

Other people have that alert key now. However, Satoshi has published a PGP public key of his own:

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July 04, 2011, 04:30:40 PM

A good idea is a good idea.

I don't personally care if Satoshi is american, japanese, a sentient toasted bagel with cheese on top or a homeless beggar with a hacked wifi connection living in a refrigerator box. This idea will change the world, and whoever he/she is - was smart enough to let it fly free.

If anything, *we* are bitcoin now. And I don't plan on giving up easily.

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July 04, 2011, 05:19:31 PM

It's kind of interesting how much of a legend he has created for himself, just disappearing and using a fake name. I have a feeling he is some kind of savant/Rain Man who envisioned this project and then did it. Most people would seek out the fame when the press hit, but he has not. I'm sure major companies would be willing to shell out big bucks for the programmer behind Bitcoin.
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July 04, 2011, 06:49:39 PM

Maybe he's a Japanese Canadian.  His english would be fluent, it would explain his use of British spelling, and even the double space after a period. 

I think Satoshi is an individual person. He writes with a consistent style. I doubt he's American, since he sometimes uses British spelling.

Other people have that alert key now. However, Satoshi has published a PGP public key of his own:
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July 04, 2011, 06:53:15 PM

with that huge amount of btc sitting around... (the stolen ones), maybe just maybe... the govt has it Smiley and they simply announced the BTC was stolen, or they stole it themselves.
VERY interesting post sir, my sort of stuff. I didn't know TOR was made and funded by the Government. Can anyone else back-up that statement? But as for the statement I quoted above, it made an interesting thought pop into my head. I read not long ago that the richest Bitcoin user (assuming they only had one account) was holding EXACTLY 250,000 BTC. Considering about six and half mill is in existence now, and only 21 mill will ever exist, that is a mind-boggling amount of BTC. And quite honestly, one of the biggest fears I have about Bitcoin.

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July 04, 2011, 07:06:40 PM

People tried tracking him back in 2010, turns out some of the emails he sent originate from internet cafe's and public libraries in Tokyo. So the person at least physically resides there. I'd say there is a high likelihood he is of Japanese descent as well.

Why does perfect English have to mean he is not natively Japanese?
Considering his staggering expertise in cryptography, programming and mathematics I wouldn't say it's too far-fetched to think he is extremely well-educated, maybe even self-learned.

Not being from the UK or USA doesn't automatically mean you make grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or use poor language.
In fact, it means you're less likely to make grammatical mistakes, as you haven't used the method we appear to have in the UK(I odn't know what happens in the USA), "I'm a teacher, I won't teach you grammar, if you can't do it you should've picked it up already from reading!".

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July 04, 2011, 07:51:40 PM

聡中本 Sato Nakamoto

聡 - wisdom
中 - inside / center / mouth
本 - root / origin

I speak and read some Japaneese. Here is an attempt to decode his name. Family names are written in ideograms barrowed from Chineese. They are really pictures. For example Tokyo can be written as 東京. The first character depicts the sun rising behind a tree and means East. The second shows a Chineese lantern like those found at ancient capitols. So To-Kyo means "Eastern Capitol".
In the family name Naka-Moto the first character is a mouth with something going inside, and the second character depicts a tree with the roots drawn in.

The gospel according to Satoshi -
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