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Author Topic: [ANN] [ICO] [BBCoin] | TraDove ICO | B2B Meets Blockchain | Bounties  (Read 173 times)
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December 18, 2017, 10:02:39 PM

Who is TraDove?
What problem does this cryptocurrency fix?
What makes this coin offering and business special?


TraDove: “Unlock corporate demand for a token based business-to-business (B2B) marketing, sales, and trade platform.”

The Problem:

1. The explosive growth of the Internet accompanied by the creation of social networks has made information ubiquitous.
2. “B2B lags behind. In this space, information is Balkanized.”
3. Transparency is lacking.
4. Even after identifying a potential business partner, that potential partner’s “business quality” is often difficult to appraise.
5. In the consumer space, peer opinions are easily available using Yelp or Google Review. This is not the case in the B2B space, where targeted marketing is much more difficult.
6. Ultimately, trust is a problem.

TraDove was born to address these problems:

1. How do you find business partners quickly and credibly?
2. How do you assure the quality of potential business partners and the quality of products/services you plan to purchase?
3. How do you market your B2B products/services to hidden demands in a targeted way?
4. How do you assure that you will be paid for what you deliver or get what you paid for?

Who is TraDove?

1. TraDove, Inc. is a social networking site focused on business to business marketing.
2. “We can use smart contracts to solve the trust problem in the B2B space.” -Kent Yan, CEO TraDove
3. TraDove revolutionizes the way people do business by connecting partners and fostering deals using big data, artificial intelligence and block chain.
4. “Just as Facebook connects friends and LinkedIn connects professionals, we have built a business (social) network that connects corporate buyers, sellers, their products/services and companies.”
5. “Our network addresses the basic needs of any company by allowing them to buy and sell much faster and better.”
6. “We solve the information asymmetry problems in B2B and make it more transparent and trustworthy using block chain and social network technology.”
7. TraDove’s platform also allows for company-to-company precision marketing over the Internet, another multi-billion dollar business opportunity.
8. TraDove is the world’s most credible and trusted B2B Social Network that connects buyers and sellers.
9. “We shorten the cycles for Buyers and Suppliers to find each other and collaborate.”
10. “We make it fast, safe and easy for buyers and sellers around the world to connect.”
11. “Until now, no social network has been designed for B2B buyers and sellers.”
12. TraDove provides effective social-networking features – and an effective platform for B2B buying and selling.
13. By removing barriers and providing opportunities in sourcing, importing, exporting, purchasing and beyond, TraDove is changing the way we do business one connection at a time.
14. By creating vast opportunities for enhanced and continued dialogue, TraDove opens up an entirely new social world of B2B trading.
15. Spanning both local and global markets, TraDove operates with a commitment to help corporate buyers and sellers make deals.
16. By focusing on what buyers and sellers need and providing a unique, effective platform, TraDove stands out as a global trade magnet where you can establish productive relationships at any moment.
17. Many companies currently promoting or offering tokens are in the concept stage. TraDove is not.
18. TraDove’s Business Social Network has been in operation for five years and rests on a mature web platform ( and iOS mobile app (
19. “We now have 250,000+ corporate users, 100,000+ companies from 80+ countries including 200+ Fortune 1000 companies. We have teams in Silicon Valley, US, China and Geneva, Switzerland and investors, advisors and consultants in most major economies: US, China, Germany, Japan, UK, Switzerland and South America.”
20. Unlike a consumer social network such as Facebook or a professional network such as LinkedIn, TraDove Business Social Network puts substantially more emphasis on traffic quality than on traffic quantity.
21. “We do not seek nor do we need hundreds of millions of users. We only need tens of millions of users.”
22. “A business user’s value is much higher than a professional user, which is in turn higher than that of a consumer user.”
23. “Our emphasis on traffic quality and not just quantity keeps our operational costs low and increases both business users’ value and our profit margins.”
24. “In the B2B 2.0 model, we let buyers and sellers find one another and maintain a relationship in return for membership and opportunity fees (e.g., opportunity to advertise and pitch to buyers) in BBCoins.”
25. TraDove specifically provides intercompany business networking and collaboration designed to enhance business partnerships.

