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Author Topic: ICO scam, same creator: Neo Black [NeoB] | HealthTrust [HT] | EGOLDPAY [EGP]  (Read 44 times)
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December 28, 2017, 01:39:29 PM

What happened:
I "invested" in HealthTRUST+, which turned out to be scam, the creator disabled the website and deleted all social accounts. There's no one to blame but myself as I didn't do enough research.
After a week I decided to search a bit, I believe the creator used a token creator service to create multiple tokens, see "Additional Notes" below.
I also beleieve the creator has multiple accounts under his/her control, as most of the users that posted in the HealthTRUST+ thread have been inactive for weeks now.

Scammers Profile Link:
Reference Link:
Amount Scammed:
Additional Notes:
The token creator service:
If you search for the contract address mentioned in the BT thread post of HealthTRUST+: 0x9Ed3081f6c28f511fF67dd978F83b57B2A84ec2E, you will see that the creator is 0xb9490bbbb01f9e47368c7b484e62854c5ff44a92.

If you search for 0xb9490bbbb01f9e47368c7b484e62854c5ff44a92 on that page, there are 11 other hits, meaning the owner of the address has created and controls multiple tokens. Also, each token has the same address in the first transactions, 0xb9490bbbb01f9e47368c7b484e62854c5ff44a92.
The creator is possibly someone named "akinyemi" (see scam report URL of Taxcoin).

- 0x9ed3081f6c28f511ff67dd978f83b57b2a84ec2e:
Created 03.11.2017
TX ID: 0x71e028c438e4099b399c6a3dc0e16a63bf695ca210b545755e23d3e4bbe87e27
Token name: HealthTrust [HT]
First transactions:

- 0x35e12ed7f5c3234014c87b5320b87b8d41ed4fa6:
Created 05.11.2017
TX ID: 0x8c5e618bd8e5de18491da88d7b6d768afb482bcde8d2bb96225311053f3df349
Token name: Taxcoin [TXC]
First transactions:

- 0x64a582c1c0d6cebcf410981f6d369aafab498ad9:
Created 08.11.2017
TX ID: 0x039301d32db03dbffda1a8c969c109a70ac8af6941c082820da2e9945ae0ca4c
Token name: LexCash [LCH]
First transactions:

- 0x19e7ce00e34ec1669371dd5751652edf9db5e13f:
Created 20.11.2017
TX ID: 0x8731ea578c8368892d0971d7a75e0e27365db78ea800dd0e7ba782bd50a5778a
Token name: Neo Black [NeoB]
First transactions:

- 0x83154633256cb66d7671839e3485ba04ae01d2e4:
Created 27.11.2017
TX ID: 0x03b3ece39eb7219a0336fbc9f784c8b71ab507446be9105085d4d5418ae7a65e
Token name: RuulioCoin [RU]
First transactions:

- 0xbd6ce33f077cb3b7c64e9a95bc0c6c3d73a18452:
Created 03.12.2017
TX ID: 0xc97cec21109c623f5bafc336921aa7c1e9a1eb32ee6130bb6763a61f84eb71fe
Token name: Incrypted Holdingz [IHAS]
First transactions:

- 0x1e99c26473ab0823d945fee45e40514eec73101f:
Created 10.11.2017
TX ID: 0x1a33bdae183e5407bfbc61c71a9a6ec166adc7a9f72aad43824e7d971f922162
Token name: CadreCoin [CC]
First transactions:

- 0x436de83a803a804f4049586f5862e8bb1a0a1a1c:
Created 13.11.2017
TX ID: 0x09a83f315b10d00e0ea545f49dfe226611f0c9012001c5e659b3dddc3a8f0f45
Token name: EGOLDPAY [EGP]
First transactions:
BT Thread:

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