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Author Topic: Sapphire 5830 in stock at Newegg  (Read 4396 times)
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July 05, 2011, 06:55:45 PM

You realize the 5850 you linked isn't in stock right? So... not exactly a comparison with an instock card.
My point was that you should wait for the best card you can purchase.

Not to mention you're linking ONE card that is labelled "5800". The usual run of the mill 5850 gets nowhere near 400MHash/sec, even on water that's hard. To say you can consistently get 380 out of 5850s would be a stretch.
If this is true then it changes things. I was going with hard facts I found on the web. I also get top megahash per sec out of my 5830's (320) without watercooling and it runs around 68c so I assumed it would be fairly easy to reach this mark.

The 5830s are available, and they're close to the top in terms of $/MHash, so if you're going to get a card, this would probably be it (though the power consumption is an issue of course). If you argue against getting a 5830 then you argue against getting any other card basically.
I'm not saying the 5830's aren't the top in terms of megahash per dollar but you should still pay for only the most efficient cards you can get. Why pay 130 for the same card that comes in stock at 110 every couple of days?

I don't need to do some research because I have 3x6970s, 4x5850s and 4x5830s all currently mining for me. I just "don't" read research, I based it from my experience.

Next time buy the product and post the facts based on your experience.
My question to you is why do you have 3 servers with 3 different cards? If you knew you were going invest heavily into bitcoins I would think you would pick the best card you could so you saved yourself the most money possible.

Also basing it off experience is like saying I know this works trust me. Basing it off research is like saying here are some articles that list bench marks you can figure out for yourself what the best card is.

Uhm, every couple of days? Not sure where you are getting that from, search the forums for the last time that the $110 sapphires went in stock. Was weeks ago. And I'd be willing to bet you will basically never see them in stock again. The $130s are here, they will be in stock for a while, when they are gone they will likely be near to the end of the 58xx retail batches. That's why I don't care about the 5850s you linked, because they're not ever coming back. Same with the sapphire 5850 extremes, they were good buys, but they're gone, so they're irrelevant.

I'm not actually advocating buying these, because with the increase in difficulty, the decrease in price per bitcoin, and the lack of resalability once the bitcoin craze dies down, these cards will likely be big losers, BUT if you are looking to buy a card, they are near to the top of the heap for mining, so there's really no reason not to grab them.
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July 05, 2011, 07:26:41 PM

Uhm, every couple of days? Not sure where you are getting that from, search the forums for the last time that the $110 sapphires went in stock. Was weeks ago. And I'd be willing to bet you will basically never see them in stock again.
You clearly don't know how to search...

June 30th

June 28th

June 16th

June 13th

In 23 days there have been 4 times where the 5830 at 110 has been available. And you say its been weeks more like 5 days.....

When averaged that's once every 5 and a half days.

edit: July first was mentioned so that would make the average 4.6 days
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July 05, 2011, 07:28:39 PM

Please add July 1st to the list! Smiley

I was able to snatch 2 of them at 110 on the first.

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July 05, 2011, 07:53:26 PM

Outta curiosity, what's the diff between the two 5830s?

Obviously one of them is price but is there a diff in performance?

Card 1, $129.99

Card 2, 109.99

While the $110 one is def a good deal and there is an advatage to the $130 one that has been pointed out several times and that is the direct support of trixx in that it has further ability to mess with voltage and clocks on it. Also, that it is easier to snag up if you are unable to ninja the very few $110 when they pop in periodicly.

also, we are lacking a good price point for the 5850... the $164 dollar one has been out of stock for who knows how long and the only other ones I could find any stock on as of a check June 20, 21 and again July 4th were priced at $221-$286 on Shark and Amazon. Also noting the current Amzon ones do not state direct stock but suggest there is none with a 2-4 week until shipped note on them.

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July 06, 2011, 05:07:33 AM

Quit doubting, negative Nancy (24/7, I just had to restart the miner trying to get a screenshot, the system is unusable at aggression=12):

At what temperature....for how long did you run at this level?  Our 5830's run ~308mh/s @70C (never get above 75C)...more frequent crashes happen at anything above that, to me the couple extra Mh/s is not worth the time/gas of resetting multiple times a day.  An extra 160mh/s per rig would be great but not worth the issues in our case.

24/7? See quote above.

This is the exact card referred to in this thread, the $129 Sapphire -2L variant. It has a different PCB than other 5830s, and has no overvoltage control from Trixx, so this is at the stock voltage.

I have other 5830s that max out at 1030 and 990, so this one is just a rare overclocker. The low temperature is with 200mm fan in the side of the case blowing straight down on the card, card fan at 100%, in a room that has outside air going through it.

I call bullshit...55C with that overclock...whatever.
Well, its at 67C degrees now (computer room is 85F after hot day), if that makes you happy, with 2300 accepted shares since I restarted the miner trying to make screenshots.
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