Benefits for Buyers:

1. Identify new suppliers and vendors using the power of global b2b networking.
2. Communicate with suppliers and producers.
3. Improve vendor management with existing suppliers.
4. Increase your foreign trade and market intelligence through updates about companies that provide products or services.
5. Interact with your colleagues, whether they’re buyers or other stakeholders.
6. Discuss areas of common interest with suppliers and other buyers.
7. Manage risk in your supply chain through better market intelligence and supplier visibility.
8. Obtain endorsements, reviews and recommendations for suppliers, which is especially important for foreign trade.
9. TraDove makes it simple and safe for buyers to collaborate more easily with colleagues, other buyers and new suppliers to drive innovation that delivers real value.

Benefits for Suppliers:

1. Find customers around the world and expand your sales markets.
2. Communicate with and send proposals to one potential customer or to several at once.
3. Locate sources of equipment, raw material and other resources to produce what you provide.
4. Maintain better communication with existing customers.
5. Increase your foreign trade and market intelligence by getting updates about companies that purchase products or services.
6. Interact with other suppliers, potential customers and others who share common interests such as sourcing and international trade.
7. Obtain references, reviews, and recommendations for yourself and potential customers.
8. TraDove allows suppliers to communicate more easily with potential and current customers.

Main Features and Functions:

1. Establish detailed profiles for buyers, sellers, products, services and companies.
2. Search by keyword for buyers, sellers, products/services and companies.
3. Communicate quickly and directly using the TraDove messaging feature.
4. Invite your address book, LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo contacts to join.
5. Send out and respond via one-to-one (Biz Channel) and one-to-many (Biz Posting) business proposals.
6. Conduct private discussions with TraDove members.
7. Provide and receive endorsements for buyers, sellers, products/services, companies, vendors, importers and more.
8. Form various groups based on interests, companies, industries and more.
9. Build tiered relationships among buyers and sellers with your own “Loops” and “Contacts”.
10. Provide potential customers with marketing collateral, special promotions, new product information and other content.
11. Follow buyers, sellers, products/services and companies for regular updates.
12. Connect with international trade opportunities quickly and efficiently for sourcing, importing, exporting, selling, and buying.
13. Gain the best insights about how to export and import goods.
14. Identify companies to trade with and establish strong B2B relationships through our easy-to-use platform.
15. Get an edge on the competition with valuable leads in global sourcing and foreign trade.

TraDove Value Proposition:

A business social network connects corporate buyers, sellers and others to interconnected products/services and companies in a fashion that…

1. Shortens the search cycle and identifies potential business partners in a credible way.
2. Makes B2B more transparent and shortens due diligence time and effort (w/ references, endorsements, etc.).
3. Does precision-based company-to-company advertising over the Internet.
4. Enhances trust in B2B dealings and payments.

TraDove Technologies:

1. A major goal of TraDove’s B2B 2.0 is to ensure and maintain credibility, both within and outside the network.
2. In TraDove, democratic ratings such as those deployed by LinkedIn or Yelp maintain a member’s credibility level.
3. TraDove has developed a proprietary process to vet potential new members efficiently.
4. TraDove has developed a proprietary process to authenticate its users in its general network.
5. “Our core business widely leverages Big Data and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.”
6. Social Network Technology: TraDove uses both open and proprietary social network technologies along with mechanisms for connection, networking and collaboration among business people, products/services and companies.
7. Big Data and Business Mapping: “Since the launch of TraDove five years ago, we have accumulated a large inventory of B2B data spanning people, products/services and companies. We can now map who is doing business with whom in the same manner as social mapping of friends is done on Facebook.”
8. Artificial Intelligence: “We support the active growth of our user and business databases with a wide range of AI technologies such as NLP, LR, RNN,FM and DNN to facilitate buyer-seller interactions, including, but not limited to, matching potential business partners, product/service and company recommendations and expressed needs alert services. When combined, these services significantly improve our users’ business efficiency.”
9. B2B Marketing Cloud: “We have two main global customer-facing data centers. One, located in the United States, leverages Amazon AWS Cloud Services. Another is located in China. The two data centers, along with other content delivery technologies, quickly upload, store and deliver B2B marketing collaterals such as white papers, product pictures, product videos and other web contents to global users based on geographic distances to users.”
10. “Using our proprietary machine learning algorithm, we can discover potential connections between parties and send invites to their mobile phones.”
11. We have begun use of blockchain technology to solve trust problems in B2B deal-making and payments.

