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Author Topic: FLINT TREASURE HUNTER  (Read 29 times)
Flint Treasure Hunter
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December 13, 2017, 06:49:55 PM

With the advent of new money, the treasure search will now be in a new way.
I propose to discuss and support the project of some of the interesting people, most of the time which passes in the walls of Tor.
Many people have come across this situation, and the need to resolve the problem will only increase in the near future.



The market size of cryptocurrency is more hundreds of billions of dollars. But in a few years of existence, a rather large number of lost bitcoins and other currency units appeared. We can find them!

In the modern world, the lost treasure is no longer underground, but in the virtual world.

Traditional treasure hunters argue that the stories of the myriad treasures that have been stored underground for centuries and accidentally found by our contemporaries are not at all fictions. That is why there are communities of "treasure hunters".

Gold was abandoned and now must belong to those who found it.

The treasure should not belong to one. The treasure must belong to everyone. The cumulative effect will benefit everyone.
Hunting for treasures is a costly hobby. We propose to unite.

Our mission is to search for lost coins that do not have owners or help the coin owner in opening his lost wallet with treasures.

Problems of the market

The cryptocurrency market has a unique characteristic that other segments of the financial market do not have. Namely - quite a large amount of assets that do not really exist or are lost.

This is primarily bitcoins (BTC) on purses with lost access codes, bitcoin cache (BCC) on the same wallets, which as a result of the hard-core were already born lost.

At the moment, the total number of bitcoins is about 16.6 million coins, and, according to our estimates, a rather large proportion of them are lost.

Why bitcoins were lost:
The history of the blockchain began in 2009, when the first purse appeared a record of the receipt of 50 coins for mining. According for more than 8 years of the existence of bitcoin was created about 20 million addresses, and at different times, mining brought different "profit" to its owners. For example, from 2009 to 2012, the first 210,000 units brought the miners 50 bitcoins per block. Bloks naturally mining by enthusiasts, first of all by the mysterious creator of Satoshi Nakamoto's technology. Functions of the means of payment bitcoin was not then, but rather an experimental technology for storing data on pseudo-money transactions. Mining cryptocurrency for its owners was of no value, it was roughly the same status as the domestic currency of some offline game, that is, it was difficult to change it for money or something tangible.

Since bitcoin in the material plan was just a fun abstraction, the keys to the purses were lost, lost along with the hard disks, thrown away with stacks of unnecessary papers. Some bitcoins were "burned" by accidental transfer to non-existent wallets. Wrong with the purse code, sent - you can not return.
The total figure is about 2 million lost coins.

According to a new study from Chainalysis, a digital forensic firm that studies bitcoin blockchain, 3.79 million bitcoins are lost, based on a high score and 2.78 million according to a low estimate. These figures suggest that from 17% to 23% of the existing bitcoins that are lost.

Solution: FLINT

As you know, you can not extract the crypto currency from the wallet without a password, but a 256-bit private key is a very long time to decrypt, but it's possible!

The situation with lost keys occurs constantly, the top most popular ways to lose your savings in the cryptocurrency:
1. Lose a USB flash drive or hard disk.
2. Lose access to the password.
3. Lose a piece of paper with a password.
4. Forget the code from the wallet.
5. Accident.

If you have a purse from which you forgot the key - you can tell us about it. We will try to help you.

Lost coins will forever be lost?

No! We can get these treasures! Our past experience of "work" will help in this, but now we will direct our forces to profit to people.

One of the points of the treasure hunting doctrine is the absence of the owner of the treasure. We will not open a wallet that has an owner without his consent.
In case of detection of the lost purse, we will announce its number in advance in order to find  owner. If the owner is not found, or within three months has not transferred his money from the old wallet, then all the contents of the wallet go to the participants in the search for treasure.
In 2018-2022: we will look for treasures for the first four cases of key loss. Including the selection of a key through a multi-million network of assistants using neural networks and their work experience.
Since 2022 - ...: we offer the selection of 256-bit key of the lost purse with the help of multi-million association of assistants or the simplest quantum computer configured only for one purpose - search for lost treasure.

There are many of us, but we can not show our faces in connection with the dark past. We want to become useful for society.

Are you sure that we will not succeed?
You are wrong!


We are not going to enter the ICO, our income is strictly limited by the amount of lost coins, which means that in the future all coins will be found and our income will end. We do not want to create speculation, we want to help people.
Join the assistants and receive payments from the treasures found.

We are for people, not for profit.

We think it's worth donate to FLINT
BTC -  1r6WBh38S4qV4k6sVfX1UaR8xiPSaBeAW   
BCH -  166osAxPaa4H3Laf5mEVQZm3u8H8PD142n
ETH -  0x0cdD65291B05C163e1911AF2e78d9FdBC1c067E9

White Paper in GoogleDrive

White Paper picture

Be aware of the events.
Search for Flint Treasure Hunter at [Suspicious link removed]/FlintHunter


Thinking that you live in an ideal world that is protected from all sides, it is only an illusion that others have built for you. If someone has come up with something clever, there will be someone who will outwit the clever one. There is no such fence that you can not jump over. Experience shows that you only need the desire, time and money (labor, money and others).
We propose to give their proposals for inclusion in the law of hunting for treasure.

  Donate to FLINT

BTC -  1r6WBh38S4qV4k6sVfX1UaR8xiPSaBeAW   
BCH -  166osAxPaa4H3Laf5mEVQZm3u8H8PD142n
ETH -  0x0cdD65291B05C163e1911AF2e78d9FdBC1c067E9
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