The TraDove Coin Offering:

1. TraDove will create an ERC20 standard token (“BBCoin”) on Ethereum platform and will issue such tokens to Ethereum wallets.
2. TraDove plans to issue 2,000,000,000 BBCoins.
3. TraDove plans to raise $100,000,000 to $200,000,000 during its ICO.

BBCoin Allocations:

1. 15% or 300,000,000 released for the token offering.
2. 5% or 100,000,000 over the next 3-5 years airdropped to our sales users and companies to acquire users, encourage users to invite others and incentivize their sales and advertising opportunities.
3. 50% or 1,000,000,000 for international trade payment instruments.
4. 30% or 600,000,000 for marketing, user acquisition and other needs.

Allocation of Raised Funds:

1. 30% of the proceeds will be used for marketing, user acquisition, etc.
2. 24% of the proceeds will be used for product development, team hiring, network infrastructure.
3. 40% of the proceeds will be reserved for compliance, tax and other uses.
4. 6% for token offering related costs including legal, marketing and token offering team, etc.

The TraDove Team:

“In addition to our first class core team members from MIT, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba, TraDove has product development, sales and marketing teams in Silicon Valley, China and Europe.”
go here to see more on the TraDove team -->

TraDove Investors & Advisors:

“We have raised $4M USD from first class investors. We have investors and advisors in major economies: United States, China, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and the UK. They help us develop local markets.”
go here to see more on TraDove investors -->


Who’s In? -->
Whitepaper -->
Browse Products/Services -->
Browse Companies -->
Homepage -->
TraDove ICO Page -->
Twitter handle for TraDove is: @TraDove_ICO -->
TraDove on Reddit -->
TraDove on BitcoinTalk -->
TraDove on LinkedIn -->
TraDove of Facebook -->

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December 18, 2017, 10:23:12 PM

From the TraDove whitepaper:

"To solve the fundamental B2B trust problem, in international trade in particular, TraDove will use BBCoins and blockchain technology – smart contracts and smart wallets, for example. We will assure that, after successful delivery of products or services, companies get paid."

"We are close to reaching critical mass. Our BBCoin token offering will provide capital for marketing and
user acquisition that will significantly reduce the time to achieve it."

Read more here -->
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December 19, 2017, 04:03:34 PM

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February 13, 2018, 05:25:41 PM

 I would do a little more research before you come in here and start making bold claims like that
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March 06, 2018, 06:34:09 AM

it turns out many people missed this big project. ICO tradove ended successfully and 60,000 ETH Raised.
congratulations on your ICO success dev.
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May 03, 2018, 12:44:54 PM

this is some sort of a joke? the project has died and then bots continue to write about the fact that this is a good project, why the administration does not control it
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May 06, 2018, 03:21:02 AM
Last edit: May 06, 2018, 11:44:06 PM by 8count

this is some sort of a joke? the project has died and then bots continue to write about the fact that this is a good project, why the administration does not control it

I have to agree, For a $50mil fueled ICO to see the ANN page only have 1 page is pretty sad. Also to see the price at 1/4 of the ICO price it isn't looking positive. With that type up a start up from investors in a project that is meant to be already running I would like to think this would be moving a lot faster. It will be interesting to see how this one goes and whether it was a bad or good choice placing some money in it from myself.
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June 02, 2018, 04:20:18 PM

What kind of investors u are?
why are you coming to telegram group even if u are not able to search the price of the coin?Huh Grin
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June 02, 2018, 04:39:57 PM

You write. "11." So far, no social network has been developed for B2B buyers and sellers. "". I want to ask. And you are sure of that. There are a lot of social networks and there are groups. And you can make groups in the same Telegram, which successfully avoids locks. You also use many such networks.
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